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  1. lasidaho

    license plates

    bought new car in BKK, oct.2nd this year was told we would have regular plates sent to us about 45 days, as of yet no plates, call dealer keep giving us run around. Paid cash for the car, would like to know if anyone has had similar problem, and what are my options of getting this dealer to act. Thanks
  2. lasidaho

    selling a auto.

    When you own a auto, and the owner is a Thai. when it is sold do the license plates go with the auto, or do they stay with the owner. Then if it is bought in Bangkok, and the new owner wants to register it in different province, is that ok, and is there any special paper work to do. Thanks
  3. lasidaho

    Buying a new auto

    wanted to know better in BKK or CM, to purchase, know what I'm buying just wanted some info on process Thanks to all replies
  4. lasidaho

    Buying a new auto

    Farang, Planning on buying a new car, either Chiang mai. Or Bangkok, any information will be of great help
  5. I'm from US and my thoughts are we are not in a position to decry about other countries, nor is any other one. There are problems throughout the world, solve your own.
  6. lasidaho

    New Traffic Law in Chiang Mai

    to look like a fool is one thing, but to post here is being very foolish, grow up.
  7. lasidaho

    trip to Hanoi

    Going to fly to Hanoi in Oct. for 4 days, taking wife and 2- step daughters 14 and 22, any advise, and the dos and don'ts will be very helpful.
  8. buy 25 bug zappers, charge them up, put them out after dark flip there lights on, enjoy the music
  9. lasidaho

    Buying a car

    Well I will definitely check that out,last year I rented a vios had 36000k on it I paid 31000bht for a month, this was in CM I did call around
  10. lasidaho

    Buying a car

    good point about rodents, it cost $1000 to $1300 each month for a decent car to rent, and this is not SUV,
  11. lasidaho

    Tourist number down?

    So at the end of day, what is the real story here
  12. lasidaho

    Buying a car

    thanks to all for the imput, couple of items to reply to, to store for 6-8 months I agree not good, but my thoughts better then to rent a car for 6 months each year, and have rented many already. Buy new and put away for 6 months kind of hurts too, I understand the cars hold there value better there, and it seems that SUV are on top of list.
  13. Wanting to buy SUV, don't want to buy new one as will be stored 6-8 months a year, so been looking at used 3-5 years old, shocked at the prices they are asking, especially the Honda CRV. Any info or advise would be great. Thanks
  14. lasidaho

    Buying a car

    Need to buy auto, been looking at SUV, don't want to buy new as will be stored 6-8 months a year. So been looking at 3-5 years old, in shock at prices that are asked, seems the Honda CRV very expensive, my ???s why so much for used cars.