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  1. A POTUS pardon only applies to federal crimes. It's possible that Mueller has in cooperation with several state attorney generals built some strong state criminal cases (ie., money laundering, state income tax evasion, bribery) that cannot be pardoned to the extent the Flynn's might still serve lengthy sentences and fines. Furthermore, a pardoned Flynn "could still potentially serve as an unindicted co-conspirator, which triggers benefits to a prosecution such as a hearsay exception for co-conspirator statements." Also, a POTUS pardon could potentially remove the federal legal jeopardy in a manner that may defeat an assertion of the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Refusal to answer could result in a contempt finding that in turn, could theoretically be enforced by coercive contempt (i.e., jailing until such time as the witness provides ordered testimony)! (https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/what-happens-if-trump-exercise-pardon-power_us_596f75dbe4b0000eb197ba66) There's the question (in my mind) of what happens to a POTUS-pardoned person if the POTUS pardon was subsequently held to be illegal, ie., obstruction of justice? Could a Flynn pardon be revoked? That might be a risk Flynns might have to consider in deciding to cooperate with Mueller. Then there might be a twist with federal income tax evasion. The tax and penalties are administrative matters. So while (to conjecture) Flynns could escape prison sentences from income tax evasion with a POTUS pardon, they may not be able to avoid collection of unpaid taxes, penalties and interest. In the end a package deal with Mueller in cooperation with state attorney generals might actually give the Flynns a better position than a POTUS pardon.
  2. If measured by a Republican majority Congress, very solid. "For the first time in more than 40 years, U.S. lawmakers are holding a hearing to examine whether the president should have carte blanche to launch a nuclear strike. The extraordinary hearing Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee reflects growing anxiety in Congress about President Donald Trump’s impulsive temperament and whether he should still have the absolute authority to wage nuclear war with no outside check or restraint." http://foreignpolicy.com/2017/11/14/congress-questions-trumps-exclusive-hold-on-the-nuclear-football/ Compare to Trump's denial that there was any Russian intrusion in the POTUS election despite the objective analaysis and conclusion by both Congress and 16 US intelligence agencies.
  3. Australia will have to out ego-kiss Trump if it expects to get diverts Trump's romance with Xi and Putin. Surely Trump and Ivanka need some trademarks and copyrights in Australia?
  4. But the prosecution wants to try them again - double jeopardy needn't apply? Not in Thailand's judicial system. And if that doesn't work, try again in the Supreme Court - triple jeopardy? No wonder people don't trust the Thai judicial system.
  5. Thai military training vs democratic countries: "The accused instructors at the Army Foundation College face charges ranging from actual bodily harm and battery, to mistreatment of subordinates. We can confirm that 17 former recruit instructors are to face court martial proceedings at Bulford Court Martial Centre ..." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/13/army-instructors-punched-kicked-teenage-recruits/ Mr. Democratic Soldier Prayut couldn't qualify as a trainer in the British military. Yet in Thailand he is Chief of the military junta.
  6. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    So on the one hand Prayut proposed (see earlier TV articles) to decentralize law enforcement to the lowest levels of governance ( a great reform for law enforcement) and on the other hand he will assure national military centralized oversight over civilian governance after elections. Shame.
  7. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    .... military rule regardless of who is elected. More more Dark State, it will be very in the open and in elected officials' faces.
  8. Sinister motive seen in move to empower Isoc

    Yes, they're on a super committee that overseas committees -Prayut's contribution to Thai governance.
  9. Not sure what you mean by "modern-day" turkeys but the Heritage breed turkeys are not artificially inseminated but allowed to breed naturally. Because this causes a low reproduction rate for turkey meat, Heritage turkey meat is 3-10 times more expensive that artificially breed turkeys. On the contrary, explains why the big "box stores" can offer such turkey meat at such LOW prices.
