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  1. It means he is full of himself. He'd like to stay in bed and rest but duty calls. His "calling to lead the country" is more important than resting his tired old, full of nonsense body. What a load ! "I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty; I woke, and found that life was Duty" And BTW, what other way is there to vote than to "vote carefully" ? Duh.
  2. "In fact, on average, my department now blocks 10 known or suspected terrorists a day from travelling to or attempting to enter the United States," she said. And "in fact", that's all the king-of-liars-and-FAKE-news needs to hear in order to create his own FAKE news story that his pea brained followers will swallow. Any 10 terrorists will do, from anywhere in the world. Donald will conveniently twist the story to suit his cause. And OMG, his "followers" keep gulping this crap up.
  3. 9 of those "high-quality" Chinese tourists have just been taken out of circulation (temporarily). Millions more arriving soon to an airport near you.
  4. She’ll become very busy when the ten million Indians arrive.
  5. A lock only keeps your best friends out.
  6. Worms are used for fishing amongst other endeavours. Worm collectors are those lowly paid people who do the back breaking work of going out into a field in the wee hours of the morning to collect the worms. This work is commonly taken on by Asians in other, more wealthy countries.
  7. He’s not even any good at planning a murder. He left a trail everywhere, including the dozen life insurance policies. The wife killer should have watched more crime shows.
  8. I have never had a problem. In fact, the service was exemplary in all modes of transportation, most in CM area but elsewhere too. This does not count as a taxi but once in a mini bus from Surat Thani to Krabi, I came close to asking my gf to request the driver to stop and let us out. His driving was that of a complete nut case, white line special, peddle to the metal.
  9. If Palinee wants to know the answer, she needs to become a member of TVF. Never mind Facebook, TVF is where she'll get the answer. This thread has just started. But in about 24 hours, it'll read like a TOM 101 after all the sexperts chip in their bit. I'm guessing 10 to 20 pages.
  10. Welcome back. Where are the trip pictures?
  11. Your slogan is noted "Confused member". I wish you the best Alqaholic.
  12. Well said. I'll give my well cared for dog a hug from you (she never says no to attention or FOOD).
  13. Some people have no problem with "ripping off the state". And as for the "friend's car"; sounds similar to borrowing watches from a (dead) friend. Like I said, "some people ........ "
  14. This job is ideally suited to a "yes-sir-fireman". (sorry ladies but the candidates so far are all men) "YES" .... This president would only want a "yes man" as his chief of staff. One who would do as he is told, yes sir Mr President. Otherwise, YOU'RE FIRED. Fireman .... The new chief of staff will be expected to act as a "fireman" and put out the many fires started by his boss (and the hundreds already burning). I suggest Rudy Giuliani as a pick. He is good at kissing ass and talking out of both sides of his mouth (before even thinking).