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  1. Thais believe in karma..if it's going to happen it WILL happen....so there is no uses to take precautions. If your fate is to die, there is nothing you can do about it. Educated Thais (and there are many), know better.
  2. Australia could attract International school fees if she is not Australian or had permanent residency. You need to look into that, as the fees can be quite high (even for a government school). You can check if she can be 'dependent' on your relatives there, and get the local rate, but I don't know. I'm sorry here EP education hasn't worked out. The problem with a lot of schools here is that they mix with other Thai kids and speak Thai most of the time....you need to make sure she has more exposure to English until it becomes second nature. Lots of English books and videos can help.
  3. Honda civic hatchback turbo bites the dust. Too many idiots on the road with too much cash.
  4. Why bother when he can get more money on the dole.....and he won't be able to refuse work if he is collecting benefits.
  5. I got that impression from Samui too....but that was 17 years ago...never been back. I can't imagine what it's like now. I love islands...but not the Thai ones:)
  6. What would happen in the case if I got a marriage visa, put in the 400K, and was actually retired (or maybe doing some part time work), but my Thai wife was the main income earner? Is that still ok?
  7. I highly doubt that Thailand would give two hoots if a coin bearing the Queen of England's head was on it.
  8. 240K kms in my civic with a k&N ...not a problem with the engine.
  9. Thailand needs more biff !!!
  10. That is a 1jz? Fast in a straight line, but can it corner? Check the brakes work ok:) I hope the previous owner maintained it...big hp available with some mods.
  11. Being deported for his idiocy sets a dangerous precedent.....when doing something stupid would get you kicked out of the country.
  12. Extension of stay based on working (non-b).
  13. It seems immigration are really pushing for address reporting to be done. For the last two years, I have had to get housemaster forms filled to by my wife to report my residence at the time I got my non-B renewed. Immigration would not given the non-B without these forms. I'm at a loss as to why it was done the second time as my address didn't change and didn't go anywhere. This in the Nonthaburi office and all teachers at my school have to do this now.
  14. How did that happen? Were you visiting immigration and they saw you had been overseas and the TM30 wasn't done?
  15. I don't know if a twin centre pipe can be fitted as we seem to have the fuel tank right in the middle and it sits quite low.