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  1. Car Insurance Quotes

    Good Morning, can anybody help or clarify some things for me please? I have been on the compare site for car insurance on Thai Visa and i have a question. Every quote lists the sum assured as 200k, what if you are buying a new car that is worth more than this, are you really only covered up to the 200k? What happens if it is stolen or a complete write off?
  2. Big bike group donate 400 helmets to Phuket schoolkids

    I agree they aren't the best BUT if they are better than nothing and donated where is the harm. Also, if a young child gets used to wearing even these as the norm then hopefully as they grow they will invest in better helmets. However, I suspect if they don't even have the chance to understand the need for even these basic ones at this age then they won't bother as they get older and the cycle continues. I can't see anything wrong with by this gesture or anything other than good
  3. Water filter

    Thanks. I suppose what I'm looking for is something that attaches to the sink/pump that filters the water so when I turn on the sink tap it is able to be used for cooking, washing food etc
  4. Water filter

    Hi Does anybody know of any or if such a thing as a water filter exists that will enable the usage of tap water. I was thinking more of something that goes onto the unit rather than a filter jug. Any suggestions?
  5. Phuket cat blamed in Chinese driver wipe-out

    I think it's instinct to avoid hitting anything whatsoever tbh
  6. Finding a new dog.

    My English bull terrier is fine with everything, he barks at snakes but has caught many things even pinning down a scorpion
  7. And I disagree with you. I broke my arm on a scooter here. I have full UK licence for bikes and a helmet, insurance covered all my bill, minus excess fine, no argument just needed receipts and police report
  8. New traffic cams set up to catch helmet less riders

    I'm guessing April fools due to no link lol
  9. So people complain when Muslims are quiet and to other people complain they use the media when they speak out? Guess some people will never be happy
  10. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/women-gather-form-human-chain-10105637
  11. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/photographer-defends-woman-targeted-racist-10089413
  12. seeing you clearly have magical powers, can you tell me what is on her phone, which game she is playing? If she was a non Muslim would you have interpreted that she was texting/calling for help? have you seen all the articles and pictures of the sick people taking selfies, have you done a poll to establish the % of these people's religions? oh and as you clearly know everything can you tell me the religion of the person taking the picture that your focusing on, who was also clearly not helping either?
  13. maybe that the lady in the head scarf doesnt seem bothered.. pathetic really. Shock, a woman on the phone means she doesnt care???, what about all the idiots taking selfies and the actual pictures the OP is referring to? http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/39353044/westminster-attack-rage-at-terror-selfies-on-social-media
  14. How do you "look like a terrorist", he is an Asian male with a beard. Do you suggest locking up all Muslim men with beards? or just sending them back home, oh wait some of whom were born in the UK. not every muslim is a terrorist <deleted>. The reason terrorists work is because they are so hard to spot. Would you have locked every person who looked Irish up in the IRA and Unionist days? Would you have locked every Asian who looked like a Sikh up in the 80's when there was a plane bombing? How about locking all the people in Thailand who look like Adem Karadag, oh wait he looks a bit Whitish... Surely by now your seeing a flaw in your options
  15. I have a dog who is always leashes when I walk him and is never allowed outside the yard alone. . Soi dogs are a menace. I have to walk with a stick because of the little shits s running loose whilst thais laugh as they growl and snarl at my dog and try to bite . . . My dog is a bull terrier and could handle himself, trained and obidedient but would I want him to be bitten by these mutts no. So if they come close they get whacked . So your comment about it being the human fault is right except you have the wrong culprits, it's the locals and foreigners who have allowed the problems of soi dogs to exist. . . . Not the walkers, joggers, bike users or responsible dog walkers.