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  1. Well, sure they can, they just need to be a little specific. I'm South American, from Brazil. I'm North American, from Canada. I'm Central American, from Panama.
  2. The 'extra money' only landed in the pockets of the rich.
  3. Totally agree. It may not be something that can be 'proven' but it's important to remember that Clinton won the popular vote and if a few states that very narrowly went for Trump had gone her way she would have won the Electoral College, as well. (In my mind she will always have won the election but not the Electoral College, same as Gore.) There's no doubt in my mind that the Russian meddling, along with Comey, did enough to swing the close election to Trump.
  4. The builder should pay for any repairs needed due to the construction but it's ridiculous to complain about air conditioning noise.
  5. newnative

    Securing residency

    Buy a condo in your name and then you can protect your investment. Always nice to know you have a roof over your head.
  6. Should be impeached for treason. Gets crazier every day.
  7. newnative

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    Try Central Marina any afternoon.
  8. newnative

    Koncept vs. Ikea..is it same/same?

    I've not been that impressed with Koncept. For local stores, my partner and I do more furniture shopping at Chic Republic, Lifestyle at Boonthavorn, and Index. In furnishing our new condo, we got a good quality leather sofa at Chic, bedside tables at Lifestyle, and Sealy bed and bed frame at Index. We bought everything at a discount--you can bargain at name brand stores. IKEA is great for things that are hard to find elsewhere. They have a very good selection of rugs in larger sizes, which we struggle to find anywhere else. We wanted a large ottoman with storage to serve as a coffee table (with tray) in our living room. IKEA had by far the best selection of sizes, styles, and fabric choices. If someone spills a glass of red wine on it, no problem--we can get a replacement slipcover for it. IKEA also has a good selection of outdoor furniture, mirrors, lighting, and bookcases, and storage furniture. IKEA carries some clever furniture. In one of our condos with a small bedroom we used a daybed from IKEA that opens up into a full-size bed. And, it managed to have two big storage drawers, to boot. For wood furniture, you can get good pieces at good prices if you shop around local stores. We found a beautiful Chinese style dining set on a street in Bangkok that was all furniture makers. Just takes some shopping around.
  9. newnative

    Phuket hit as Chinese cancel room bookings

    Sad that only the threat of lost tourism revenue has spurred any action. Totally tone deaf from day one--highlighted spectacularly by the second in command blaming the Chinese. "Negative impact more serious than previous thought." You got that right.
  10. newnative

    Very disappointing visit to Pattaya.

    He'll be back. Just one of many who can't quit Pattaya.
  11. Deceiving with the 'live' and 'movie viewing'. Latest statistics I could find, 2017, show Americans still watching 5 hours of tv a day, on average. Different surveys put it from 4 to 8 hours but 5 hours came up several times. Whatever survey you choose, that's a lot of tv watching. "Live" and 'movie viewing' might be declining in America but I doubt tv watching in general is.
  12. T21 website says Pattaya will be 45,000 sqm GLA, 180,000 sqm gross area.
  13. Yes. The Terminal 21 website shows the Bangkok T21 with 10 floors, although there is not much on the floor marked "B". Pattaya, on the other hand, has 5 floors shown on the website, not counting the hotel, with a longer building.
  14. Yes, he was disrespectful but I don't think it was intentional. Rather, Trump is too lazy to learn about anything in advance and if anybody briefed him he probably wasn't even listening. He prefers to wing it on everything and anything he gets wrong or screws up badly--like his interview trashing May--he just labels 'fake news'. So, his very own interview is fake news. Total wacko. Scary.
  15. newnative

    condo rental needed

    Unixx, Northshore, View Talay 6, and Centric Sea for Pattaya. For Jomtien: Lumpini Park Beach, Cetus, Aeras, Acqua, and Dusit, among others. For Pratamnak/Cosy Beach: Sands, Peak Towers, Amari, The View, Cosy Beach View, Southpoint. For Wongamat: Zire, Northpoint, The Palm, Riviera Wongamat, Baan Plai Haad, Wongamat Tower, and Laguna, among the newer ones.