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  1. ThaiWai

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    Yeah I am sure you are right in your assumption that the Thai "Seals" rank among the worlds best. He died diving. It's official. I never said he was a "Seal" either just that expert foreign cave divers are being pushed aside at the site based of first hand knowledge (you know, the stuff you don't have right now but for some reason are challenging).
  2. ThaiWai

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    Haha funny guy. You don't know what I know or have seen so go back to your world of ignorance. Thai "Seals" hahaha gimme a break!!
  3. Seems more than generic but I suppose less than urgent. I wouldn't have gone out personally. https://www.thephuketnews.com/phuket-emergency-services-ordered-ready-amid-storm-warning-67751.php#E0WisLrh7HgEswjT.99
  4. ThaiWai

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    He's right though. Reports from foreign experts at the site point to Thais not wanting to lose credit in the effort. Foreign experts have literally been sitting around eating waiting for the go ahead only to see Thai, ahem, "Navy Seals" go in and in this case, die (as I predicted). Ego unfortunately prevails at sites such as these as I have experienced first hand.
  5. ThaiWai

    Rescue Diver Killed In Tham Luang Cave Complex

    Are you talking about a hookah rig or are you just making things up as you go?
  6. Do the direct deposit to the credit union not BKK. Only send to BKK when you need to.
  7. I get along with all kinds of people who don't believe in mythology as a way of life. If that means there are billions of people on earth who don't like my opinion because they have an inferior intellect that's not a problem for me. You on the other hand respect everyone who has different beliefs than you, like ISIS right? They have different beliefs and in a world you live in where anybody can be right based on their imagination you can't say their beliefs are wrong. And it's strange how you want me to respect everyone else's beliefs but you don't respect mine. You can't post phrases in all caps is the rule you violated which by the way means shouting which means I already won this debate.
  8. Which law? 2017 was 7 months ago. A single METV is valid longer than that. I agree there are guys who push it to extreme limits and invite scrutiny but would not say this guy is one of them. Sounds like he just got an unjustified ball breaking from a couple or hardons.
  9. ThaiWai

    Diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning Phuket

    Agreed for same reasons. I went to a new Indian restaurant last week with a simple but full menu. The owner told me she had plans for a massive menu. I told her that's when I would stop coming.
  10. ThaiWai

    Diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning Phuket

    I very rarely eat at restaurants in low season unless I see the fish swimming in the tanks for exactly this reason. Slow season equals less customers equals old food equals sickness.
  11. Does it have voicemail?
  12. ThaiWai


    How did you get the Non B? My Non B app needed proof I had submitted my WP application and it was approved pending issuance of the non B.
  13. Theads go where they may without your approval. You are a victim of your own critique.
  14. Your post not only violates TV rules but your own advise as well. The hypocrisy is awesome. Reported.