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  1. From the time of Alexander the Great until now, Afghanistan has never lost a war. In recent times, the British, Russia and the US have been made to expend million of dollars, countless lives and injuries to their own countrymen in order to gain - What? Freedom and democracy, you have to be joking, there is no freedom or democracy in any middle east country and there never will be. Including the excised Palestinian State of Israel. It is not in their culture.
  2. Time to completely pull out of this lost war, lost before it even began. The Taliban now controls 60% of Afghanistan and it is clear that the majority of Afghans would prefer a murderous regime to the incompetent token efforts of the invaders. Let the Afghans get back to what they do best - set up local tribal chieftains and kill each other.
  3. If only it was that easy. Just leave alone a lunatic with nuclear capacity, a 4 million strong military force who constantly fire on Sth Korea with artillery, sink ships in neutral or non Nth Korean waters, kidnap citizens from other countries and constantly state that they will unleash all the weapons at their command should they feel threatened or as soon as they are capable of delivering a nuke to the US mainland. Or Japan or Sth Korea. Insane psychomaniac loopies need more than just shock therapy. They need to be immobilised. Permanently. Leave them alone and they will go home, wagging their tails behind them is a childrens Ditty, it does not work in the real world.
  4. From my reading of the initial post, it does not implicate Trump or his cronies. Instead the Ruskies believed that a Trump win would destabilise the US while noting that it would be easier to deal with/work with Trump and Republicans rather than Clinton and Democrats. The fact that Trump then quoted Russian propaganda to bolster his anti Clinton rants worked. I do not see any direct evidence that Trump colluded directly with the Ruskies. Rather, I see that Trump and rust belt US citizens were duped and continue to be duped. Just as an aside, Trump is now the President of USA. That is a fact and even I, an Aussie who could not believe that any sane person would vote for him still believe he should be shown the respect due to his office. The Republicans blocked most of the initiatives of the former government. Just maybe, perhaps even, if the current opposition could work with the Republicans to influence a better US, a stronger clear headed US, then the US and the world may be a better place to live in. But then again, a few of my pigs have been getting friendly with my ducks. Looking for wings perhaps.
  5. It is all maybe isn't it. In Ukraine, there is enough general media reports to indict Russia for the BOK missile attacks. Including the missile launch vehicle re locating to Russia, and radio intercepts. All available on media at that time. US did nothing even though they had a satellite over the area. The same is true of this mishap. It is you keep quiet, we keep quiet. QED or almost
  6. Prachinburi for me. Glad you can afford to travel so much. But to the topic, I stumbled across footprints on the low tide at Broome West Australia. Turned out that they were some sort of well documented dinosaur footprints from millions of years ago. They did not put Broome on the map, the beautiful climate and Aussie hospitality did that. The "footprints" could be caused by a number of things, maybe it was the Buddha. If it raises a tourist profile, all good. Hope I catch up with you one day old hippy.
  7. And against all international cited information, documented world bank information, you have proof otherwise? You may be old, you may be bitter and maybe your young bit did run off, but that is no reason to continually try to run down an entire country and its people. Show your proof to the otherwise. If you actually live in Thailand which I doubt, it is time to go back home. If you do not live in Thailand you are just another loser, born to hate and scorn.
  8. I hope you can visit Thailand soon. Your posts are humorous mostly and enlightening always. Hope you are enjoying your trip to Portugal. (do some fishing for me) I do not believe in anything high and mighty, I do respect all cultures and religions that not only preach peace but practise it too. (becoming so hard to find now) Thailand is mostly ok now, no more political killings, mostly Thai life continues as normal and the people are safe and fed. If the Tourist Police have found another
  9. There is a lot more to this story IMHO. The whole scenario does not add up. It went missing over an area that the US, Thailand and others were conducting military exercises. And firing missiles at drones? Ahh another theory. The one country to benefit from this is Aust, who had a huge area of sea bottom surveyed for them at little cost. In the one place the aircraft did not crash land. And some objects placed in the Indian Ocean had Sth China sea creatures on them. More scallywag? Maybe.
  10. I love Thailand so much that I have moved here. I also love my Thai wife and that helped me move here. I also love the Thai culture and customs. If you had been to a Thai cremation at the local Wat today, as I did, you would be a bit sceptical about saying Buddhism in Thailand is not a religion. It is almost a forebear of any Catholic funeral. Chanting, bowing down to statues, formalised chant and reply, incense wafting, offerings to monks, praying for the dead "spirit" and a wish for the deceased to go to nirvana. What side of Thai Buddhism do you not understand?
  11. I hope medium and large Thai companies and investors take note. Fluctuations are likely to be more extreme. Especially when the Trump administration moves away from solving domestic economics to solving foreign affairs policies by more and more threats. Not conducive to stability.
  12. I stand corrected, although I meant to write asteroid. I watched a US show about bunker builders. My post was meant to ridicule them, not debate scientific fact. I also ridicule climate change deniers. My pen rai khrup
  13. I have the same issue with my Thai wife. I have visited Sri Lanka which was stated as being a last bastion for true Buddhism. I did not find it there, not that I was really looking. Thai Buddhism is a mixture of culture, belief in spirits, not only of the human dead and animism. I am constantly warned to watch out for ghosts, spirits of the rice and bananas. To always leave lights on in the bedroom and around the house (apparently spirits don't like lights) So I have learned to sleep with a small light on. However as a total agnostic, I find the Buddhist culture to be ok. My wife has a Lao background a long time ago. I went to a full Buddhist funeral today to say goodbye to a good Thai man and a friend. It was most moving. If there is Nirvana, I hope he finds it.
  14. The new system may well track the plane in flight. But will it track Russian BUK missiles fired at it?
  15. Well it did pass by without effect. Phew, can't wait for the next comet. Might even consider building a bunker like other dumb end of worlders. Could start up a reality show to exhibit the best layed out bunker. Would that not be a show worth watching. lol