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  1. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I like to think you're being a bit harsh on Willian, remember when quite a few players underperformed a couple of years ago he was the one who really held it together. Agree about Conte's tactical switch, worked a treat, just like the changes in personnel.
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    On the subject of bringing back memories, these two four-nil victories in the space of a few days reminded me of the time we beat Rottenham four nil in the cup at the weekend and followed that up with the same score in the PL a few days later. I was at both matches, happy days!
  3. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I bet you were equally pleased that Christiansen was rested and especially happy that Moratta started on the bench. A great result in terms of the score and certain players getting a rest, while those who were on the pitch benefited from playing most of the game with an extra man.
  4. I really do think it's way beyond time for Thai Visa et al to stop referring to traffic collisions and incidents as accidents, after all it's not as if the vast majority of them couldn't have been avoided.
  5. Did you get out of bed the wrong side? Who exactly is "you lot"? This is hardly Thai bashing, get over it.
  6. Chelsea Fc Thread

    But more importantly, who sold the most players too cheap? Carmine, but really, as Mr. Trip said, it's just a bit of fun.
  7. Chelsea Fc Thread

    See in crystal clarity?
  8. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Everything relates to the bigger picture, don't blame me if you can't see that, I was just giving a little perspective to your comment.
  9. Of course, they could have recognised that the space beneath the concrete would make a des res for snakes and filled it in, but TiT. They should count themselves lucky not to have attracted cobras or similarly aggressive snakes, especially with young children playing around there.
  10. Chelsea Fc Thread

    I thought my point would have sufficient clarity to negate any further explanation, however, as you seem to be struggling I'm happy to help you out. The bigger picture (bigger than just "who left" or "who may or may not have felt aggrieved by Mourinho's words or actions") is the overall strength of the squad at the time and the success that the squad could / did achieve in terms of silverware, As I previously reminded you, the sale of Lukaku facilitated the acquisition of Costa, who led the attack for us in two Premier League winning seasons. Salah had no chance of dislodging Oscar or Willian given the form that they were in and the distinct lack of comparitive quality that he put on show at the time. Ditto for KDB, who, despite getting a break in the first team at the start of the 2013/14 season, was so insipid that the club laid out £30 million on Willian, who again was instrumental in winning trophies and who was our standout player in the 2014/2015 season. The decisions on who to ship out and who to bring in has, without question, brought results, which I appreciate is an alien concept for you lot from The Lane!
  11. Chelsea Fc Thread

    The same Mourinho that's led Clubs to league triumphs in England, Spain, Italy and Portugal?
  12. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Having seen these guys play for Chelsea I can assure you it's nonsense to suggest that they were under utilized, the reality is that, when given their opportunities they failed to shine sufficiently to keep themselves in the team. The decisions to sell them were poor IN HINDSIGHT. What ought to have been different is the terms of their sales, we ought to have included buy-back or sell-on clauses, for which Emenalo and Granovsaia were responsible, not Mourinho. In the case of Lukaku specifically, he lost his bottle before, during and after missing a decisive penalty in the UEFA Super Cup Final against Bayern, shortly afterwards he requested a transfer, leaving the club little option but to sell. The money went quite some way towards funding the purchase of Costa, who played a major part in our winning two league titles, which was nice. When KDB and Salah departed I don't recall any interest from Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG or even the two Manchester clubs but perhaps you can explain why not?
  13. Chelsea Fc Thread

    Back to the PL and not before time, is it me or has this season been unusualy stop-start? So, Emenalo has left the club and rightly or wrongly, his departure will be met with pleasure and approval by many - myself included. For me he will always have that connection with Toady Avram Grant and the betrayal of Mourinho the first time round. His playing and coaching credentials were certainly nowhere near sufficient to have earned him the role that he landed at Chelsea, seven games, 0 goals for Notts County in the year that they were relegated to the third tier being his only previous experience of English football. Emenalo appears to have escaped most of the blame for the premature departures of KDB, Lukaku, Salah and Schurle, with Mourinho carrying the can in the media, but surely it was precisely Emenalo's role to ensure that such decisions were avoided. It does seem to be, however, that Emenalo was largely responsible for the Academy and post-Academy loan systems, which have come in for a huge amount of criticism, but the lambasting of the loan system is IMO unjustified. The Academy is all about developing young talent to get the best out of them and give them the best chance of making it in the game, ideally with some coming through to represent Chelsea. While there have been too few making it through to our first team for some time there have been many graduates from the Academy who have gone on to make careers elsewhere and there are now a few who will be knocking on the first team door in the next year or two, hopefully inspired by the progress of Christiansen, who is fast turning into the best defender at the club. In any event it would be puerile to denigrate the academy at the end of a week when no less than five former members were included in an England squad, albeit a weakened one. That number would almost certainly have been six were it not for Chalobah's unfortunate injury. Onwards and upwards, here's hoping for plenty of red cards in the NL derby and for three points on our return to the ground where Batsman secured the title for us just a few moths ago.
  14. Geography not your strongest subject?
  15. For some reason many Thai drivers don't use them, I heard some time ago that they keep them off to save fuel. Unreal but it all goes to help 4.0 get to that number one spot as the hub of road carnage.