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  1. Eye test Bangkok

    Thank you all. I have emailed them to ask how much a test would be, do you have any ideas?
  2. Eye test Bangkok

    Good afternoon, I need to have an eye test done in Bangkok. I was hoping to pay around 1000thb and for it to be near a BTS or an MRT station (walking distance). I am looking for an actual test to be conducted not just the person asking what strength i want. Also, if possible i need to be able to go as a walk in and not book an appointment. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  3. Whilst I may have worded it slightly less sensationalist :) , I agree the area should be corderned off.
  4. In same way it was your turn to be wrong?
  5. Doesn't say or mean that at all.. It is just a separate law and crime. In the same way murder and manslaughter is differentiated
  6. In the UK, they are also no longer called accidents, rather RTC's. Road traffic collisions as regardless of the level of culpability, someone is always to blame.
  7. As a bike rider there is not much scarier than waiting at a recently turned red light. Half expect the vehicles behind to plow into you
  8. i know your right, i was once told by a thai mom that her son (teens) wont wear a helmet as it makes his hair not handsome.
  9. The uncool image? Hope thats a joke. If they are to worried about their vanity maybe they should stick to the beach or gym rather than riding bikes. I agree on the law enforcement but tourists (and locals) stupidity for not wearing helmets lies at the feed of the rider. I wer a helmet to protect me not to stop me getting a fine.
  10. Great advice Or better still...... Don't drink any and drive.
  11. METV and Visa exemption.

    Thank you both. UbonJoe, it may have been how i worded my initial post. I would of used my last METV entry so this is me leaving after the scenario you suggested above. Thank you both once again.
  12. Hi I have done some research online and I am looking for clarity of whether I am correct in my thinking if anyone can help. I am a UK national and currently have a METV which I am using. My question is can i leave Thailand once my METV ends and then return the same day entering on a standard tourist visa exemption (30 days) and then extend this at my local immigration, giving me the 60 days?
  13. Australian tourist Stacey Liddle to go home next week

    Oh please.. Are you honestly suggesting she and others who ride here illegally do so because they think they will be overcharged if they have an accident.. Come on. That's not taking into account that even if they overcharge x5 or x100 if she and the others had the correct insurance or were not doing things they weren't covered for then shy of a small insurance excess it would have been paid regardless. I accept people are on holidays and make decisions they wouldn't do at home and I don't have an issue with that. The issue is then complaining and asking for financial help when it goes wrong. If I start a go fund me page to recoup my insurance premiums I paid for the years when I don't claim then that would be fair or accepted?