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  1. So the EC wants to omit political party IDs on ballots because it would make the ballots easier to print. I guess they're not familiar with the concept of government employees serving the people, not themselves. Whoops, TIT.
  2. The Pattaya News' owners also own over two dozen tourist-related businesses in Pattaya. It is in their interest to paint a rosey picture of Pattaya. If they were real journalists they would divulge their holdings and/or recuse themselves from publishing tourist related stories. But then that would defeat their whole purpose of publishing the Pattaya News.
  3. Will make crossing the Sukhumvit safer for any pedestrian.
  4. 1duckyboy

    Pattaya neglecting newly rebuilt beach

    Ah yes, Pattaya's rain drainage project, the gift that keeps on giving.