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  1. find the tallest tree and hang'em high! good lord!!!
  2. believing in something is part of lowering the risk, a percentage of prevention, enables you to build enough will power to stick to a certain lifestyle to keep certain illnesses off. "I believe" doesn't necessarily mean I know of a cure or a method. It's not a mystery that we all gonna die of something eventually because our immune system will give up at some point. My fight is to push that "point" as far as I can. If you perception on "becoming a vegetarian, giving up alcohol, and attaining a body mass index of less than 20" is living like a monk , it's your choice, your opinion and I respect it.
  3. you don't have to read or react to it..u must really be bored!
  4. I believe in family genes but I also believe cancer is preventable. it starts with believing and then doing all you can to prevent it, fight it all your life like you work 8 hours a day for 50+ years to make a living. Life isn't easy.
  5. I don't even believe cancer is a hereditary disease. We all carry the cancerous cells but they are like sleeper cells, dormant until activated. Only your diet can activate them so control it. Get the 3 whites(salt,flour,sugar) out of your life after a certain age. it may be tough in the beginning like quitting cigs but after a while, your body gets used to the less sweet and less salty tastes and automatically rejects the bad and accepts the good. Now that you have created almost 3 hours of free and healthy time a day by not smoking a pack and less body weight by eating a seafood salad instead of a pepperoni pizza , you can invest this on walking or kayaking or riding a bicycle for a couple of hours in the afternoon when it's not too hot. Now that you have become also an active person, you deserve a small glass of wine or two at night with your light dinner and your sweetheart by your side,you will feel that tingle down below, and you know it's time for a little action. I bet you will sleep better and longer than before and won't wake up with a stiff body, aches and pains all over associated with getting older. Try it.
  6. The slow realization of approaching the end of life, as it's unavoidable, is the core reason of many of the physiological (like anger, lack of interest in sex and unhappiness) and subsequently physical issues(ED, insomnia, fatigue etc) one faces at older ages. The key word being "unavoidable" above, all you can do is how you protect yourself from letting it get the best of you. I can suggest to eat right, stop smoking and lower or stop drinking and start spending part of your savings towards the things and people you love, keep yourself busy with stuff you like to do and exercise regularly to sleep like a baby. Your insomnia, libido,health and happiness levels will improve dramatically with all the positive things you newly introduced yourself to and by lowering your expectations a notch, anger will subside as well. i.e. You don't have to get there exactly at 3pm and even if you miss that flight, it's only money and you have that covered. Turn that "traffic like a parking lot" into a concert hall by tuning in the station of your choice and sing along or even connect to your favorite talk radio of your country of origin (KFI 640 Los Angeles in my case) by a simple smart phone/data/a $10 Bluetooth speaker combination and laugh it off You're only getting better, not getting old! Cheers!
  7. are you suggesting Pattaya or any other city in Thailand and their political system for that matter is a so lawless, so unpredictable, so unreliable and so untrustworthy that a project previously approved like this one or any other can be stopped 3 years later, in a state almost near completion by the government in charge then? Really!
  8. I have no further questions if a City Hall could and would stop a construction because they "got emotional and were very much moved" by a mere 50 tree-huggers picketing outside. Furthermore, I guess when the authorities, likely a team of construction engineers and architects who stamped to approve that Waterfront blueprint after months of complex calculations and evaluations, they must have forgotten to multiply the "50 floorsX 3m.= 150 meters"(that's the height of a small mountain) Now try to put these two together. I always wondered why there were so many and long-lasting military coups in Thailand's history. Probably the only country in the world with so many in relatively so little time. I got my answer now, If you now what I mean!
  9. yes but this isn't a wooden doll house being built..its a full blown skyscraper for god's sake . On what part of the due diligence did they miscalculate that lead them to decide to chisel in a few extra condos to make up for their loss..LOL
  10. Buying a condo : Pattaya Waterfront

    some posters here need to be awakened by hitting them on the head with heavy construction equipment
  11. There are serious non-compliancy issues with the project. I am not too sure if anyone really knows the details of what exactly they are other than the project owners, their lawyers , Pattaya City Hall and some "unknown characters"... What's been made public so far is: An overbuilt area of 5000sqm and inadequate parking spots for the total area. There is a disagreement between developers and the City Hall on the resolution of these two main issues. Developers proposed a "5-floor reduction" (chop job) for the overbuilt area and a hydraulic parking for the parking issue and these remedies were apparently rejected by the City Hall. Meanwhile owners of the project filed "rehabilitation", a form of bankruptcy which allows them to regroup and come up with a plan (approved by the court) to save the project and complete it while legally keeping creditors away until completion. This is all we(at least I) know so far from what I been reading on these forums. I am sure there is "more" to this story and we will probably never find out what that "more" is. Otherwise, I can guarantee that these two issues would be resolved during the past 3 years and unit owners would be sipping their fuzzy drinks by the poolside right now. I seriously doubt the developers would risk the whole project by not giving up a few more floors on top of the five, to resolve the main issue of the overbuilt area, end this torture and get on with their lives! But this isn't just it! At least I don't think it is... If nobody goes to jail at the end of this, all I will say is, "Liberty in exchange of giving up your project" kind of deal was made. Any other explanation would be similar to insulting my intelligence.
  12. bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    any chance you might still be drunk?
  13. I honestly don't give a damn if a bullet train happens or not. My beef is with the faulty and inaccurate reporting that throws me off. As far as the bullet train, even if it was approved yesterday, a middle aged man in his 40s wouldn't live long enough to ride the damn thing and I'm not gonna get into the details on why not as it's pretty obvious. Hell, they can't even protect their tiny 2km beach from eroding because their left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing.
  14. Yes and from all parties involved in the process. First,the City hall and/or EIA employees or whoever was involved in approvals,issuing permits,accepting brown envelopes,faulty, inadequate and look-away inspections. Secondly, the company hired by the owner of the project which got involved in the plans, obtaining permits, offering brown envelopes AND owners of this project are guilty IMO.
  15. Do you really believe yourself in the numbers you report ? There are penthouses in Bangkok cost 1/3 of that and there are many houses in many cities sold for that 3 times of that! Guess how many zeros missing in your report!