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  1. I was completely lost with this story, who was where, who received/sent the money. Right mess
  2. This country is so predictable. Its the Cambodians fault!
  3. Flying at 7:30am this week, guessing need to be there at 4:30. Plan never to go through there again
  4. I always have a good laugh when watching him in True Lies. Looking through his movie list is very high quality: Aliens, Simple plan, edge of tomorrow to name a few
  5. The Bangkok Mall

    Was going to say the same thing. Emquartier is always busy. Same with Mega. As far as them purchasing anything well thats a different story
  6. Hi! Do you know any exchange places (or specific superrich branches) that take and exchange small denomination of foreign currency (300hk, 500000viet dong, 50usd). Have a bundle and just want to get rid of it. Not too worried about bad currency rates, just want them out!
  7. Had exact same problem. Was at airport and got a taxi, but they wanted 500baht and no meter. Got out while at airport and support staff took his license plate number and info. Get a call 2 weeks later saying the driver got suspended for 6 months and cannot take rides from the airport. He was found to have done this before. Well done Swampy taxi rank!
  8. Random police checking for drugs

    All around Thonglor as well. Getting more aggressive in their approach too.
  9. The Bangkok Mall

    Supposedly the biggest mall in Asia (bangna trad opposite BITEC). Was meant to start years ago, now just a vacant block. Surprised as it was the plan from one of the largest mall developers/owners in Thailand. Anyone know whats going on? Will it happen or is it all over?
  10. I love how impoliteness gets the same fine as ripping off someone
  11. So if you are not in the happy zone, you will be in the unhappy zone? Which is the rest of the place? What a great time to be in the LOS
  12. Ive worked in schools and the over promising is outrageous. Their website is very vague and outdated with their curriculum. Hope its sorted soon for the students sake.
  13. wow maybe common sense prevailed. Or the Telcos told them to shove it. Me thinks the latter.
  14. Two men arrested after Canadian tourist attacked with machete

    Scumbags, no remorse. Will never reform
  15. meh, he said/ she said. Dont run a tab at a dodgy bar. All over a supposed overcharge. This article reads like someone trying to squirm their way out of a problem. 600 baht for 4 drinks is high, but not 'this bar is absolutely scamming me' high. Bad as each other