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  1. I would add: Low taxes. Good choice of condos to rent or buy at a variety of price ranges. If you buy, very low maintenance fees compared to the West. Can walk into Pattaya International or Bangkok Pattaya Hospital without an appointment and usually see a doctor in less than an hour. Lots of shopping from nice malls to street vendors and its all close by. Big international airport less than 2 hours away--and a closer one being improved to handle more flights. Wide variety of restaurant food. Plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, carpenters, artists, seamstresses, furniture makers, and the like all available at reasonable prices. Beautiful ocean, coastline, and island views.
  2. So true regarding BTS. They need more frequent intervals and more railcars on each train--4 or 5 doesn't hack it at all. The public buses are a horror and need a total overhaul with an emphasis on getting the middle class on them, not just the poor. Tolls should be eliminated from the expressways and replaced with a gas tax or car license tax to make up the revenue. There's one ridiculous toll near Chaeng Wattana that backs up traffic for miles to collect--I think--10 baht.
  3. I just spent 4 days in Bangkok. I urge anyone complaining about Pattaya's traffic to try driving around Bangkok for a few days. Compared to Bangkok's traffic, we are spoiled rotten here. However, that doesn't mean Pattaya can't improve its traffic. I would eliminate parking on all the major roads, widen the sidewalks, and plant trees. Improve sois that connect major roads and make some of the private ones public. As Kittenkong says, stiff traffic fines. I would hire a large staff of meter maids to ticket the offenders. Install proper turning lanes and put center barriers on some of the major streets like Thepprasit. Improve street signs. Improve traffic signals with lane sensors.
  4. I think a stand alone villa meeting the accommodation rules would be ok legally. If the villa is part of a housing complex it would need to abide by the villa complex's rules and regulations. Condos used as short-term hotel rooms are definitely illegal.
  5. You don't need to be a lawyer to know that daily rentals of condos are illegal most places, not just Thailand. Many city ordinances prohibit them, as do most condo by-laws. Every condo I owned in America had a strict prohibition written into the condo bylaws restricting rentals to a minimum of 1 year. It's all just common sense; hotels and condos are two completely different things and there needs to be laws governing them--and there are. Greedy people are breaking the law and renting illegally short-term but that doesn't make it right.
  6. Nobody is stopping anyone from renting a condo or a villa and making money. They just need to obey the law and rent for at least a month, not daily or weekly like a hotel. It's anybody's business when the condo or villa next door is being treated like a hotel room. People don't want to live in a hotel with all the hotel problems and issues, they want to live in residences.
  7. Yes! They are doing it illegally! It's against Thai law. I hope ThaiVisa is respecting Thai law and not doing any rentals for less than 30 days. ThaiVisa should be setting n example and respecting the law.
  8. Rents can vary with condo size, view, high or low floor, outside noise, location on the floor, room decoration, length of rental contract, etc. The Base 1 bedrooms are 30sqm and 35sqm. There's a noticeable difference between the 30s and 35s. The 35s have slightly bigger living rooms and the separate kitchen/dining area is about a foot or so longer--you can open the refrigerator door without hitting one of the dining chairs. The balcony is the biggest difference; it's much longer and you can fit both a washing machine and a dining bistro set for 2 with room left over. With the 30s it's a fairly tight squeeze to fit a lounge chair if you add a washer to the balcony. Some renters might opt for a slightly higher rent to get a bigger balcony, better view, etc.. I agree that The Base has a well-thought out room plan with good use of space--even the 30sqm has a separate, completely private bedroom.
  9. Rubbish.
  10. Yes, I agree with Destiny1990. Let's have some specifics. You and Teddog could get together and work on that list of Pattaya condos that will be knocked down after 5 years for poor construction, no maintenance, etc.
  11. Not my experience. I lived at Park Beach for several years and it was a good experience. The complex is big but many of the units are owned by rich Bangkok folk--who rarely came. When they did visit they came as families and were mostly well-behaved. Often saw several generations with grandparents, parents, and kids. Park Beach has condos that go for up to around 12MB so I don't think it's really low class. And, certainly nothing can be considered low class if I am in residence. HA HA. The project was always well-managed and I have been back a number of times and it still looks good. Yes, there are some foreign renters but you are going to have them in any big, nice complex. Being at the south end of Jomtien Beach and fairly far from Pattaya, I think it attracted more foreign couples and families rather than party types. I owned 2 condos at Park Beach and 1 at Seaview, the complex behind Park Beach. Sold all 3 at a profit. The Seaview condo was rented to a nice Thai lady pharmacist--not exactly filthy low-class. Across the hall at our Seaview condo was a condo owned by a very nice Thai lady professor from Bangkok--she used the condo as a getaway place. My partner and I would probably still be living at Park Beach except we decided we wanted to live in city center Pattaya.
  12. Your question shouldn't be what do I know about Unixx. I assume you ask because you might be thinking of buying, to live in or as an investment, or perhaps to rent there. In any case, you should be asking, what do I, Destiny1990, know about Unixx. And, to answer, you need to actually go there yourself and get your own impressions. Look at the project carefully--lobby, elevators, pools, gyms, saunas, sky park, grounds, garage, hallways, laundry room, water machines, Juristic office, staff, Security, condo maintenance fee, and so on. You need to look at the room types that you might be interested in buying or renting and look at all exposures. How is the room plan? How big a sofa can I fit in? Room for a king bed? Some place for a washing machine? Space for a dining table and at least 2 chairs? Where are the cable outlets? Any weird wall jogs for the load-bearing walls? How are the bathrooms? Shower roomy enough? Any bathtub? How's the balcony? Is there a balcony? How's the view? What direction does the room face? Open or blocked view? How many condos on each floor? How far to the elevator and trash room? Is there a café on site? Mini-mart on site or nearby? How's public transportation--close by or far away? When I walk out and go through the front gate of the condo what do I see? What's nearby within short walking distance? Longer walk? All these things and more should be checked--and checked with your needs in mind. Even if I am buying a condo just to rent out, I never buy anything that I wouldn't live in myself. I HAVE to have seaview and a balcony so I have never bought a condo in Pattaya that did not have seaview and a useable balcony. But, that's just me. It's important to take your time and do your homework. Example: My partner and I were interested in Baan Plai Haad Condo in Naklua. We visited at least 6 times or more and looked at different condos and prices. We studied the area carefully--its good and bad points. We finally decided we liked a 2 story duplex condo with 2 bedrooms/2 baths that was on sale for 7.7MB. It was very high floor, seaview, big balcony, and offered some uniqueness as there were only around 10 units like it in the building--always nice to have something special right from the start. 1 of 10 similar condos rather than 1 of 1000 similar. Came unfurnished, which we like, and we thought we could make it beautiful, live in it, and maybe sell it at some point for around 10MB. Offer maybe 7.3 or 7.4 to the sales staff and see if they saluted. Anyway, that was the plan but we didn't have any money to buy so we had to hope we would sell something before someone else came along and snatched up the condo. Unfortunately, by the time we sold a condo someone else had already bought the Baan Plai Haad one. Timing is everything.
  13. Depressing story. Pattaya needs a powerful city employee with a staff that oversees all city projects before, during, and after the construction is done--with half of the payment held back until the work is done and inspected.
  14. Actually the studios were 6MB and up when the sales office was still up and running.