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  1. On human rights democracies are held to a higher standard which is quite clearly wrong
  2. Thanks for the lecture your honour. Take your pronouncements up with the website.. According to the reference above he said both.. Not only but also said "French art? I've never seen it" «L’art français, je ne l’ai jamais vu» If he hasn't seen French art then he hasn't seen the mainstay of French culture. But he's French and a politician so he is obviously not to be taken very seriously at all.
  3. We are not meant to break TV rules by using a language other than English, "There is no French culture, there is no such thing as a French culture" translated as Il n’y a pas de culture française, il n’y a pas une culture française https://theeuropeans.co/2017/02/25/candidate-macron/ Try Google
  4. Extreme left as in Communism is still fascist.
  5. We will see. Regardless of whether Le Pen is reformed or not there is a general populist discontent similar to Trump's supporters whee she gets her support.. Brexit was also an expression of the same. Too much coincidence to be one black swan.
  6. He also said that there is no such thing as French culture!
  7. Liberals are the new fascists lately or haven't you been watching the violence at Berkeley?
  8. Have you got an undercover conduit for this opinion stated as fact or is it from an unknown source?
  9. Hazard a guess you thought Trump wouldn't win too!
  10. Yes a free trade zone is great. A trade union is one thing but a political union under foreign rule is quite another.
  11. Supposed to. If Judge Neil Gorsuch wants to pretend the “integrity” of judges should NEVER be questioned, he is not qualified for the Supreme Court. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/rule-of-law/why-trump-should-not-nominate-judge-gorsuch/ Feb 2017
  12. Listened to O'Reilly occasionally but never really liked him.He was sharp but pretty caustic at times. The off camera video was an eye opener to the environmental culture of self importance that seems to pervade all networks when hosts become celebrities. We just don't know what goes on behind the scenes and all we see is their alter egos. Carlson is OK but occasionally too persistent. Judge Periro is good for a laugh but pretty shrill. One contributor I like is Charles Krauthammer who seems to talk some sense with some authority. The only show I currently watch is the Five because it's humorous, entertaining in it's spats between left and right and it's lightweight but Kimberley drones on a bit. I record it so I don't have to sit through the endless repetitive breaks. They're all people with their imperfections whether it's Fox CNN CNBC or RT and bias is in the eye of the beholder. Cross Talk on RT is good for another viewpoint. But O'Reilly overstepped the mark it looks judging by the accounts. Sad and stupid.Trump too with the celebrity "locker room" talk. Same ilk and I say that as a conservative. Disappointed and unimpressed.
  13. Linzz

    Electrical Leakage

    I'm in NZ and we have both. But you're right RCD's (residual current devices) are only required in wet rooms most likely because earth grounding is compulsory