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  1. Anger issues much? Other posters politely corrected your wrong info, and you respond by throwing your toys out of the pram. Great attitude
  2. Apologies bazza73, no disrespect. You only mentioned taxi time, not meals and massages. Not trolling. Just the taxi time of 4 hours was raising eyebrows. Even in the worst traffic, have never come close to that.
  3. Holding a bag of peanuts out, and then trying to defend yourself from the monkeys (macaques I would imagine) from taking snatching them from your hand. Not too clever in that respect. Sorry, I'm on the side of the macaques here.
  4. It is proposed as a light train - there in be your information! I would hazard a guess that it will include several stops en route. 1.5km or not (this will be as the crow flies, not the route), a Light Train with stops will take some time. Its not portrayed to be a high speed rail link Its a sound proposal, lets see how it pans out.
  5. I understand the embellishment to get a point across, but stating 4 hours is a bit much mate
  6. Total nonsense, from someone who flies out of DMK frequently. Do you have nothing better to do than pedal stupid Thai stereotypes which have no place in this topic?
  7. Why would Cambodians require a work permit in Cambodia? Lame attempt at a work permit joke, try reading first
  8. Groan. You're looking at maybe one flight a day, or only several a week. Hardly going to be a huge impact on your precious rest time. Tiny airport, hardly going to turn in to Heathrow is it? Unbelievable
  9. Thanks to all who have replied so far - I am passing these comments on. Keep 'em coming! Cheers, much appreciated!
  10. HooHaa - agree with what you say, its common sense But in some situations its not practical or possible to do this each time arriving to Thailand I work in Myanmar, and banking isn't the best here so its not always practical or economical for me to get 500 Euros or USD before flying to Bangkok. I have Thailand bank accounts, just easier for me to draw on arrival there. For others coming from western countries, it can be more cost effective to draw from an ATM locally on arrival, instead of going through Forex before leaving their home country Just another opinion
  11. Best to carry USD or Euro/other equivalent to the 20k THB to be sure, if you fit the profile of additional scrutiny at passport control, given no ATM's airside.
  12. Posters like you filling up threads with off-topic time wasting nonsense.
  13. and this post is relevant to the airport train from Suvanabhumi how??
  14. Friend wants to get a reasonably priced starter tablet for his daughter for education apps etc, including tutorial videos. Looking at Teclast as an option to Huawei Teclast P80 has popped up Any members got experience with these?