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  1. Yes, that right, some want to talk it up but alternatively there are some with sour grapes, who cant afford a condo or the funds for a long term visa, a car etc. Some will paint the picture that its all doom and gloom because it justifies there circumstances
  2. Yes, I would agree with what you say, but in this instance there is no footpath its a shared space, to a certain extent the cyclist is riding on the pavement and the pedestrian is on the road, in a shared space they both have a duty of care to avoid each other, appropriate speed etc. The bike hits the pedestrian, not the other way round.
  3. OP, since you want an address for immigration, bank accounts, shipping etc, its a good idea to make sure anywhere you rent can do TM30 reporting, provide copies of blue book for the property and owners ID etc, even your Thai wife in the blue book. You basically tell immigration where you live and they provide a document (certificate of residency) to open bank accounts, get a license etc. Immigration will most of the time take a lease document as proof of address but sometime require TM30, Blue book and owner ID etc
  4. depends on the bank/branch, besides passport they may require Certificate of residency or proof of address. BKK bank often requires a letter of recommendation from home bank as per below
  5. It is possible, although often difficult, its a matter of going from bank to bank, even branches of the same bank, until you find one that will do it.
  6. Nobody appears to have noticed that the bike rider has a companion rider (who turns around and comes back), the companion rider goes past the pedestrian at about 20 secs, the lady bike rider is chasing/following the companion and possibly trying to take the same path as the companion. The pedestrian does not move her shoulder towards the bike rider , she moves her hip away from the bike. At a certain freeze frame it appears the pedestrian has put her shoulder out , she hasnt. The victim and the companion (male) have matching gear on , so there is no doubt they are together. The victim is definitely trying to follow and "keep up" with the male companion. I would guess that the victim has just ducked out from behind the bus, chasing her companion. There is no footpath and all through the clip many pedestrians are seen walking on the same road, there is enough space for the pedestrians, bikes and cars until the bus comes along. At this point the bike rider is going to fast into a small part of the road where pedestrians are walking.
  7. But she still didnt hop off the plane on a tourist visa, get a job and buy a house. I am sure there would have been an initial visa/residency application and process before she could work or buy property, is that not the case in European countries ?
  8. Lots of western countries have restrictions on foreigners owning property, being company directors getting visa's etc. Australia for example, a foreigner/nonresident can only buy certain new build properties and cannot buy existing property, a foreigner/nonresident cannot be a sole company director, I am married to a Thai and she cannot work in Australia unless she applies for, and gets a resident Visa, that takes 1-2 years to get and costs $10,000.
  9. did anyone think of doing the find phone thing thats built into android phones ? would love to know "where "the police radioed ahead to, is there a phone thief head office maybe
  10. I'm doing my part, I proudly hum Advance Australia Fair as I hand over my dollars changed into Baht.
  11. Chinese actually spend the most on a daily basis but only stay for a week. Australians and NZ (oceania) spend a lot per day but they stay 1-2 months. Can see why they are popular.
  12. I am surprised no video or photos have come out showing him being rescued from the ocean etc, there must have been 100s taking video etc. As you say, we dont know.
  13. All the reports on the nightly news are saying he fell with the harness on, its appears in some of the photos and videos that he still has it on and it cannot be seen still attached to the parachute.
  14. The crutch straps are 2 loops that you step into like a pair of trousers, the loops sit up into your groin and are mostly under the Tshirt, they are securely fastened.