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  1. You said you've been on this forum for a week then you post a comment like that, "serial poster on everything"?
  2. "Brutal" is probably the only language that P.o.S. would understand.
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Quite, as in The Big Lebowski, Lewandoski it al, but it doesn't throw any light on Ronnie's use of "Chelski". I await his explanation with interest.
  4. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Even someone with the most rudimentary knowledge of the language ought to recognise a common link among the names of these very well known Russians: Tchaikovsky Dostoyevsky Mussorgsky Trotsky Kandinsky Stravinsky
  5. Chelsea Fc Thread

    What's with the "Chelski", I just don't get it?
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Well the fact that he was saved by the woodwork twice should give you a clue.
  7. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    Thanks but that was thirty years ago back in England. Over here I have a more sane Kawasaki Vulcan S, which somebody on another thread described as a grandad's sofa, but is much more suited to the conditions here. The kettle was a beast for sure and, looking back, I must have been very fortunate to survive it.
  8. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    I still see plenty out here in the sticks, often with dodgy expansion chambers. My first bike was a KH250, later I had a GT750 so I quite like two strokes.
  9. Far too many selfish pricks around, too many drivers in Thailand don't care enough for others to even get out of the way of ambulances, evidence of which most of us have seen first hand as well as on clips posted here. It's easy to understand why the homeowner was so angry.
  10. Lock them away until they come up with the money for their plane back to Nigeria, assuming that no other criminal activity can be proved would be my preferred option, along with a lengthy (100 year plus) ban on re-entry. And before anyone starts screeching "racist" in response, I'd opt for this punishment for people of any race or nationality.
  11. Brave girl, hope she inspires others and also that she doesn't end up regretting it. stating the obvious but Thailand needs many more like her to "move forward", and desperately needs to learn to encourage and reward them, whilst giving appropriate punishment to the corrupt officials if the allegations are proved.
  12. In the last ten days I've driven over two thousand kilometres across fourteen provinces through numerous checkpoints. I was stopped about a dozen times, mostly being waved through with a smile. Only three times was I asked any questions, "where are you going to?" each time. I was not asked for either my licence or I.D. at any time. In seven years I've still never been asked to show my passport other than at an airport, immigration office or hotel check-in.
  13. You're sure? Did you get that first hand Doctor D?
  14. Chelsea Fc Thread

    You've pretty much covered the match between you so I won't bother repeating what's been posted already, but one thing that struck me was the leniency of the yellow card for the forearm smash into Cahill's face, which I thought was a blatant red. Any thoughts on it?