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  1. Investing

    This thread was running a couple of weeks ago
  2. Usually payment and transfer happen at the land office at the same time. There is no "land owner" for a condominium, only the condo owner. Who have you payed money to ? A real estate agent, the condo owner ?
  3. Android Box Repair Service

    There are lots of people with android/kodi knowledge in the IT forums. If you can post some details, does kodi start ok, are you watching locally stored movies or streaming, what add on etc.
  4. Australian Aged Pension

    As disscussed before, there is a big difference between working overseas (automatically a non resident) and being outside of Australia and retaining "resident for taxation purposes" status. If you keep resident status then there are not any capital gains exemptions but you keep the tax free threshhold etc.
  5. CMOS computer battery.

    Your local Tukom/IT mall would either sell them or have someone who could make one up. Buy a soldering iron and make yourself, its just a wire soldered to either side of the battery, then taped up. You could probably hold the wires in place just using tape.
  6. pets in condo

    Maybe a good idea to check the by-laws for your specific condo block, most will have a specific "no pets" law. If the condo management is putting up signs, its probably enforcing the "existing" By-laws, and no need to consult with owners. I doubt if a court case would automatically make all condo by laws null and void. Besides condo laws, pets in condos also probably falls under general health and noise laws.
  7. Isnt your issue with JIB computers ? they sold you a product and it hasnt turned up. They are the customer as far as DHL is concerned, DHL are shipping on behalf of JIB. If you payed using a card then cancel the transaction with your bank or CC company. Its up JIB to chase up undelivered goods.
  8. Noise pollution from construction work

    I arrived in Thailand 4-5 years ago and was assigned a guy with an angle grinder, to follow me wherever I go. So far he has done a great job following me all over Thailand. He has a day off sometimes and is replaced with a guy with a Hammer drill, rare occasions when the power is off, he is replaced with a parking attendant with a whistle. I have tried to fool them, catch a bus in the middle of the night to a remote location etc, but they always manage to find me.
  9. My Condo block in jomtien is run by a private management company and it appears to be good. lots of maintenance and quick repairs etc, they chase up people who dont pay, enforce condo laws etc. They do "all " the administrative functions, thats what they get paid to do. What has been the problem with the past companies ? stealing money ? Surely a management company could be sacked if breaking the law or not following instructions. Even a private company takes direction from, and works for the owners via the commitee.
  10. Visa on Arrival

    I presume you have a ticket out booked for the 5th ? Can you change the flight out to the 4th ? Otherwise clear immigration before midnight on the 4th and wait for your flight, go to immigration and extend your stay, or pay the fine.
  11. moving to Pattaya from BKK advice please

    OP, if you are interested in Jomtien have a look around soi wat boon, around 800m back from jomtien beach. Lots of condos that are 1 bedroom, park lane, paradise park, amazom etc. most things need are local, haircut, 7/11, dentist, market etc.
  12. Transam, You missed this Elvis song, very relevant.
  13. I have been waiting at the normal checkout with a trolley full and been directed by the staff to the 10 or less checkout, because they were empty. Also, I am pretty sure some stores have VIP/loyalty cards that give access to fast checkout no matter how many groceries.
  14. If the money originally came from outside Thailand, talk to your bank for a letter or FET Unless you have a bank letter or FET showing proof of the money coming in to Thailand, the money will need to be sent out of Thailand and back in.