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  1. These attacks are about 3 groups, nutters, Muslims and non-Muslims. The goal of the nutters is to turn non-Muslims against Muslims. They are achieving there goals and 90% of the population is helping them achieve their goals. By condemning Muslims or associating these nutters as Muslims, you are supporting the terrorists goals. Dont even mention the terrorists name or acknowledge the religion they are "acting in the name of", and you take away their power.
  2. I clicked through to all the bikini shots. It made me think that the whole story is a bit of a beat up. maybe trying to raise her profile for a modelling career etc.
  3. They may only come one time but there are 1.3 billion of them. Many places in the world have a steady stream of visitors because its on the bucket list.
  4. Many of the listings on Kaidee etc are Thai people listing agents properties, trying to get a commission for introducing the buyer to the agent. My wife has 3-4 friends that do it, it brings in some good leads. They get 1,000 baht for responding to the add on kaidee then passing the buyer over to the agent.
  5. My wife sells real estate and puts listings on English sites and on Kaidee. When they expire on Kaidee she puts them on again. They are the same properties listed elsewhere and often relistings not a flood of new listings.
  6. Yes, it coudnt possibly be that lots of property is still changing hands. With a good agent you can be in and out in an hour.
  7. Exactly, The condo I own at the moment, I saw it 3 times through 3 different agents, at 3 different prices (probably listed 4-5 times). I bought it for 1.2m and one of the agents had it listed for 1.45.
  8. Yes, you are 100% right, lots of properties are listed on multiple sites and they sold years ago. A lot of it comes from the ridiculous multi layer commission sharing. An agent has a listing and if you can bring a buyer to the agent then you get a cut of the commission, this leads to people creating websites and listing properties that belong to other agents, then people start listing your properties on their website etc etc. The chain can be 3-4 agents and sub-agents between the buyer and the actual seller. Additionally, each agent often adds to the price, leading to some of the overpricing. So you can end up with multiple listings for the same property at several different prices.
  9. "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" People dont seem to realize the goal of a terrorist organization, besides blowing stuff and people up etc. its not that simple. Its aimed at creating a divide between normal Muslims and others, and radicalizing more Muslims. Its about creating an us and them situation. Normal Muslims become hated, isolated, blamed and associated with the radical nutters. A young law abiding Muslims finds himself being blamed, victimized, persecuted for terrorist acts, he may as well go and join them. Keep punishing and blaming peaceful Muslims and a percentage of them will cross over to the dark side. Terrorism is about "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" The enemy of radical Islam is the west, Radical Islam wants the west to be the enemy of normal Islam and therefore normal Islam is the friend of radical Islam. And its working!!!
  10. Its the end of high season, isnt some empty hotels and shutters down, normal for this time of year ? I have some Thai friends who only open their shops for high season, and mothball a few rooms in the guest house until next year. Interested to know where you get the sold figures for some condo blocks ? I have friends who are in the real estate business and they are the first to admit, that unless you are the developer or work at the land office, then actual sales figures are hard to come by
  11. I have Australian friends who holiday in Phuket 3-4 times a year, they fly here on an Australian airline, they stay and eat at guesthouses and small hotels owned by Australian expats and their Thai wives, they spend most of there time in bars owned by Australian Expats. Maybe you can explain how this is putting money into the Thai economy, and how is this any different to what Chinese and Russians do ?
  12. You dont seem to realize that the demographics have changed. Just because "you" dont see westerners spending in bars doesn't mean money is not being spent. Next time you go to Bangla Rd, walk around the corner towards paradise complex and have a look at restaurant No 6 , there will be a queue of Chinese stretching down the street. Go over to Nakha night market and have a look at the 1,000s of Russian families buying stuff, so much stuff that they also buy suitcases to put the stuff in. Go down to the Sea Gypsies Fish Market in Rawai , I dont think they even bother printing English menu's anymore, its all Chinese. Contrary to popular opinion, Chinese, Russians etc spend money, they spend money at ground level, they eat in cheap Thai restaurants, They shop at Thai night markets, they use local transport and they go on tours. Maybe you need to get out more.; The economy of Phuket is no longer westerners propping up bar stools in Bangla Rd My Condo block has 2 buses every morning taking Russian kids to school.
  13. Maybe all the money, is made, and stays, in Bangkok. Maybe they have so much money in Bangkok that they regularly go on holidays to Phuket.
  14. The same can be said for any criminal, how often do you see he media interviewing the neighbors of a serial killer, bank robber, any crime. "He was such a quiet normal neighbor, always said hello etc"
  15. They are not illegal immigrants if you let them in.