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  1. The NHS Birthday give away won it for May
  2. Actually, it's utter codswallop. However, since the thread has been taken over by a couple of kids. I thought I would respond accordingly. Anyway, I've had a few scoops of Grouse and am feeling a little better. Kindly file my earlier post in the usual place
  3. I rest my case Do you know, being a Francophile polyglot, what French kids get for lunch? There's an excellent Michael Moore documentary called "Where to Invade Next" which shows many positive aspects of Europe.
  4. British free school meals are so universally awful that there is a corrolation with leaving at 16
  5. Or you could ask which ones had free school meals
  6. Pointless trying to discuss anything with you. Life is not as simplistic as your outlook suggests
  7. The joke is your understanding of statistics. No doubt you think a Gaussian distribution is a bell end shaped curve!
  8. About 1000? So that's roughly 100 per 100,000? Total prison population is about 18,000 or about 50 per 100,000? We are able to ship the 1000 back to Poland I believe Please correct me if I have made some errors.
  9. I don't know but I would guess there is a corrolation between voting remain and salary level. But not with net worth. Plenty of fat cat Brexiters
  10. Population of Poland is about 40M so about 5% emigrated to U.K. I believe that flow has reversed but correct me. GDP per capita has grown steadily since 2004 when Poland joined the EU and of course GBP wages now buy less Euro.
  11. You are still very confused about statistics aren't you? I have stated that people with tertiary education tended to vote remain. I did not say that all remainers were necessarily highly educated. What on earth is your profession?
  12. As I recall, I did indeed thank you for correcting my lamentable French. Now kindly stop the childish posts or face another complaint
  13. https://tradingeconomics.com/poland/gdp-per-capita Take Poland as an example. I think their economy has expanded significantly as a direct result of being members of the EU
  14. I don't think remain people do placards and posters. A little too populist don't you think.