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  1. A BJ just after the GF has eaten spicy food.
  2. An Indian "businessman" (whatever that means) got in an argument with another "Indian " man, and was then chased away. Thats two non-Thais fighting, and some how its beach mafia behaving badly.
  3. Yes, that heady combination of diesel fumes, somtum and cheap perfume. Like taking the waters at lourdes.
  4. A great idea for a thread but I fear it will become " I will never, trust a bar-girl, go to pattaya, buy a condo, invest in Thailand " again thread. In my case, "I will never do that again", is usually followed by "and we will never speak of it again"
  5. Gun control is not the answer, they need some military grade, assault style, automatic "thoughts and prayers" . Write a "right to bear thoughts and prayers" amendment into the constitution. Everyone should join the NT&PA.
  6. Peterw42

    Are single women in Thailand into make up?

    Make-up, the gift that says "here, you need all the help you can get".
  7. Peterw42

    Thai Driving License in Hua Hin

    Most people, websites etc, quote a 90 day rule. The only thing in the Thai Motor vehicle Act is a reference to long stay visa (over 90 days) and needing a Thai license. In the 100s of traffic stops I did when driving on home license, I had one policeman ask how long I had been in Thailand, I answered 2 months, and he said in one months time I need to get a Thai license. Even the police appear to have a 90 day rule rather than the actual, what visa rule.
  8. Peterw42

    Thai Driving License in Hua Hin

    The "official" rule is, on a long stay visa a Thai license is required, its not like its ever enforced (except maybe a serious accident and insurance is looking for an out). 1,000s of expats are still driving on home license/IDP. Even at a traffic stop the police would not know your visa status. Most of the rental companies quote a 90 day rule (if at all) rather than what visa you are on. I seriously think you could just drive around as you did before and get a Thai license at your leisure. There are members who insist you can drive on home license and IDP indefinitely, so long as they are both valid. As to what is required to get a Thai license, its usually home license, resident certificate, medical certificate, passport copies and do a vision/reflex test, however different DLTs can have different requirements.
  9. Peterw42

    International Driving Permit

    Lots of countries also have not ratified the 1968 treaty, UK, US, Australia. Map below also shows that Thailand abides by the 1968 treaty.
  10. Peterw42

    International Driving Permit

    Its not confusing they mean non-immigrant visa, there is no immigrant visa. They are just using a generic term for a long stay visa. If you dont have a long stay visa (over 90 days) you can use home license, if you have a long stay visa you need a Thai license. There are 127 web sites, insurance companies, direct quotes from DLTs and police, who all say the same thing. Longer than 90 days, you need a Thai license. One person says otherwise, YOU. Its the same all over the world, after a couple of months residing in a country, you need a local license. why would Thailand be any different.
  11. Peterw42

    Buy Condo or Buy land ?

    I think you will find that your cousin never owned the land, like most farming land its not owned, he would have a deed that allows him to occupy and farm the land. Over the years people have abused these titles, renting the land out, building on the land, transferring title , and in some cases getting illegal ownership. The military stepped in and put a stop to people illegally developing, transferring and claiming to own land that was never owned, only ever a farming deed. Maybe familiarise yourself with the many Thai land titles and how they were being abused, before making ridiculous 80% confiscated claims.
  12. I was talking to a guy the other day who told me what he did in a similar situation. He hired the house for a weekend and wired in a remote controlled electricity cut off switch hidden in the back of the fuse box. At 10 pm he just cut the power using a remote control. Not sure if the story was true but a novel solution.
  13. The Motor Vehicle Act B.E. 2522. section 42, Does not specifically state 90 days, it states that you can only use home license/IDP if you are "not" on an non-immigration visa/extension. IE: can only use home license/IDP on a visa exempt, tourist visa etc, the longest possible stay on a visa exempt, tourist visa is 90 days. Put another way, once you are on a Visa/extension were you start doing 90 reports, home license/IDP is no longer valid. This site gives a good explanation and has links to the motor act. http://driving-in-thailand.com/type-of-driving-licence-required/
  14. You can go to other DLTs outside your area, I was living outside of BKK and the local DLT wanted my first borns birth certificate translated to swahili, took a trip to BKK and got license no problems, they didn't care less that residence was another province.. (that was Thai license using home license, maybe different for new license from scratch) Like immigration offices, they all have different rules.