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  1. Send them back to Mr. PoopedOn. Sorry, I mean send them back to Mr. Putin. He'll put them in the Russian Army.
  2. Find them and make them show 20,000 Baht. Are they here on a BUM visa ?
  3. He has an American Passport. I am an American. We don't talk like him in the USA. He is a 100% phony piece of dog doo. Deport the piece of shit OR just flush the toilet on him.
  4. I am not sure about the choices. I like many, many windows. I like cranking wood windows with screw-in screens. My favorite choice is jalousie windows. Jalousie windows are common in LOS. All jalousie windows with a long or steep roof overhang is my preference for rainy season and all year. I like to keep windows and doors open always except when using air conditioning. Proper ventilation gets odors out and stops them from accumulating. All screens with a long overhang is an option in LOS. I was in U-Tapao in Vietnam war days, lived in hootches, 1 floor, concrete floor, wood from the ground to half up, then complete screening, screen doors, with a long and steep roof overhang and requires many powerful fans. I was 18 years old, it was comfortable. I also like outside screen doors. Air blowing through the house is many directions in LOS is a BEAUTIFUL thing in hot season especially, and preferable in any season . My concerns are, (1) a tight lock, (2) a good tight rubber seal at the back of the window that is sliding, and (3) a very fine weave of screening on the screen window. My reasons for all 3 are insect access. Also for number 3, in dry season, there is a lot of sand and dirt blown in the air. It gets through my current screen.
  5. If " NOT My Mate Nate " is an American, that is a phony accent he uses, Americans don't talk like that. He will only get worse. I live here, and, he doesn't care about Thailand, and he's Trash. From abusing animals to his current problems of defacing money, no work permit, and abusing the railway system. His self-made problems are escalating. Maybe a 200,000 to a 500,000 Thai Baht fine will change his attitude. His videos are sponsored and paid for, he can afford it. Pay the junta OR leave the country.
  6. Defacing or destroying money is illegal. With all Mister No Brain Nate tells us about Thailand, and he defaces money. I think he should have to give a 5 minute apology on TV to the Thai people.
  7. Pattaya was built in the Vietnam era as an R&R for US soldiers from Vietnam, Sattahip, U-Tapao, and from All of PACAF (Pacific Air Forces), and Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. I was one of them soldiers from U-Tapao. We drank Singha and wrecked bars. We were the reason Shore Patrol was formed. Soldiers can destroy anything and everything, just add alcohol. Soldiers wanted sex, alcohol, and anything illegal for cheap, and Pattaya provides, same as Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai. Pattaya has proudly served its purpose and provided soldiers , and farangs with their vices for 4 1/2 decades. Let Pattaya serve for 500 more decades. People want it, Pattaya sells it. If people did not want it, Pattaya would be a ghost town. Things are different in Thailand. I LOVE THAILAND. AND for my ending, Prostitution is ILLEGAL in Thailand.
  8. I am an American. I use to live in upstate New York in snow, and cold country. Every year we have springtime pothole season. All the technology in the world can not stop Mother Nature. Everybody fighting Mother Nature will eventually lose. Quit the complaining. Go back home to your country if you don't like it. Your home country is loosing the battle with Mother Nature just as my home country is. Water destroys rock. Things are done differently here and Thailand cannot afford all these expensive road bases, and rebar, and your other complaint filled items. I LOVE THAILAND. Love it or leave it.
  9. I was at U-Tapao from 5/10/1972 to 3/5/1973 in the U.S. Air Force, with B-52s and KC-135 air refueling tankers, and F-4 fighters, C-130s and all related planes. I saw Bob Hope's Christmas Show there in December, 1972. Anne Margaret was THE HOTTIE. Excellent show from an EXCELLENT AMERICAN HERO. Funny thing to me was, about every 2-3 weeks there was a C-5A stuck in the mud before the runway which comes directly off the beach at The Gulf of Siam. Took 4 days to free a C-5A from the mud. I now live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I will go through U-Tapao some day. Six months at U-Tapao is what brought me to live and retire in BEAUTIFUL Thailand. U-Tapao was in 1972 and is now U-Tapao Royal Thai Naval Airfield, owned and operated by The Royal Thai Navy. This is the pronunciation of U-Tapao, as the locals say it, Ew ta pow OR Oo Ta Pow, I hope this is a helpful Thai pronunciation tidbit for my farang friends. I LOVE THAILAND.
  10. Ban Chang, new houses always being built.
  11. Why are monkeys being put in dog cages ?
  12. Anything than buying fan blades and cleaning dust on blade cage and motor, I clean them and use them until they die. I buy new fan blades @ Tesco Lotus Superhighway in Chiang Mai. I buy Series brand fans at Makro Superhighway in CM, they are a faster speed. They are 3-speeds. Speed number 1 is same as number 3 on most fans. I have had for 1.5 years. Very good seeing life of a fan in CM heat is 9-12 months average during my 34 months in CM. I also have Hatari 18-inch blade Industrial adjustable-height floor-model fan, it is very fast and circulates well, 2000 THB @ Tesco Lotus Superhighway in CM.
  13. It is a quick start box, or a remote-ready always box. Unplug or a get a fan near it ?
  14. I get my eggs at SamYaek and other markets. Average price is 3 for 25 baht.