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  1. I have Mitsu MrSlim Electric (bit noisy) run 8 to10 hours per day and only one time fix in 5 years at 600 Baht Perhaps Next one will be Samsung Wind Free
  2. Looking for a place in Chiang Mai or BKK to purchase Quality Lenses at reasonable price I would appreciate serious replies. Thanks
  3. Would you please let me know where to get machine for 1800 baht? Thanks
  4. So far i have one quote; 4 inch pipe @ 1,200 per meter and 5 inch pipe @ 1,800 per meter . ... Mae Hia, Chiang Mai
  5. Any luck? I am also looking
  6. Looking for mold resistant construction products. Can someone suggest quality products. Thanks
  7. small house gecko= จิ้งจก= jigjok https://g.co/kgs/ztVEWB Scientific name: Hemidactylus Any serious sugetions how to get rid of them Would be Appreciated
  8. Just look around how many farangs built the house in the village/area and ask where is he now., If you have money to burn, donate to orphanage in Thailand No One will be laughing at You
  9. Usufruct contract in Thailand and a good lawyer is good protection for life, As long as You Live FarFarAway from her family and her village.
  10. in my case, we both have cars so there is not an issue b.t.w, when we eat out and drink, she is designated driver
  11. Looking to sell (Not in a Rush) Gold & Silver coins collection and still do not have a qlue where get best price
  12. Looking for an Ophthalmologist in BKK or CM Thanks
  13. Hi I am looking for a contractor\builder in Chiang Mai Thanks for help
  14. Dumped her after third Please Read responses before posting
  15. Loser would not purchase new car in own name and loser would build a new house secured by a Usufruct