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  1. I have just applied to renew my UK passport inThailand. I submitted my application personally at the office in the Trendy Office Building. This involved a five hour drive from my home in Nakhon Ratchasima province for my appointment which took less than 10 minutes. That was on April 3rd and I have already received tracking information from DHL but delivery (to the Trendy Office building) has been delayed by Songkran and is scheduled for 17th April after which I can pick it up. I think that is quite quick but I had considered using a visa agency to save myself two trips to Bangkok but decided against it in the end and saved the cost of 5,000 baht. Provided you have all of the required documentation and correct photos you can pay by debit or credit card. My non-O multi entry visa will expire on May 5th but I have already done a border run to give me until the end of June to renew my visa in Savannakhet. I am planning a trip to Kanchanaburi in about ten days time so a slight detour into Bangkok and I will have my new passport. If you live in or near Bangkok then passport renewal will be a lot easier for you.
  2. By your own admission your Thai is poor but you also stated that you got an ED visa to learn Thai. If I were an IO I might look at that and wonder why you did not use the ED visa for the purpose you stated and also if you are actually using your current visa for it's intended purpose. I can see that as being part of the problem you had.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their input. What started out as a simple quest for information became complicated by erroneous information on the website of an agency. I was trying to weigh up whether to use an agency or apply in person. Obviously I want to be able to trust any agency I decide to use but the answer I got from the agency in question was that the information on the UK government website was wrong. I wear glasses and always have for my passport photos, so why would glasses be outlawed and the information not be changed on the government website? This question was not answered by the agency which added a little confusion to my search for an answer. The reason I had considered an agency was that it may actually save me time and money given that I would have to drive for five hours from where I live to the office in Bangkok, a return journey I would have to make twice in order to submit the application and pick up my passport when it is ready. Faced with with what I now know is erroneous information displayed on the website of this agency a matter of trust arose which went beyond the issue of whether I should wear glasses (or not) in the photos. Do I trust a company, or indeed anyone, with a document as important as my passport when they assert their information is correct and the official information is not?Something is not right with that and so I have decided not to use an agency. I will make the application in person.
  4. Get well soon and drink a few beers to help your brain recover.
  5. Follow the link quoted above and don't pay any attention to MiKT. He is totally misinformed.
  6. Yes, and they also deal with passport renewals. In fact I have just received a reply to my email regarding an appointment for passport renewal. Would you like to see it? I guarantee that it will dispel what you have written above and actually confirm that passport renewals are dealt with at the 'Trendy Office Building' Here is the text of the email: Dear Mr. Stephen Joseph Brown , Thank you for your email, your appointment has been confirmed. Please find your appointment Letter attached. For the photo you can get more advise at Best wishes, HMPO Bangkok Officer
  7. I am not going through the embassy. There is an office in Bangkok that deals with passport and visa applications and it is to this office that you have to go. It is just off Sukhumvit and not so far from where the embassy is located. I have never stated in any post that I would have any dealings with the British Embassy.
  8. I think the answer to that would be 'No'
  9. Sorry my friend but it is you who is misinformed. I agree that you do not go to the embassy for passport renewal. You now have to go to another office which deals with passport applications and visas which is located at: UK Visa Application CentreThe Trendy Office Building,28th Floor,Sukhumvit Soi13,Klongtoey-Nua,Wattana,Bangkok10110,Thailand
  10. This is more a matter of trust because the visa company in question is virtually saying that the information on the GOV.UK website is wrong and they are correct. All I was trying to establish is whether there had been an unpublished change to the rules regarding passport photos and if there had maybe other things had changed. So it is not such a simple matter of removing glasses for a photo.
  11. How strange, because this is the company that says you must not wear glasses in your passport photos. Obviously the photos of you wearing glasses were of the standard required i.e. you are not wearing tinted or sunglasses, your eyes can be seen clearly and there is no glare visible. Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was trying to establish and you just happened to go through the company which appears to be showing incorrect information on their website.
  12. YOU CAN NOT RENEW ONLINE. You have to either go yourself to Bangkok or authorise someone to do so in your place. I was merely trying to balance two trips to Bangkok from Korat against paying someone to do it for me, and not having to leave home at all. That is why I considered an agency. It just happened that this particular agency gave information which was contrary to what I believe to be true.
  13. There is a bigger issue here and that is one of trust. I do not intend to use this company and I will submit my application in person, even though it means a five hour drive to Bangkok. My passport is absolutely vital to me so why would I trust a company which provides and justifies incorrect information? The company says that glasses are not allowed in passport photos and I thought they may be party to some information to which I, and anyone reading the GOV.UK advice on passport photos, am not. I queried it and the guy says that their information is based on experience of rejections due to the wearing of glasses but does not elaborate further. The rejections may have been due to the quality of the photos, with regard to the illustrations you and I have both seen and not because it is any kind of official requirement. It may seem a little fussy but genuinely I want to find out if there has been any unpublished change to rules regarding the submission of passport photos.
  14. I am told by a visa and passport renewal company that UK passport applications are being rejected due to the wearing of spectacles in the photos and that they now require photos to be taken without spectacles. This runs contrary to the information on the GOV.UK website regarding the wearing of spectacles in passport photos. I am told by this company that this rule is applied due the the requirements of the biometric passport. That does not make sense to me because my current passport, which I will soon renew, is biometric and I am wearing spectacles in the photo. Amongst other things the GOV.UK website regarding passport photos states that "You can’t wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear reading glasses but your eyes must show fully through clear lenses without glare or reflections" I have always worn spectacles for my passport photo and I can find no information that says I cannot do so, except on the website of this visa company. Has anyone had experience of rejection of a UK passport application due to the wearing of glasses? .....................or is this visa company giving incorrect information?
  15. Only if you believe what you read in the papers, I do not. Ever heard of 'plausible deniability'?