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  1. Sukhumvit or ???
  2. err, maths radar just went off there. Off the 5 carriers awarded AOC's, 77% were international? So 3.85 Airlines??
  3. Instead of taking an international flight out, he should have hired a taxi down to the border - he could at least then have got some use out of his car mobile phone holder on the way. Sheeesh, what a waste, he never got to use his ill-gotten gains.
  4. Had some great nights in that one bar in the laneway between Soi 5 & 7 a few years back. The one with the pool table on the left side as you walked in. Also had an weird experience there one trip. One foreigner was quite obviously drugged one evening, my friends and I kept tabs on him while he was incoherent on Soi 7 at dawn after he staggered out and collapsed in the street. Realised later that he had been targeted - a woman we had seen at the bar with him overheard me telling my friends where I was staying and showed up to my hotel later that morning. She tried to push her way in to the room, but my alarm bells started ringing and I forced her out and called security. Didn't end up well for her.
  5. So a troll post from a first time poster makes the newsletter email? Come on Thai Visa, at least put some kind of effort in vetting your content
  6. Xiaomi user, highly recommended. Make sure you get it shipped with the Global ROM, not the Chinese ROM Excellent value device
  7. Guessing you're a glass half full type of chap. Have a cheerful day.
  8. If you know something... Then you will know that the Tourism Minister (Minister for Sports and Tourism) is Khun Kobkarn Wattanavrang First - she doesn't have anything to do with getting cables underground Number two - I think she would take offence to you saying Thailand is in 1950. Either accept that or at least live with it
  9. Saffron Revolution was September 2007, well after 2005 - and schools weren't closed then. Do you mean universities perhaps?
  10. madmitch has mentioned the best one - Owner is a young Thai guy, nice chap, and they do nice beers.
  11. Is there a reason your entire post is in italics? Curious.
  12. Nice, very nice Thanks for the giggle
  13. I would be interested to know the answer to this also.
  14. I think that ship may have already sailed NanLaew :)
  15. My reply to Docno's post was in relation to cigarettes, coffee and beer/alcohol - follow the posts, and don't twist mine out of context. Was nothing to do with pushing illegal drugs or taking illegal drugs, work on your comprehension please.