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  1. Thanks so much KhunPer Yes I would not be surprised if I am the first one to ask this particular question for Samui - bit of an odd request I know but there is a perfectly good story to it!
  2. Kind of feel for the taxi driver here - who knows if it was dark or hard to see, might have been a long day. Bit harsh to accuse him of being drunk on lao khao
  3. I drink my every day whisky with ice, soda and a splash of ginger ale - unless I'm having something decent like a peaty single malt My everyday favourites are Benmore, and now Bells as its a better price than the Benmore (I'm not terribly fussy for the mixer whisky)
  4. Thanks samensam - that photo helps - its exactly what we're looking for. White/light colour preferred Needs to be in Samui though, but appreciate the post!
  5. Odd request, but figure the TV Samui residents might be able to shed some light on these requests Apparently there are some old Land Rover Defenders parked somewhere around Chaweng/Bo Phut area - anyone know where they are? Would like to ask the owner if we can borrow them for some photos Next one is a bit harder - has anyone seen a UK Red Telephone Box anywhere on the island? Thanks for any advice!
  6. KLM does list a flight direct Bangkok to CGD, but its a codeshare on Air France metal
  7. Can ask them to close the windows if its too cold during flight, I find this helps and they are happy to comply
  8. Yes, of course But still have not been asked to take my shoes off in a long time.
  9. Fair enough OJAS! Nothing wrong with sandals :)
  10. Have not been asked to remove my shoes for many years. Belt off is enough. 12 international flights last 2 weeks and not once did I have to take my shoes off. Might want to look at your shoes...
  11. Not a fan of the article headling - "Schoolgirl, 9, sent for rehabilitation.." Would have preferred to read "Schoolgirl, 9, given counselling and support...."
  12. Man smashes 'impossible' 7,500 calorie Big Mac Challenge in just five minutes

    I can only feel pity for his McToilet the following day...
  13. Hua Hin is not exactly a diver's destination...