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  1. Much, much better places to rent and quieter with better parking etc.
  2. great face, great body and cute personality, have fun, then pay them
  3. 1. Do you think, in the next election, we will get a government which has good governance? do we have one now? 2. If not, what will you do? vote them out next time - that's democracy 3. Election is an important integral party of democracy, but election alone without the regard for the future of the country and others is right or wrong? right - that's democracy 4. Do you think bad politicians should be given a chance of political comeback; and if there is conflict again, who will solve it and by what means? You talk about your government? if you serve the elected government faithfully there will be no conflict - separation of powers
  4. me too my average is 130/90 (late 50s)
  5. Yes I wasn't being critical just observing that the meds are keeping your BP stable (which is good) but the reading isn't your actual BP - naked and raw lol
  6. Thailand = intimidate other road users is about right and yes you cannot 'assume' but being a Brit and having lived there 50+ years I can assure you it is common practice to flash to say 'after you' and 'thank you' but, obviously, they can't enshrine that in the Highway Code.
  7. have you ever lived in a mooban? I have and there are some very top end expensive moo baans (land and house) with great gate security but 90% moo baans have some old guy sitting in a box opening the gate. Facilities yes it's true you can get a pool and gym and maybe even a club house but all my houses have pools anyway and i hate gyms. I live on over 400 wah and it was the same sort of price as living on 120 wah plot in a moo baan where you are meters from the next house - you choose a song for you:
  8. indeed and I did not buy some piece of 'random' land myself... research, research and more research.
  9. yes i'm resigned to a re-build and am searching... found one guy near Sayuri who, i understand, rebuilds just Beetle engines so I am checking the fella out pronto! 80,000 kilo on the tachometer but that maybe 180,000 haha but i doubt it the gentleman owner before me was over 80 and had the car 32 years.. but one never knows I'll stay in touch
  10. These British Government figures can't be extrapolated in the way that some are doing here on this thread. It's a nonsense rapes are not the fault of the tourist whether they are doubled or not.
  11. oh really you must come from the land of the polite then? 'personally' I find your post devoid of articulation or facts
  12. Hi again, engine keeps cutting out and i daren't try a u-turn on the highway as the power is so low it would be dangerous! I just can't keep the engine going and no choke. Seems to me the engine needs an overhaul so any recommendations where i can get this done are welcomed. Your Mr KB might be an alternative as I'm, not sure Mr Nui does this and was not keen when i asked him months ago. Looks gorgeous but...
  13. engines running like a pig at the moment... need that engine rebuild so thinking KB as I was disappointed Mr Nui brought me the car, after 6 months, and it runs so dreadfully
  14. because Moo Baans are always smaller plots and 30% at least more expensive