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  1. Tarteso

    The Koh Chang Experience

    I was living in the Island long time ago...lovely and quiet place, but last year spent two week with family in high season and china just conquered this place.. whatever, I will come back.
  2. Really? After winning a trial, the judge changues her decision? How is it possible? Can’t believe it!
  3. Ratchaphon suggested the following: 1. Read everything. 2. Make sure you understandeverything - I couldn’t read any word if all is written in Thai language!.
  4. The evil: Di Caprio. Evil women Atkins; Zoe Bell (New Zealand) Krenwinkel; Isabelle Fuhrman (USA) Kasabian; Jennifer Lawrence? Also in the movie... Samuel L. Jackson, James Franco, Tim Roth, James Parks, Esai Morales, Paul Dano,