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  1. Peterw42

    Overstay 16 years

    I renewed an Australian passport in Thailand, the embassy did no checks for a current visa etc, the only time they even wanted to see the old passport was when I picked up the new one, they checked who I was, cut the corner off and stamped cancelled in it, then gave me back both passports. OP could have renewed his passport 2-3 times in 16 years. Lots of people could have another country passport that they entered Thailand on and they are renewing a passport not used in Thailand.
  2. A large portion of the Australian population can witness a Stat Dec, police, teachers, comm Gov employees, doctor/dentist/Optometrist etc "but" as stated in the legislation, stat decs are for use in Australia, for Australian matters.
  3. I still think condos "can" be a great investment in Thailand but unfortunately many pay to much in the first place. People literally pay double what a condo is worth then spend the next 5 years telling everyone how bad the condo market is. There appears to be two markets in Thailand, the actual realistic price where condos change hands, get a reasonable return and appreciate over time, and the overinflated market where there is always someone asking a stupid price and someone willing to pay it. Its often hard to find any real data in Thailand, past sales, sales volume, real rental return etc. There appears to be a supply of "fresh off the plane" guys that pay the stupid asking prices. I have a condo in Jomtien, average cookie cutter condo block etc. The price for a condo in this block is 1.2-1.5 Mil baht and condos regularly change hands at this price and they get a 6-8% net rental return, even go up 50-100k every couple of years. 90% of sales are in this price range. The thing is, in the same block there are people trying to sell the same condos for 3 Mil baht "and" every now and then somebody pays the 3 Mil baht. At 3 Mil baht the rental return is very bad, and the owner would need to take a 50% hit to resell the condo. Its this vocal 10% that are on the forums bitching about the condo market. For the other 90% who bought at the right price, it can be a good investment.
  4. Am I the only one who has noticed that the Dow Jones is down 1,000 points this week, and its only Tuesday. (US). I understand that FOX etc only ever reports the gains but it appears to be largely overlooked in the media. Is this the new normal ? How big does a drop need to be before its in the news ?