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  1. So they had nothing on them apart from 6 being on overstay? So much for a crackdown on criminal activity! Basically, they had nothing on the apart from their race?
  2. Given the thousands of substandard high school graduates graduating every year, it is no surprise that these uni programs exist. Make face at all costs and get a worthless degree. This obviously does not apply to the many good degree programs on offer here. There just seems to be an overabundance of poor ones that will accept any student.
  3. This is sadly true. While my wife pointed out that Thais are "poor", I sat on a bench outside a National Park and refused to pay the 200 baht entry. I think she was quite annoyed.."oh it's not much money". It wasn't about the money. She just didn't get it. While waiting, I did note the many poor Thais turning up in their SUV's and benzes and getting FREE entry over the New Year Holiday, though. ANYONE who pays taxes in Thailand should get free entry to these parks. *note I did pay 200baht the previous day to a park - couldn't avoid it as was in a car (sitting on the wrong side and the officer say me).
  4. Why would a wealthy politician borrow watches...let alone borrow them, as he can't afford nice time pieces!
  5. Whoever is in charge can control the NACC....not just the military. Prawit has been caught with his pants down now everyone is fretting. This issue is going nowhere.
  6. It just means the fake products are not made in Thailand...but China. lol
  7. Cloudy Lenses

    I used fine (1200 grit wet and dry to sand them - then some 2000 grit). This will make them cloudy. Then you get a cutting polish (or scratch remover), then use a cloth to polish them. Then finish with some good quality wax. It works well (check youtube for videos). I eventually changed my headlights as they had developed some leaks in the seals and wasn't bothered to fix that.
  8. New Honda Civic 5 door hatchback

    I doubt they could sell as many type-r's as they sell mini coopers....hi-so girls like to drive them, and that seems to be the main market for mini's. No way would I pay 3M for a mini lol. You can buy a grey market type-r here....but look at 3M plus, the same as a subaru sti.... I'm still amazed that KIA can bring the stinger here that would surely sell less numbers than a type-r.
  9. IGSCE Question

    As I mentioned, IGCSE is an absolute bare minimum. I really don't believe a student can exceed in a math/science based degree (even in an International program in Thailand). Advanced studies such as A-levels/AP/IB are needed. If the OP's son is very weak in English, I would suggest they study in an English Program (some EP's also claim to cover IGCSE and also the Thai curriculum at the same time) where they will be able to do more study in English that a Thai school. In this school, they should finish M6 - because that can provide more advanced learning than what can be had in the IGCSE (I teach most of the basic maths IGCSE content during grade 9-10). At the same time, the child can study independent the IGCSE. I believe there are some courses in Bangkok that also cover the IGCSE content.
  10. I don't see any learner's permit system in this country. How is one supposed to learn if they can't drive on a proper road (even when accompanied by a licenced driver)
  11. Never...the meeting never start until HE arrives:)
  12. This figure seems very high (assume it excludes flights)..wonder how long the average trip was. Wonder how much of that spending ends up in local hands.
  13. He can talk...probably stuffs his face full for free in the Royal Orchid lounge prior to every flight...did it once myself..nice!
  14. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Even if they pass the normal test it means nothing as it doesn't involve driving on real roads. I reckon there would be a 90% fail rate if western driving standard where applied. Would love to see them doing a reverse park back up a hill like I have to. B.astard tester...
  15. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    The top model doesn't have a spare tire - it comes with a pump and repair kit. I went and bought a space saver spare.