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  1. Whose name was withheld. Why is this? Connected with someone in the hi-so medical Establishment?
  2. Have you heard this one?

    Wait! She will ask you for money..... As a friend.
  3. Calm and order. In other words Boring!
  4. Answer: You should! (be embarrassed)
  5. However, alcohol and especially tobacco actually have inelastic demand attributes. Net tax revenue will increase.
  6. Rather oblivious to the genuine risks on the roads. Keeping to side? Better watch for head-on wrong side idiot motorcycles!
  7. Keep in mind the largest chicken farming and poultry processing plants in Thailand are owned by Cargill, a giant USA agribusiness company.
  8. Man killed in brawl over 'smelly' noodles

    With a population of 70,000,000, there's bound to be a few thousand wackos running around. And we're hearing about a few hundred a year perhaps. Mental illness knows no nationality nor culture necessarily.
  9. Poor girl, hope fully recovers. Nevertheless I'm sure there are hundreds or thousands of similar incidents that don't make the news. What's up with this special case?
  10. Not allowed to drive, along with the thousands of 10 year old's on motorbikes.
  11. Pranksters slip KKK hoods, pee-resistant sheets into Trump Tower gift shop

    Trump is an idiot and you know it. Do many of his words and actions are indefensible. He's the man-child! So why are you indirectly supporting him by calling down the opposition?
  12. Buddhists have no god. And if he had grace, we would not have h.Harvey killing people nor evils of war. Grace of god, nope.
  13. 'Boss' outruns another charge

    Indeed. I'm sure he's partying it up at the clubs nightly in whatever country he's in.... And likely still driving a Ferrari. With that kind of money, he could bribe and entire small country!