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  1. SteveSamui6262

    Video: Thai woman gives tourist the kiss of life!

    After getting him strapped down, I think their plan was to feed him khao tum.
  2. From my vantage point behind the lines, I notice motivated girls/women are not working the bars, but instead utilizing the Internet to meet foreigners, and shortly thereafter they are getting flown out to first world countries and doing better than trying to achieve success in crrupt Thailand.
  3. Can anyone give a thumbs up or thumbs down regarding the small MBK type shops that provide a free eyeglass exam and will make you a perscription pair of glasses with frames at very low rates? Hoping to hear some first hand experiences. Thanks for helping.
  4. The most infringed on trademark in Thailand: The images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse are everywhere, as seen on children's blankets, bed linens, clothing, toys & stuffed amimals.
  5. Hoping for suggestions to optometry offices in Bangkok. Hopefully around the Rachada or Sukhumvit areas, but open to other areas. Trying to avoid the Farang price tag for a simple exam & glasses. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. There is no limit on the amount of money that can be taken out of or brought into the United States. However, if a person or persons traveling together and filing a joint declaration (CBP Form 6059-B) have $10,000 or more in currency or negotiable monetary instruments, they must fill out a "Report of International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instruments". Once I traveled here from LAX (Los Angeles) with about $30,000 USD in Traveler's Cheques which I obtained from my local bank. They offer excellent assurance that if for any reason they are lost or stolen, they will be replaced by American Express or Visa, depending which ones your bank offers. With the knowledge I had to declare the funds before boarding my outbound flight or risk the chance of the funds being confiscated, I stopped at The United States Department of Homeland Security counter at the front of the Tomas Bradley Terminal (LAX) to declare the funds. The official asked me why I was traveling with such a large amount of cash. My response was "I am traveling for the purpose of Medical Tourism, and that I didn't know how much money I would need to spend". He filled out my name, passport number and amount I was leaving with on a single sheet (form) and I signed it and he said, "okay, that's it. All done". I had to ask him for written statement documenting I complied with the law by declaring the outgoing funds and all he did was ask me for my boarding pass and he stamped the back of my boarding pass with a Department of Homeland Security rubber stamper. I kept that boarding pass safe throughout my travels. That was about 10 years ago. The law regarding the $10,000 or more remains the same today. I would assume The Department of Homeland Security has a better document by now to provide the passanger with proof of compliance (of the law). As an American, you are free to travel or wire your money to almost a you country, except countries like Iran, etc. Therefore, it's a very simple procedure. They don't stand there counting your money. Just a simple signed statement is necessary. Traveler's Cheques are highly recommended. Have a nice trip!
  7. SteveSamui6262

    Arriving next week

    The old Capitol is worth a few hours big time. Great photo ops. Get there by 10 am and hire a ride to take you to the landmarks. Especially the old temple ruins dating back at least 1200 years or so. Nice casual dining on the Chao Paraya river.
  8. ChrisY1...... You took the words right out of my mouth! It will never happen. In the very early 90s I visited what I recall as being a brand new dock in Hua Hin which I was told was going to be used for a new ferry service connecting Hua Hin to Pattaya, via the Gulf of Thailand. I was shown the pier/dock when visiting a Thai woman who my Thai friend knew & introduced me to. That was about 23 years ago. More likely either another dream of starting a big busines, and/or a great angle to milk unsuspecting investors. I am sure you can walk from Pattaya to Hua Hin before anything of the likes of this is put into service. I read long ago that there was a small scale shuttle which connected the two cities, but it was short lived. By the way, $3,000,000 per ferry plus operating expenses. Yea,, greatly investment. Boats suck to start with. Put a monkey at the helm. I wonder how I can invest in this company, not.
  9. A high maintenance child, not to mention the excessive baggage which comes along with her. She is going to take a big financial hit from this episode, not to mention many of her friends turning their backs to her.
  10. SteveSamui6262

    Crane Topples Onto Sidewalk At BTS Phra Khanong

    It looks more like a fallen pile driver. There are two standing upright in the background. The project is still in the beginning foundation construction stages. Still resulting in human rottie if your caught under it.
  11. SteveSamui6262


    A lightening strike smoked my friends washer, dryer, refrigerator & computer in one micro second!
  12. SteveSamui6262

    Christmas and New Year in Thailand

    Loy Krathong, my favorite Thai holiday is also X-ed off he holiday calendar this year. Thailand is the worst place to spend Christmas unless you enjoy sweating your ass off.
  13. It's only $1 Billion U.S.D. Surely she can just write a check for it.
  14. SteveSamui6262

    What Going On WIth AIS? Are they folding up?

    The AIS kiosks along the MRT Line probably still work ok. For some reason I think AIS is no longer using 7-11 to sell more minutes. It's probably due to some immature reason. I will probably just change to another provider.
  15. SteveSamui6262

    Romancing a Thai woman

    12 inches. But actually, if there was chemistry it would have worked out long ago.