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  1. Peterw42

    How did you meet your Thai wife?

    Im going to buy 3-4 bars and call them the bank, the library, the convent. Then everyone can come clean and admit were they met.
  2. Peterw42

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    You can have 1,000 electric taxi's, it still doesn't achieve much if the electricity to run them is generated in a coal/gas fired power station, as is the case in Thailand. The power station is burning fossil fuels, CO2 gases etc, instead of the car.
  3. To be legal. That would involve setting up a company etc, capital, 3 Thai employees etc, then the company employs you. Someone has to employ you, either your own company or another.
  4. Not automatic permission to work, permission to get a work permit if someone will employ you. Unlike a retire extension were you cannot get a work permit.
  5. The foreigners dont have businesses, they have non trading shelf companies. There are 2 things wrong, a non trading company and foreigners indirectly owning land.The Gov doesnt like Thais owning property through non trading companies as they miss out on tax .
  6. The foreigner does not own land, he owns 49% of a company that owns land, I am a shareholder in Apple, doesn't mean I own the patents for an iphone.
  7. I have read the OP 3 times, it says nothing about going after businesses that seek to circumvent labour issues. Am I missing something ?
  8. Peterw42

    What is That above a car number plate ???

    Probably a "rear" plate holder that would of course incorporate lights to illuminate the plate, possibly missing a cover/reflector. Who knows why somchai has put it on the front.
  9. Peterw42

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    There are a couple of other things, she "will" stop and ask for directions, appears to have the genetic knowledge/trait of separating the whites and colours when doing the washing. She also has that mystery wisdom about the cloth that hangs on the kitchen tap, what it can and cant be used for.
  10. Peterw42

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    3 kids and a C section scar. (also she cant reverse park, lol)
  11. Peterw42

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    I just woke my wife up (a biological female) to try this elbow thing, there is no difference, neither of us can go beyond straight.
  12. Peterw42

    How to differentiate between a girl and lady boy?

    If she drives you home and reverse parks the car first time, thats a guy.
  13. Peterw42

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    There is also an aspect of driving/riding in Thailand that could be seen as offensive driving/riding, right of way is often not given, often you can find yourself in a situation where you need to push your right of way for safety sake, the opposite of defensive. Travelling on a main road at speed, amongst traffic, and 3-4 cars are trying to enter from a side street, defensive driving would dictate that you slow and cover your brake in case a car decides to enter from the side st. Slow and cover your brake in Thailand will be seen as an invitation/opportunity for the other cars to enter, all the cars travelling at speed then need to stop, some will some wont, some will change lanes or maybe rear end you etc. In some instances, you have to override those defensive instincts.
  14. Maybe not, Jomtien can be very inconsistent in regards to TM30, I have done a couple of extensions there and to date have never been asked for a TM30. Even when I have gone there specifically to do one, was told I dont need to as I have a permanent address in Pattaya, a yellow book. I literally had the form filled out and they woudnt take it. Also have friends in the same situation who have been asked, fined etc.