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  1. Flame. Please consider removing. Way off topic and personally insulting
  2. Misinformed and insensitive comments? Oh please. So according to you the post I replied to was both historically and "empiracally accurate?" Look at the post I replied to please, and the context of my reply - victims of crime need to approach the law enforcement agencies of the country they are in first. Kindly raise your personal rant in a different topic or forum thanks
  3. Link please, to the "high army official" going camping and shooting a tiger. Source?
  4. Do you work in an IVF clinic? Or are you just an old-fashioned incurable romantic...
  5. Montclair Wine

    Plenty of very quoffable bottles in Oz for $8, one of my favourite NZ Sauv blancs is an $8 branded bottle from BWS/Dan Murphys and similar. Don't assume that "Nobody in Oz drinks $8 bottles of wine", just because you fancy yourself as a wine snob
  6. That was a quick Embassy critical post, totally unfounded and pure speculation that the Embassy is supposedly assisting the thief with consular assistance. And what exactly is the consulate supposed to do for a victim of theft in this case? Victim of crime in a foreign country, usual course of action is to go to the local police. Amazes me the number of posts bashing the embassy, based on nothing more than emotion and speculation.
  7. Made him drink something? I'd be kicking a storm up by this stage, no way I am going to be forced to drink something. Something not quite right about this story. Was he armed or did he have a weapon? How exactly did he manage to get the guy's hands tied and a mask put over him so easily without a ruckus alerting anyone in nearby rooms. Not buying the story as it stands. Will wait another day to see the updated version!
  8. Very cool live webcam on Sukhumvit Road Bangkok

    Did you have to use a huge font size to get your point across? Anyway - if you some day get 20 items and reserve 20 tables just to see what the people do, then you will be a complete d!ck. Grow up
  9. None yet. Qatar is the launch customer for the -1000, due to start next couple of weeks I think.
  10. That was 11 years ago. ELEVEN YEARS ago. It was 2007. is that all you could come up with to contribute to this topic??
  11. Ugh. So predictable, for someone to yet again bring the Burmese into yet another unrelated topic. Try posting something original next time. And it may enlighten you to find out that the Burmese are predominantly Buddhist, which kind of negates your silly post in the first place.
  12. Having been through previous periods in Phuket Town where the electric lines have been placed underground - I don't think that your post has any relevance here Sir
  13. Oh, silly post. Move on please Sir!
  14. What Happened To The First Dogs Sent To Space Is Actually Horribly Sad

    "I wanted to do something nice for her: She had so little time left to live."" Yes - just before they strapped her to the top of a massive rocket and fired her in to space..
  15. High gloss enamel paint finish on woodwork

    May be my bad wording there, lacquer finish