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  1. the question is....why do Thais(in general) get so extremely angry when there is a disagreement? Why is this low or sometimes no tolerance? Where is this anger getting its fuel? I don't normally see this kind of anger anywhere else in the world and I been to 50 major countries
  2. it doesn't matter..fat or/and Aussi. what they have done may be despicable to some and may or may not be against the law. But mentioning their nationality on a news headline may put the paper in trouble. I don't know.Not a lawyer
  3. what a condescending and discriminating headline in plural! I am not an Aussie but whose business is it where they are from and if they are fat? if there is news, just report that without such headline and if there is a crime, let courts decide! until then no one is guilty, only suspects except Carpenter who apparently had a warrant. maybe a lawyer member can shed a light on this.
  4. and the men who don't care who puts it out
  5. Just pay a visit to Mr Carpenter in jail and explain him how you missed that once in a lifetime booze cruise and remind him to count you in for the next cruise once he gets out in 10 years and then politely ask him if he could arrange to send you a copy of the original footage. He won't mind at all!
  6. I always wanna be the first to post the following but others are always faster than me. I will do it anyway! Another quality tourist...
  7. I am not arguing with you tropo.I agree with you most of the time because your points are valid and make sense. I just had a disagreement on the comparison of the two buildings same in apples and oranges. Bkk building and Bali Hai building have similarities but not exactly same. That's all. peace brother.
  8. the billboard ad companies in Thailand have an interesting way of advertising products but whole a lot of sense of humor, let me tellya!
  9. great story behind the N.Korean tower! kudos
  10. i always used mbike to avoid being attacked by stray dogs when the area was infested with parked and rotting mafia boats
  11. used to be my fav hangout during sunset. actually you couldnt see the "Pearl Harbor " unless you get up and turn around. Perfect isolation away from the mayhem and disorder
  12. that cute restaurant/cafe next to the lighthouse gone too. perfect sunset there!
  13. just because you don't know doesn't make digbeth's claim wrong. If true, it arguably proves that some unfinished projects can be restarted even after 20 years of abandonment. seemingly true. false. there is no proof Bkk building was more complete. Bali Hai building AKA Waterfront had about 40 percent of window frames installed when halted whereas the Bkk one doesn't seem to have any. Furthermore, it will be a mistake to compare the two as the one in Bangkok has been abandoned a lot longer than the one in Pattaya.
  14. I think they should implode it and just walk away from the rubble so it blends in the rest of the chaos. Now with the hotel being demolished next to it and the entire marina in shambles, this is one heck of a mess all the way to the lighthouse! In fact, after this implosion, the whole area definitely will resemble the Pearl Harbor after the Japanese air strike.
  15. the Thai courts will decide if this project is "right" or "wrong"(without getting into fancy words or opening can of worms) .Period. End of story. they will further decide whether it should be saved, partially(i.e.5-10 floors) or fully demolished(50 floors). Whether I "want this thing built" or demolished ,you want it destroyed has no effect on the outcome. BUT! If the courts decide on "full demolition", guess who will foot the bill? (sound of crickets) People! The project owners are already in bankruptcy and will be long gone once that decision is rendered by the judge. The land has barely enough value to pay debtors and its legitimacy is also questionable anyway. The government can't even clean the junk from the marina area for the last several years for not having enough budget. period! Do you think they can come up with a budget 100 times of the marina clean-up for this Waterfront demolition? Are you then, as a Pattaya resident, willing to foot the bill along with the Thai citizens while wearing your "demolish waterfront" jersey? (sound of crickets)