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  1. Pats could be unlivable in 10 years for most westerners if it isn't already! It's degrading fast and furious IMO! I reckon some of us need to start looking for another city or even another country (in my case) and a new culture! Asiantravel has a point on his 10-year predictions on "affordability". I will add "lack of interest " on top of that. In 10 years not too many people will be interested in "inwasting" $300K-600k on a condo(decent size& decent area) in a degraded city if the decision-makers don't do something about it very soon. I mean real soon! 10 years? Sewer popping everywhere now and flowing into the sea.Infrastructure is in shambles. The sea water turns "turquoise" quite more often than before and you know what that means. Traffic will even get worse than how horrible it is now. Unfortunately I am also a condo owner. I hope the ones in charge read all these or someone mentions to them and they do something about it soon.
  2. I thought this whole topic was about how "the mafia is trying to control Uber" . Four taxi drivers face detention charge for their seizure of Uber car in Pattaya
  3. I would flatten all the fat&ugly rhino bars and Indian tailor joints on the right side of beach rd right before the Walking street entrance to have a nice and beautiful radius! I have no idea who the hell wears these shiny ,cheap, odd-colored shirts in the scorching Pattaya sun anyway but that's a whole another topic!
  4. Chaos will never end. Overhead wire mess, Substructure, infrastructure, sewer problems and the chaos they will create will be TVF topics the next 20 years.
  5. you just gave me an excellent idea!..Pattaya should get rid of all the coconut tress along the Beach rd., the "state-of-art" marina and the lighthouse
  6. errm May 31st? geeez! they can't even make an April fools day joke on time!
  7. I can imagine news on TVF how 20 mafia taxis and baht-buses boxed-in the tram on its tracks!
  8. this is just like the war in Syria,multi-sided armed conflict where each side is fighting to gain partial or total control of land and resources.. Here you have, baht bus and blue&yellow taxi as government forces, and Grabcar, Grabtaxi, Uber are the rebel groups fighting a proxy war LOL
  9. Their sacrifice and subsequent defeat only helped Turks to kill 1.5 million more Christian Armenians in Turkey. R.I.P Aussies,Kiwis and all the brave!
  10. of course Thailand(customs) is not gonna ban(refuse entry) anyone upon entering LOS for being fat,bad and ugly but the suggestion by the op is humorous, at best. "banning" or rejecting those can only be done by the women they hit on but no man can understand why women do what they do. Obviously no man can understand poverty unless they came out of it or currently in it.
  11. i think there is a little exaggeration here.2-3 times a week, I step out of the Central mall(Beach&9) and walk over to taxis and make it short with confidence: "Bali Hai Pier!" They normally would ask 300b if you look too touristy but in my experience, as soon as they detect the confidence, they say "200b!" This is a touristic city and prices a little higher than normal (just like any touristic scam city in the rest of the world) should be expected. By the way, someone who decides to take a taxi instead of 10b baht bus CAN afford extra 50-100b and no waiting for a uber or grab to show up when you are standing there with bunch of shopping bags in hot and humid 35 degree hell-on-earth.
  12. but according to some posters, sometimes this "undercover taxi mafia" somehow shows up or calls you back when you make a request. Uber is just an app and any vehicle owner can sign up. I can imagine how a group of taxi drivers agreed to control prices and the zone and reply to requests before any Uber car does.Spooky!
  13. how would you know that Einstein? or does it look that way behind the keyboard??