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  1. After the new passport is issued the old passport is no longer a valid travel document despite what you may have done in the past. Until you receive the new passport you will not know when it was issued. You seem to be confusing cancellation date and issue date and that is why the website tells you that you can not use the old passport for travel, only for ID purposes. This applies moreso here in Thailand where it is required that you carry your passport at all times, although most people either do not or they carry a photocopy.
  2. I am speaking from experience which happened within the past two weeks......and there is actually a special form with a list of required documents (mostly photocopies) to complete before the transfer can be done.
  3. My application was submitted on April 3rd. Issue date on the new passport was April 7th. I was not aware of the issue date until I received the new passport on April 26th. According to HMPO the old passport becomes invalid as a legal travel document when the new one is issued, in my case that was 4 days after application. Just for your information IPS became HMPO when the government officially scrapped plans for a national ID card in the UK and lost it's status as an executive agency, becoming part of the Home Office.
  4. There is a form for transfer of stamps from old to new passport and it has to be done at an immigration office and not at the border. You are getting a little confused, and not for the first time. Leaving is not the same as arriving and I am fully aware that someone may arrive with two passports if the newer passport was issued in another place. I am talking specifically about attempting to leave the country after you have received you new passport and when the visa and stamp with departure card are in the old passport. There has to be some kind of continuity, the old passport is cancelled when you receive the new one and you will also receive a letter form the British Embassy asking Thai Immigration to transfer the stamps to the new passport. You can not leave the country on a passport which to all intents and purposes is no longer valid because that is what you are asking to do. I had to go through that on my way to Laos a few weeks ago and the transfer had to be completed before I could leave Thailand. I am not making it up so therefore it is not bs as you seem to think.
  5. But then if you do get hit by lightning the first place they will look will be your mobile phone to see if any numbers can be discerned. Dead or alive why waste a golden opportunity?
  6. It is because that is the way that DHL ships stuff from the UK to Thailand. East Midlands Airport is the UK hub for DHL and Leipzig is the European hub. Most stuff going into EMA within the UK goes by road and I can tell you that it is a very secure facility.
  7. Right but we were talking about passport applied for in Bangkok and picked up in Bangkok. I realise of course that a British passport holder may return to the UK to renew his/her passport. I was talking about the transfer of the stamp and departure card which were issued in the old passport, both of thise have to be transferred before you can use the new passport to cross the border out of Thailand......................and even though the old passport is no longer valid it is stamped to the effect that the stamp and departure card have been transferred to the new passport at which time you can then use the new passport to cross the border out of Thailand. It was not that you misread about renewing a UK passport it was that you were completely wrong to the point of denying that UK passports now have to be applied for at the Trendy Office Building. Your assertion was that you had to apply on line and that anyone who said that you get a new UK passport in Bangkok was wrong..............................Turned out it was you who was wrong. Now I am going to quote something to you from an email I received: "Your current passport will be invalid on issue of your new UK passport. If you decide to travel against the advise of the GOV.UK website and experience problems, this is solely your decision" This was extracted directly from an email received today from HMPO and makes it clear that when the new passport is issued then the current passport becomes invalid. As I said before you would not neccessarily know the date your new passport is issued but that date is marked clearly in the new passport and is not to be confused with the date on which you received your new passport. Did it ever occur to you why the website tells you not to travel on a passport once you have applied for a new one?
  8. HMG is presumably 'Her Majesty's Government' which has no jurisdiction whatsoever over the whims and regulations governing immigration in Thailand. You can argue all you want at the border about what Her Majesty's Government says but when faced with 'real time on the ground' information from an immigration officer you have no choice but to comply. You may be able to "to use the visa if you carry both passports” but if you have a multi-entry visa then this visa must be transferred to the new passport before you attempt to cross a border out of Thailand. You can not, therefore, use two passports. Suddenly you have become an expert when not two months ago you were demonstrably incorrect in just about everything you claimed.
  9. Trackable mail DOES come into it. Once again you are grossly misinformed. HMPO uses DHL to return your passport to the VFS office in Bangkok, and DHL inform you when your passport is in their trackable system. I received the first communication from DHL on April 9 after my April 3 submission of application. You can follow every stage of the delivery process through their website. Mine went from London, to East Midlands, to Leipzig, to Bangkok, to the local distribution centre, to delivery. The process from application to landing in Bangkok took 9 days. It arrived in Bangkok on April 12 and for obvious reasons was not delivered to Trendy until April 18. Later on that day I received an email backed up with a phone call telling me that my passport was ready for collection. On receipt I found out that my passport had actually been issued on April 7. By any standards that is a very efficient process. You really need to stop spreading false information. And..............I have had no problems with immigration in the past so your assertion is incorrect. It may be that in the past you were able to present both passports at the border so they could see you had a valid visa. That is no longer the case. That is what I meant about rule changes. The reason why they would not commit to an answer at the Trendy building is because they did not know. If you passport was still acceptable for travel after you applied for a new one then they would tell you so and the website would also state that it was acceptable to use your old passport for cross-border travel. You seem to know better but ehn you knew better when you argued vehemently that you had to apply on line in order to get a new British passport. You also said that anyone who told you that you had to go to Bangkok to get a new passport was wrong. On those points you argued with several people, not just me. You can not put the genie back in the bottle so an apology did little to enhance your credibility.
  10. ....But we weren't talking about using your old passport in Thailand whilst waiting for the new one. We were talking about using the passport to go outside of Thailand i.e using it to enter another country and then to re-enter Thailand. With some visas a re-entry permit is required but if you had applied for a new passport you would not know when the new one was issued. It would not be enough to say that you were waiting for the new one if you got caught out, particularly if you had applied for the re-entry permit after the new passport had been issued. When you go to immigration to have the stamp, visa and departure card transferred all of the relevent dates would be plain to see in both passports. What you may have done in the past has no bearing on what is acceptable now because the rules have changed.
  11. You are a little confused. The post was originally about applying for a new British passport and the rules surrounding the submission of photographs..................that is until someone suggested (bogus information) that a trip to Bangkok was not neccessary as you could get a new British passport online. After that the post went a bit off track and someone suggested that despite advice to the contrary it was okay to travel across borders before you actually had you new passport in your possession.
  12. Re-entry permit? He did not say and nobody appears to have asked if he had or needed one. Surely that could put an entirely different slant on things.
  13. So why does the website tell you that you should not use the old passport for travel purposes after you have applied for the new one? At some point the old passport is superceded by the new one and when you receive the new one you also receive a letter from the British Embassy asking Thai immigration to transfer your stamp to the new passport. This must be done at your earliest opportunity and when both passports are presented it is possible that if you used your old passport for cross border travel after the new one was issued you would at least give Thai immigration an excuse to delve further. The fact that there is no international database does not mean that the data can not be checked with a phone call or online communication. There must be a mechanism or protocol in place for such enquiries. It is not border immigration officers you need to worry about, it is those in the various immigration offices around the country, the same people that many on this website complain about when things go wrong. Why give them the opportunity to break your day?
  14. Okay but if you are in Thailand on a long term basis and travelled on a passport through a border after your new passport was issued then it does not take Sherlock Holmes to look at the dates in your old passport compared with the validity dates of your new passport because you have to present both to Thai immigration in order to get your stamp transferred. Even if there is no data base to actually check it you would have presented them with the perfect evidence to show them that you used your old passport after the new one was issued thus giving them a reason to dig further and find that you actually did something legally wrong. Is it really worth the hassle?