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  1. divorce certificate copy

    He needs a certificate from the British Embassy. He has to state on oath his correct marital status. If he states he is divorced he must show them his divorce paperwork. No divorce paperwork, no certificate, no marriage. However in the case of a lost certificate that is not on the system or recorded due to the length of time passing then you would need to discuss the matter with the embassy.
  2. 12v LED E27 Lamp Bulbs

    I think you're completely right. To be fair I didn't even see the bit about 12v myself.
  3. I really wouldn't want to be that person if they get caught. Defacing an image of the king?
  4. 12v LED E27 Lamp Bulbs

    Ikea, if it's convenient: http://www.ikea.com/th/en/search/?query=e27
  5. All solved thanks to advice on this thread. I had to turn off ad block plus and allow pop ups. Thank you to everyone for their help.
  6. Just to clarify your post: Are you saying that anyone entered on a yellow Tabien Baan (who can prove it) does not need to be registered for a TM30 by a hotel when they stay as a guest?
  7. Bone grinding - human remains

    In any cremation there are parts of bone left at the end if the cremation process. This is true for the latest cremators used in any Western country. Larger bones are raked out of the cremator and added to the finer bone fragments. After a magnet is passed over the cremated remains to remove any ferrous metals and any titanium is picked out by hand the bone fragments are placed in a cremulator. This is a machine with a small rotating drum with 2 or 3 heavy steel balls about the size of a cricket ball inside. These balls pulverized the bone fragments into the fine cremated remains Western people are more used to seeing. The process takes 10-20 minutes. Cremulators are not generally used in Asia as traditionally it is the larger bone fragments that are kept. Crushing these fragments would defeat the purpose of an Asian cremation. Mortar and pestle?
  8. Warning! Extortion EMail being circulated.

    Make a complaint to the Technology Crime Suppression Division. Using the less majeste laws to personally profit in this way is, I believe, a criminal and very serious act of lese majeste in itself.
  9. Are Permanent Residents required to be reported to immigration for the purpose of a TM30? It would seem a strange thing to have to do really and a bit at odds with the concept of Permanent Residence.
  10. @NilSS The only problem with accepting a pink ID card for guests checking into a hotel is that the pink ID card doesn't contain all of the mandatory information required by the online TM30 system. How do you report guests without a TM6 number or without knowing the day until the guest is permitted to stay in Thailand? As the hotel manager the responsibility to record foreign guests in the online TM30 system is ultimately yours, even if you delegate the task to other people.
  11. There are two types of license. The sort of license a brewpub has, which covers sales on the premises only. You must brew between one hundred thousand and one million litres annually to qualify. There was an idea floating around that one person could get such a license then individual craft brewers could all operate under this "umbrella". So far nobody has been brave enough to put up the cash to do it. For a license that allows you to sell off the premises in bottles/cans, etc you need to be able to brew a minimum of ten million litres per year. For either license you need a fully paid up 10 million baht company majority owned by Thai people, a factory license or an exemption, FDA approval, excise approval, the possibility of a bonded store, the probability of a very large cash deposit being required by the Excise Department and it goes on and on and on. The actual cost of the license should you qualify? Under 2,000 baht per year the last time I checked.
  12. @George FmplesdaCosteedback The Liquor Act BE 2493. Section 13: You cannot make alcohol outside of a licensed factory without permission from the Director-General of the Excise Department. Section 25: You cannot possess alcohol unless you are licensed or you purchased it from a licensed individual.
  13. Brewing or distilling alcohol without a license is illegal. It doesn't matter where you brew it. It doesn't matter who drinks it. It doesn't even need to be consumed. No license = illegal. Just to make matters worse, there is an almost zero chance of getting a license for home brewing.
  14. The easiest option is very easy: 1. Withdraw the cash. (Keep proof of the withdrawal). You already have the blue land office receipt as proof of the condo sale. 2. Take cash to Super Rich or Vasu. Exchange the cash. 3. Hand carry the cash out of the country. (Declare it to Thai customs and customs in your destination country if applicable). It's that easy.
  15. My application has been approved. Very quick service and I'm grateful I don't have to go to Chaengwattana. The next thing is that I cannot print out (or in any way view) when my next 90 day report is due. I can't see the information anywhere on the approved screen and the button at the bottom of the page that says "The Next Appointment" doesn't work. I have tried in Chrome with an IE extension and in MS Edge browsers. Is my next 90 day report due from the day of submission (16th), the day of approval (18th) or do the 90 day periods remain fixed, so is it 90 days from the 27th of this month, when my 90 day report was technically due?