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  1. bundycat

    Wide world

    from the southern hemisphere..same moon many months apart :)
  2. flower in my garden... just after some rain
  3. Avon Valley, York , Western Australia.. winter .canola, wheat and oats..:)
  4. bundycat

    Wide world

    40C in my garden York West Australia... can you identify the birds?
  5. bundycat

    Wide world

    Hi Aladin my dung beetles were about the size of pea.. and they were on a footpath beside a swimming pool collecting the host's puppy dog poo.. oh in Phuket :) canola actually Sammy :)
  6. On a stroll from Thalang rd to Naka temple.. Phuket town.
  7. bundycat

    People in Thailand

    my taxi man Mr Joe in Phuket Town with his two boys and his mum at their home..a true LOS family trying to make a living. the wife works in an office so not here.
  8. Phuket town nice ..:)
  9. bundycat

    Wide world

    Avon Valley York .. West Australia
  10. bundycat


    this is like a mini dung beetle soo cool ..