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  1. Start a new thread, and take your "I eat better than you" p*ssing contest elsewhere for goodness sake
  2. Oh, so you were there at the time of the accident and witnessed exactly what happened? Thanks so much for letting us know the cause.
  3. I top up my Rabbit card in Phuket regularly before I travel to Bangkok, no fee charged at Macca's to top it up. Staff at the different Macca's outlets in Phuket have no problems using the Rabbit system. They give the discount for purchases also. Very convenient, and 20% (or even the normal 10%) is a good incentive on the odd occasion where I indulge in a rare burger or a sundae
  4. Slightly misleading headline - Nok Air and NokScoot are two very distinct airlines, even though related in branding. The previous comment mentions Nok Air, but not the airline this article is about. Nice to hear the poster's bikes were handled FOC with Nok :) Hope the NokScoot flight in the OP made it out eventually - no follow up from the News Team??
  5. Garuda's turnaround happened a while back - in the last decade at least. Foreign management brought in, new aircraft, training regime overhauled - they have been at the top of their game for quite some time
  6. Further update from Coconuts Yangon about the official steps being taken (or not taken)
  7. Yawn. Come up with something original if you're going to bother posting.
  8. No weather radar that I can find
  9. Just had several days of heavy rain in Yangon - local flooding around the city. Looks like the cyclone will cross near Sandoway/Sittwe and track across just north of Naypyitaw - but Yangon has received a mass of unseasonal downpours last 2 days with lots of power outages. This would be better in the Myanmar News section - but can't post there. Potential cyclone threatens Myanmar amidst holiday festivities Meteorologists are warning that Myanmar could be hit by a cyclone this weekend, as many people celebrate the Thingyan festival. A tropical cyclone will likely form in the Bay of Bengal at some point this weekend, according to reports. The worst conditions from this low pressure system are expected Sunday. Flooding rains are the biggest threat from this system. Full story here:
  10. Well that only took 5 months. Guessing Harris is long gone now!
  11. Link please for this report
  12. Saw this - 600 machines to start, moving up to 8,000 machines later? This is going to be interesting. Fire away
  13. Despicable post ezzra. And there wasn't just one video that was taken by the lady behind. And it wasn't the pax who said he was Chinese. Do yourself a favour and spend more time reading
  14. No admission to exaggerating your claims? Detail your examples please, don't hold back on letting us know about the 1 or 2 times every month for 15 years that you have refused a taxi because they were crazy, belligerent or drugged up. Your credibility is sorely lacking here.
  15. Never in 20 years have I come across a taxi driver who seems: - crazy - belligerent - amped up on meth How many times have you SERIOUSLY had the above happen that you would say 'never mind and ask for another one' I call BS to this.