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  1. METV proof of employment

    We are talking about tourists not of expats
  2. METV proof of employment

    It would be interesting that someone post his experience about that. Thanks anyway
  3. METV proof of employment

    I'm not retired yet, I'm 60 years old but I need to wait 65 for that. Then according my age I wouldn't be a proper candidate for work in LOS As I said the funds are the sole thing that I can provide. Thank you anyway
  4. Hi to all I wish to apply for a METV since I'm planning to spend 6 months in LOS and then travel in Europe with my thai girl friend. A METV would be a best solution to me, since the double entry is no longer available I can meet all the requirements except one: proof of employment. I don't have a job but I'm hold sufficient funds to spend years in LOS. I've saw in few embassies web sites in their requirements list says 5000 English pound, 6000 Euro and so on, or letter from your employer. But the majority of them doesn't show this distinction. No job no visa? I don't think that many employees can spend 6 months a year in holiday. Probably none. Could anyone give me any clarifications about that ? Thanks
  5. I always brought cash on my thai trips and I never used the ATM for withdrawals purpose . And I will keep that way in my future trips. But if someones likes to feed banks and waste money, ok go ahead
  6. I don't understand what a problem is to carry 500 euro or pound or 600 USD in your pocket. It would be the best solution rather a desperate ATM searching in arrivals area. It sound quite stupid to me use ATM in order to withdraw cash in Thailand or anywhere abroad Not just you will get the worse exchanges rates, but you will be double charged by your home country bank and by thai local bank too. Personally I always carried my funds in cash and I got the thai Baht at local money changer who give me the best exchanges rate.
  7. You should have 20.000 Baht or equivalent in another currencies Since you cannot buy thai currency abroad
  8. Pattaya Go-Go clubs and bars targeted in new crackdown

    They trying to kill the main source of income of this resort
  9. British man assassinated in gangland hit in Pattaya

    That's right If you looking for a troubles you will find them
  10. British man assassinated in gangland hit in Pattaya

    There are places in the world that are far worst than Thailand Live here in peaceful , respect the local laws, mind just to your own business, and you won't meet any troubles
  11. I don't get it. She's got the visa from Thai embassy in Cameroon, isn't it? Does that embassy issues fake visa? This story is quite weird to me
  12. Look Mr Parry Mason I don't believe that the thai authoritiers needs a defense attorney
  13. Ok but this survey don't explain the reasons of this displeased, so I try to take a gamble. Probably most expats are unhappy due to the thai authorities behavior against them, specially against the long term stayers