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  1. I imagine it has unofficially been number 1 for years. And, is likely to stay firmly at the top as long as there is so little VISIBLE traffic enforcement being done. Now at 7 1/2 years being here, I still have not witnessed a single car being pulled over for speeding, running a red light, reckless driving, double-parking, etc. Just the 'ol not wearing a helmet cash grab. The times I have ever seen any police work, at traffic stops set up on the highway--I guess to check for expired stickers or some such--the traffic set-ups were done so unsafely and haphazardly that they likely ended up causing accidents or near misses. Same for lane closures for highway maintenance--usually no warning whatsoever. Plenty of work to be done--starting with traffic police proper training and deployment.
  2. You might want to add: 'in the bars, pubs, and go-gos' to your last sentence. I'm seeing plenty of them in the same places I frequent--which also isn't at any of those hangouts. And, Chinese or Russian short-term renters of condos are paying the same rates as other tourists; ditto for hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, etc.
  3. If I remember, you are in central Pattaya. It's been my observation, also living there, that Pattaya itself has not really had a low season for several years now. It's busy all the time. I think Jomtien and other areas not yet as impacted by the new tourists still see a busier time in the winter months.
  4. He's probably cursing the NACC boss. By making a very public announcement telling the people not to speculate, he is, inadvertently or otherwise, inviting them to speculate to their hearts content. And, of course, keeping the story in the news.
  5. Hmm. I think he's squirming a little bit after all.
  6. Here's a tip. With your cheap policy, don't eat more than once at any restaurant with servers. Wait staff have long memories and who knows what body fluids might end up in your Veal Prince Orloff.
  7. So when you're in Pattaya you seem to spend your time on Walking Street, Soi Buakhao, and in the beer bars between Walking Street and Naklua. Which is fine. Enjoy. Knock yourself out. But before you describe the whole city as a *hole you maybe should get yourself back up to the top of that Jomtien Tower you mentioned and you'll see that the places where you are spending your time are just a small part of Pattaya. I, and others like me, can spend a whole year here and never hit Walking Street or Soi Buakhao. By the way, there ARE families in Pattaya, plenty of them, but likely not that many where you go.
  8. Which leaves me puzzled as to why you keep returning.
  9. Paintings? Where?

    There are 5 or 6 art shops on Thappraya Road starting at the flyover intersection and going up to just below Axis condo.
  10. Your lament is not unique to Pattaya. I lived for 30 years in a 'new town' in the US. It started small but grew to be quite large. There were some, such as you, who yearned for the old days---oh why, oh why couldn't the town have stayed small like it was in the beginning? Whether progress is considered good or bad, it's going to happen. Obviously, if a place grows too big for your tastes, it's probably time to look for something smaller.
  11. Time for another trip up to the top of that big tower in Jomtien. Starting from south to north, here's a partial list of what wasn't there at your trip 10 years ago. I'll just hit the high-rises or we'd be here all day. Aeras, Reflection, Lumpini Park Beach, Lumpini Seaview, La Santir, Cetus, View Talay 8, AD Grand Jomtien, Dusit Grand, Supalai Mare, Unicca, The Trust South Pattaya, View Talay 7, Grand Caribbean, Treetops, Axis, Vision, Amari Residence, The Cliff, One Tower, Cosy Beach View, The View, Peak Tower, Southpoint, Unixx, Hilton, The Base, LK President Hotel, Centric Sea, [email protected] Hotel, Holiday Inn, Mitt Hotel, Grand Pallazo Hotel, Pattaya Posh, The Trust North Pattaya, Lumpini Sukumvit, Brighton Grand Hotel, Northpoint, The Cove, Wong Amat Tower, Baan Plai Haad, TW Wongamat, The Palm, Lumpini Naklua, AD Condo, Riviera Wongamat, and Zire. A to Z. Pretty impressive in a fairly short time span--and many, many more low-rises than high-rises have also been built.
  12. I suppose if you mean by 'grown' that it's been more than a fishing village for decades that is true. But, the truly explosive growth has occurred in the past ten years or so.
  13. The pedestrian crossing lights are back on and have been for awhile. The traffic seems to be stopping, or at least slowing down, maybe a tiny bit more for the lights than before but caution is still very much needed.
  14. New for me, too. Perhaps it was a strategy to get the raise in fees approved, which is sometimes difficult to do.