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  1. Remembrance Day Saturday 11th Nov

    There is a Remembrance Day ceremony at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery followed by a smaller ceremony at Chungkai War Cemetery, also in Kanchanaburi. On Sunday 12th November there is a ceremony within the confines of the British Embassy in Bangkok. So far as I know there is no commemoration in Pattaya mainly because the RBL and others tend to travel to Kanchanaburi and/or Bangkok where there are official places of remembrance and official ceremonies. I travel from the Korat area to Kanchanaburi every November and April for Remembrance and ANZAC Days. Many travel by personal transport from Pattaya but there is also a mini-bus I believe, organised by the RBL. You may have left it a bit late to arrange transport and attend the Kanchanaburi but you are welcome to the ceremony and various get-togethers if you would like to travel. I always spend a few days/nights in Kanchanaburi. It is well worth spending a few days there as there is a lot to see and do, particularly to do with the Thailand/Burma Railway where many prisoners of war died during it's construction. If you would like further information please get in touch.
  2. That is not so. I was directed to the immigration office near to the bridge and had to wait two hours for the office to open. Clearly, in this case, my first attempted crossing did not happen during working hours. The original post was specific to Savannakhet and not a general question about border crossings so what happens at other border crossings is irrelevant.
  3. New Aspire C22...Where's my Win 10?

    I bought a Dell laptop from IT City and paid for Windows 10 to be installed as none of the computers come with an OS pre-installed. If you did pay for W10 to be installed you would know because you would have had to wait for some time for it to be done.
  4. The procedure at the border requires the stamp to be transferred prior to attempting to leave so therefore it is not possible to use two passports to leave Thailand at this crossing. I was directed to the immigration office near to the border crossing at Mukdahan where my 90 day permission was transferred (free of charge) along with the departure card. Once this was done my old passport was of no further use so far as Thai Immigration was concerned. I got caught out by someone who said on this forum that both passports could be used at the border.

    Do you have a yellow house book too?
  6. I was in my local village shop yesterday morning. The shop is next to the village school gate and sells alcohol openly. I saw a truck driver delivering to the shop who bought a can of beer and cracked it open just before getting back into his truck and driving off. It is one thing for these groups to apply pressure to stop the sale draught beer in 7/11s but the reality is that there is virtually no way to stop alcohol being sold to whoever wants it in places and at times when alcohol should not be sold.

    Thanks, I suspected as much. I will check it out next week when I go to Korat.
  8. I have a multi entry non O visa based on marriage which means I have to leave the country every 90 days (unless I extend this period by 60 days at Korat immigration). I also have a yellow house book. Does my wife have to report my presence in the house by TM 30? When I was on a retirement visa I never did it and nobody ever queried it when I reported every 90 days in Korat. I believe that my wife may have completed a TM 30 when I first obtained my retirement visa in April 2014. I have not lived at another address in the time since but I have left the country on various occasions and always completed the arrival/departure card giving this address on my return.
  9. Where to buy a used top box in Pattaya?

    You could also try the auction site 'Chilindo'. You can buy a new one for under 500 THB, including service charge and delivery. Of course you will have to participate in the auction to get one. Here is a link to the page: http://www.chilindo.com/th/Product/41-814
  10. Thai Customs and Immigration - Are They Serious ?

    DHL seemingly act as agents of the government, not only collecting taxes and fees but also charging a 'handling fee' for doing so. To add insult to injury the handling fee is also subject to VAT, which they also collect. When purchasing through ebay I now look for sellers who use the regular postal service and not couriers to deliver. Couriers will calculate fees based on the price (or estimated price/value) of the goods being sent plus the cost of shipping which for import duty purposes is calculated together. To that is added import duty, VAT, handling fee (for collection of fees) and VAT on handling fee.
  11. The story doesn't say he is a London cabbie. It says he is working nights as an executive driver and he lives in Gravesend, in Kent.
  12. The arrow painted on the road is clearly visible in the video in the lane of the offending vehicle and it is pointing against the vehicle's direction of travel. Road markings are also considered to be signs so this is not about being self righteous at all. The driver would have a much better view of the road markings as he was approaching them on a clear road.
  13. It was the 24 year old witness who was going to his girlfriend's so he probably was familiar with the road but this witness was not involved in the crash. He had avoided a collision a few seconds before the crash in the video occurred.
  14. Luckily all of those people have found a safe place to stand, underneath a prime example of the work of Pattaya's finest electrical technicians and one of the reasons why the bar probably caught fire.
  15. It is news. The current DL does not include a QR code which you will see if you look at the picture above.