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  1. Any time I start to think that Pattaya's traffic is bad I just spend a few days in Bangkok.
  2. There is a second hand book store on Chaiphruek Road in Jomtien. Canterbury Tales Bookstore, off of Soi Buakhao, I think is still operating, too.
  3. Slow step forward? What a joke. At this pace they will conveniently arrive just after all the statutes of limitation run out.
  4. Totally agree. Way too many wild dogs running loose all over Pattaya, Jomtien, everywhere.
  5. Any dog not on a leash should be considered a stray dog. Round them up and ship them to those countries that will put them to good use as the main course at dinner. A win all around.
  6. My Thai partner barters at a lot of places. Usually it's a friendly exchange and the shop owner doesn't resent the bartering and expects it. If a shop owner is unfriendly my partner will just walk on and not do business with that shop--plenty of others to give our money to. Surprisingly, you can barter even at places like Big C and Power Buy for things like electronics and appliances--at least you can if you are Thai. We buy a lot of TVs, refrigerators, washers, etc., and my partner is sometimes able to get a price reduction from the posted price, even on sale items.
  7. I thought you were talking about whole developments being steeply discounted, not an individual condo by an owner in distress. Certainly, there are individual condo bargains that can be good buys if other criteria that make a condo desirable are there.
  8. Yes, and I have. But only from a large, well-established, well-financed builder with an excellent track record of completed projects.
  9. Buying wisely, for me, probably wouldn't mean 'buying units that are being sold at a large discount by desperate vendors'. That might even fall into buying unwisely. Why is the vendor desperate? Why are the units being sold at a large discount? Maybe because nobody wants them and nobody is buying them--hence the desperation and the large discounts. So, If they are not desirable and are hard to sell brand new, they might be hard to find buyers for down the road--and might not appreciate. A discount's nice but it should be far down your list of reasons why you are buying a particular condo.
  10. If you buy wisely I think it would be pretty hard to lose money on a condo sale in Pattaya. I've sold 3 condos this year. All were bought about 2-3 years ago. Even only holding them that short period, I made a nice profit on all 3--and that was after paying all the fix-up costs, realtor fees, and my share of the closing costs at the Land Office. If you buy wisely with a plan to live in the condo for a number of years, worse case the condo should be worth at least as much as you paid for it and you've saved on rent all those years. Of course, if you are a wiz at the stock market or other types of investments and prefer to not put your money in real estate, especially in Thailand, renting's probably for you.
  11. In the words of Nike, JUST DO IT. Just do it. Make the investment. Spend the money. It's not glamorous. It's not splashy flashy. What it IS is important. The sooner you start the sooner you're done. While all the digging is being done, the overhead electrical wires could be buried at the same time. This would also be a good time to eliminate all the parking on the major roads and improve the sidewalks, turning lanes, traffic intersections, and add center medians on some streets.
  12. For my partner and me, it's more of a case of getting restless. We have lived in about 8 different condo projects in the 7 years we have been in Thailand. We buy a condo, fix it up while we live in it, stay in it awhile after it's done, and then get restless to do it all over again. We love owning and were miserable the one year that we rented while we waited for one condo development to finish building.
  13. So, write into the rules and regulations that non-payment of condo fees is a violation of the rules and regulations and will result in your utilities being cut.