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  1. Surely that's the most obvious one in Pattaya. 😴😴
  2. Leave Thailand. 😯😯😯
  3. And yet another cover up by the military or RTP. R.I.P poor kid
  4. Exactly, so pathetic. Thailand only worried bout losing face & image. They prob wished it never came to light in the 1st place. Sod the victims mentality.
  5. An wot point are u trying to make here? 😯
  6. Well, he's not gonna be able to wash them off now is he? Duh.
  7. Who we talking bout here? Kim Jong Un or Trump?
  8. Especially in Chaing Mai & Pattaya 😂😂
  9. Obviously they the ones who ordered to replace it.
  10. Yes coz it's one of their own that fell/pushed. So this case will not be closed after 30mins like when a foreigner falls/pushed.
  11. Why commend him? He's just another lowlife murderer off the streets.
  12. It has to stop somewhere. Duh
  13. It's not Thai bashing, it's facts. Thailand will never learn. A selfish country.
  14. Here we go again, where too much drink & drugs take over there little brain.