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  1. "He lied, openly, knowingly, for cynical political gain and to get a crowd worked up". It is clearly written in THE TRUMP PLAY BOOK that open faced lying is an acceptable practice because the dumb civilians will not even remember the world's worst lies in a week because there will be many more scandalous events and even bigger lies told by that time. The best way to cover up a pile of sh*t is to cover it with more sh*t. (It seems to work well for trump)
  2. My observation is that he uses a "doubling" factor. In this case, he may have even added a "0" (20 = 200). " least credible human being alive". Well stated, very accurate, no exaggeration here !
  3. Even if trump got budget approval for his 25 billion dollar wall which will rise to 40 billion, those who want to enter will still enter ...... "where there is the will, there is a way". A cottage industry will spring up using gliders, parachutes, people cannons and a plethora of new methods not even yet conceived.
  4. Perhaps the other Thai gentleman was also under doctor's orders to bundle up (for the 26° weather) because they both have on their vests and LV scarves. Wasn't this style of dress called "preppy" about 20 years ago? Whatever, it looks a bit fruitcake to me. No disrespect meant to the PM.
  5. Perhaps it was a planned effort in an attempt to look cool. His handlers told him the youth will determine the election outcome and that they like the cool look.
  6. When posting, I considered the possibility of a response from trumpsters like you. However, I selected my words carefully and stand by them as statistics and digital coverage support my words. I merely called a spade a spade. I own my words, he owns his.
  7. Seeing this man sitting at the police station casually using his phone suggests to be that he is without conscience or shame for his actions.
  8. Totally correct. If no clear vision, just wait a moment until the obstruction (red car) has completed his maneuver.
  9. With stats like this, what a great country to live in. But it gives me cause to say something good about trump (yes, just one thing). Their brag line "God Bless America, We are the greatest country in the world" has never been uttered by trump as far as I know. But maybe he's just waiting until he completes his grand plan, then he just might say "I made America the greatest country in the world".
  10. This bunch only declares after getting caught.
  11. May the deceased RIP and the injured make a full and rapid recovery. But the driver of the Pajero rapidly cut across multiple lanes as he was gunning it to clear the red car (as I see it). Hindsight is 20/20 but I think the white Vios would have done well to attempt a 4 wheel stop as opposed to swerving and hitting a tree; there seems to have been ample time to attempt a stop. That done, maybe there would not have been a collision.
  12. Maybe Kim was seen in an LV scarf and Prayut took his cue from said Korean dictator.