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  1. I think recently the PM was patting himself on the back about his efforts to make peace. Seems to have made it work in reverse.
  2. One must wonder how the country would could survive if it was under threat and had to rely on typical cowards like this to defend itself. They would run a mile in the face of a real enemy.
  3. Room No 87?. Isn't that an unlucky number? The coppers look like they are reading the Lotto results and just discovered they have won something.
  4. Rabies outbreak detected in Nontaburi

    Not so sure about that. TAT can be relied upon to turn into something stupid to try to attract tourists. Thailand the hub of rabies!
  5. Another classic military style charade where they pretend to listen to public opinion and then do whatever they want anyway.
  6. So much for the clampdowns and umpteen committee meetings and promises of corrective action on the problem of slash and burn fires. Typical Thai bureaucracy - all talk, slap up lunch and no follow-up action! The publisher should put this story in their pending file for same time for the next ten years and just change the date and re-publish.
  7. Absolutely, TAT should go and witness for themselves the queues at the "Visa on Arrival" counter in Hanoi or HCMC.
  8. The short yes/no answer to your last question is......... Yes they will wait and NO they won't change.
  9. Clean, green energy is fine if Thailand does not want industry or employment. Industry, factories and the like do not work on night/day power or the fickleness of wind power. Somewhere in the system there needs to be a base load to keep the country running. An opinion on this link below for those who might be interested. I make no comment except the above. http://pickeringpost.com/story/green-enemies-of-the-environment/6953
  10. Asean aims for unity on tourism

    ASEAN free trade unity and co-operation is exampled Thai style by slapping a tax on Cambodian fresh fish imports. Greed before anything else is their motto. What comes next will be a tax on tourists coming from other ASEAN countries into Thailand?
  11. Broke Bird: Nok Air lost 3 billion baht in 2016

    And to add to their woes Vietjet have now entered the domestic routes in Thailand.
  12. So the Samoan and Tongan men were more attractive than their women eh Bill? Just joking!
  13. For academic interest and comparison here is a story of prisoners in a Vietnamese prison preparing food for Tet. http://www.thanhniennews.com/society/what-tet-holiday-looks-like-in-a-vietnamese-prison-59063.html I make no comment as I have not (yet) been inside either to compare.
  14. For those interested here is part of the Wiki explanation of how the rankings are arrived at. Can't help but wonder with a smile what Thailand's scores would be for Catagory 4 As described in the report,[2] the democracy index is a weighted average based on the answers of 60 questions, each one with either two or three permitted alternative answers. Most answers are "experts' assessments"; the report does not indicate what kinds of experts, nor their number, nor whether the experts are employees of the Economist Intelligence Unit or independent scholars, nor the nationalities of the experts. Some answers are provided by public-opinion surveys from the respective countries. In the case of countries for which survey results are missing, survey results for similar countries and expert assessments are used in order to fill in gaps. The questions are distributed in the five categories: electoral process and pluralism, civil liberties, functioning of government, political participation, and political culture. Each answer is translated to a mark, either 0 or 1, or for the three-answer alternative questions, 0.5. With the exceptions mentioned below, the sums are added within each category, multiplied by ten, and divided by the total number of questions within the category. There are a few modifying dependencies, which are explained much more precisely than the main rule procedures. In a few cases, an answer yielding zero for one question voids another question; e.g., if the elections for the national legislature and head of government are not considered free (question 1), then the next question, "Are elections... fair?" is not considered, but automatically marked zero. Likewise, there are a few questions considered so important that a low score on them yields a penalty on the total score sum for their respective categories, namely: "Whether national elections are free and fair"; "The security of voters"; "The influence of foreign powers on government"; "The capability of the civil servants to implement policies".
  15. Thanks for that. Interesting story about quite normal abuse of authority but I didn't see any humiliation of any officers. Seems more like the officers are laughing in the face authority. Anti-corruption in Thailand is tokenism at it's best.