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  1. Phuket Airport Immigration, a thumbs up from me

    Its run by Coral Executive services at Phuket - link here http://www.coralphuket.com/fast-track-mmigration.html Have used them numerous times, both for myself and for clients or guests
  2. Thanks whitemouse - was unsure with previous post saying 2-3 hours Keep the updates coming every one cheers
  3. Read post #3, #4, and #5 carefully, then come back and post again.
  4. Ermm, link to story please
  5. Marine park to be created in Preah Sihanouk

    Any maps of the area that is to be gazetted as a Marine Park??
  6. Problems with Air Asia, what to do?

    Go to your nearest airport that AirAsia operates out of and show them the booking reference. You said it doesn't show a booking reference number, but surely it shows the flight details? Or bite the bullet and call AirAsia to sort it out. Use Skype or something so you don't pay a fortune for overseas call charges
  7. Cloudflare captcha when signing in

    I get it also - not just for Thai Visa, but some other sites I visit. I move around a lot, I put it down to different IP addresses being used when I travel, but I may be wrong. Looking forward to hear if the TV boffins or Khun BENQ come back with something, but I don't see it as a big issue For info, I have only been getting it in the past month. Thought it could be due to hosting on the site side
  8. Good info here - please keep the current traffic times updated for those going to/from DMK in the coming days & weeks Is the delay affecting DMK-downtown or is it only arriving to DMK?
  9. How to solve computer problems?

    OMG - gold. Thanks for that
  10. How to solve computer problems?

    Sorry OP - but your initial post was always going to make this a touchy thread... You pretty much shot yourself in the foot with this contradiction:
  11. was thinking that too Kerryd, the injuries just didn't add up
  12. Was wondering why this story sounded iffy.... There were far too many injuries for a mugging.
  13. Exit row seats are generally held in the system until the flight opens, and can be released by the flight controller (usually a quick call from the check in staff once you request this) Suggest you just get to the airport VERY early, more than 3 hours before the flight - and front up to the business class counter (as you said the remainder of your flights are Biz, even though your outbound first sector is Y) Meet and Greet/Fast Track for departures won't help - save your money and just front up early Hope this helps
  14. Phuket weather 2017

    Not illegal - free likes to the winner! Start the betting...