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  1. DanceAllNight

    Layover in Bangkok

    i thought it would be no problem, but didn't know for sure. Thanks for the help!
  2. DanceAllNight

    Layover in Bangkok

    the flight is connected.... i am leaving from international, so will go through immigration before 12 am... my flight is around 10 pm and then layover in bangkok for a few hours. But i will go through immigration before Bangkok.
  3. I am set to leave Thailand on the last day of my visa. I will clear immigration before the 12 am deadline of my visa date. However, I have a layover in Bangkok to my next destination. I am getting checked out before my visa expires in my departing city, but i will be in Bangkok (cleared immigration, however) with my visa past. Basically, is it a problem to clear immigration before 12 am but be in Bangkok for a layover?
  4. DanceAllNight

    Repeat SETVs from HCMC and Hanoi?

    I got 2 visas from HCMC. The first time was my very first visa ever. No problem. The next time, I had 2 visas from Laos and the first one from HCMC. They issued me another. I had to show funds. They were very nice, but said this would be last one from HCMC. No red stamp. Maybe if I went again, showed I have money again it would be no problem.
  5. When did the 6 visa exempt stamp counting start? I keep reading 6 since 2015. Right now, I have 4 stamps in my passport (visa exempt) .... i had a few more in an old passport. Anyway, 3 are from 2014. I left, stayed out a bit, and then returned. My most recent arrival to Thailand was visa exempt. So, did the 6 start from 2015 or earlier? I would like to come back to Thailand on another visa exempt and that would make 2 since 2015 and maybe 5 since 2014. Any problems? And after I use an exempt when I return, next time, I'll get a visa.
  6. DanceAllNight

    Leaving Thailand soon

    Basically, could I get a few tourist visas from Savanakhett? And Vientiane? or would there be any issues? Penang is an option, i've never been there.
  7. I arrived in Thailand in March on a visa exempt, and extended it. I have to leave soon. I will go to a nearby country for a few weeks for a little bit of a holiday. I plan on returning, so I don't want any problems. I arrived in Thailand in March after being away since 2016. In my passport, I have 4 visa exempts (1 from this year... flew in at BKK) and extended. I have 4 tourist visas... 2 from Laos (double entry) extended each entry from 2015 and 2 SETV from HCMC 2015 and 2016 I have no red stamps. I think I will go to Laos for a few weeks and then return using visa exempt. After that, I think I will get a visa. Would I have any problem getting a visa from Vientiane or Savanakhet? So, based on this history, and problem coming back visa exempt? And then getting a new tourist visa my next time returning? I have the money and i don't work.