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  1. Argus Tuft

    Phuket weather 2018

    Phuket Radar has finally and mysteriously reappeared on the TMD site. More accurate than the Krabi one, especially with weather from the SW http://weather.tmd.go.th/pkt120Loop.php
  2. Argus Tuft

    Any BTS cards I can top up online?

    Try your nearest McDonalds store. Have noticed also in the last month that there are a big number of local Family Mart's offering Rabbit consoles for purchases or topping up Phuket is coming along in terms of numbers of Rabbit accepting outlets
  3. Argus Tuft

    Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    Wonder if this means for Thais only? Can't find any info on this. Would hope that this means foreigners as well, showing passports perhaps. Let's see
  4. Argus Tuft

    Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    Correct fishbrando - was a BP article. Sorry Crossy should have mentioned that (without linking of course!) Look forward to hearing any further news about this. I'll be back in Bangkok next 10 days so will try to buy the new Spider card and see for myself
  5. Argus Tuft

    Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    Seems the Mangmoom card will be on sale next week (23rd June) for use on the MRT Blue and Purple lines, and the (some?) Public BMTA buses straight away Airport Link (ARL) to be available from October. No mention of BTS
  6. Argus Tuft


    Pleasure. Hope it all goes well. Thanks for posting back, give some updates later on.
  7. Best article I have read in ages. Brilliant writing, and a good laugh Having said all that, my thoughts on seeing the smiling photos is that matey could have dressed a bit more respectfully when he went back to the coppers
  8. Agreed overherebc. And the giant "X" on the forehead is probably easier for them to spot in the queue than a giant "X" on their nether regions, which is where the inspection would end up taking place eventually
  9. Argus Tuft

    BKK Airport Taxis Want 50% Fee Hike

    Did your customer from overseas use the designated taxi rank area, getting a ticket from the machine, and did he ask them to put on the meter before they left the rank? If not then, he is an idiot for paying 600 baht. Have never had the meter refused from that rank. If they do refuse to put on the meter, then <deleted> use some common sense and get out and get a different taxi. The official meter taxi rank is there for a reason.
  10. The mules get 200k baht each for the delivery to HK. I imagine Gonbotamong would receive rather a bigger sum for the supply
  11. Sorry but this is such a daft idea it's laughable. There are endless reasons why someone may decide against having a meal when flying. Do you seriously imagine the cabin crew keeping track of all the pax who didn't eat, so as to report them to the airport customs authorities at the destination? Come on, use some common sense. Should I really be up for a search of my back passage because I chose to have a Whopper before boarding and was therefore too full to dine in flight?
  12. Argus Tuft

    driving license in phuket

    Thanks gents. Was always curious on this. And yes I may have to do this soon
  13. Argus Tuft

    Phuket weather 2018

    Been a while since a weather update post. There was a hell of a downpour last Tuesday morning which was all over the news Noticed that the usual Phuket Radar loop has been out of action for a while. Stuck on a "No Data" shot But it made me look further at the other loops, and I see Krabi is in there. Never noticed Krabi as an option before, but I am not always here http://weather.tmd.go.th/krbLoop.php Running and up to date too