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  1. The same thing is done in USA. Phone companies and Banks are THIEVES authorized by governments.
  2. Electric pump to improve water pressure?

    You better get a pump you can clean. Thailand had very hard water.
  3. Bank charges

    My fastest well-thought answer--- CORRUPTION.
  4. Need Stable Internet. Can anyone advise?

    Everything in Thailand has peaks and pits. Look at the government for the best example.
  5. Need Stable Internet. Can anyone advise?

    There is NO STABILITY in anything in Thailand. I have Sinet Fiber, 621THB a month. I have had no problems in 28 months.. They do repairs in the early morning. TRUE sucks, bad phone complaint system. It can take 6 calls and 3 days to fix a problem. I had 4 problems with TRUE in 1 year. The local TRUE office for 9 days told me there was no one in TRUE Thailand that could speak English, that is a lie. Two months earlier I dialed TRUE at 1167,press 2 for English.
  6. Help, buy Phone is USA or in Thailand?

    I forgot to mention this. Where is HOME on your phone, US or Thailand ? Calls from HOME in US inside Thailand are long distance calls. My understanding is you live in Thailand and you are going to the USA for 6 weeks, am I correct ? If so, I would get the phone in Thailand and use Thai internet, phone carriers, and hotspot. The phone is not sold separate in the USA. They want to tie you into expensive phone plans and very expensive internet. I pay 620.26 Baht for internet at home only, then I pay 500 Baht a month to AIS for phone time. My estimate is 1,200 Baht a month for phone and internet. Do not get caught in a USA plan when you live in Thailand. I paid 17,000 for my One Plus 3 phone two years ago. Total cost for 2 years is 29,000 baht; ( $922.00 in 2 years), very cheap. That plus $500.00-$1000.00 more with a US phone carrier for the first year. Then a good phone will cost you $300.00 and up from the US carrier with a 1-2 year or more contract. Get it in the Land of Smiles, and smile when you leave the phone store.
  7. Help, buy Phone is USA or in Thailand?

    It sounds like you are coming back to Thailand. The top-of-the-line I-pad goes for 35,000 Baht in Thailand. You don't want the phones from the USA when you come back to Thailand. You don't want a US phone carrier's problems and their expensive airtime in Thailand. The phone will be 30- 80% cheaper in Thailand. Wait until you come back to Thailand OR buy in Thailand before you go to USA. If you are going to my hometown, Albany, NY; there is sleet, ice, and it's windy today AND it's always warm in The Land Of Smiles. My biggest advice is DON'T BUY OVERPRICED APPLE PRODUCTS. The new I-phone costs $320.00 US to make, and Apple wants more than $1,000. Don't be a sucker to thieves. If people stop buying the price will come down. Apple laughs every time one of their overpriced products is bought.
  8. Ants on the floor

    I have figured they are unstoppable. I use Windex, blue ammonia glass cleaner where I see them. Yesterday, I saw the little fast ants, have not see them since cold season here in Chiang Mai.
  9. Why no milkshakes?

    Buy a blender and ice cream. I don't use milk in my milkshakes. There is a DQ in Westover, Massachusetts, the shakes are very, very, thick. Sip 1 time through the straw, and it takes 10 minutes for the ice cream to drain out the straw. DQ shake, and a habanero cheeseburger, OR a Frostie and a double chees, mayo, onions, tomato with a potato at Wendy's. Wendy's needs to come to Thailand AND DQ needs to have their full US menu in LOS.
  10. CAN NOT be scrapped. Can not means, Don't want to scrap.
  11. If I rode bent over on a café racer, I would walk bent over for an hour.1984 Honda V65 Sabre 1100 cc, 122 hp, shaft-drive, hydraulic clutch, V-4, liquid cooled. Quite a lot of hp in 1984. I had it up to 145 mph, 234 kmh. The bike had more to go. I didn't have anymore left in me. My stomach felt like it was 1 foot, .33 meters behind me, not nauseous, but very uncomfortably in a muscular, skeletal way. I am a sit up straight rider, not a café racer type. If I rode bent over on a café racer, I would walk that way for an hour. That bike was a crotch rocket.
  12. The junta is failing the public and proving that they are the criminals also. Absolute Power is corrupt. Power is corrupt absolutely.
  13. You have been caught, and now you are offering an alternative. The buildings can be demolished. The forest should be replanted and may it have no more "we are government, we can do whatever we want" land poachers seeing that it is a National Park.
  14. I think the forecasts are NUTS. Just bring an umbrella for sun and rain protection.
  15. Snake ID please

    it's called, a dead one.