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  1. get window unit. Don't make it easy for the snakes. I don't know how you would floor install, floor install is central air conditioning.
  2. AIS and TRUE are both garbage. Try Sinet and 3BBB. I have Sinet 30/10. Very good, they notice problems and fix them. I never had to call about a problem. They do very early morning maintenance two times a month. You call AIS and TRUE, it takes 2 or 3 people on the phone, and 1 hour, then a man comes to your house to fix the problem., very inefficient system. I have heard good of 3BBB
  3. Hatari is junk. Go with Mitsubishi. I have a Hatari industrial floor model 18 inch fan.,it lost the highest speed in 6 months, and does not start immediately anymore. In 3 years in Thailand, I have had 3 Hatari fans, 2 are in the garbage,and 1, the 18 inch standup floor model, is going bad. I have had very good luck with a table model fan called Series, I got at Makro superhighway in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  4. The Thai Way

    I laugh about it. Things are done different in Thailand. The warning may be a reminder to contribute A LOT to The Annual Thai Police Fund.
  5. What are these orange machines for?

    top-up mobile phone. Usually an additional 5 baht fee for every 100 baht you put on your phone.
  6. Try Antarctica. Get your head out of your ass.
  7. It is raining in ALL OF Thailand. It is called, RAINY SEASON. Rainy season means RAIN. I can teach you BUT I can't make you understand.
  8. It was only a cat. Complain if it was a dog.
  9. Young teakwood

    Coating, shellacing, varnishing,or staining should be done to teak. Teak does not get termites. Teak does not rot.
  10. I like their smiles, cute sweet bodies, and the sexy walk.
  11. Tropical Crotch Rot

    I had it 45 years ago. See a doctor. Go to Any Bangkok Hospital.
  12. Ghost police pickup truck focus of attention

    The mystery OR "tell as you go story" gets better. The story being told is to take attention away from the very watchful government eyes that were watching Yingluck. The JUNTA cannot be at fault.
  13. Don't forget to look in Antarctica. It's getting very popular for Thai people, they enjoy the skinny dipping.
  14. First Camera Ever !

    Buy a filter set of at least 6. Keep a light-colored filter on camera lens that is on camera at all times. Filter helps with preserving real camera lens, and filters out annoying natural light.
  15. How to kill off cockroaches?

    Cockroaches are resilient. They have been around for a million years of us trying to kill them. Find the place they are hiding in: a hole, a closet, wherever. Get Baygone spray with the long add-on tube. Spray. You will see dead roaches soon. They have moved on . They will be back maybe years later.