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  1. Right, that's it, I'm going for a run tomorrow. Good night! Got any Rennies?
  2. But I don't place anyone in a group or set. If the set fits, please accept membership.
  3. Yes really. Finished. Alright is gentleman. A skinny one
  4. I don't do ad hominems, you pollock! 😶
  5. A King needs wisdom That is not easy to come by However, age and experience must help.
  6. That's a typically impolite comment from you. Totally lacking in wit. Reported for ill manners.
  7. For other members who maybe do not understand Hungary's dread of ottomans, here is a picture of an ottoman
  8. Sadly you failed to comprehend my point. Orban is an obvious demagogue. He whips up support under an anti Islam banner. However, his actual aims are far more subtle and include corruption, nepotism and personal enrichment. You are still quite new here. Other members will know that I am notorious for my anti Islam, pro EU, pro education, pro social justice, humanitarian outlook 🙂 (However contradictory that may seem). Sorry to have kept you waiting for a response. My tardiness in replying is also a recognised failing.
  9. My response was unclear. Sorry! My point was that Cameron did achieve useful concessions (if inadequate). Sadly, the referendum result consigned these to history https://www.politico.eu/article/david-cameron-eu-reform-deal-scorecard-brexit-eu-referendum-agreement/ This is one of several contemporaneous accounts.
  10. Unalloyed demagoguery as usual. Orban uses the threat of an Islamic tidal wave to obscure his nefarious activities.
  11. Can you list the reforms that were conceded? Not much but significant nevertheless. We should be leading not leaving
  12. One can always rely upon the BBC
  13. OK BuaBS, what do you have against Macron? Amuse me. What does BS stand for?