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  1. There is no right or wrong

    Life is always a failed experiment, doesn't matter where you live. Just a matter of 'how long' before you notice it's failed. (and your ability to endure) PS Do you really think calling someone 'scarred and angry' isn't an ad hominem attack? PPS Happiest person I have ever known drinks himself unconscious every day.
  2. Yes, I agree, essentially the American health insurance ripoff has ruined health care for the rest of the world.
  3. Hypothetical Situation...

    I have no place to move to ............ but rooms for rent in PI can be had from about 5,000peso/month, so no toughy.
  4. Most Thai hospitals charge 50-60bht to see the doctor ........ 800bht/time seems a little high. Blood tests are 100bht (why would you have a blood test for a m/c accident?) X-ray 100bht, ultrasound 250bht. I/V under 10bht/bag I can only price the stuff I was billed. Dunno about the rest.
  5. There is no right or wrong

    Most of us were successful in our working lives, but some were unlucky in the divorce carve up at the end.
  6. I've made my own family, don't need her (pre-existing) useless lot.
  7. No 'ladies' at my funeral, but my wife is hoping to be there.
  8. Are you more 'Sid' or 'Frank'?
  9. That was before feminism, now they're all strong, capable, independent women happy to survive on their own skills. Leave them nothing.
  10. Was out till 2am the last 4 nights, had to go home then because the police came round and shut the bars. Breakfast at 7:30, first beers on the pier at 11am, nap in the heat of the afternoon, and the drinking restarting at sundown. At age 62, the beer was still flowing and the girls were still hopeful.
  11. I didn't have that good a time in my 20s, was too busy working to have a life. My 50s have been the best part of my life, and my 60s are just as good (so far). Would you really want to run in the rat race again? I'm thinking it's a lot harder now than it was when we were young. Sure, I wouldn't want to be old and ill, but I wouldn't object to being dead. (I'm hoping dead will come first)
  12. Between 200bht and 500bht a day in most government hospitals for Thais who 'go private in government'. Not expensive IMHO, but I guess it would vary on the equipment hooked up to you. That's what they charged me for IV/antibiotics/painkillers and constant monitoring by doctor/nurses for 3 days. Came out at 3,500bht, but I did have a private room that accounted for 2,500bht of that bill. Back to OP “Due to the poor condition of the roads in Thailand and the severity of his injuries, " Not sure I agree with that statement, was walking along that road yesterday (clock tower to new bus station), and the road is in a fine condition, 2-3 lanes wide and no pot holes. Probably better than most UK roads at the moment.
  13. There is no right or wrong

    Reads Scott's note on linguistics and deletes post, goes back and reads OP ....... OK so thread is about leaving Thailand. Like the OP, I'm here now, but if I wasn't, I probably wouldn't come. Still here because of all the 'family' I've acquired/invented, but looking around the world, Philippines and Latin America would probably be my first choice as places to start off. Easier VISA and better exchange rates.
  14. There is no right or wrong

    I thought you were black? Or did you give that up when you created your new account?