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  1. Some of the decorations dont get it quiet right though, years ago I saw santa clause on a crucifix and a nativity scene with the 3 wise men in santa suits. I was seeing a girl who waied the xmas tree in a mall, the same as she would wai a budda or king statue.
  2. Pattaya certainly has lots of cinemas now. Thats Central festival, central marina, the avenue and now T21. Surely one will have to close.
  3. As a consumer its great, we often go to Central marina because it is quiet, plenty of parking, no crowds etc. I'm glad I'm not a shareholder, but parking at the front door and no crowds etc is great.
  4. For me, the whole airport theme comes with negative connotations, you never buy anything in an airport because its ridiculously expensive.
  5. A transfer is a sale as far as the land office is concerned, all the same fees and taxes. (otherwise everyone would say they are transferring to a friend/partner etc, to avoid fees and taxes). It would all be done at the land office. If your partner is a Thai wife and the property is a marital asset (acquired during marriage) she would already be entitled to 50% in a divorce.
  6. We tend to use Central marina as well, as you say everything is there and free easy parking and great food court, not crowded movies. If you go there at the moment, it appears people are parking there and going to check out T21, its very busy. As a consumer, all these malls are great, more parking and not crowded at the older malls but everything is there.
  7. Peterw42

    vegetarian roasts and pies

    Western choices and reasonable prices dont always appear in the same sentence, often the same price as home. Tinnies pies in Thappraya rd Jomtien. Back fabrik bakery in 2nd rd jomtiem for fresh rolls etc. Maybe the robin hood tavern in the Avenue mall for roasts and buffet etc. The new TOPS supermarket in Baan and beyond for salad bar. Lots of places where you can pretend you are not living in Thailand, lol
  8. I think any crackdown would be more to do with the non trading/shelf company side of things. A big part of the loop hole is the companies dont trade, have a turnover, profit/loss, tax etc. Companies are entities to conduct business/trade etc, not an entities to hold property. I belive a non-trading company is also an issue for 100% thai ownership. I dont think they would shut down foreigners owning half a "legitimate" company that actually runs a business, and as a result owns the premises they operate in, has property investments etc. Its not so much foreigners indirectly owning land, its using a company for other than its purpose. IMO, they would probably introduce mandatory company trading requirements, minimum turnover, minimum tax etc. Maybe even introduce laws to do with companies only owning property with a direct association with the company, a coffee shop can own the coffee shop premises etc. Maybe even some deeming laws, if a company owns only property, it must be income producing, tax the company on the possible rent etc.
  9. I'm in the middle of booking a trip back to Australia for xmas, the Thai prices are really expensive, even a sale/promotion fare to Australia is 20% more than the normal qantas fare.
  10. Facebook or netflix dont have a return or pay dividends, they have had speculative capital gain but not a return. A capital gain is different to a yield, return, dividend etc. That is sort of the problem at the moment share prices are going up based on nothing but speculation, they dont make money or pay dividends.
  11. Peterw42

    WINDOWS 10

    OP, all of the things you describe are not functions of windows 10, they are functions of individual programs. You mention convertavitoDVX, it sounds like that program is missing now. Hundreds of programs will do that function. Maybe time to change your process completely, if you are downloading movies, there is no need to convert them to a DVD to watch them. New Televisions or even your DVD player will play the downloaded movie off a usb drive, play on your computer and a HDMI/screencast connection to your television. Unless you have a 20 year old TV and an old DVD player, there are lots of ways to watch your movies without converting them to DVDs
  12. Peterw42

    What motorbike insurance do you have?

    Take out an insurance policy beyond the manditory insurance
  13. Who is requiring notarised passport copies and proof of address? If its your funds in your bank, you can access it any time you like and send it to Thailand. Am I missing something?
  14. How could a British lawyer provide the same function as the BE does now ? The current function is a letter written by the consulate and signed by the consulate. A British lawyer writing a letter and signing it would be no different to a note from your mum. A British lawyer could maybe witness affidavits/declarations, the same as the other embassies currently do for their citizens. But currently TI only accepts declarations witnessed by embassies.
  15. Yes, I can fully understand a chanote or a lease to show you own or rent the condo, and therefore have access to the common property, security etc. Its stepping outside their jurisdiction to ask for passport etc so they can do immigration reports. Sure, collect information to run the block but collecting information to pass on to 3rd parties isnt really part of the authority or responsibility. Especially when they are not an entity that can do TM30s, they are not a hotel, the owner, the possessor, the house master. The office is no different to the girl in 7/11 in that regard.