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  1. themerg

    Over-manning over here

    I had 8 people show up to redirect 1 internet cable, 5 of them did nothing. The government tells businesses how many employees they will have. It's good for the working people. I like it because it gives people money who would otherwise be very poor. This is Thailand. Things are done different here. I LOVE Thailand.
  2. themerg

    Milk sell by dates.

    An unrelated topic. If you as a food manufacturer put 100% juice into a drink product, which is only 1% of that product, you are allowed by USA laws to print 100% juice on the label. I don't know how many people have bought juice as stated and found it was orange flavored fruit drink. I have been fooled many times by this bad law which I will state is for the producers' profits through bribery of government officials and politicians. In Thailand, you know the politicians are stealing. In the USA, the politicians deny it. Do you know politicians in the USA bring up the topic of Campaign reform every election year, and have never passed a law against themselves in my 64 years of being alive. I am very happy to be living in Thailand for the rest of my life.
  3. themerg

    Milk sell by dates.

    Unlike milk in the USA, Thai milk uses the 280 degrees Farenheit pasteurization process. This process allows for mixing of milks from different farms and for a much longer shelf life of months as in the Wikipedia article. I am from Albany, NY, USA and I will be lucky to keep milk for a week. I think the milk in the USA is allowed the lower temperature process by bribes due to the cost of the better process, and keeping milk for longer times is a definite profits killer. Business in the USA is about profits to the shareholders, not for the buying public. If it smells good and tastes good, drink. A costless way to make milk last a little bit longer is to shake for 30 seconds daily. Milk spoils by settling.
  4. themerg

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    From reading the Posts on this subject, it sounds like try using and see what it gets you. It is an official Thailand ID card. It will probably get you The Thai price at Art in Paradise, Temples, National Parks, and other things. Flash it like it's your 1 Card.
  5. themerg

    Thai IDs for Foreigners and their beneifts

    How much is pink card ? Where do I get ? What do I need to get ?
  6. Samui is more expensive. Everything has to be shipped in. Fisherman's Village is a market with much, much,exotic food, i.e. cooked snake and crocodile. Food is good like everywhere in LOS. Many good high views. Many luxury villas. Many coconut palms. Samui is referred to as The Coconut Island.
  7. themerg

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    The abundance of gold. In the USA, the temples would need armed guards to keep from being robbed for the gold
  8. themerg

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    The use of color by the people. The do with what you have attitude, example, a old banner held down by water bottles for a sun and rain shade. The abundance of flowers and fruit. The people are the best, Number 1 in the world. The food is excellent, pet pet is very good. The trucks advertising with speakers. Thailand becomes a whole different crazier world at night. The temples are beautiful. The poor people are happy. In the USA, the poor people are very unhappy. The malls on the weekends with the gorgeous microphone girls and ladyboys. The markets everywhere. The walking streets. The festivals, especially Songkran and Loy Kratong, and Yee Ping in Chiang Mai. The devotion to Buddha. Bangkok, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, NKP, Rayong, Aonang Beach, Krabi, the towns and villages, and the islands. AND much, much, more. I am amazed, I am laughing more, and in awe every day. But please don't drink the water.
  9. themerg

    Snake Identification Please!

    It is called The headless dead snake.
  10. themerg

    What makes Thailand so unique?

  11. themerg

    What happened to Lay tomato flovoured crisps?

    Thailand has many short time special snacks, done for marketing, and quick sales. I am looking for 7-11packaged DELICIOUS 20 Baht croissant with many thick pieces of chocolate inside for over a year now. A store manager told me it was a promotion, will never have again.
  12. Calm down. Let it be. Move on. I was here for my first time in 1972. Ladyboys were here. Ladyboys will be here in 3060.
  13. Buy a kid's pool. Put it in the shade. Fill it up with ice. In 1.5 hours, it will be cold water. It did it for my dog in upstate New York, USA.
  14. Put ice in your underwear and throw in a scorpion, some red ants, and a centipede. You won't have time to think about the heat. I do it every day. Yes, it is hot in Thailand. In Chiang Mai, there are about 340 days above 32.2C or 90F. I know that I am going to sweat and maybe get angered. Meditation and Buddhism work well. Malls, 7-11s, Tesco express have FREE A/C. When you see a 7-11, walk in with no intent to buy, and enjoy 2-3 minutes of A/C. Millions of Thais do it everyday. A Thai pooying told me of 7-11 air. Pools, showers, hoses, and drink lots of water. The most important things is stop getting angered. ONLY you get you angered.