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  1. I didn't see that nurse and those people in the Temple had 'War Weapons' silly me I missed that
  2. The problem is I see this differently. My problem is actually nothing to do with Yingluck it's to do with the principle of not hounding elected people when they leave office, unless it's corruption and if that's true ARREST HER, and they fear the same treatment themselves which is why they grant themselves amnesty. It is THIS that I abhor not the fact that she did not apply as much governance that she should have she, PERSONALLY, did not make one satang out of the rice scheme. The rice scheme, by the way, which is in one form or another in every country (and in Thailand too) in the world. What did she do wrong? It's a big 'set-up burger' for political reasons not about that damn rice scheme. People are beginning to see it and she is turning into a heroine.
  3. No trolling dude we are entitled to a little dark humor whatever side we are on right? I truly believe she has been misjudged and that any ex-PM, if not on corruption charges, should not be held accountable for decisions made whilst in office. God every PM and President on the world would face charges. It's madness!!!
  4. Well.. whatever you say Thais were far happier back then, I hear it daily, They were not angels but he was the best PM this country ever had and Thais know it. If I were Prayut I'd have let her slip away into history but oh no he couldn't do that he had to let the famous 'Thai vindictive' streak lash out upon her innocent back.
  5. Dogs cannot bring down a Lioness.
  6. She has been amazing. Stoic, calm and truthful and Thais know it and history will look back and say "kudos" in kinder and better times. But NOW is the time of dark juntas, power and maneuvering. We will think no less of you if you leave.
  7. Met a few racists but none as xenophobic and racists as most Thais and that tends to bring out a reaction. So I think much of the bar-stool racism is a reaction.
  8. Bit of an update. I have decide to go with normal sliding screens on some windows - anyone got a recommendation in CM? they need to be made-for-measure to my dimensions
  9. Then no doubt you enjoy living here as most of us do despite the fact that it is a draconian society.
  10. My friend Thailand is NOT classified as 'Third World' please stop using that term. I do not judge anyone 'Live and Let Live'. I worked hard so I could retire early and enjoy the fruits and avoid, hopefully, that early heart-attack. But you don't live here right? why are you commenting in a Thailand forum?
  11. I worked hard to retire early from a highly stressful and successful career. I am divorced and chose to live in Thailand and travel, mostly, in Asia because of the weather, economic reasons etc. I also enjoy the company of women and delighted to enjoy the 'exchange'. Don't tell me 'yours is different'? but... wait... you don't live here right? I enjoy studying still (it gets in the blood) and have an extensive library (mostly Krishnamurti, Tagore, Blavatsky interwoven with a sprinkling of Buddhist texts). Judge not lest Ye be Judged we are not all bar-stool drop-outs. BTW Thailand is not a 'third world country'
  12. Your thread has been hijacked by trolls and intellectual 'misfits'. Can we get back on-topic?
  13. Haha what BS to justify your arrogant, boring life. I love to travel, I own property here and in the Philippines, I have lots sex... meet varied and interesting people and early retired from my very senior job so that I could enjoy all those things as early as possible. I worked hard to get to the top in my career, two degrees and a varied life living in London and other places and after that travelling to 30 or more countries. Your attempt at 'intellectualizing' yourself as some 'smart' cookie whilst the rest of us are 'dumbed down' doesn't work with me I'm afraid. I love my life, my books, music, travel, meditation and the rest and it's not for YOU to judge me or anyone else. Live and let live and keep your pretentiousness to yourself. Thanks for mentioning your income but I'd don't feel humbled... sorry and you keep 'working' wherever you are (I assume you are not in Thailand as it's too low class for you) and 'earn' that heart attack. I chose to walk away early and it's not for YOU to decry my decision.
  14. Agreed let's 'fine' Blair and Bush for Iraq? oh what about Thatcher for the poll tax? it's ABSURD and a travesty of any justice ever known in the political arena. Hope people wake up and see exactly what's happening and the international community respond with sanctions. If she wasn't a martyr before she sure is now.
  15. A foolish post. I worked in the NHS at senior management level for 20 years and some NHS haters, like yourself, were saying about people leaving in droves 25 years ago. It's the BEST in the world and like democracy it's not perfect but it's better than any alternative I know of. What level did you work at? from your post it must have been pretty junior and unrewarding for you to be so aggressive against it. Nursing Assistant maybe?