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  1. Yet another tragic story.....
  2. That was actually a quote from a third party and should have been in inverted commas ( it was in my post). It is obviously a prosaic understatement by the author. I will look up the reference. Dont quite understand your point though. Please explain Obviously the chemicals must be regulated and this has indeed been done. I don't see any other choice. (I don't think the penalties for contravening the new regs are harsh enough though)
  3. Thanks! That's more like you, Simple1, useful factual information. I wonder how how he obtained the acetone and hydrogen peroxide (30 vol) required. Interesting to see sodium chlorate on the list. As kids we used this weed killer with sugar to blow stuff up!
  4. This is the explosive of choice — called the “Mother of Satan”. All of its ingredients are easily obtained, and the process of making it is simple and (relatively) stable. In other words, we cannot stop it from happening. "Our future is one in which either we hyper-regulate many common chemicals, or we get used to the gentle sound of explosions and the wailing of victims. " To make TATP more difficult to make we MUST make hydrogen peroxide a tightly controlled substance. (Acetone is too ubiquitous - nail varnish remover) Note this can not be detected by airport explosive detectors....
  6. And here we are oh dear, not very nice reading.
  7. That's surprising! They just blocked a Christian from being a state governor on grounds of "blasphemy". I note that there are approximately 8% Christians in Indonesia which is about the same as Muslims in the U.K. I will research how they are treated.
  8. The Intercept, by Mehdi Hasan! No, we've been there, done that. Turn the other cheek, carry on, just ignore them. This time it's a step too far. The none stop posts from apologists is beginning to bore. I shall move on and read the Sunday papers.
  9. That, sir, is out of order. You should apologise.
  10. The first quote on English usage was indeed specific. However, the second was aimed at apologists generally. You wouldn't be trying to frame me while I was asleep would you?
  11. You have deliberately distorted my post by adding your own name in brackets. The "you" was plural and my statement was not aimed at you specifically. That IS against the forum rules.
  12. The apologists claim the murderer of children was reported previously. Good, the Muslim community therefore holds no responsibility and washes their hands of the issue. You all understand what apologist means now? Good! Off to bed now! Looking forward to a proper fat boy's breakfast tomorrow!
  13. Are you referring to Hall effect devices by chance? Otherwise, no idea
  14. Millions of innocent Muslims? Murdered in cold blood by the UK? No, I don't think so, do you? Now's not the the time for hyperbole. Fighting on the streets? Of Manchester? Oh, you mean the 14 year old little girl Crusaders? Look, Saladin, just stop now.