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  1. Location-wise it can be seen from almost anywhere in town and this structure will become a beacon of pride for each individual who contributed on this boulevard of now-broken dreams and a constant reminder to those who participated in the looting of their dreams. They can run and hide, twist the truth, make false statements and drag this case in the courts for the next 20 years or whatever. I don't care.The truth is one.there is no other. The officials are as guilty as the developer and developer is as guilty as the officials.PERIOD! That building wasn't built overnight. It's a "process" and a very complicated and an "involved" one! Whatever took place behind closed doors or out in open, no one will probably ever know! that's up to the courts to find out and decide on and I trust the system and honorable judges. This will be my final post on this topic.I think its as exhausted as I am after 33 months
  2. New York has its land-mark called The Statue of Liberty and its in every tourist's snapshot Paris has its land-mark called The Eiffel tower and its in every tourist's snapshot Rome has its land-mark called The Pizza tower and its in every tourist's snapshot Pattaya has its "Shame"-mark called The Waterfront and it is and will be in every tourist's snapshot The pride of Pattaya
  3. i believe office was closed because of some angry buyers demanding answers the following day but it would eventually have been closed anyway give or take a few days. I believe many involved in this project who didn't even move a finger won big, some will break even or at least won't lose.....except the buyers who not only lost big, they will continue writings checks to bulldog lawyers for the next a few years!
  4. by the way, according to sources, the hearing on April 24th has been postponed to July 17
  5. you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. That area would have been so nicely improved by this project or maybe half the size of this project, but the City Hall "wants to burn the entire bed for a bed bug" As if the rest of the city is perfect and organized! The lion asks the camel" why is your neck all bent and twisted? The camel replies" What part of me isn't!"
  6. can you run that by me one more time
  7. the office has already been closed for some time now for "security concerns" and buyers were informed according to a previous post. encroached office? I don't think that makes much difference at this point. That's like having a minor headache while fighting an advanced cancer
  8. hard to tell the difference in dark on beach rd
  9. Pattaya City hall will eliminate a fast moving 3" rodent that lives underground with a 166 million years of evolution under its belt?? Wait!...Is this the same group that didn't even notice a 50-floor skyscraper until it was topped off???
  10. that's a whopping 70 less rats above ground out of 1000's below not to mention a female rat can mate as many as 500 times with various males during a 6 hour period of receptivity—a state she experiences about 15 times per year, thus a pair can produce as many as 2,000 descendants in 1 year if left to breed unchecked. uhmmm...wait..let me do the math..hold on!
  11. Recipe for Crime-covered with Unlawfulness, sprinkled with Lewd acts and topped with Corruption : In a 2 km2 area, mix equal amounts of 1)prostitutes 2)agogo bars 3)ladyboys 4)booze 5)drugs 6)child molesters 7)gays 8)cheap viagra 9)moonlighting 10)massage(sex)parlors Enjoy!
  12. You're doing the right thing tropo. Don't fight it.If you are happy renting , it's all good. Actually renting gives you the flexibility of changing the neighborhood, the city and even the country in case of political instability, change of heart, change of mind etc. During the last several years renting became more attractive and cost effective with the help of various online marketplace and hospitality services that offer short-mid-long term leases of hotel rooms,apartments, houses and even mansions(for those who can afford) and I for one use these services every time I visit South American countries for example. I highly recommend them. Don't buy if you don't have to
  13. i personally would avoid calculating too much after 65 and sort of "turn the tap on for a better flow" providing I have the means to do so. Always try to spend wisely but reminding myself before making big financial decisions that end is getting near . If that means living in a very nice and somewhat expensive condo with a nice view in a city/country where I feel happy, I'd go for it. Without going too much off-topic here, this may even be the right time to do that especially with lower baht and with Russians leaving (and not coming back) because of the fact that RU-Turkish relationship is back to normal once again after the downing of the Russian jet in 2015 and it's a fact that they much rather spend their holidays in south of Turkey with it's proximity to RU, 8-9 months of mild climate,much better accommodations and super cheap package deals.
  14. $1M is basically the limit one should spend on a condo if his total cash in hand is $2M. Some large (400sqm)penthouses have sold for $1M in Pattaya. I do know a few people..i.e. One of them owns 250sqm in Central pattaya condo and a 270sqm in Jomtien and a 150 sqm in Naklua total value exceeds $1.5M.He loves to spend time in every one for a while.It is what it is Btw whether or not I know people buying $1M condo is irrelevant.There are millions of wealthy people in the world and what they do with their wealth is their business However, sticking to the 50% ratio is more important than the example of $2M cash/$1M condo at 65
  15. at 65, it all depends on how much of your wealth you allocate on the purchase of a condo AND whether or not you call that city "home". IMO,If the condo/house is 40-50% of your total cash asset(i.e. $2M), you'll be ok even if it's a bad deal.Pros of owning your own is decorate the way you want, knock down walls and make larger living and sleeping areas. Buying at 65 isn't a good idea if you spend more than 6-7 months away(another country or countries) from that condo and the cost of it is more than 70% of your total cash asset (unless you are multi millionaire and if so, none of the above really matters)