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  1. Extinction Event: Dinosaur Planet Closing Down

    So Government House will have no real competition.
  2. Did Prawit win best dressed with an expensive watch on loan?
  3. You mean like now? While Prayut may resign from his PM position to run for PM (and what's to say he has toresign while he runs for election?), he remains Chief of the NCPO until a new government is installed, ie., appointment of the PM. If there is some stalemate in electing a PM, could Prayut as NCPO Chief declare a national crisis and assume the reins of the PM himself under Article 44 - as an interim solution of course?
  4. Wouldn't it be considered legitimate according to the constitution that was endorsed by a majority Thai voters? And if failing that, might the Constitutional Court step in to resolve the impasse by appointing a PM?
  5. A different White House position: Donald Trump Jr. “liked” a pair of tweets attacking a teen survivor of the mass school shooting in Florida that left 17 people dead — including one that suggests the boy was a fabrication of the “mainstream media.” https://nypost.com/2018/02/20/trump-jr-likes-tweets-attacking-florida-massacre-survivor/
  6. More questionable policies by junta appointees. http://englishnews.thaipbs.or.th/bangkok-governor-sukhumband-sacked-asawin-kwanmuang-appointed-new-governor/
  7. To have further updates means there is an alternative power-generating plan. Probably developed after the original EHIA but never published.
  8. Because we've been in power 3-4 years now and still have no idea.
  9. Bad news for the people of Thailand - no matter the political party. But there may be a respite his for former mates. http://www.chiangraitimes.com/suthep-thaugsuban-seeks-refuge-in-monkhood.html
  10. Trump has done more than Obama on Russia https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2018/02/20/sarah-sanders-trump-done-more-on-russia-than-obama-sot.cnn LOL
  11. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    It's a deep secret. Thailand is never really out of control. (Could substitute "Deep" with "Autocracy" or "Oligarchy" - makes little difference)
  12. Being nothing new does not mean it was ever fair or rational in support of a democratic electoral process. CDC argued it was required to prevent vote buying - how do you defend that? You say it "should have no influence" as a conditional supposition - not a proven fact. Let's say for the sake of argument that indeed it will have no influence. Then what's the harm to amend the law - the ban is unnecessary. There is only an upside to amend the ban as more people will likely be attracted to hear election campaigns. But maybe encouraging a high voter turnout might not favor a minority party, especially a pro-military party. The Thai general election of 1976 was the last time there was no such ban. Democrats won the election - was that wrong in some way without the ban? How many coupes since then? There were allegations that there was vote buying in the 2012 election that lead to Yingluck's PTP to power. Did the ban play any beneficial role to prevent some vote buying or was it either ineffective or non consequential! Almost six years now with no elections and suddenly this ban is somehow critical to fair and open elections? Being supported by junta-appointed people makes its continuation at least suspicious by its timing. Things have changed since 1976 and not for the better with regards for the Thai electorate. The two major political parties currently oppose continued military rule, regardless if as a junta or as a disguised military political party. New laws and the MMA electoral system already impact large political parties. The military now has unfettered access to government resources to promote itself regardless of any transparency, accountability and laws.
  13. I agree if the cash came from division budget intended for such rewards and no one is left out. But if the funds come from an unaccountable slush fund, ie., feed by covert disposition of asset seizures (whether legal or not), illegal kickbacks or bribes, and/or division budget allocated to other purposes and/or personal funds, then I would disagree. It might have been more neutral to use the cumulative 30,000 baht to pay for a year-end celebration wherein no person gets a financial benefit. Then there's no perception of corruption.
  14. Useless without revoking Article 265 of the 2017 Constitution that allows the junta to use its absolute powers to supersede and/or rewrite rules, regulations, laws and even the constitution. Democracy in Thailand was aborted even before its birth.