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  1. There is actually something in that, the law states that bikes, tuk tuks etc must travel to the extreme left of a roadway. It is somewhat the cars responsibility to merge with and give way to the bikes.
  2. What is it with westerners and the need for gigantic pick-up trucks. A common accident in Thailand given that motorbikes are supposed to travel to the left. As a car driver in Thailand its one of the first things you pick up, check that blind spot for bikes. A lot of Thais will come to a stop, check, then turn left. If you are going to drive a gigantic pick-up, just to go to BigC once a week, be proactive and realise you are sharing the road with hundreds of small motorbikes.
  3. So Americans will worship and support the 2nd amendment, right to bear arms, but then argue the hotel shound have overridden the 2nd amendment rights. You cant have it both ways. In Nevada you can carry guns, and I presume keep them in your residence, wouldnt a hotel room be considered a residence.
  4. Beware of Shoppee

    OP, I think you will find its a "return period", not a warranty. Even Lazada says to contact the manufacturer after the 7/14 day (depending on product) return period. I agree you would have to be living no were near a TV not to have heard of Shoppee, annoying add with Cute Thai girl in orange dress.
  5. Yes, I think that it still the case, if you hold an oz license, they sort of cover it in the definition of visitor (no oz license). Makes sense as otherwise you could pick and choose which license if you got a fine etc. I often go back to oz with both licenses in my pocket but aware that I am on the Oz license. The same back in Thailand, you cant have a Thai license and argue that you are driving on your oz license. There is always a time limit driving on a foreign license, 3-6 months, then you are required to get a local one and your home one is no longer accepted.
  6. I see your point but it comes down to most countries are signatories to the international treaties and agreements, and except each others valid licenses.
  7. 2019 is a fair way off, there could be a couple of GFCs, a couple of Nuclear conflicts, and a B grade reality TV star could be sacked as the leader of America between now and then.
  8. A work permit is not requried. I dont think anyone does tax returns etc, not work or a business, a private arrangement, rent on a modest condo would come in under the tax threshhold of 150k pa anyway.
  9. I think you will find an IDP is not required for a Thai license, an IDP is only required if a foreign license is not in English. Driving in NSW with a foreign licence is allowed if you meet all the following conditions below: You are a temporary overseas visitor (tourists, people with working visa, people on a temporary business trip, people visiting friends or relatives) Your foreign licence or driver permit is current and valid Your foreign licence is in English, otherwise, you must carry an English translation of your licence or your International Driving Permit You have not been given a suspension or disqualification to drive in NSW or somewhere else https://www.driverknowledgetests.com/learners-permit/driving-on-a-foreign-licence-in-australia.php Other states say similar
  10. I think this may be more along the lines of selling fake braces for fashion (Yes its a thing), not much to do with a fake orthodontic clinic. I noticed a stall at Thesapit markets in pattaya selling fake braces the other night.
  11. Take another look at this Photo, in the bottom of the frame you can clearly see a blocked drain cover. Not to mention that the drain is higher than the water.
  12. Gold shops?

    There are a couple in Pattaya tai, near tukom across from the big temple. At least one in each shopping mall.
  13. You woudnt need to pass the test, you can convert a thai license to an oz license with no test. Depending on the state I think your current license sits in limbo if not paid, you dont loose it. I returned to NSW after living interstate for 10 years, photo and payment and got license back, even the same license number.
  14. Australia doesnt require IDP for a Thai license, My wife has driven on a Thai license (and did a breath test stop), and we even went to the dept of transport to ask prior. IDP is only required, as a translation document, if license isnt in english.
  15. Not sure why you are quoting misleading and incorrect information. Land owned by a Thai in a Thai-farang marriage "is not " a maritial asset and is not split 50/50 at divorce. when the land is purchased during marrige, it becomes a personal asset of the Thai person, not a maritial asset. As it is prohibited for foreign nationals to own land in Thailand it has long been illegal for a Thai national married to a foreigner to acquire land because through matrimonial property laws the foreign spouse would obtain foreign ownership in land as property of husband and wife. It is only since a Ministry of Interior regulation dated March 23 1999 that it is allowed "for a Thai national married to a foreigner to purchase land but the land must become a non-marital or separate personal property of the Thai spouse". Its in black and white on every Thai legal company website. https://www.samuiforsale.com/family-law/division-divorce-marital-home.html Note that before when a Thai women married a foreigner she lost the right to buy or own land in Thailand. This law was changed in March 23, 1999 which allowed a Thai woman to own land again while married to a foreigner. Note that in a divorce the property as stated above which you will have to confirm at the Land Department yourself is personal property and not common property so that you have no claim to the land during a divorce. Many as stated above register a 30 year usufruct over the property in the event that their wife might die and they would have to leave the property. Speak to your attorney about this. http://www.bangkokattorney.com/thai-married-to-a-foreigner-land-ownership.html