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  1. well maybe not too low key anymore as there are too many of them ganging up
  2. yeah.back in 2010 or so, there were only a handful on WS. The police probably left them alone as they didn't pose danger to competition and having a garden variety of "flowers" was ok. But the word got around fast in Africa how these "tourist" hookers were making $100+ a night without a need of a pimp and with total impunity. And by 2016, I could count at least 50 if not more of them any given night which probably didn't sit well with BIB and the mafiosos running their show on Walking street. Actually I have to admit these ladies are pretty low-key and don't cause any trouble even though they are not on top of my menu as I am not into XL size :)
  3. why would any talking be necessary to reach my conclusion?..besides it is probably the same way how you came up with
  4. it all depends how much money you invested in the failed project. 1M-5M or more? a bit?how much is a bit? if that "overpriced" value is more than what you already invested, I'd walk away with my loss, buy a bottle of scotch and see who's gonna finish who first, the bottle or you :)...and then move on. you still trust those vultures? they already dry-cleaned you once!
  5. I know of one project 100% finished(can't name it here) and some (I think 10% of) investors have moved in by paying off 100% but the project has title issues and no one has a title yet as developer can't seem to obtain the title for a long time now. The rest of the owners are reluctant to pay-and-move-in if there is no title. its a stalemate for now but there is a bad smell and stinks to high heaven. Interiors are horribly low quality finished by the way, not even remotely close to showroom units.Walls out of plumb and doors coming off the hinges etc.
  6. or the banks do lend, would lend, could lend but also require solid collateral . Most farang developers(here I'm talking about honest, straight-shooter developers) do not own collateral in Thailand so that tosses that possibility out of the window. And smart developer would not pay for anything out of pocket anyway since there are so many pu$$y whipped drooling farangs ready to invest in a pie in the sky. That is exactly why they have their flashy kiosks run by russian models in malls collecting massive amounts of down payments almost two years before even any worker lays a hand on a construction tool.(again, I am still talking about honest developers) it's sad. it's pretty exciting for some, to own their own condo and call it "home". Some older expats are quite vulnerable because they don't even have a house back home to go back to. And they fall in the net like a sardine. Most constructions normally do get completed, have already completed however! But there are some which don't for various reasons, mostly illegal practices.
  7. this $hit happens or happening now(more than ever) all over the world. it's just there are too many of us everywhere! Cities are too overcrowded and everybody is on top of one another. not enough resources or jobs to go around. Stray dogs are everywhere,running hungry, desperate and willing to resort to capital crime even! this is the point where societies "crack" and morality or religion means jack. next generation of criminals will be even tougher and I feel sorry for the newly born babies who will make up the next generation of victims
  8. initially the "vultures" left no traceable amount of flesh on "victims".It's now up to the "dogs" to finish off their leftover bones! After all, it's all organic matter and all edible for some!
  9. hats off! couldnt have said better myself.
  10. Pats could be unlivable in 10 years for most westerners if it isn't already! It's degrading fast and furious IMO! I reckon some of us need to start looking for another city or even another country (in my case) and a new culture! Asiantravel has a point on his 10-year predictions on "affordability". I will add "lack of interest " on top of that. In 10 years not too many people will be interested in "inwasting" $300K-600k on a condo(decent size& decent area) in a degraded city if the decision-makers don't do something about it very soon. I mean real soon! 10 years? Sewer popping everywhere now and flowing into the sea.Infrastructure is in shambles. The sea water turns "turquoise" quite more often than before and you know what that means. Traffic will even get worse than how horrible it is now. Unfortunately I am also a condo owner. I hope the ones in charge read all these or someone mentions to them and they do something about it soon.
  11. I thought this whole topic was about how "the mafia is trying to control Uber" . Four taxi drivers face detention charge for their seizure of Uber car in Pattaya
  12. I would flatten all the fat&ugly rhino bars and Indian tailor joints on the right side of beach rd right before the Walking street entrance to have a nice and beautiful radius! I have no idea who the hell wears these shiny ,cheap, odd-colored shirts in the scorching Pattaya sun anyway but that's a whole another topic!
  13. Chaos will never end. Overhead wire mess, Substructure, infrastructure, sewer problems and the chaos they will create will be TVF topics the next 20 years.
  14. you just gave me an excellent idea!..Pattaya should get rid of all the coconut tress along the Beach rd., the "state-of-art" marina and the lighthouse