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  1. Latest BREAKING NEWS (maybe FAKE news) places Kavanaugh in Pattaya with 2 Ladyboys, photographer forgot what year it was, LadyBoys identity unknown. Kavanaugh emphatically denies it.
  2. Common knowledge as to where Kavanaugh stands on RvW. My knowledge comes from digital news but a quick search just now supports this .... In a memo Kavanaugh wrote in 2003 which was made public Thursday, he acknowledged that the Supreme Court "can always overrule" Roe v. Wade.
  3. Trump needs Kavanaugh because Kavanaugh has stated that "a President can pardon himself" (and Trump is going to need that privilege!). And Kavanaugh would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, something the Republicans have wanted for a long time.
  4. Thanks for the fun. It's been a great session.
  5. Chuck and a few other "Repuglicans" are going to have serious <deleted> egg on their faces this week. You and Kavanaugh too!
  6. Thank you "sirineou" for the BREAKING NEWS. I am going to rightfully claim bragging rights as I predicted this in above post # 95. NEXT !
  7. You're wrong !!! She is infinitely familiar with the whole of Ao Nang-Krabi. I should know as I spent a month there with her. It is the same in the entire area. If you are not there, you are not qualified to make such statements.
  8. Cowards or too concerned as to how many votes it will cost them if they grill her like they were grilling a nominee of the other party. For sure, this will cost the Republicans votes!
  9. Of course the Senate and the President are refusing to request an FBI investigation. In doing so, this would potentially open up Kavanaugh and the named parties to perjury. Plus, the Republicans want to ram this 'weighted judge nomination' through before they might lose the House and the Senate. Said before but repeated here for those who doubt Doctor Ford's account. Subsequent to the alleged attack by Kavanaugh, it was the talk of the school yard (so to speak). How could that possibly be if the attack did not take place? Who knows, some more skeletons may come out of the closet before Thursday! Wouldn't surprise me.
  10. Your assessment appears quite accurate. I have a friend who works for an upscale spa of a four star hotel in Ao Nang. Both the hotel and the spa are aggressive marketers. But at this time, the hotel has substantial vacancy and my friend's hours of massage are down to an average of 2 hours per day (per 12 hour shift). TAT's numbers appear to be 'pie in the sky'. I'll take anecdotal numbers any day over government numbers.
  11. Stay tuned. Soon we will see news about bars and hotels being empty in Pattaya.
  12. Up to you. Doesn't matter to me what or who you believe. You seem to have the Trump tattoo so I know you have to be a non-believer.
  13. He owns that lie no matter what happens next week. It's now part of his legacy. When he passes on, along with anything else that is said about him, he will be remembered by many as the judge who lied, the judge who attempted sexual assault. Oh yes, and the judge who overturned Roe v Wade. And the SCOTUS who ruled that the President has the right to pardon himself.
  14. neeray

    Be Warned. Thieving Hookers in Pattaya.

    "donate to the policemans ball". The policemen in that area don't have any balls. ?
  15. neeray

    Be Warned. Thieving Hookers in Pattaya.

    And if he still had 2 kidneys, he's really blessed (some wake up with only one). But, but ..... African hookers in Thailand! Why? Why bother travelling to Thailand for African hookers?