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  1. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL) should be taken as non-dimmable unless stated on the bulbs packaging. But even then, dimmable CFLs must be paired with a dimmer that specifically states compatibility with CFLs.(leading or trailing edge). Incandescent dimmers make the sine wave smaller, CFL and led dimmers clip the sine wave (leaving the amplitude) and takes half away, either the leading or trailing edge. Nowadays you will have more options for dimmers and dimmable LED globes.
  2. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    A couple of the large western run real estate agents in pattaya advertise rent/buy options on the local cable TV.
  3. So everyone can buy a gun at 7/11 with no checks or training but the teachers need assessment and training ???? We arm the chicken in case the egg is armed, or is it the egg we arm in case the chicken is armed.
  4. Would that be a single shot musket or the modern interpretation of the 2nd.
  5. A big difference between "armed protection' and arming the people being protected. Your just advocating everyone carries a gun.
  6. Arming the teachers sounds good until there is a nutter teacher, "who has been given a gun". Better arm the janitor to take out the teacher. I am stuck on who takes out the nutter janitor. Maybe just give a gun to everyone, write it into the constitution.
  7. Would it include a background check for the guy with the nuke button
  8. What does the original lease document say about terms after the lease is over. If its a complex contract it probably has a paragraph covering ongoing terms. The document you are suggesting, original lease conditions apply, X days notice and no rent increase, sounds like another lease.
  9. Not a lot of other options for under 50. Unless working or Thai elite Visa.
  10. Fax Service ?

    There are free fax services where you can send an email to be sent as a fax or upload a pdf etc to be faxed. https://www.lifewire.com/free-fax-services-2378048
  11. Just a thought, Do you have water frontage, as in you could launch from your property or dock. maybe its only people who directly have lake access can have a boat, otherwise anyone could put a boat there. I could ask to put a boat there and I dont live there. Is there a place where people launch their boats from ? Is it a proper reservoir as in peoples drinking water etc ?
  12. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    Maybe ask the OP, I was having a joke about it. Its mentioned in the OP.
  13. I want to know whats on page 27. (bottom of the page)
  14. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    This is a real coincidence because I just got back with my girlfriend of 2 years, we broke up 4 weeks ago. My mum helped patch it up. She wants me to get a Tesco points card. But everything else is great.
  15. Pink ID card

    I have never really understood the separation and who does what. If I go to my local Tessaban for anything they look at me like I have three heads and send me to the Ampher. Other places I have lived and it was the opposite.