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  1. Look again at the graph. For once the Trump has it right. But best if he pull out of NATO. Would change things dramatically. 1. Europe has to make politics and policies on their own with out US influence 2. Europe has to form a defence strategy on their own without US influence. 3. Europe has to spend its own money on weapons etc without US influence. On the positive side, all US bases in Europe are gone. Russia no longer can say its borders are threatened. Maybe all EU countries can meet some accord instead of Germany and France running an agenda. US can go back to looking after its own homeland interests, build a wall, kick all the labour out of US and actually maybe improve its labour problems from all the unemployed. (lol) Got to be a win win situation
  2. We have durian on "sale here at 150 bt a kilo. It is durian season and the price will come down. I planted 10 nearly non awful smelling durians (there are many varieties) and they will produce in about 4 years. The wife says it is only for personal use and barter. I will be drinking a Leo with Buddha before I see a good sized one.
  3. That is a very profound statement you make. And totally lacking credibility. Firstly, the prejudice in US started against the Indigenous Americans, long before the . your words "blacks". You have no idea how many people you have offended already. Second, the French and Russians were prowling around The South Land and judging by their efforts the native Aussies may have had worse encounters than the Poms./ Third is to stop saying white and "black" or whatever. We are all in one boat, we all have to solve this together. Four is that the aborigines are provided with a "welfare " system that means that most of them need not work or have any further expectations. A kind of reverse racism. Take away the need of a productive need in life and you destroy incentive. I could go on. It takes two sides to solve a problem and it is more than a problem, it is an entire culture at risk. Many "white" hands have reached out, we have yet to strike an accord.
  4. If I end up back in Australia, that is ok by me. Better than Russia. (Or US or the caliphate of Britain (nearly) Nothing I have written can really be contested except if you have blinkers. But that was ancient history and all I did was say the western world has to show some respect for the loss of their young men when US could have wiped their hands. And yes, I do know that initial republic of US debated German as a language (what a change to history that would have been) If you cannot accept the invasion of Europe from Anzio to Burgundy and beyond as an almost US force, you are deluded. The Canadians disgraced themselves in Holland, The Brits floundered in a bridge too far, having held up the advance by being stalled in the invasion. The yanks cleared that up in the battle of the bulge and also in the forests protecting the advance to Berlin. That Trump does not understand this, nor any commitments to Europe is meaningless. The fact that you discredit US for the supplies, the ships, the aircraft and so on beggars belief
  5. Russia did heaps of bludgeoning and possibly the most if you look at casualties and a sadist as a leader of Russia. But Russia could never have done that without supplies from the west. Now you read your history. The amazing thing is that it took the combined efforts of Britain, its colonies and allies plus the later efforts of the US to defeat Japan and Germany. (and Italy and German hangers on) Thank God we have a tame German called Merkel and a war weary Japan to not contend with in the future.
  6. Ok, from an Aussie point of view, I know about Aussies in Nth Africa. I know about the"desert rats". I know my father was in the navy that destroyed Italian beautiful ships. I know about Malta and other Brit outposts that held on. I know my father was in an escort ship when HMAS Australia was crippled in a kamikaze attack. My uncle died fighting Japs in New Guinea on the Kokoda Track. I know the Brits suffered horrible losses keeping Russia supplied. But limbo was the word until US entered. Hardly any Pom knows about Coral Sea battle, Guadacanal, and all those tiny islands where the Japanese made NAZI storm troopers seem like pansies. It was US that took the war to Europe from Anzio to Burgundy and beyond. And so on. The war in WW11 would possibly still be going on without the Yanks.
  7. Trump is a chump. He knows nothing about history, period. Nor does he understand the subtle things that an intelligent pollie would say. I am an Aussie and proud of the Aussie effort in any conflict. Other than Grenada and Panama, the US has not "won" any war since WW11. And they did win WW11 along with some minor actions of Britain and allies. After US entered the war (reluctantly) they bludgeoned Japan and Germany, something that was in limbo before the US finally added their manufacturing base, technology and a grit to finish this thing.
  8. Lack of money, lack of influence.
  9. The conversation has got out of hand. The amount of graves should be a topic of remembrance, not a topic of bragging rights. Lest we forget. The poms and allies bore the brunt of nazi Germany until US changed the course of that war after they chose to enter. Read about US bombing and fighter roles. They fought in daytime and suffered huge casualty rates. It is not about bragging rights. As for UK self protection spending. The submarine fleet is a disgrace for starters.
  10. There are pretty women and beautiful women. In my life there are pale and dark skinned. (why can we say white skin but not anything except dark) Anyway, my wife has honey colour skin and for some reason she loves my sun untouched pale white butt. This particular person with scant regard of human life and lacking in morals is out on bail. I hope she sees a few bars soon.(To have a drink of course) Of course to finish my point about women, it is not the colour of their skin but the quality of the heart that counts. My wife has a big beautiful heart and a big machete that says she is mine. Make no mistake and I for one have no wish to.
  11. Err, I think the post is about BKK floods. I think hurricanes, tsunamis, cyclones occur all over the tropics. You can mitigate some of the problems, not solve extreme precipitation. If I was to comment on US wildfires and pour scorn on the governor of California for an annual event, I would rightly be called ill informed if I was to say, TIC. This is California. I doubt some of the posters have ever lived in the tropics. Their diatribe of stupid malicious posts attests to this. Enough about an annual event in the tropics. Enough of silly posters. ENUF
  12. Sorry Ahab. I mostly agree with you but that was below the belt as was the Berks reply to you. If you don't keep it civil, Scott will bounce you both
  13. Agree but a little unfair. There are many ad hoc attempts to improve the canals and drainage. But overall, it needs a totally committed and united plan and action to remedy the problem. I say remedy because a cure is impossible. Relocation is the only long term plan and further building in Bangkok only exacerbates the problem