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  1. Australian tourist Stacey Liddle to go home next week

    Oh please.. Are you honestly suggesting she and others who ride here illegally do so because they think they will be overcharged if they have an accident.. Come on. That's not taking into account that even if they overcharge x5 or x100 if she and the others had the correct insurance or were not doing things they weren't covered for then shy of a small insurance excess it would have been paid regardless. I accept people are on holidays and make decisions they wouldn't do at home and I don't have an issue with that. The issue is then complaining and asking for financial help when it goes wrong. If I start a go fund me page to recoup my insurance premiums I paid for the years when I don't claim then that would be fair or accepted?
  2. Nope. He had already gone home.
  3. Not to mention I believe (happy to be corrected), the Dr's covering the government hospitals also work in the private ones on rotation.
  4. Despite having a full bike/car licence in the UK and Thailand, I have broken both my arms (seperate incidents) in Phuket and used Mission hospital and Thalang hospital, I cannot speak highly enough for the doctors, nurses and professionalism of anyone i dealt with here (that also includes illnesses), including how they dealt with the insurance. If your not covered for a bike dont drive one, if you dont have a licence to drive one, dont drive one... if you take the risk, dont ask for funding if your insurance doesnt cover it. In most of our home countries, you wouldnt be insured either if you drive any type of vehicle your not legally allowed to operate, whether thats medical or vehicle insurance, so why expect it to be different here? We all know the risks of driving and the standard in Thailand so why increase that risk by driving something you cant drive (if you can, then take the test to prove it).
  5. I know the petrol station well and it is a big site so possible to be nowhere near the pumps, but even so, who fires a gun in a petrol station, with such scant regard that it actually ricocheted into somebody?
  6. Good tv series

    Detectives. Murder on the streets is a very good 4 part British fly on wall show
  7. My dog is an English bull terrier and I've had locals call him a pittbull and cross the road or walk away from him despite him being leashed, showing no aggression . I find the kids are more than happy to say hello where as the adults are as per above. Despite this they seem content to let their dogs come up to mine who is always leashed. This has on two occasions resulted in my well behaved dog being bitten twice with out retaliating despite him being able to probably destroy these mutts if he wanted to. This is why I walk with a big stick and will happily hit anything that wishes to come up off leashed looking for a fight bearing its teeth. On a side note, I have seen thais walking their dogs on a leash but far more who seem happy to let them run riot.... There are some stray pups which like to play with him but I would like a dog park or somewhere he can play with other well natured dogs.
  8. Photos of our dogs

  9. Georgian Translation Service.

    Hi As far as i can see, there is no Georgian embassy or consulate in Bangkok. I am looking to translate a document from English to Georgian (not Russian), normally I would guess the embassy is the best bet to head to but as they do not have one, does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Car Insurance Quotes

    Good Morning, can anybody help or clarify some things for me please? I have been on the compare site for car insurance on Thai Visa and i have a question. Every quote lists the sum assured as 200k, what if you are buying a new car that is worth more than this, are you really only covered up to the 200k? What happens if it is stolen or a complete write off?
  11. Big bike group donate 400 helmets to Phuket schoolkids

    I agree they aren't the best BUT if they are better than nothing and donated where is the harm. Also, if a young child gets used to wearing even these as the norm then hopefully as they grow they will invest in better helmets. However, I suspect if they don't even have the chance to understand the need for even these basic ones at this age then they won't bother as they get older and the cycle continues. I can't see anything wrong with by this gesture or anything other than good
  12. Water filter

    Thanks. I suppose what I'm looking for is something that attaches to the sink/pump that filters the water so when I turn on the sink tap it is able to be used for cooking, washing food etc
  13. Water filter

    Hi Does anybody know of any or if such a thing as a water filter exists that will enable the usage of tap water. I was thinking more of something that goes onto the unit rather than a filter jug. Any suggestions?
  14. Phuket cat blamed in Chinese driver wipe-out

    I think it's instinct to avoid hitting anything whatsoever tbh