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  1. what's the latest? I think neither citizens of Pattaya nor the "authorities" who "pretend to run" the city want this unfinished concrete ghost to occupy its skylines another 5 -10 years while the case is dragged through the courts and I seriously doubt that either of the two has a vested interest in doing so. So why is this moving at a snail pace!! I wonder if these are the same "authorities" who took 7 years thinking and still haven't come up with a decision on the appropriate sand to use to combat erosion of(and now mostly eroded) Pattaya beach!
  2. It's ironic that this 2billion baht halted project will take even many more years to get resolved one way or another in Thai courts , only construction workers and now a young couple have been able to enjoy that killer view so far! Kudos to them! Some DO go to great lengths to get that kiss. sigh!
  3. ahhh..the soldier who can afford 25 Rolexes! Swell...
  4. Wasn't prostitution (also for Thais) illegal in the first place?
  5. well, you can arrange them by their height and skin color for example...you can even throw a few ladyboys in, and viola! you got a group of "prostitute arrangement"!
  6. Uhmmm...another restaurant? No no no!..what am I thinking! A "Baby Waterfront" condo would be more appropriate. Of course the size will depend on the size of the "envelope".
  7. Yeah right! get tough as you had the last 30 years! there are 101 illegal establishments on Walking and you had to start with the cutest, the least bothersome and the most out-of-sight one there is.. Ahh I forgot! of course!...the others are too busy bustling with thousands of patrons visiting daily , will destroy the tourism(income) and owned by untouchable politicians or less-than-friendly mob! So which one goes down next? the little resto by the lighthouse? LOL If you wanna do Pattaya a favor, just remove the trash around the city first!! And while you're at it, clean the rubble from the Bali Hai marina as all you are expert at is in creating rubble, not cleaning one...
  8. I'm sure they will leave it "as-is" just so it nicely blends in with the rest of the marina rubble in the background
  9. I doubt anything that is said or posted here makes a difference or puts a dent on the process. and I doubt that there is much left, if any that was unsaid or not covered on this complex project and its secrets since there is no public announcement made by the City Hall or no honest revelations by the builder. I believe we all are barking at the moon. I 'd like to share a few final thoughts before I sign off. there are just way too many unknowns, to many unanswered questions to make sense of it all. I didn't get answers to half of my questions even from the ones who were supposed to know a little more than the rest as they simply don't know the truth or are afraid of libel laws. The law firms that charge hundreds of thousands to file claims know even less than their clients or don't reveal much what they know for unknown reasons as It's not very unusual to secretly represent both sides(!) I suspect this project and all the evidence will slowly be sucked into a dark hole just for the protection of a few, while many profited and while many lost, no one will know the truth at the end! In a perfect world, there shouldn't be wars, politicians should serve for their people and their country, not for bribes, the police should protect and serve you instead of planting evidence on you, judges should be unbiased and not politicized, governments should be transparent and not secretive but unfortunately this world is just too far from perfect. And neither was this process!... from the beginning to the bitter end...
  10. not likely..I think these below will make more sense for celebrations...
  11. Around mid 2017, Bali Hai claimed that they submitted to the City Hall a proposal to tear down 5 floors to rectify the 5100 sqm overbuild area. got a simple Yes or No question in 2 parts. part1)What was the City Hall's reply to Bali Hai's proposal to tear down 5 floors for the 5100 sqm overbuild?If answer is other than Yes or No, what was it? part2)Has this proposal even been submitted to the City Hall by Bali Hai ever?If Yes, is it true that the City Hall DID NOT reply or simply ignored? Thanks
  12. next time I will ask your permission(!) to post on this thread
  13. fact: there is an elephant in the room. this has to be resolved so nothing breaks. otherwise both the elephant and the home will be damaged.