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  1. Suspect sketch released in Krabi massacre

    Who cares.
  2. I hav, reading ur silly posts. ?
  3. My point is, like I said u can do all that when it's not raining. So Wots ur point in this?
  4. U can do all that even if it's not raining.
  5. Or sit on the balcony & watch other farangs jump or be pushed off theirs. ?
  6. Bangkok cops swoop on drug-peddling ring

    Traffic fumes
  7. 3,000b, But they have enough money to get drunk. Lowlifes
  8. Massive brawl breaks out between groups of tourists in Brit holiday hotspot

    Yes an it makes a change from the English Northerners getting drunk & causing trouble.
  9. New immigration boss vows deep investigation of expats

    Yes half of them can't even exit a bar standing up. ??
  10. Exactly, could u stand in front of a guy with man Tits trying to explain something to him without cracking up? ??
  11. God ru really that bored?
  12. So where's the evidence that it woz these 2 Burmese guys? Or sorry I forgot this is Thailand, just look at Koh Tao. ??
  13. Region top choice for US, UK visitors

    Yes their call centre is in India. Admittedly they do keep you on hold for a long time but calls charged local rate from Thailand.
  14. Region top choice for US, UK visitors

    Well I've booked a flight with them a few mths ago online & had no problems. Customer service very good.