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  1. The return of the nasty party
  2. Yes, great orator and raconteur to boot! Sorry he was unable to deliver everything he intended, but a great statesman who did much to restore American credibility.
  3. "Let June be the end of May" Not bad!
  4. Thank you kind sir! My French is lamentable. I didn't know an exclamation mark indicated an imperative conjugation in French. Is Latin still taught? I do hope so!
  5. That's interesting! Did not mean to stand on your toes! BTW, be careful talking about statistics and probabilities on here; it's got me into lots of hot water 🙂
  6. "On the move" is a better translation than "Onwards" It's not imperative. Any Francophones here?
  7. Hmmm I think you'll find that the odds are determined by the bets laid. Bookies opinions are not really relevant.
  8. look at how corporation has been slashed while inequality has soared. Would be interesting to see which parties were in power at the time of the biggest cuts! Anyone? select MAX
  9. My bad? Is that equivalent to mea culpa? I'm always being told off for not understand modern language 😉
  10. Who was less liked, 14 back? Do tell... Hoover? I thought he was dam? Or did he invent the vacuum cleaner?
  11. Oh, I say! That's a bit strong! You mean like Thatcher 🙂 Seriously, with Corbyn still in place, we desperately need strong leadership from somewhere. Do you rate Vince Cable?
  12. Cross Cultural Communication skills are key. Trump appears to have none. Typical American business style. Korean, German, American business and cultural communications are poles apart