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  1. sjbrownderby

    Can a foreigner become a monk in Thailand ?

    Three years ago a young German guy came to our village with the intention of becoming a monk for a short time. He was in the temple for two weeks and then left and went back home. He could have stayed longer, he told me, but he had a job to go back to.
  2. sjbrownderby

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    In the UK a police officer can give 'expert opinion' to a court as to whether a person is drunk, in the case of 'Drunk and Incapable' or 'Drunk and Disorderly' the expertly observed elements of which can not be used in any case related to the use of a vehicle whilst intoxicated in order to prove the offence. Those observed elements can be used as a reason to ask for a breath/alcohol and/or blood test but can certainly be used in the event of a refusal of either. So, although a police officer can say a person is drunk and he can be convicted of being so it is a different matter when a person is driving. You do not have to be drunk to be convicted of a drink driving offence and that is the difference.
  3. sjbrownderby

    Pink ID Card. Benefits?

    It seems that the healthcare database is now centralised meaning that separate registration cards are no longer accepted or required at hospitals. Last year when I registered at Suranaree University Hospital I was not issued with a card as at other hospitals but I was told to use my pink ID card should I seek medical treatment there. Of course, not everyone will benefit in this way but it is one way that the pink card has become more useful, to me anyway.
  4. sjbrownderby

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    I have had a pink card for two years and this year something has changed in the way I can use it. I have acquired a benefit I did not have before in using the card. My wife is a government employee and so I am eligible for government healthcare. Prior to this year I had to register at individual hospitals just in case I might require treatment. Each hospital issued it's own card. It seems that now the data-base is centralised and I can now use the pink ID card instead and do not have to register at each individual hospital. I realise that the healthcare issue will not affect most people holding a pink card but it does show that the ways in which the pink ID card is accepted are changing. That coupled with the inconsistency of most things here in Thailand means that what is accepted in one place may not be accepted in another. In other words you really do not know until you try.
  5. sjbrownderby

    Eight die in motorway crash

    On March 21st 18 people died in a bus crash on Highway 304 north of Wang Nam Khiao. I drove to Pattaya on March 31st passing the scene of the accident. The wrecked bus was still at the side of the highway, it had not yet been recovered. It seems that recovering vehicles after a serious crash is not a priority unless the vehicles are actually on the road. There may also be an element of superstition involved in night time recovery or indeed any recovery where there were multiple fatalities.
  6. That would depend very much on when the pardon is issued.
  7. Many of the charges do not relate directly to Trump but were discovered as a result of Mueller's investigations. He has already pardoned a number of people thus sending out the message that a pardon is possible for those currently under investigation and indictment. And...........Newt Gingrich, one of Trump's most staunch supporters said, "If a president was dumb enough to pardon himself, that would be such an arrogant statement of power that the House would probably impeach him in a week and the Senate would convict him"
  8. Yes, until he issues the pardon and then once again everything in the garden will be rosy.
  9. sjbrownderby

    Advice needed please

    A large number of those small legal documents available at every ATM ????????
  10. It is the worst piece of driving only if you have a very short memory and don't remember the last video of the worst piece of driving you will ever see in which a truck driving on the wrong side of the road actually crashed into another driving in the opposite direction. A child was killed in that one. I would say that in the grand scheme of things this does not even make the top 100.
  11. I have a dog myself but I definitely did NOT provoke the dog that chased and bit me when I was cycling through a local village. I did not even see it at first, it was not even on the road. How could I possibly provoke a dog I could not even see? Dogs roaming free are a massive problem here.
  12. Yes, but on the plus side at least he can't fall off the balcony.
  13. Sex scandal? .................Does that mean Donald Trump won't get a Nobel Peace Prize? ..............Just asking.
  14. I was involved in law enforcement for a number of years so I am talking from a level of personal experience of pursuing criminal cases.