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  1. I like Nana it keeps all the sex tourists away from the other areas. It's true Nana is not what it was 15/20 years ago but where is? and, sorry PC luvers, it is full of those of Arabian descent with their burka clad slaves, sorry, wives trailing behind them.
  2. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    365 days but he might decide to live in it? a lifetime Usufruct will give him that choice? he could simply sign over the house to another Thai or his, sadly demised, wife's relatives? OR sell
  3. Sure happy to always help with your education Craig and I know you LOVE Supreme Courts right? Results The Supreme Constitutional Court announced on Wednesday 4 June that turnout for the election was 73.42%, with 11,634,412 of the 15,845,575 Syrians eligible to take part voting. The number for Syrians eligible to vote is based on the government’s data of all Syrians living in Syria and abroad over the age of 18; this includes all Syrians in government-held territory, rebels-held territory, refugees, newly naturalized Kurds, and declared Syrian expatriates. The number of invalid papers was 442,108, or 3.8%. Majed Khadra, the Spokesperson of the Supreme Constitutional Court, also announced that the losing candidates and individuals with complaints about the electoral process had 3 days to submit their appeals. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syrian_presidential_election,_2014
  4. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    1/ TIT and I'm worried it could be challenged and not valid because of a long delay. PoA in UK is signed by a lawyer here it is not and can be bought at the Post Office for 5 baht. 2/ We don't know, but hope, you will be - why not mitigate that risk? I have a lifetime.
  5. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    She can hardly sign the PoA if she's DEAD can she? Usufuct is that you get full 'fruits' of the house until YOU die. PS to make it ultra clear : If it's undated you can fill in the date before her death (maybe 1 or 2 months) if you date it now and it's 10 years before she dies you might have some questions as to why the delay. Normally PoAs are dated for a SPECIFIC reason. You might well do without but I have two because they are very useful. I use them all the time when i don't want to go to the Transport office or government office. I just sign one and it's filled in be a Thai friend and saves me tons of frustrating time.
  6. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    Did you READ what I said? I have been through this process several times. There are THREE parts to my 'solution' for him. The 'Usufruct' gives him protection should she die, the Will he HAS TO sell within one year so he has a choice and double protection.
  7. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    I'm afraid it's not 'a point' it's Thai Law - if left property by a Thai one year to sell it OR leave the usufurct 'as is' BUT transfer to lifetime
  8. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    Did you read the other posts? including mine just before yours? he needs THREE things: Usufruct lifetime Will PoA undated Job done
  9. It's a very small 4m pop country you made a comparison with USA 'input' and I respectfully suggest, that even for you, that was a tad misplaced
  10. Go there and perhaps we'll hear less of your daily rants.
  11. 73% turnout USA 61% and monitored by international observers Remove Assad equates to CHAOS he's no angel but we are better off with Dr Assad than without and can't you leave aside your Anti-Russian bile even for one day?
  12. I don't think Thais will 'get over it' as you put it. His passing was not so much a man dying it was the end of an ERA and a paradigm shift. As for now it cannot be spoken of. This version, with English, encapsulates that Era has now gone. I find it incredibly moving and stunning.
  13. LannaGuy

    Wording of Will

    My house is on a lifetime Usufruct so why not change it? (from 20 to lifetime). I also hold a Will leaving the house to me AND a signed and undated PoA. With respect ALL of this should have been agreed and signed before you bought your house.
  14. Yes a handful but the main point , as usual, IS that the UN were satisfied it met their criteria. As for voter turnout? Syria : 73.42% USA : 61.40% Does that help? so maybe that some parts didn't vote but 12% more did than in the USA 2016 election. Case CLOSED.
  15. Mutual respect (which does not involve beer can shaking lol) and your split responsibilities seems perfect (not that I would give up my free wheeling ways for it).