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  1. It's about time the hoteliers finally raised their collective voice to City Hall. They need to be doing much more of this--and they WILL be listened to if they all get together and speak as one. They have the power if they will just use it--to advocate for infrastructure improvements. daily beach cleanup, strict crackdown on illegal condo daily room rentals, and so much more. They need to keep shouting at City Hall until they get action.
  2. 8 million sounds about right to me. But, it's not 8 million North Americans and Western Europeans. So, we still get these ridiculous postings about Pattaya being the slowest or the deadest this person or that person has ever seen it. Apparently all these non-North Americans and non-Western European tourists appear as shrubbery, or are totally invisible, hence Pattaya being dead.
  3. If he wanted to do something really useful he would get all the powerful hotel operators together and strongly lobby City Hall, Immigration, and the police to strongly and visibly enforce the law against short-term rentals in condominiums. Every day the hotels lose a huge number of room rentals to these illegal rentals. And, once lost, never to be regained. You can't go back in time and get a second chance to rent the room--the revenue is gone. Strong enforcement would be a big win for the hotel owners, the taxation department, and to the many condominium residents who don't like a daily parade of hotel guests staying at their place or residence.
  4. True, the parked buses were not doing anything illegal. And, that, of course, is the problem and safety issue. Way too many roads allow parking when they should be marked no parking. Much of Jomtien Second Road is a good example. An even better example is Jomtien Beach Road where it narrows down at the southern end. Barely wide enough for 2 car lanes, even it is not marked for no parking.
  5. Dongtan Beach walkway

  6. Look at the photo. What I see is a big bus parked in a traffic lane. The motorcyclist was probably at fault but the bus shouldn't have been parked on a very poorly designed road that is not wide enough to accommodate parked buses. It's amazing how many times cars and other vehicles run into parked vehicles that are on or close to traffic lanes--like cars with engine trouble that have stopped. Sometimes drivers not paying careful attention don't realize they are stopped--especially true at night.
  7. Dongtan Beach walkway

    Too often the city administration 'fixes' what isn't broken--and ignores the things that really need to be done.
  8. I feel sorry for the mother and the child. The mother stuck her neck out hoping the school administration would support her and her child. Very foolish and misguided on her part but maybe give her an 'A' for bravery. Clearly, the teachers are not one bit sorry and would have made the poor kid's school life a living hell--good he is being transferred to a different school but I wouldn't be surprised if he had problems there, too. As several have said, seeing this wretched outcome, what parent is going to stand up to abusive behavior if this is the outcome?
  9. Not just a lawyer but police, too!
  10. Hopefully, with your Chapter 1 experiences, you will: 1. Look for another Thai business partner/interpreter/facilitator. 2. Shop around for a lawyer with more reasonable rates and better language skills. Look for one that you can communicate with yourself in either English or Chinese. There are lots of lawyers in Pattaya.
  11. New tunnel

    It's suppose to help traffic by allowing thru traffic on Sukumvit to go under the 4 busy intersections and avoid the traffic lights. If only 1 tunnel is built it sort of defeats the purpose. Sri Racha has built several overpasses over busy intersections in less time than it has taken to build the first tunnel here.
  12. New tunnel

    One was planned for Pattaya Nua and the longest one was suppose to go under Pattaya Tai and Thepphasit. At least that is how it was shown on a big table map my partner and I saw at City Hall a couple years ago.
  13. New tunnel

    There were suppose to be 3 tunnels but whether the remaining 2 will be built seems to be up in the air.
  14. It is possible, and not just theoretically. Both the Juristic and the management company were replaced at the last condo project I lived at.
  15. Nice try, guy, but the only way there would ever be any meaningful action on this is if some non-Thai super famous person called attention to it. Maybe Angelina Jolie making a movie about it might move the needle.