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  1. What a useless Wazzock Vince? Vince? Calling Mr Cable...
  2. Fox Lest we forget And he is charge of international trade? Dear god!
  3. Paying INTO NATO? I don't think so. The issue is about defence spend. I think you'll find that France's defence spending was adequate even during the period when they were not in NATO (1966 to 2009). At least they haven't sold out to the Americans and still have an INDEPENDENT deterrent (So much for sovereignty!) Check the actualite here select France
  4. I suspect cross cultural skills are not your strong point, otherwise you would know that Germans go into all the minutiae before agreeing anything. They like to get ALL the details correct before concluding a deal. I could explain doing business in Japan but we would be here for a week! Thinking about it, lack of cross cultural skills is a British weakness.
  5. Well, well! Fancy calling ME a Numpty! Well it's close to open season! I am of course fully aware of the EU rules. My point was that we do not have any experienced trade negotiators. As far as studying politics is concerned, you are obviously new, so I forgive you; I wouldn't stoop to studying something so trivial. I read Joint Honours Applied Physics and Chemistry - Semiconductor physics if you like. Politics indeed! 😂 You're not a Paisley Johnstone are you? National Semiconductor?
  6. Refreshing to hear a real statesman speaking common sense 🙂
  7. So, about 50 with more in the pipeline. The UK has not concluded a trade deal in 40 years. I understand that Fox is trying to sell a box of Marmite to China though! DING! Next!
  8. This is food for thought And on that topic, I suggest "What The Health" documentary? OK it's a bit of a vegan polemic but I would not want American food imports. EU regs are important to us in this area for sure 😮
  9. Another excellent piece from The Economist. Who can argue with this? Worrying times.
  10. Your kitten makes some very cogent points! Obviously brighter than the typical Brexiter!
  11. UK manufacturing accounts for just 9.3% of GDP. It was 27% before Thatcher!
  12. He WILL be humiliated
  13. I quoted The Express! I'm reet dangerous me! Even The Express are taking the Micky now....
  14. Great point made on Any Questions There have been 9 UK defence reviews since the war How many reviews of the welfare state have there been? 1 The Beveridge Report in 1942! Instead of wasting so much time and effort on this ridiculous Brexit farce. Why are we not looking at what REALLY matters? It embarrasses me that we always so damned cheap. Fifth largest economy? Look at the state we are in. 😐