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  1. Soursop (Annona muricata)

    I understand that it's properties will not be beneficial in many types of cancer case. A study was done in Guadeloupe which concluded that the consumption of soursop could be linked with Parkinson's disease, based on the consumption of soursop by those studied who already had Parkinson's anyway. The study did not take into consideration anyone who consumed soursop regularly and did not have Parkinson's disease so it can hardly be considered as exhaustive, the consumption of soursop just happened to be a common thread amongst those diagnosed with the disease in a place where soursop consumption is common anyway. How many people in Guadaloupe, who regularly consume soursop, did not have Parkinson's disease? That question was not answered by the study.
  2. Soursop (Annona muricata)

    I have read this and I am approaching things cautiously. First of all the fruit is really tasty and distinctive. For that alone it is worth trying. So far as the health benefits are concerned there have been laboratory tests which proved that soursop kills certain types of cancer cells but there have been no extensive human tests. There are many reasons why no trials have been done on humans but I will not go into that now. What I will say is that there is plenty of information as to the efficacy of soursop as a remedy in it's various forms including extensive anecdotal evidence, in written and video form, from people who use soursop. Incidentally some of the information on the Cancer Research UK website (referred to in Wikipedia) regarding soursop is factually incorrect but they do point out the laboratory tests I alluded to.
  3. Soursop (Annona muricata)

    Your first photo looks like a sugar apple and is definitely not a soursop, in the Caribbean it is called a sweetsop ( annona squamosa). What I am referring to is what I see in the second photo (annona muricata). My wife's family have a number of trees on various bits of land around our village. Some of the trees are currently in fruit. Part of the problem with soursop is it's extremely short life once picked. It can not be stored for more than a few days because it ripens very quickly. From a fruit I first tried two months ago I am now cultivating from seeds, more than fifty have successfully germinated so far. With my post I was trying to find out how many people actually know about this fruit. Most people here in Thailand do not know it. When I have the fruit I make juice but it is also possible to make pulp and freeze it for later use. On your final sentence I do have some available. I live in southeastern Nakhon Ratchasima province.
  4. Soursop (Annona muricata)

    Does anyone have any experience of the fruit known as soursop? My wife calls it 'durian nahm' but it is definitely not durian. It has many other names depending on which part of the world it is grown. It is reported to have certain cancer killing properties as well as many other health benefits. Does anyone grow the trees or drink tea made with the leaves or even drink the juice made from the fruit? I do not see much of it in Thailand and never in any of the markets I have visited.
  5. I believe there were eight children killed which prompted a recall on a certain ranges of IKEA furniture.
  6. Yes, but all she has to say is that she borrowed them. That excuse seems to work here in Thailand.
  7. Woman Crashes Car on Purpose to Show Her Kids That God Is Real

  8. If the BiB want it to have been found in the sedan then that is where it will have been found.
  9. FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail

    So, how come a CNN reporter was able to visit and speak with her?
  10. No, it was the official re-enactment and here is a photo-fit of the offender
  11. Is DHL ripping me off

    It should not surprise you because I made it plain that I was willing to buy at the price quoted so long as the item was sent by regular mail, at a much lower total price. I also made it plain that I would not buy if the seller insisted on using the GSP and that I would be responsible for any import charges. Many ebay sellers do not know of the implications of using the GSP from the point of view of the buyer and sign up for it because they believe it makes the transaction easier for the buyer, whilst at the same time making more money for ebay. I always try to point out the difference in pricing between using the GSP and regular mail whilst explaining about the threshold for duty and VAT. It is a fact that most ebay sellers are unaware of this.
  12. There are enough people killed on the roads in Thailand without encouraging animals to join in the carnage. This photo was not posed, photoshopped or otherwise contrived but the story behind it is more bizarre than it looks.
  13. 'Don't worry about the NRA,' Trump tells U.S. governors

    In effect, gun possession is not really necessary. I think a lot of people would agree with that Mr President.
  14. More like throwing a kitbag up the M4..........................so I've heard.
  15. Really this is a backhanded way of saying "Come to Gambia. We got sex for sale too!"