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  1. Mansell

    Korat to announce drought disaster zones

    Probably some areas are very dry, but here just outside Korat it has been raining for five hours straight right now, and no sign of stopping. But up north maybe not anything.
  2. Chiang Mai sounds like a nightmare. Supposedly there are 10,000 or more expats living there. Even Phuket is quicker than that.....fastest time for 90 day was one minute. But Korat is even better. Just did one year extension in 50 mins without having to return for the passport next day.....all finished that day. And the lady immigration officer kindly showed me in my passport when the next extension was due, and also my next 90 day report date. Immigration has even been opening on Saturday mornings to see if it is more convenient for farang. So it doesn't have to be a big pain in the asspidestra. But please don't move here....Grin!
  3. They do not let you lie. You have to swear that the income is correct and true. There are penalties for wrong information. So if it is a lie it is you saying it and upon your own head. That said I went to Khon Khaen and being tired I accidentally added an extra zero to my monthly income.....I didn't notice until on the bus returning to Korat. The amount was now absurd and maybe not believable, so this entailed a trip to the US Embassy in BKK to get another letter and another 50 dollars. But all is now well.
  4. If it is domestic show your drivers license and not your passport. Works most of the time, though one lady insisted on the passport. But if you say I forgot it, just insist on the license for ID. I have flown with the boys and got their names wrong compared to their ID, nobody even noticed with those twelve letter names.
  5. What a bunch of crap.....he didn't voluntarily pay a bribe, he was strong armed into it as they knew he wanted to see his wife and kids again. Earlier this week when the motorcyclist on the bridge ran into a vehicle because he was going the wrong way some people tried to put it onto the car driver.....were you one of them? if this guy is from Singapore don't they have a reciprocal agreement within the SE Asia community?
  6. Driving in the dark and ahead I see a dark shadow....turns out it is a guy with his girlfriend on the back dressed in black, but no tail lights and when he reaches another car, no brake lights. These two are just waiting to die, or be very badly injured. Then today a young woman crosses in front of us on her scooter looking down at her cell phone and riding with one hand.....doesn't anybody have a functioning brain? Is the word "Dangerous" in their lexicon? Pretty obvious why Thailand has the worst driver death rate in the world.
  7. Passing through Vancouver from Thailand to USA and they went through my iPad pics looking for pedaphile pics. I said, " I'll show you pics of kids." And showed her videos of me petting baby whales in Baja, California. She smiled and let me go.
  8. Mansell


    I was impressed by the fact that the police do not carry guns in Vietnam. The train is a great and cheap way to see the countryside. Hue was my favorite place to visit, and Hanoi second. Loved Halong Bay, but we got the best prices in the back packer hotels for tours. Stayed in a five star hotel in Hanoi, mainly because it was wheelchair accessible. We would buy the cheapest thing on the menu which was a chicken sandwich, and then one day the price had doubled...I talked with the hotel manager and he explained the hotel's costing to me and that when something sold well they would increase the price....hilarious. Nha Trang had great resorts at good prices, but hookers on the beach at night, and if you refused then gay guys appeared to hassle us....strange. China Beach used to be a beach with jungle right there, but when I returned three years ago the jungle had gone and it was set up for a Miami Beach vibe with hotels starting to be built. You used to see hundreds of Vietnamese on the beach exercising as the sun came up, but sadly that has all gone as they probably now live far from the beach....sadly not progress. Overall love the country and the people who have an easy smile and are friendly.
  9. Mansell

    Man who gunned down teen driver gets 10 years

    Obviously you probably don't have any engineer friends. They say that argueing with an engineer is like wrestling with a pig in mud, after a while you realize the pig is enjoying it. i worked one time with an electrical engineer. We had a plumber come over and the engineer was showing him the plumbing issues in the mansion we managed. On a break the plumber asked me if the other guy was an engineer? I responded yes, and how did you know that? Because engineers always think they know everything about your job and everybody else's........Nuff said. So that would explain his stubbornness of not wanting to let it go and move on....he was right.
  10. I think LAUGHTER is the answer for dealing with this Buffoon. Every time he gets up and starts spouting his obvious lies the Press and the Public should just start laughing at him.....every time. I don't think he would be able to handle it for very long, his fragile ego and limited intelligence would soon start collapsing, and this would be the beginning of the end of his limited veracity and power.
  11. Because it is about power and control over women. If sixty women all pretty much have the same story, then that is pretty powerful evidence in itself. Based on your criteria people that murder people are mentally ill and it isn't a crime but a mental health issue.......Rubbish. A crime is a crime. He knew what he was doing was wrong unless he is a complete moron. Let's stop making excuses for these sexual predators including Trump and Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court.
  12. The whole point of mentioning Norway was somebody said electric cars wouldn't fly in cold countries......Wrong.
  13. Unfortunately this PM is the wrong person to be negotiating the Brexit deal....in my opinion she is a very weak negotiater. We need somebody with big balls that would tell the EU to go F€£#K themselves and we will not pay the billions owed or anything else. For those of you alive before we moved into the EU we had good trade deals with Oz and NZ, and our relationship with Europe was pretty good. The original nice idea about the EU was that all those countries 30 years before were all fighting each other.......the EU ended all that possibility of it happening again. Joining the EU originally pushed up prices in the UK, and that is never going to return to those days. Personally I think Brexit should be voted on by young and middle aged people who have a long term invested interest in Britain and the EU. Not a bunch of old people including me who want to return to a time long gone.....you cannot put the genii back in the bottle. Right now this whole thing is a disaster with a pretty bleak future for at least a decade before we bounce back from the confusion that has been created by Brexit and the lies propagated to manipulate the old and vulnerable.
  14. It doesn't really matter what you say....electric cars are the future and eventually the power will come from solar creating a less polluted world.
  15. More Tesla electric cars are sold in Norway per capita than any other country. If the are housed indoors at night they shouldn't have a problem.