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  1. The story doesn't say he is a London cabbie. It says he is working nights as an executive driver and he lives in Gravesend, in Kent.
  2. The arrow painted on the road is clearly visible in the video in the lane of the offending vehicle and it is pointing against the vehicle's direction of travel. Road markings are also considered to be signs so this is not about being self righteous at all. The driver would have a much better view of the road markings as he was approaching them on a clear road.
  3. It was the 24 year old witness who was going to his girlfriend's so he probably was familiar with the road but this witness was not involved in the crash. He had avoided a collision a few seconds before the crash in the video occurred.
  4. Luckily all of those people have found a safe place to stand, underneath a prime example of the work of Pattaya's finest electrical technicians and one of the reasons why the bar probably caught fire.
  5. It is news. The current DL does not include a QR code which you will see if you look at the picture above.
  6. Never been to Issan. Is there anything really worth seeing there?

    If you are having to ask then you do not know much about Thailand. I live in Isaan and just from your question I can tell that there is nothing here for you. It would be best if you stay in Pattaya and look at pictures on the internet. That should satisfy your curiosity.
  7. Tax due on Parcel (sent 4 years ago)

    DHL collect import charges on behalf of the government and will not release any package in their possession until those charges have been paid. The fact that the package was delivered means that any payment leverage they once had is long gone, and that at the time they accepted the proof of payment provided. When I received a package through DHL a few years ago the procedure was that I had to make a bank transfer into their account and then after obtaining proof of payment from my bank (no electronic payment was allowed) I had to scan and email the proof of payment to DHL. Only then did they release the package for delivery. So far as DHL are concerned once the charges have been assessed it is merely a computer exercise to process them but they do add a 'handling charge' for collecting the fees due to the government, and unbelievably that handling charge is subject to VAT. Don't forget also that the charges are assessed on the value of the goods plus the shipping charge so almost anything sent from the UK to Thailand will incur import duty and VAT just on the shipping charge alone.
  8. Thailand – the hub of brilliant toilets

    Terminal 21 in Korat has the best toilets I have ever experienced, and an experience it really is. There is a control panel on which you can adjust the direction, strength and temperature of the water jets that will wash your parts after you finish your business. There is a control to adjust the strength, temperature and direction of the forced air jets that will dry you after the water has finished cleaning. Apart from that the rest of the toilet is kept spotlessly clean. As far as Thai toilet experiences go this is the best........and it's free!
  9. Can you refuse DHL delivery ?

    Don't confuse value with price. What you pay for an item and what the declared value actually is may not be the value for assessment purposes by Thai customs. You can challenge the assessed value. I have done this successfully but had to provide invoices etc Any assessment of duty, tax and fees is in the interest of the courier company because they will charge you for collecting on behalf of the government. Bear in mind that duty and fees is assessed on the total value including shipping. The minimum shipping charge of some companies exceeds the threshold at which duty and fees start meaning that even if the value of the item(s) were zero then you may still pay just on shipping charge alone. Courier companies charge a handling fee for collecting and paying duty/taxes/fees to the government. The handling fee is subject to VAT. Anything you import by courier is subject to the following: (Item value + shipping charge = Total price) You will pay: Total price +Import duty +VAT +Handling charge +VAT on handling charge I worked out that to buy a football shirt from a particular English club's website, including the above fees/charges, it would cost me £89.92 and that is based on an original shirt price of £37.00. Obviously one of the reasons why there are so many fake shirts on sale here.
  10. Install wifi or router for the first time

    I live in a small village south of Korat, not far from Khonburi and Soeng Sang. For three years we have had 3BB broadband and never had any major problems. In that time our speed has also been upgraded at no extra cost. I have no complaints at all.
  11. The number has no bearing on collection. What does have a bearing is where you are placed in the queue before the gate opens for collection. The number only serves to help the staff at the consulate retrieve your passport quickly. You could have a high number and be first in the queue and you will be the first to get back your passport/visa. If you want to arrive early for collection there is no shade whilst you wait. I would suggest you take an umbrella or some other way of protecting yourself from the sun. An umbrella would be best because, of course, it may be raining. Also you may wish to check Laos public holidays because the consulate may be closed even if there is no public holiday in Thailand. It may be difficult to get back to Mukdahan by 4.00 pm particularly if you are going to rely on the bus service from the bridge.
  12. Denied entry at Suvarnabhumi

    Around fifteen years ago I had to renew my still valid passport in which I had used only a few pages. I had no problems because I had left the passport in the pocket of a pair of jeans which was found by the lady who did my laundry, after the jeans had been through a washing machine. I am not for one moment suggesting that you destroy your passport by this method. Just let it be a warning that accidents do happen.
  13. Yes, you have to get a visa which is issued at the border. The visa lasts for 30 days. This is the case for both Laos and Cambodia.
  14. UK passport renewal

    After the new passport is issued the old passport is no longer a valid travel document despite what you may have done in the past. Until you receive the new passport you will not know when it was issued. You seem to be confusing cancellation date and issue date and that is why the gov.uk website tells you that you can not use the old passport for travel, only for ID purposes. This applies moreso here in Thailand where it is required that you carry your passport at all times, although most people either do not or they carry a photocopy.
  15. UK passport renewal

    I am speaking from experience which happened within the past two weeks......and there is actually a special form with a list of required documents (mostly photocopies) to complete before the transfer can be done.