  10. As opposed to your just posted NOTHING contribution? Potential Congressional impeachment by a Republican majority of Trump will be partly influenced by his voter popularity (ironically, Clinton's approval rating jumped to an all-time high of 73% in the wake of the House of Representatives' approval of articles of impeachment (http://edition.cnn.com/ALLPOLITICS/stories/1998/12/20/impeachment.poll/). Trump's voter base has shrunk considerably since his election to about 33%. He has essentially lost Democratic crossover votes and the Independent vote that gave him majority in swing states. Trump's hardcore base seems immune to facts and more akin to having by some opinions a cult or religious characteristic that depends on pure faith. Hence, Credo's remarks. Such insulated support by Trump's core supporters may not be a firm defense against Trump's impeachment if his disapproval among voters is a substantial majority, particularly in Red states. And/or if Special Counsel can prove Trump's collusion with the Russians to influence the elections in his favor, and/or if Trump has committed federal/state crimes (even if not related to Russian collusion).
  11. It feels less than an understanding and more of an advocacy. The good news is that Facebook, Google and other social media platform operators as well as the majority of Congress (aka Republicans) now recognize the threat of covert Russian propaganda designed to split American voters (which favors a weak and/or unqualified candidate) and build a base of political support for a specific POTUS candidate. Both current NSA Director Mike Rogers and former NSA Director James Clapper agree that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to the disadvantage of one candidate. Both agree that Russia is an enemy of the US, especially in such fashion. Facebook and others have begun costly changes to detect foreign origin fake news and covert accounts/tweets designed as American origin. US Congress in the vacuum of Trump's leadership and denial of Russian intrusion are exploring possible legislation for greater transparency of foreign election intrusion designed to protect American voter independence.
  12. Just to point out another inconsistency in news reporting on the alleged shoplifting. The idea that the players face 10 years jail was first reported by Yahoo that stated: "While it is unknown exactly what the players are being detained for, Chinese law calls for a fine and between three to 10 years in prison for anyone convicted of “robbing public or private property using force, coercion, or other methods.” https://sports.yahoo.com/liangelo-ball-ucla-teammates-face-3-10-years-prison-convicted-shoplifting-013958780.html The cite of an extreme situation obviously not relevant to what became known later as alleged shoplifting without any reported violence. But the reference to a 10-year jail sentence still prevails in the news despite a later clarification of potential jail sentences applicable to the alleged shoplifting (remembering no value of the stolen sunglasses was ever identified): "Someone convicted of stealing goods worth between 7,000 ($1,050) and 10,000 yuan ($1,510) would face between two and three years in jail under Chinese law." https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2017/11/07/liangelo-ball-and-two-other-ucla-players-reportedly-arrested-in-china-for-shoplifting/?utm_term=.3f6d1abc1fe4 While potential 2-3 years in a Chinese jail is nothing to laugh at, it appears that the continued cite of a possible 10-year sentence generates more publicity - something Trump likes to manipulate.
  13. Representative Jackie Speier, a California Democrat who sits on the House committee - “ .... Russia was able to weaponize your platforms to divide us, to dupe us and to discredit democracy.” For example (one of 15 examples shown in the article): https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/us/politics/russia-2016-election-facebook.html (the biggest collection, put together by two American researchers who asked not to be identified to avoid online harassment, is posted at https://medium.com/@ushadrons)
  14. Russian billionaire under investigation in France

    Interesting coincidence. The first DNC hacking case began when Mr. Rinat Rafkatovitch Akhmetshin served an alliance of businessmen led by Suleiman Kerimov. There's yet no evidence linking Akhmetshin to the DNC hacking. However, International Mineral Resource has accused a rival company EuroChem and Mr. Akhmetshin of computer espionage in lawsuits filed in federal court in Washington and state court in New York. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/us/rinat-akhmetshin-russia-trump-meeting.html
  15. "The Thai Government's spokesman, Lt Gen Sansern Kaewkamnerd says that the government has been effective in its management of water in the recent period of harsh weather, with floods not impacting any economic zones and monkey cheek retention areas used to handle excess inundation." (10-Oct-2017) https://reliefweb.int/report/thailand/gov-spokesman-says-water-management-effective Someone wasn't being truthful?