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  1. DanceAllNight

    Repeat SETVs from HCMC and Hanoi?

    I got 2 visas from HCMC. The first time was my very first visa ever. No problem. The next time, I had 2 visas from Laos and the first one from HCMC. They issued me another. I had to show funds. They were very nice, but said this would be last one from HCMC. No red stamp. Maybe if I went again, showed I have money again it would be no problem.
  2. When did the 6 visa exempt stamp counting start? I keep reading 6 since 2015. Right now, I have 4 stamps in my passport (visa exempt) .... i had a few more in an old passport. Anyway, 3 are from 2014. I left, stayed out a bit, and then returned. My most recent arrival to Thailand was visa exempt. So, did the 6 start from 2015 or earlier? I would like to come back to Thailand on another visa exempt and that would make 2 since 2015 and maybe 5 since 2014. Any problems? And after I use an exempt when I return, next time, I'll get a visa.
  3. DanceAllNight

    Leaving Thailand soon

    Basically, could I get a few tourist visas from Savanakhett? And Vientiane? or would there be any issues? Penang is an option, i've never been there.
  4. I arrived in Thailand in March on a visa exempt, and extended it. I have to leave soon. I will go to a nearby country for a few weeks for a little bit of a holiday. I plan on returning, so I don't want any problems. I arrived in Thailand in March after being away since 2016. In my passport, I have 4 visa exempts (1 from this year... flew in at BKK) and extended. I have 4 tourist visas... 2 from Laos (double entry) extended each entry from 2015 and 2 SETV from HCMC 2015 and 2016 I have no red stamps. I think I will go to Laos for a few weeks and then return using visa exempt. After that, I think I will get a visa. Would I have any problem getting a visa from Vientiane or Savanakhet? So, based on this history, and problem coming back visa exempt? And then getting a new tourist visa my next time returning? I have the money and i don't work.
  5. DanceAllNight

    Forgot to put passport number on TM 6

    I'm actually at the airport still, and I just talked to the immigration supervisor. He was very nice and friendly, and said that it's OK. The form and passport are linked together on computer, so it's fine. I just need to make sure i write it on the departure card.
  6. I just arrived, and just realised I didn't write my passport number on the the tm 6 form. I just forgot somehow. Arrival and departure have no passport number. The immigration officer didn't say anything. What should I do? Is it a big deal? I assume the form and passport are both on computer together.
  7. DanceAllNight

    Coming back to Thailand

    Thanks, guys! I don't work in Thailand, have not been there in over 18 months, and I have the cash. I should be ok :)
  8. DanceAllNight

    Coming back to Thailand

    Well, there is no chance of me getting a visa before i fly back to Thailand. No time, and I am far from a consulate. I will be doing visa exempt. I hope there is no problem, should there be? I can have 20,000 baht not a problem. (should it be baht or USD equivalent to baht?) After this trip, I may get a visa, if i can.
  9. DanceAllNight

    Coming back to Thailand

    Just to let you know, I am not in the US right now. I am still abroad, just not in Thailand. Why could I possibly be denied a visa from other countries, but not my own country? As of right now, I will arrive and do visa exempt. I will do visa exempt possibly three times. Then, try for the visa.
  10. I am a US citizen, and I will be arriving back in Thailand in a few weeks. I have not been there for over a year and a half. I will arrive and do visa exempt, and poflssibly extend it at immigration office for the extra 30 days. After that, I don't know what to do - leave and get another 30 day exempt or try for visa. Here is my history: I have not been there for a year and half, have not been issued a visa since June 2016. About 3 years ago, 3 visa exempt entries. Then 60 day visa HCMC. extended for 30 days Then back-to-back 60 day visas from Vientiane. extended each entry for 30 days Then, finally 60 day from HCMC. I was issued the visa in HCMC, but they said last one. No more visas. There's no mark in my passport. If I decide to get a visa, will I be denied? Or since the period has been awhile will it be fine? I don't want to try in HCMC again, but Laos would be good or Malaysia. Basically, when I fly back into Thailand will I be hassled because of my past visits? And will I be able to do 3 visa exempt entries this year? And finally, would i be able to get another visa after the exempt entries?
  11. DanceAllNight

    Thai Smile offers seats for child god dolls on plane

    This is truly a bizarre country.... let's not forget about marrying twin siblings at a young age to ward off evil spirits.... and then you also have the little ghosts from the temples Thais keep in their homes....Kuman Thong everyday they will give the kuman thong something to drink and some food and provide it with toys and clothes.... As a westerner, it is so strange to me.... but it is interesting culturally and somewhat harmless.... but still, what's with all the superstitious crap here? And never bring up ghosts with Thais either.... that's another major source of weird here.
  12. DanceAllNight

    Hoi An in the top 10 world's most beautiful towns

    Hoi An is amazing! And to top it off, they have a few nice Indian restaurants, good bars, and of course...the beach. You're also close to Da Nang for big city needs.
  13. Shame. Used to be such a good place too.