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  1. EU refugee court ruling triggers new east-west feuding

    Have only visited Canada three times. All in B.C. You need to get off google and actually live the life. I am away for awhile and off the net, you know, real life living, not your world of virtual life. But I will get back to you and in the mean time you can look it up. The "battle of Long Tan" Just an over view, there are 2 accounts. One from someone who was there, one from a military historian. Their accounts differ. Then there is a freedom of information account which differs from the two previous accounts. You know who I believe. The poor bastards who were there and know it and saw their mates die. But you live your life in google. Such is life. And such is the BS on internet
  2. In all my time on this forum, now you out me as an Aussie. lol I am sure the intel agencies have dossiers on multitudes of people. Maybe even me. lol But not one has mentioned something to discredit a truly loathsome person. (my opinion) Not me, POTUS.
  3. I was not trying to talk about public disclosure. Surely an agency vets a potential incumbent. Not for political reasons, for the security and well being of the country, If not, why not? Do you not think that the incumbent has come to the attention of some of the 200 agencies that are supposed to protect US. Yet none of them has uttered a whisper of damning evidence. I am not a US citizen and the current POTUS is in my mind loathsome from his statements and actions. But "show me the money" from the true agencies that should defend the country. Not just political hearsay.
  4. OK, thank you but still left wondering
  5. I am sure that all departments of US intel vet applicants to the US presidency. So we may take that as a given. So far, no agency has stated that the incumbent is not suited for the job. They have had ample time and I am sure have scrutinized any evidence. They have kept "mum" to quote a pommy saying. Do you not think that they would have made public, anything to protect US. Or do you think this may be part of the issue. Personally I don't think the POTUS has a good moral character. But many presidents prime ministers and so on also do not qualify.And my opinion and tours does not count. Democracy counts, and that happens at the voting booth. Politics 101.
  6. Very well, I will try to lower my tone to pre teeneers. It does not matter in polls whether it is 38. 6 % or your number - 35%. Polls do not matter. The ballot voting does. Now to US intel. I do not comment on their competence or their interest in head of state political affairs. But everyone making accusations such as you demeans US intel. I am sure they have had an interest a long time ago. So far they have not made any effort to challenge allegations by you, nor any one else. But you keep pounding the drum, sorry, I think my allusion has already been lost on you
  7. EU refugee court ruling triggers new east-west feuding

    Ask Ilostmypassport. He/ she/it has all the answers. Not that you will find answers, just excuses as to why Muslims need to be part of Europe. Europe can mitigate the damage done. But the Islamists are among you already. Shame, Europe used to be a nice safe place to visit
  8. It does not matter about any numbers or percentages. If you think US intel does not already know you need to take an aspirin. Then you need to think why intel is not making waves. Then you need to think why the time lag between fact and the main US enforcement agencies to act or even make a sort of bubble. You and the rest of the world have no say in it. It is all blubber and nothing including you can change it. You are part of your democracy, and it has overtaken your morals. There will be some candied result. Just part of US democracy, freedom ad nausea
  9. From the original pic. Well dressed appointee with facial groomed hair and wild growth at the back of his neck. Sigh, another dud not so well groomed appointee. Does it matter? No, just another sponger
  10. France's Macron urges continued EU ties with Turkey

    And other than refugees, what other trade partnership with Europe does Turkey have to offer. Seriously, does EU need Turkey for anything. EU made the offer to Turkey, Turkey responded with severe human right abuses. But still Eu wants this extremist country to be part of EU. Soon they will invite Russia. 555
  11. I suspect that if the "state" of Israel went back to its original border, granted compensation and restitution for illegal lands that displaced so many Palestinian landholders, the issues would be moot. The Nth Korean issue is a point in context. Threaten, amass military might against a people that have just as much right to exist as the aggressors.... Well it results in misery. And those seeking justice and revenge.
  12. I suspect everyone (me included) is getting a bit carried away with reality. Nth Korea has constantly stated that it will try to counter a pre emptive strike. They have proved that it is not all talk. Not all posturing. Time for Nth Korea, China, Russia, US and all the other countries that followed MacArthur into a futile war that cost so many lives. But lives are cheap in
  13. EU refugee court ruling triggers new east-west feuding

    You should revisit Merkel comments, as if you did not know. You can abuse me on this forum, unlike you, I have never hit the report button. My "trance" is not about your recent crusade. It is about a long history of Europe and democracy and why the countries of Europe do exist. It was trial and error over centuries. It created what was once Europe and a unique form of democracy. It protected the citizens of said countries. Now you and you ilk threaten that. And you wonder why some idiots are rebelling in an extremist way. There is a way to apply for statis in a good democracy, I suggest you inform others how to do this. Note how I do not abuse you as you have me
  14. EU refugee court ruling triggers new east-west feuding

    Do you want me to quote Merkel word for word when she invited a stampede of economic tourists. Seems you want history to just go away.