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  1. That makes a lot of sense. So a VPN and an Australian DNS should work for Khunhieneken in post 40.
  2. Thats interesting, the same thing that netfix in the US does to stop people using a VPN. There would probably be some VPN providers that know how to get around it. I managed to get the MX Australia addon (mentioned earlier in this thread) going and channel 9 works ok.
  3. OP, I can put you in touch with a friend of my wife's who does rentals in park-lane, paradise park, amazon etc. PM if interested.
  4. Any anti virus is only as good as what you say yes or no to, 90% of viruses/malware etc are a direct result of trying to get something for nothing or get something that is illeagal. Years ago a virus would find you, attached to an email, on a friends usb stick etc. Those old delivery methods are not that common now days. Now days, most malicious content is actually introduced by the user in the pursuit of free music, movies, software, free access to a paid service or a free clean up/tune up software.
  5. I read somewhere that Bill Gates has one of the biggest private libraries in the world and collects antique books
  6. You could maybe even email the photos to the Canadian Embassy and ask, if you are not close. You would also then have a written document, if they reply and say its ok. Looks a lot like songkrahn damage to me, lol
  7. How old do you have to be for seniors discount at the movies ?
  8. I have seen that vietnam has high cash deposit rates compared to most western contries were you are lucky to get 2-3%. Maybe someone could explain why.
  9. Maybe they should pay back debt before saving money, just a thought. The debt would be costing 10-20% a year, and the savings earning maybe 2% a year.
  10. Have you considered that the Thai girl on Tinder is in fact a 50 year old man living in a country that ends in stan and used to be part of russia ? Maybe ask for a photo of her holding her Thai ID card and a copy of todays bangkok post.
  11. There are legitimate NGOs that do great work tackling real problems, however, There are NGOs in Thailand that have a vested interest in portraying, exaggerating and even making up an image of out of control child sex trafficking and prostitution. Its there business. They set up a charity and a website in their home country, feed the western media horrific stories of 1,000s 12 years olds, sold into the sex trade and locked in a basement of a walking st/Bangla rd bar. Even if there is only a remote aspect of truth to it. The money pours in, pays for a house, car, lifstyle in thailand, gets you a visa/work permit etc. Every now and then they report on there website how they talked a 20 year old into quiting the bar and getting a job in 7/11.
  12. OP, if you have a noise problem then maybe all the other owners have the same problem. Maybe talk to other owners/committee and look into getting the whole block soundproofed. If everyone has the same problem and everyone agreed it is a fault with the building, you could maybe use sinking fund money to rectify it. If its a new block you may have a recourse back to the developer. Not paying your maintenance fees is a bit like buying a television you dont like and then not paying the electricity bill. Its a debt like any other and you cant just stop paying it, eventually they will take action, cut off utilities, hand over to a debt collector or sell your condo to recover the debt. Its not a condition in the title deed, its the law covered by the Condominium Act.
  13. Theoretically NAS to PC transfer would be at Gigabit. Technically 100 mbps only uses 4 wires in the cable and Gigabit uses all 8 wires, but cable manufactures have been terminating all 8 wire for 20 years. Any cable with all 8 wires connected will probably do gigabit over a short distance, Cat5e,6,7 is just better shielding and twist rates so it will do gigabit over a big distance.
  14. Hard drives transfer in Megabytes not Megabits, thats Big B, MBps. 8 Megabits make 1 MegaByte, or around 8 times faster. Storage, HD or bus speeds etc is usually measured in MB, internet speed etc is measured in Mb (so the providers can make it sound faster, lol) Yes, downloads and streaming will not be at gigabit speed but local file transfers will.