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  1. DanceAllNight

    Layover in Bangkok

    i thought it would be no problem, but didn't know for sure. Thanks for the help! ?
  2. DanceAllNight

    Layover in Bangkok

    the flight is connected.... i am leaving from international, so will go through immigration before 12 am... my flight is around 10 pm and then layover in bangkok for a few hours. But i will go through immigration before Bangkok.
  3. I am set to leave Thailand on the last day of my visa. I will clear immigration before the 12 am deadline of my visa date. However, I have a layover in Bangkok to my next destination. I am getting checked out before my visa expires in my departing city, but i will be in Bangkok (cleared immigration, however) with my visa past. Basically, is it a problem to clear immigration before 12 am but be in Bangkok for a layover?