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  1. You must have some pretty strong medication.
  2. he obviously hadnt seen the movie rambo. Shes lucky he hadnt blown up the house as well.
  3. carnage/cull same same, but different.
  4. BigT73

    Youtube Broken ? (10/17/18)

    android 3bb pattaya, not working
  5. White used to be popular back home as it was cheaper then metallic painted cars and also easier / cheaper to fix scratches or minor scuffs.
  6. I think this heading is a bit misleading in assuming they are helping foriegn tourists. At 2:48 in the video they admit its fine for a foriegner to pay this much but expensive for a thai. Its like all thais must think foreigners must have money trees back home.
  7. ignorance 100% unless his head has been in a barel the last 6 years.
  8. Union Pay is pretty much Chinas payment system. This also could be interesting if you want to purchase directly from china instead of using lazada or ebay. I used Taobao.com in china and there are millions of items, if china makes it it will be on this website. I just used google translate to chat to the sellers. Now to convince them to post to Thailand
  9. What is the definition of " illegal foriegners posing as tourists"? If your visa expires dont walk around with a nikon strapped to your neck and a pair of those God awful pyjama pants.
  10. I could tell instantly this wasnt news from Thailand as the heading would have started "Womans head caved in by jealous husband....
  11. looking to the sign on the back, what kind of education?
  12. BigT73

    how to make water tasty ?

    This one looks better then what I was getting with the sugar content is about 5mg I used a online convertor, I never heard of mmol as a measurement! Its good to include these if your drinking the reverse osmosis water, I wouldnt put it past even some thai branded waters would use this process. The osmosis pretty much strips all the nutrients from water in its process which makes you not properly hydrate. Thanks for the info! I thought 4mg is harmless, I should have known better as I am a bodybuilder and ex rugby player. I train twice a day but mornings is cardio to burn the extra calories, which I then pile back on with my sugar drinks haha.
  13. I replayed it a few times definatly a headhigh tackle.