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  1. Tarteso

    The boys in the cave: a review for TVF members

    Nothing writen in the book about Elon’s submarine?
  2. Ah!!! she was the PRETTY, SHORT HAIRED” woman! I remember a old post about this case. Ugly like a sh*** ! http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30352966
  3. My simpathy for this guy. Not exactly are dangerous those mini vans... but Theirs drivers, bikers, truckers, bus drivers...
  4. Not only fish... First of all, Authorities, must explain to the farmers what is the meaning of the word antibiotic.
  5. Tarteso

    Word Association

    Trio + Trio = Sexteto Habanero
  6. A Tesla new model coming soon named “CAVECAR”