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  1. Anyone got a link to the websites with these outraged netizens?
  2. DavisH

    Legendary Mustang debuts in Thailand

    Wouldn't worry so much about the engine but the gearbox. A number of cases have been reported of it failing in the ranger / raptor. Some VIN numbers are being recalled, but to me it sounds like a design problem, so it may affect all vehicles. I'd wait at least a year before even considering a ford, given their current problems. Or just buy a fortuner and forget about it.
  3. Or get married and an extension based on marriage (or work, as you say). There are plenty of options.
  4. The area where you live will largely dictate which school you choose. You have more choice if you live in inner Bangkok. EP schools can range from 100K (or less) to over 500K a year (yes, that much). MUIDS charges 550K in total from M4, for example.
  5. Nothing will change until the learning culture changes. One of my students is a medical intern now - show loved the 3 years she spent in the UK where she could openly discuss topics with her professors. It Thailand, her hair wasn't dark enough to work in the ward, even though it's her natural colour. She had to dye it black. And just forget asking Thai professors anything. Just follow the leader, even if they are a clown. Enough said.
  6. It's Thailand's own fault for never enforcing their own rules, even on their own citizens. I guess foreigners stand out and are easy targets. Whatever they put in place just makes it harder for genuine visa/extension holders to live here, but will barely dent the numbers of foreigners flying under the radar.
  7. Prawit's "citizen watch"...sounds apt to me!
  8. Big joke...does he even what to know how deep this corruption runs in the Immigration department? He will need to audit every office in the country.
  9. Thais treat roundabouts as they treat normal intersections, and this is the problem. In Australia, we give way to traffic already on the roundabout "give way to the right", and out normal intersections are "give way to the right". In Thailand, we give way to the left at normal intersections, but roundabouts are still supposed to be "give way to traffic on the roundabout". This is why cars will shoot out in front of you when you are going around a roundabout (they think they have right of way). This is a problem with driver training here (is there even a question on roundabouts?). There sound at least be give way signs on the roundabout to remind buffoons of the rules. Maybe I need a dirty big pickup to remind them of the rules.
  10. The view of history here is that it is "something to do to pass a school test" - almost to me completely forgotten 5 minutes after the test is over.
  11. Four in my office are (most of the native speakers). Most of the non-natives are also qualified to teach in their home country. The layabouts don't last very long as the work is too demanding.
  12. DavisH

    Legendary Mustang debuts in Thailand

    One would hope losing several million in lawsuits will make Ford Thailand lift their game.
  13. DavisH

    2018 Honda CRV, second hand luxury, or ??

    The cr-v's and cx-5's are OK for flooded roads; they are better than regular sedans, but their wading depth would be around 500mm at the most. I've seen one cr-v stalled in the bad floods of 2011. Water was up near the top of the tire if I recall. The fortuner/pjs (700m mm) and everest (800 mm) deal better with deep water.
  14. DavisH

    2018 Honda CRV, second hand luxury, or ??

    Another option is the subaru xv (220m ground clearance) or forester. They do have full-time 4wd unlike the cr-v and cx-5 (they only kick in when traction is lost). It's got a cvt though, and some say its underpowered. But it's several hundred K less than top specs of the other all wheel drive cars. Service costs are higher though. and service centers are fewer in number.
  15. DavisH

    2018 Honda CRV, second hand luxury, or ??

    What is your priority, comfort, performance, fuel economy, plush ride, high riding vehicle, 2wd vs all-wheel drive? Any current honda will be a huge increase over a 20 y.o one. There should be a new honda accord out late this year or early next year. Don't but the old model now. Same for toyota camry. If you don't need a large sedan the honda civic turbo is pretty quick stock, and can be remapped form 220+ HP. I would compare the new cr-v to the cx-5, as they are close; the cx-5 is smaller but more sporty, the cr-v is larger inside. Euro cars will become very expensive to maintain over the long term.