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  1. There was one there earlier this year, a thai, ambulance the lot was there and person lying on the road wasnt moving but did have a helmet on.
  2. BigT73

    Pattaya High Season and Prices

    Its sad to see when they get stuck at the concrete stage, parts of Jomtien beach were a eyesore, but they have started new works on some of these. If your bored and travelleling on Theprasit rd directly opposite the Coleseum Building is a newish building called Singha Deluck a grand looking place drive into the road next to Singha about 300 meters down you will see one of these abandoned projects. They usually are out of the way in back areas maybe thats why they never took off. I still know another 4 like that one I mentioned.
  3. You should aim for Jomtien beach, lots of fellow Russians holidaying here at the moment and easier to come in without all the speed boats going from Pattaya to the island. Goodluck mate!
  4. BigT73

    Pattaya High Season and Prices

    I was saying the 90% finished new projects. Walls and ceilings not painted still with render, wires hanging out where A/C and all works abandoned for atleast 1 year or more.
  5. BigT73

    Pattaya High Season and Prices

    Has anyone else noticed the Pattaya-Jomtien condo graveyards? 90% + finished projects now sitting decaying slowly not a single soul moved in. Most these projects look within the last 5 years.
  6. You may probably be already aware to set your thai sim card for international roaming and depending how long your gone for, have the ability to pay sim bills whilst aboard. (if your online acct is attached to the thai simcard)
  7. BigT73

    Throw Away Your Western Manliness!

    They are into fat babies here. Enjoy the ride!
  8. Thanks for your reply! I usually do the metvs. Do you think if I have my Bangkok bank acct book with balance printed of 20k+ will be ok?
  9. I have noticed they are having TV ad campaign about road safety. I wonder if it will help with the road statistics? I think Thailand needs more mobile police patrols and start booking people for a whole range of offences from mobile phones, wrong lanes, indicating etc. I originally thought Thailand police couldnt afford alot of cars and just yesterday I saw a police BMW patrol car cruising past.
  10. Just out of curiosity how many of your setvs are back to back as in short border runs with only a few days out of thailand?
  11. BigT73

    Mabprachan Walk & Eat returns

    I sometimes jog around there but havent been to the fare. If you use google maps, type in Mabprachan Lake and you can see a patch of green area right next to the lake on the upper right corner. Its opposite Pong council.
  12. 100% Im a father from way back I can garantee that no stranger would be giving my son any gifts or taking photos. Max you should have quizzed him told him no to the gifts as you want to teach the boy not to accept gifts from strangers and made him delete the photos or you would call the police. Its up to us as adults to protect kids they do depend on us. If there was something organised with the mum call her imediatly and he should wait until you heard from her.
  13. Loads of Thai women wear soccer (football) shirts her as they are dime a dozen here in the markets in this football mad country. Now if you seen a single Thai woman with a NRL shirt then it would be impressive and could be safe to assume that she has a Aussie BF as there arnt any knockoffs or originals here. So considering these factors and your logic your saying this guy in the video is English and is wearing his Aussie boyfriends shorts?
  14. BigT73

    Leaving Condo in Pattaya un-attended for 4 month

    Hi mate, I have left my appt approx 4 months a few times. I turn off water and power. I block my drains with sink plugs or covers and empty fridge, cleaning it properly leaving the door slighty ajar. I have had zero pests come as there isnt any food or crumbs and no mold whatsoever even with the place locked up. I leave a deposit with management who takes care of any bills and lets them know I am not at home if there are any issues.
  15. Maybe the PM went there to inform them to change the setv to detv.