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  1. US has/ had a lot of support in the past. That is all behind us now. Laisse fraire (or something like that. lol) Let the buyer beware. lol Sorry US, the product you are selling stinks.
  2. I have talked to loonie JW,s declaring that they would love to bring their version of religion to Nth Korea. There are loonies, and there are silly young men and some women. Religious extremists should know the "problems" they may encounter in a Chinese/ Russian enclave of a country. May some power help the Nth Koreans, but I doubt it. Really it is up to China?
  3. And Khadr was a young man and a fighter? He is innocent of atrocities that he committed because he is "young" Oh sorry,after killing innocent civilians, he was blinded in one eye after some wholesome military advance overcome the scum. You can post it, but you cannot defend wholesale murder and then claim the perpetrators were all innocents. Islam claptrap
  4. You are possibly being a tad harsh. Mogabe from Zimbabwe has a high opinion of Trump. So does Sudan and many other south African and south American states. And of course Israel. Whom would expect anything less. Some countries love him Some civilisations have reservations. Pick your man, Russia/US and some scum countries, or civilisation under some form of demacracy
  5. Everything you posted is true. US has lost all respect. So other countries are turning away. All thanks to you and your compadres. So go it alone.
  6. I hope so too. In fact I think it likely that he be granted the most lenient protections to be granted a fair trial. Mr Pell has been associated with paedophiles since he entered the "Church". He has constantly protected paedophiles. He shared rooms with paedophiles. It makes him an accessory at least. He has failed in his duty to "out" paedophiles, if he is not one of them. Got rot him and his ilk.
  7. And what has that to do with my post. Many Balkans settled into Australia since the mid 40's. They were not economic refugees, they were legitimate migrants, who after applying to Australia to migrate, were granted residency, after security screening. What are you blathering on about?
  8. "The ugly foreigner has a gun". You are not in the Bronx
  9. I do not understand your post. "You hope Indo politicians do not give in to hardliners" They already have! You need to stop excusing every extremist act by Islamist extremists and Islamist countries. If you read my posts, you will find that I abhor US crusades. I do not seek to excuse them. I do not seek to excuse my own governments culpability in allowing Muslims to control West Papua. But you always kowtow to everything that is wrong with the Muslim so called faith. If you do not condemn them, you are in fact in support of them. Kowtow
  10. 99% agree with you. As I live here, abide by the laws and rules that Thailand imposes on me, I cannot and will not comment on the last bit of supposition in your post.
  11. Well I stopped any economic response after my first line which was 15% reduction of imports and increase in Thai ag exports over last year may equal a claim for the 61%. I did stop there, I make no claims about trade surplus. I leave that to you and your rant. But you got it off your chest and I am sure you feel much better and superior now.. As for me living my dream, I am. You truly do need to get out of the bar and visit some - any Thai rural area. And you need to stop believing you are an economist.
  12. Charming. This is your solution. Better spray some more red paint on your neck.
  13. If anyone thought that the policies of Merkel were going to lead to peace and more importantly harmony in Europe, these latest statistics prove otherwise. Social harmony is a quite easy actually. I grew up in Australia just after WW11. By then, Australian young men had been decimated by the sacrifices they made in two world wars. So Australia granted migration or refugee status to many Europeans. And from nearly all European countries from Russia to Greece, Italy and the then Yugoslavia especially. It is important to differentiate between what is happening in Germany and many EU countries now. Firstly, the new migrants had no political or religious idealism over what Australia offered them. Culturally, we were similar, including the different faiths or sects of religion. No one wanted to establish a Caliphate, a new Rome, a new Orthodox or whatever. They just wanted a new peaceful and prosperous life. Social harmony is quite easy really. The next really important thing is that the new migrants from Europe wanted to work and progress the country they were now living in. They were never bludgers. Social harmony is quite easy really, something Australia may be able to teach EU now.
  14. Last week, the van I had hired to travel to Sa Keow was pulled over by migration police. Everyone produced their ID. My passport was waved away. I was chastised for not wearing a seat belt. (it was broken, I always wear one) They did not check the ID of the Cambodian driver. He was afraid of course, I am sure they knew he was Cambodian. I employ (sorry, my wife employs) this Cambodian man from time to time. He is a jack of all trades and a very good one. But the Thais are also very good around here. Prices (400 baht for 8 hours work) are very low. If you feel you are being ripped off by contractors, do as is suggested above. Have a firm contract for a completed price or change contractors. Let the buyer beware especially applies here.