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  1. yes dear Robblok but this is not entirely surprising ALL junta's get addicted and won't let go because they are 'saving' the country right? why trust the people when you have the guns?
  2. Ignorance is Bliss just enjoy but it's the same in most Asian countries. I'm just back from one of my regular trips to Philippines and same there. I met a couple guys from Leeds who were inexperienced and as we chatted I told them I live in Chiang Mai, travel to Phil, Bali and other places at least 3/4 times a year and get laid regularly and I sort of take it for granted their reaction? you are Living the Dream! they were going back to Leeds and their 'loved ones' and were pretty depressed I must say. I guess I am living the life of a rock star without the singing bit lol
  3. that's not true Prayuth said: "I am a democrat" and what he didn't say: and if you don't believe me I will send you to attitude adjustment camps and worse
  4. got my lifetime in San Sai they just want you to wait a month or two after buying your place
  5. where's Jamie when you need him? come on Jamie tell us how right this dinosaur is "There will be only five or six military heads there just to make sure that all blocs can move forward together."" yea right just the 5 or 6
  6. western women - hard on the outside, sometimes soft on the inside but always hard in the head and sometimes soft in the heart Thai women - soft on the outside, indifferent to hard on the inside and always soft in the head and often hard in the heart
  7. Hi, sorry been in Philippines last two weeks... will go pick up Bertie this week or early next and will post some new photos. The interior was done by a guy Mr. Nui knows he should have installed the roof rack, steering wheels and new rims soon i hope :)
  8. Indeed G7 are holding off UNTIL they have SOLID proof as should we all
  9. Not sure if anyone is still here lol but still not finished but the interior is looking better. Ordered new Rims and Tires, cream steering wheel fitted soon. Off to Philippines hope to collect it first week in May.
  10. i would too if the infrastructure was up to it... shopping is rubbish unless greenbelt or a huge mall but even those don't have the shops I like. Road are poor and begging is rife. Thailand is such a better choice for those reasons although I prefer Filipinos to most Thais
  11. I believe Khun Bluespunk to be a generous soul
  12. It's not about lefties and there is enough doubt to have a proper investigation. Assad is not stupid (western trained doctor) and I think this is a set-up but let's find out for sure. I doubt his pilots would undertake this knowingly too but it's possible. Investigate through UN not by a stunt of 'let's tell them before we do it bombing' Edit: From the BBC: Members of the G7 group of leading industrialised nations agreed to delay implementing sanctions until there was "hard and irrefutable evidence" over the alleged chemical attack, the BBC understands.
  13. Pattaya and Nana will be paying a lot then - hypocrites
  14. haha that's the point I AM thinking for myself and not swallowing the Trump spin as you seem to. If you think a western trained ophthalmologist is stupid enough to do this I suggest you, at least try, to think AGAIN go watch the Ex British Ambassador to Syria say the same thing