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  1. Super-tiny bugs in kitchen?

    look on youtube for kill ants. Are these ants you have fast ? I use glass cleaner and wipe the areas they like to be in. They go away in Thai winter.
  2. Do not fall in love with a bar girl.
  3. Andaman coast and islands, ALL Thai islands, Hua Hin, Cha'Am, Chiang Mai. Very Beautiful country. I am amazed at the amount of gold in temples, in such a poor country.
  4. Last farang to steal equivalent of 28 US Dollars from temple got 23 years in Thai prison. Do not steal from Thai temples. Respect Buddhism and Thailand. Catch the thief and put him in prison for life.
  5. Who charged who ? I think Santa should have charged her a minimum of Gas money from North Pole.
  6. I live in Thailand. I have immersed myself in Thai food. American food I use is Chex cereal I get at Tops supermarket in Chiang Mai.
  7. For a NEW SCOOTER-- 50,000 -100,000 in Chiang Mai.. 200 cc and up is a motorcycle, big difference in terminology, weight, fuel position, brakes, style, seat, drive components. A 750 and a 1200 are motorcycles.
  8. In Chiang Mai, malls open at 11:00 AM. Don't make any bets in Las Vegas or Macau on 9:00 AM.
  9. Prawit ‘close to resigning’ amid scandal

    Good bribery system. Influential favors for expensive watches. Most of the watches will be more at resale value.
  10. Soi Dogs Can Anything be done

    It's the culture of Buddhism. Do not hurt, and do not kill. If the dogs are bothering you, do as I did. Keep a 1-1.5 meter stick on both ends of your route. Dogs in Thailand are stick trained. I watched an old lady, do it. You don't have to hit the dog, the sight of the stick is enough to scare the dog. Learn to live with it. This is not your home country.
  11. roosters in temples and near monuments?

    Also, we are coming up to Chinese New Year. This will be The Year of The Rooster.
  12. Whatever happened to “My Mate Nate”?

    That phony IS NOT MY MATE.
  13. Whatever happened to “My Mate Nate”?

    Let him go. He is an American using a phony Australian accent, Americans born in California don't talk like him. He is wanting to be a foreign prisoner, let his stupidity get him his jail cell with Bubba.
  14. learn to eat Thai food. Only other foods I eat are: PB&J, and Chex cereals. Thai food is very healthy and delicious. Chillies are good for you, read up on health benefits of chillies, just have dairy products available.
  15. Medical face masks

    Better than nothing with Thai air pollution.