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  1. Sure. Couldn't possibly setup flares or traffic cones. Blame the trucking company for poor safety procedures. What am I saying! There are no safety procedures....
  2. Ummm....What Thai democracy? With constant and repeated coups and a new Constitution every time, is this a democratic country?
  3. According to WHO, Thailand has over 90,000 new cases of TB each year. People in all walks of life and many don't know where or from whom they caught it.
  4. Nott, aka Jerk, acted like a jerk. Pay up buddy!
  5. Blah... Blah... Blah. More talk. Where's the enforcement, of any speed laws?
  6. Happiness? B's parameter for judging a nation. Are the majority of citizens better off, socio-ecomically. That's the real question.
  7. Ummm...what does that imply about the USA? And can't say Thailand gets politicians they deserve when military forcibly takes power away from the politicians every decade!
  8. Well put. In short, Trump's simply an egotistical a$s.
  9. Pot. Kettle. Black. Trump's a genuine hypocrite. Nuff said.
  10. Way to go Trumpy! F.the poor! You're such a fine specimen of decent human being. Such a caring individual. You will be sainted (in hell).
  11. Not wanting to ruffle the Elite feathers of RTP. PM is a hypocritical coward accordingly.
  12. Kobkarn same as Trump. Say anything that people might or want to believe. Utter b's.
  13. Excellent! So many good deeds never get deserved media attention.
  14. 9 Insurance companies and their policies look to deny payouts at all costs. You think you're covered, then small print loopholes denies your claim. F. A. Holes.