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  1. No, it was in Suphanburi. The first visit wasn't when I made my application for extension of stay, it was one week before.
  2. I was "fined" 1,000 Baht for allegedley being a week late with my report. In fact I had reported on the 90th day but the woman who took my passport returned it to me without updating it. When I returned a week later to submit my application for Extension of Stay, I was fined. No receipt given, needless to say.
  3. So, for me, total price 2 Baht. Think I'll stick with clipping them both at home for nowt.
  4. I just looked up "sleazy" in my dictionary only to find a picture of that guy. (yes, I still have to use a picture dictionary to help me with the big words).
  5. Blue Muton

    Australia - Departure Prohibition Order

    So you judge all Thai women by your experience of one of them. Clever.
  6. Blue Muton

    Top Ten movies made in Thailand and Phuket

    They metamorphasised hin.
  7. Thanks for your prompt, informative and reassuring replies.
  8. Hi, last year on renewal of extension of stay I switched from "retirement" to "marriage", all went smoothly. Last month I submitted a new application for extension of stay based on marriage and duly had my passport stamped for the thirty day under review period, that period expired yesterday. At the start of the week we called our immigration office and were told to call back on Friday (yesterday). We called back yesterday morning and were told that nothing had arrived (presumably from Bangkok) and that we should call back in the afternoon. In the afternoon they still had nothing, when Mrs BM told them I was worried about having no current permission to be in Thailand stamped in my passport they assured her it would be no problem because the delay was not our fault and that they had everything under control. The woman who we spoke to each time was the same woman who did me out of 1,000 Baht over a 90 day report, so I am a bit concerned. I plan to go to the office on Monday morning to see if I can get some written confirmation from them to cover my rear. Is this the best course of action? Are they under any obligation to give me something other than verbal assurances? Have any others of you been in a similar situation? Thanks in advance.
  9. To be expected, scum. Other countries ought to ban travel for israelis and for nationals of any other country that has laws or policies that refuse to extradite citizens who commit crime outside their own country.
  10. No, it's not. It's about havng sex with them.
  11. Blue Muton

    overseas tv

    Interesting, how long have you had it for?
  12. Blue Muton

    Australia - Departure Prohibition Order

    I think it's more for show. My Mrs didn't have the opportunity to go to university, she's the baby of the eight and only the eldest son was fortunate enough. When we married her mother said she didn't want anything, we ended up with a sinsod for show, which she returned after the wedding. I understand that this is not uncommon these days. The sight of the M-i-L picking up the money and legging it was quite funny, I've never seen her move so quickly!
  13. Blue Muton

    34 wild Phuket monkeys caught on Day 1 of campaign

    Monkeys today, Cambodians tomorrow and Farangs on Saturday, make the most of your last couple of days of freedom!
  14. Blue Muton

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    I have a couple of COO shares, I don't remember anything about the name rights, but it's set up that you only have one vote regardless of how many shares you own. I think that the vote was ill-prepared and rushed (much like the EU vote). Had the Chelsea hierarchy done a better job they might have got the result they were looking for. I'm pretty sure that BPS would have got a clear "yes".
  15. Blue Muton

    Chelsea Fc Thread

    "your thugs"? It wasn't Chelsea fans who did this to an innocent Rottenham fan now, was it? https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/police-hunt-spurs-fan-who-attacked-fellow-supporter-after-mistaking-him-for-chelsea-follower-a3638166.html