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  1. For that kind of salary it's better to use an agency and get fresh inexperienced teachers from overseas. The teach their year or 2, then leave. No issues with the teacher licence requirements. Most long term teachers either got qualified or have left now (or work illegally), so it's hard to get good and experienced teachers. 30-40K a month now, especially in Bkk, just doesn't cut it anymore. 25-30K was a basic rate 15 years ago, and it hasn't changed much in that time.
  2. Nuclear disarmament should apply across all countries though, not just those with nutty regimes....give Trump some time. He may qualify too:)
  3. And any nuclear attack on NK will cause dangerous levels of radioactive fallout across parts of China, Japan and South Korea, at the very least. No country wants that, and would surely would bring an immediate deadly response from NK.
  4. If they want to 'protect' their industries, Thais should put more effort into speaking other Asean languages...including mandarin, of course....it will be a long time, as they still struggle with English! I guess being second rate in most occupations makes a country overly protective.
  5. The civic hatchback only comes with the 1.5 turbo. It is spec'd in equipment between the turbo sedan and RS turbo sedan.
  6. The triton is also the only pickup that can be run in 4wd on sealed roads (good for rainy days). It's smaller and lighter than other pickups so quick enough. It's just got a 5 speed auto (competition have 6 speeders now) and not the most handsome truck on the market.
  7. And that's what bites...the everest is overall, fundamentally better than its competition. Especially on-road driving characteristics. It's a shame there dealerships have a poor reputation here. The top model 3.2 everest drops 500K in the first year or so. That would make it a fair buy second hand. Best value for money is the pjs - it's high speed stability could be improved with different shocks. That's all it needs. My wife's college vehicle is the mu-x and she hates riding in the second row. Not comfortable at all.
  8. You would be surprised (or not) at how many long term expats have no / inadequate insurance - especially for cases where their employer does not provide it. Fortunately my wife is a civil servant so I am covered along with my son. Others are not so fortunate. It just makes no sense to not have insurance.
  9. You need to get out and speak to more educated Thais. Not all Thais believe in amulets and fate - the 'if im gonna die im gonna die' attitude. Some problems are down to beliefs but anyone with decent education knows about safety and risk management.
  10. I'm not surprised really. Black seems the most popular colour and demand is outstripping supply. I had to wait 5 months for a lousy suzuki swift lol. I could deal with 7 weeks:)
  11. It would be much higher if police had more checkpoints. Went through a local area yesterday....had to drive slowly on the local roads. People were everywhere on the road splashing water. I guarantee most were drinking / drunk, by that time. Just had to be careful not to run anyone over! How many then hopped on their bikes and drove home then?
  12. 80% of accidents involve small motorcycles in Thailand. How many said bikes are on the roads in France? You need to compare like for like - compare sedan accidents / deaths between both countries to be able to make valid comparisons. Bikes are inherently more dangerous than cars, regardless of how skilled the rider may think they are.
  13. She must have have been seen on cctv in the shop...or she would have kept i!! Charge her with theft. She looks like a right trollop.
  14. Thanks...what are your normal driving conditions? Inner Bkk, metropolitan, highway driving, or a mixture, etc.