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  1. What a joke. As usual, a highly visible public display that accomplishes absolutely nothing. (Not that it has anything to do with better air, but most cities clean their streets routinely and not as a special event.)
  2. Government defends its corruption-fighting record

    I used to think that sending someone to an 'inactive position' for gross wrongdoing wasn't much of a punishment. Now, however, I realize that the poor bloke sent to an 'inactive position' will likely just get his normal salary rather than the millions he was raking in with his 'active' (collecting bribes) position. Ouch, that's gotta hurt.
  3. A big load of meaningless political double-speak. Translated: No progress now, no progress in the future.
  4. A lot of 'glass half empty' posters, as always. I, for one, look on the EEC as a positive for the area, with the government putting a large chunk of its development money into this area rather elsewhere.
  5. Well, that's the problem, isn't it: "Old and decrepit". White collar Bangkokians aren't going to ride buses like that. The buses need to be like what I saw in Hong Kong--new, air-conditioned, very comfortable, clean, and very frequent. People won't get out of their cars until a first-rate city-wide transportation system is in place.
  6. Pity it takes embarrassing publicity to get anything done.
  7. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    I'd like to see them all switched over to electric with a phased in process.
  8. Cleaner cars, yes, but also fewer cars. Bangkok needs new auto registration restrictions, steep tax to drive into the CBD, and a much better bus system covering all areas with new, electric air conditioned buses taking commuters either close to their workplaces or to a metro stop for transit to close to where they work. Get rid of the toll booths on the motorways and make up the revenue with a gas tax increase or auto registration tax increase, or both. Add more train cars to the trains and rapidly expand to areas not served. Everything going way too slow.
  9. For the umpteenth time. You have a sputtering economy with one very,very bright spot--tourism. Why in the world aren't you cleaning ALL your tourist beaches on a DAILY basis and protecting your valuable tourism asset? And, again, this is not rocket science.
  10. Mostly agree with all you said with the exception that I have sold 3 'second-hand' condos to Chinese. But, all 3 were in excellent locations in Pattaya with great seaviews and the projects were only a couple years old. I think location and view will win out over a condo being 'second-hand'. Some Chinese are coming around to the concept of company ownership, I think, once it is explained to them.
  11. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    I believe you're confused on several fronts. I think most people would agree that the bus station is in Jomtien. But, on to Bell. The D2D service is not dreadful at all--sounds like from your post you have never even tried it. Going, a van picks you up right at your door and takes you to the bus to the airport at North Pattaya. Coming back, the bus runs you from the airport to North Pattaya. Then a van takes you right to your door--you aren't riding all around Pattaya in the airport bus dropping off 30 or more passengers. My partner and I have used the service a number of times and like it. I think the most riders we have ever had on the van was maybe 7 or 8. Usually at least 2 couples in the van so maybe 5 or 6 stops at the most before you're at your door--assuming worse case and you end up last on the route.
  12. Honda HRV

    I agree. It's got plenty of acceleration. We looked at the Ford, too, and it just seemed to narrow and cramped inside compared to the HRV.
  13. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    Thank you. Sometimes a short answer does the trick. Is it raining outside? No. Is high season over? No.
  14. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    The OP asked if high season is over. I answered, no.
  15. The Bay "Mall" North Pattaya -- What happened?

    Don't know of any condos on the backside--and at only 4 stories or so it's not tall enough to block much.