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  1. Weather app

    I use 2 weather apps, AccuWeather and WeatherUnderground.
  2. any unique resorts north of Chiang mai

    Hundreds of resorts in your price range. Go to Booking.com, Agoda.com, and others. Chiang Mai and north to Burma and Laotian borders have many resorts.
  3. Heart attack....best hospital..?

    I like and go to Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, service is fast and efficient for my 3 minor visits. My second choice is Chiang Mai Ram. Both are clean hospitals. I worked in hospital housekeeping in USA, clean is important.
  4. I think that part of the training for a True employee is how to tell lies. I moved, wanted to bring True internet to my new address. True says OK.True says someone will call me. For 9 days, no calls. Then True tells me they have no one who speaks English. Another lie.Example of another lie, call 4-digit number, press 2 for English. I stuck them with the last month of contract. Now I have Sinet internet for 2 years, no problems ever, they do maintenance from 2 -6 am.
  5. Look for water and bridges. Loy Kratong is a National Holiday in Thailand.
  6. What snake is this?

    That's called, "A run away from" snake.
  7. "Disassemble to where you can see mold completely and use high pressure water. Make sure you have an escape route for the mold, and make sure you are not sending the mold deeper into the air conditioning unit. I am saying "AC unit" as also the air flow conduit from outside. Look at the outside fan unit and clean. Have the repairman come back. Either learn Thai or get an interpreter friend to ask all your questions to the repairmen, this should help with your and the repairman's "I don't understands." Also go to where you bought the AC preferably with your interpreter friend. and ask them, know how to explain your problem in Thai. Have your phone and Google Translate ready, be persistent but courteous and humorous. Remember this--Thai is the language in this country, you are speaking the wrong language. Good luck.
  8. I know where to get in Chiang Mai. Nong Hoi , Road 106 near Holiday Inn near the bridge. Buying online now, 4 days before Loy Kratong 11/3/2017, you will get on 11/11/2017. You can get 50 Large for 900 to 1000 Baht. Can sell for 50 baht each. I sold 2 times at The Iron Bridge.
  9. Lazada is owned by Chinese company, Alibaba. Very good in Thailand. Don't know about elsewhere. Ordered a phone, I had in 2 days.
  10. each area varies. 2 years ago a plane came out of Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, and engine sucked in a lantern. no people hurt, engine destroyed.in Chiang Mai, we call them balloons, restrictions are to the Ping River area, but rules will be broken in Thailand. A policeman says no, listen, stop, don't argue.
  11. What the weather like in November?

    Wikipedia, go to Pattaya, go to climate. Can be rainy, will be hot and humid
  12. No province in Thailand is your answer. Have you ever heard of Sex Tourism in Thailand ? You keep it up the Thai girls will start calling you, "Cherry boy".
  13. Would you like some sex with your kapow moo ?
  14. Movie set in Pattaya.

    Must be a low budget movie. Pattaya is crime laden, brothels, bars, thieves den, drug haven, Mafia town, a filthy beach Town needs fire, and a new beginning. A town conceived for the US soldiers from U-Tapao, and Sattahip. I feel the same about Phuket also.