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  1. @Crossy If you have an existing MRT card with a balance, will that balance be transferred over to the new card?
  2. 1. A private school is a business. It is up to the business owners whose money they take. As long as they refund any unused fees then there is not a lot that can be done. 2. There is no law against kissing - however public displays of affection aren't common among Thai people.
  3. blackcab

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    Are you talking about Thailand or another country? If you really are talking about Thailand then just about everything you have said is incorrect. Thai civilians can obtain a permit to carry a firearm. It can be carried on their body, and it can be loaded. The permit places no restriction as to where it can be carried, although common sense and cultural norms obviously do. I speak from experience.
  4. blackcab

    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    A number of off topic posts have been removed. This topic is not about the safety of firearms or comparing the statistics of one country (for example, the USA) to another. An inflammatory post has also been removed.
  5. blackcab

    Paying electric bill online?

    They have an app where you can pay by card. The two issues are 1. It's all in Thai, and 2. When you add a meter to the app you need a Thai ID number. Other than that it works great.
  6. blackcab

    where can i get kip for bhat in vientien

    Ask the staff at your hotel again. Explain you will pay them to help you. It will cost you, but lesson learned.
  7. blackcab

    All dead after Nakorn Pathom Hospital shooting

    Off topic posts have been removed.
  8. blackcab

    Phatthanakan road tunnel to be completed in Oct

    @BigBadGeordie Well spotted! A decimal point has been added to the original post.
  9. @missoura Well spotted! The original post has been edited.
  10. blackcab

    Civil and Commercial Code?

    Could the Thai-Italian chamber of commerce help? https://www.thaitch.org/services/commercial-services/
  11. Kongman/sinsod yes, but a real property right such as a Chanote in joint names would be considered sin somros. I appreciate your position about the destruction/reconstitution of sin suan tua, and I would agree with you in almost all other cases other than a real property right. That said, I think we will all be keen for the OP to keep the thread updated with his progress. Whichever way it goes this should be a caution to others that follow.
  12. By placing her name on the condo Chanote you willingly gave her half of the property. Your generous act completely supersedes the very good sin suan tua argument made by @BritManTooand the very good ante nuptial argument made by @KhaoYai - both if which would have merit in other cases. You willingly gave her half. That's it. Your real problem will be trying to sell the property with a sitting Thai tenant who does not want it sold.
  13. blackcab


    A prenup can only be registered at the time of marriage, at the District Office, just before the marriage documents are signed. Anything else is unenforceable. Most assets gained after marriage should be equally divided upon divorce. You do not have to give your wife half your cash income while you are married. Also, if you have spent everything at the time of divorce, there would be nothing left to divide. I don't think you understand what a Thai prenup does. If you think it can isolate assets you receive after marriage so your wife cannot get them, you are wrong. A Thai prenup does not do this. Thai law is very specific about who gets what upon divorce. The reason a prenup does not protect you in the way you might think is because a contract between two people, even if entered into willingly, cannot supersede statute law. You own half the debt. There are exceptions, and there are times when your permission would be required to incur the debt. There are times when your permission would not be required, however. As above. You would probably own half the debt. Then again she would own half of any debt you could legally enter into aswell.
  14. blackcab

    Faked death certificate

    "A death certificate was produced." Who delivered the death certificate? Obviously not the undead gentleman in question. Forging the document is one offence (almost impossible to prove who did this without an admission of guilt). Knowingly allowing the document to be used would be another offence. The problem you have is that there is no proof the undead gentleman did any of this, or indeed that he had any knowledge of the death certificate at all. Without an admission this will go nowhere. On top of this, at this stage there is no proof of paternity.