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  1. I don't see why not, I'm happy to believe you are male and come from Bristol. There are very few posters on this forum who aren't living with a local, why would you think different?
  2. My 19yo daughter was stopped at a police road block on the way to Chiang Mai University this week. The policeman asked for her phone number and said he'd like to set her up in an apartment and pay all her fees and expenses. It's just the way Thailand is, no need to get upset. At least he didn't give her a fine when she refused him.
  3. I'm not a racist, I'm white, my pal is black and my family is Asian. I'd shag young Jewish or Muslim ladies, given the chance, but their religions won't let them. I also quite like Sharia Law, it's the way forward for the UK and Europe IMHO. PS. Jarrett doesn't look black to me, more like Persian or Asian.
  4. I would have assumed Barr and Jarrett were the same race, both non-white Middle Eastern Semites. And to be fair to Barr, Jarrett does have a bit of a chimp face.
  5. Teacher: Anything you say will be taken down and used in evidence. Student: Knickers!
  6. Most Thais live in one room and have sex while the rest of their family is there. I remember my wedding night in the family hovel, only 1 mattress on the floor, me on one side of the wife, MiL on the other side, and 11 year old daughter on the floor. Wife says, "It's our wedding night, aren't you gonna shag me?" while carrying on a conversation with her mother.
  7. I'm not a racist, I'll walk past sick white, black or brown people. As my wife says ...... If it's not my family, then it's not my business. @coxyhog If you feel faint, sit down. Then you don't have so far to fall.
  8. I take the bus when it's convenient. Flying ain't that good for us old guys either, had a few swollen legs on recent flights, not because of the length of journey, but the cabin pressure. You just can't win.
  9. Nah, 'gfs' often nick foreigner passports to 'punish/blackmail/extort'. They also cut or rip VISA pages out, that's always a laugh when you get to immigration and you didn't notice. The 'naughty' girls all share the same tricks of their trade. This guy is young and believes 'she loved him'. 555.
  10. Why not just try another place, Philippines and Vietnam are good, some like Cambodia. You have the whole of South America in easy reach. What's so special about Thailand? PS Never let 'visitors' see your room safe code.
  11. MaeJoMTB


    Cheapest around 34,000bht, not sure that's a bargain. (LG or Samsung)
  12. The 'Date' in question was 2016 ...... that's a long time ago. Anyway, I always say, "I have 1,000bht in my room, would you like to see it?" In Thai "Mee nung pan baht you nai hawnggggg, ow doo mai?"
  13. America is the white world, and Protestant is their religion/culture. Very few TV posters manage to work their way past those two ideas.
  14. MaeJoMTB

    Foldable Bed Options in Chiang Mai?

    Dude, they're everywhere, shops at Bo Sang and Ban Tawai that sell nothing but. Traditional with triangle headrest, or just a mattress with 2 folds. All the furniture shops near Tesco superhighway (Atsadathon Road) sell Sofa beds from 5Kbht.
  15. 109 bus outside the airport doors, drives through the center of town to September 23rd Park bus station, 20,000dong (about $1), leaves every 20 minutes. Busmap app on your phone, tracks all the buses in HCMC. 1 month internet SIM at the airport 200,000dong ($7) Hotels in HCMC are around 20% cheaper booked through Traveloka (and a discount voucher if you book a flight with VietJet) than they are at the hotel desk.