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  1. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. In over 7 years of living here I have never, ever, not even once, seen anybody pulled over for speeding. Never. No matter how fast they were going. No matter where I have been in the country. Hugely overpriced, all the bigwigs will make yet another fortune on useless items, and the devices will either quietly disappear, to be resold, to make yet more money, or will be placed on some back shelf to gather dust. Really breathtaking in the audacity.
  2. Still beating this dead horse, I see.
  3. "Next time" being TOMORROW. I hate tattoos but maybe the person in charge of the beaches should have a tattoo on his arm saying "Beaches need to be cleaned DAILY" as a constant reminder. It doesn't seem to be sinking in that cleaning every now and then really doesn't hack it.
  4. No quick fix for flooding problem: PM Prayut

    So, no quick fix. No slow fix. No fix at all.
  5. So true regarding City Hall. A joke indeed. I've never seen a more disorganized, messy, dirty, depressing, and poorly maintained municipal building, especially in a large city the size of Pattaya. In the immortal words of Bette Davis, 'What a dump!' It's easy to see that if this is the very poor way they maintain their own work place, it's no wonder Pattaya is being maintained in the same poor, disinterested, haphazard, incompetent manner.
  6. Umm. I think you meant: "Time to get the waders out."
  7. Yes, this is how it is done on popular American beaches, too. Why is this such a hard lesson to learn? Just buy the equipment and use it every morning.
  8. New SUV.

    Yes I read your OP. But, to get to your OP from my email, I have to click on the Forum headline that I get from Thai Visa. Thai Visa sends me news updates and forum postings to my email. If I am interesting in something, I click on it and it sends me to it on TV. What I got in my email was exactly what I wrote, with the question 'what is it?'. I suspect Dotpoom got the same thing in his email. Obviously, two of us thought there was a question being asked in the posting. I don't know who added the question to the topic headline.
  9. New SUV.

    Maybe don't jump all over Dotpoom. The headline for your posting, which appeared in the email I, and, apparently, Dotpoom received from Thai Visa, was: "New SUV spotted in Pattaya, what is it?" So, from the headline, it appeared you were asking for help in identifying the SUV. I was ready to take a wild guess that it was a Daihatsu Charade but you took all the fun out of it by already having the answer.
  10. Mayor sets 2-week major beach cleanup

    As usual, only deep shame on social media spurs any action. Up next, I hope...sidewalks.
  11. Mayor sets 2-week major beach cleanup

    The matching sand is right out there in the ocean. Just needs to be redistributed on the shore--where it used to be.
  12. The fare might be reasonable but what a dumb figure to come up with. I wonder how many cars without easy passes will know the amount of the fare in advance and have 5 baht with them. If they had half a brain they would have made the fare an even 100 baht. I see a future of a lot of fumbling around looking for 5 baht, dropped coins at the handover, delays while change is made, and slower transactions as a result. I guess I should rejoice, though, that they didn't set the fare at 103.5 baht.
  13. Yes we have one, of course, but if you have ever driven on the Bangkok motorways you'll know that the traffic at the toll plazas is often backed up so far that you can't even get to the Easy Pass lanes--so you're stuck in the stop and go creep along at walking pace like everyone else.
  14. I seem to recall the PM reducing the school day by an hour a few years ago. If those are slackers there sure are an awful lot of them.
  15. Toll plazas are SO 20th century. And, toll plazas on the actual highway and not on exit ramps...even worse. Haven't the traffic gurus learned ANYTHING from the massive traffic jams on Bangkok's motorways--almost always caused by way, way, way too many cars trying to get thru way too many toll plazas with way too few booths to handle the volume. Merde.