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  1. Argus Tuft

    Scam alert for Re-entry permit

    Have never paid any additional money for a re-entry permit (I have done a few over the years) for the following reasons: 1. I download and print out the TM8 form, and fill it out, before going to the airport. It is readily available online. I know this because I did my research before rather than showing up to the airport with nothing prepared 2. I bring the passport photos with me also I don't care about what other country has something similar to compare to - because each country has their own procedures and requirements, and there is not much I can do to complain about this by saying "XXX Country doesn't do this" etc Finally - 200 baht is a paltry sum to complain about when you arrive without having done your due diligence
  2. Argus Tuft

    Any old folks in Phuket?

    (I am also now telling random strangers that things cost more these days, and asking if they are my nephew)
  3. Argus Tuft

    Any old folks in Phuket?

    I am exactly 45 Yesterday I was vibrant, young, and bouncing around living life to the fullest Tonight I read this OP and I am looking for a cardigan, a comfortable chair, and shouting at children to get off my lawn.
  4. So many quick to let fire all cannons at Thai Airways because they had a 747 on this particular flight with only 97 pax. As some others pointed out, equipment changes happen regularly. Not one person has pointed out yet that although the passenger load was very light on that flight - this does not necessarily mean the same underneath Its entirely possible a full freight load was on board, and hence potentially earning more $$$ on that flight than the pax revenue would be. just food for thought
  5. ETOPS not EFTPOS (Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim is our preferred backronym on that one)
  6. Argus Tuft

    problem downloading a program

    Not if they are hard coded
  7. Argus Tuft

    Getting through airport screening with my lunch

    Agree with this - if this is the case with cheese, then I've brought enough in enough "explosives" to blow up the moon Total nonsense!
  8. Argus Tuft

    Xiaomi Pocophone

    Cheers for that update - good info
  9. Argus Tuft

    Getting through airport screening with my lunch

    Travel often with food and never an issue - only ever got pulled up once for a tin of Baxter's Haggis in my carry on, which resulted in a carry on about what it was. Pleaded and begged until the security supervisor came over - who was married to a Scot. Bless her (I wasn't parting with that tin)
  10. Argus Tuft

    Flying defiantly off course

    What real estate are you referring to? Its in the existing airport footprint surely?
  11. Argus Tuft

    Guiitar repair

    No problem. Only knew about this shop in Phuket Town because a client once needed a set of guitar strings late one night. This shop actually has a 24 hour vending machine out the front which has strings, picks and other stuff!
  12. Argus Tuft

    Guiitar repair

    Visit these guys - Harmonic Music Phuket