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  1. 66 foreigners arrested in nationwide crackdown

    And you came back???
  2. I'd be more curious how a dead person could shove a gun under his armpit.
  3. Bank Book machine magnetic error EVERY time!

    I always get an error also and have to go inside. I rarely do it so no biggie.
  4. Dilemma over a Thai ladies behaviour.

    I paid a family members to act with power of attorney to handle a home sale for me. Turned out to be 6 months of stress for them. I was on the beach relaxing.
  5. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    He was expecting and ego boost and she was expecting to be paid. This was tough for you?
  6. Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    How is it that my tax dollars going to pay for Syrian refugees military action and relief efforts does not effect me?
  7. Slightly off topic but have you considered a career in rocket science?
  8. Ants on the floor

    Seriously? Asked and answered thousands of times. Borax borax borax make a GD note of it already.
  9. BKK entry refusal

    Now that's a load of BS. Japanese won't even sit near a foreigner on the metro. You will have empty seats on both sides even on a full train they are so freakishly uncomfortable around us.
  10. How to keep the beach clean?

    Labor is cheap here. It would cost peanuts to hire staff and assign them to every popular beach with the equipment to keep them clean. A pickup vehicle should be assigned to make rubbish pickups nightly as well will availability for extra runs if called in by the beach labor crew. There is absolutely zero excuse for a country that makes billions from its beaches to neglect them. Enforcement of the no littering law will have little impact ultimately.
  11. I tried several topical solutions that never worked. I switched to a rotary tool and made quick work of it and rerouted. Looked fantastic. If at all possible avoid using white grout.
  12. Most of the orphanages have lists of items they need on their web or Facebook pages. Some people feel better donating goods than cash which is understandable. You could quietly advertise and collect goods from donors in your area and deliver them personally. I have seen posts for this in my area.
  13. Yeah they lost more and more clothes as the day went on. The girls are both smoking too and to be fair I expect them to get attention from young horny guys I just don't appreciate the violent nature of it.
  14. True. I stay on the sidelines but kept an eye on the wife and her friend splashing about. Suddenly four grown men started violently whipping buckets of water at the girls with intense power sometimes deliberately trying to hit the girls in the face and eyes. You could hear the water slapping the girls who weigh a combined total of about 90 kilos. Luckily the girls tired of that quickly and wanted to leave. Why anyone would act like this or consider it fun is beyond me. Seemed like a lot of pent up aggression.