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  1. Craig krup

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    It's a nice park. I don't know what the deal is with the open air weights. Some of the guys obviously take it fairly seriously.
  2. Craig krup

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    Nong Khai park's mental. It's nice once you're there, but - on foot - it's a sod to get to.
  3. Craig krup

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    If the park was a really big issue, and you can manage the stairs, there are nice cheap condos immediately South of the Phosri road at the pedestrian bridge that takes you across to Nong Bua park. For about 4,000 baht you're away from the main road, and you can cross it on the footbridge. If you're the UD town side of the railway track it's a wee bit more time to get into Nong Bua, although (IMHO) the other facilities in the centre make it worthwhile. I don't think it's that safe to cut through the Thai neighbourhood north of the railway station and then walk down the road. A bit too much traffic. Nong Bua park is really mellow. They put a lot of work into keeping it nice.
  4. Craig krup

    Any Thai city with a central park like Lumpini Park?

    Nong Prajak is brilliant, and the little studios right in the South West corner were only 4,500 a month when I asked in 2016, and you had a balcony and a view. There are brand new condos for about the same money, without the view, just 100 yards back from the park on the eastern side. The only ballache is that the bikes get the better path around the park - next to the water. Nong Bua is even prettier and it's right next to the centre, although not as big.
  5. Explain to me how an economist would account for this. Now explain how a psychologist would account for this. Now explain how a professional gambler would construe it.
  6. If every various tweak, flavour and iteration can be patented then - essentially - you don't have a defensible advantage. Besides, in the UK you have to show an inventive step to a sceptical examiner. The US patent office is funded by the fees. They'll grant anything and leave you to defend it, and the courts to establish the (supposed) inventive step.
  7. We've already had that "fact". As I say, I listened to "In Business" last night on the subject of digital nomads, and two (from Edinburgh, IIRC) living in Lisbon were earning (they say) around 40,000 euros a year. That was pretty much the only number we heard. I remember thinking, 1) is that really true, 2) I wonder what the median income is, 3) I wonder why we don't see this bounty expressed in the typical spending and 4) I wonder why so many highly-skilled high-earners with "square" jobs troop on. Nobody ever tells anyone the hard motherluvin' truth. Geophysicists working for major oil service companies during booms make serious money, but it's $150,000-$200,000, and they fight for it, work hard, and get laid off when the oil price drops. If you read what real candid insiders say about anything it's always very different to "reports", and "I heard" and "according to" [Sigelman, or anyone else]. In any major money making enterprise there are a few who grab obscene money, but even them it's rarely really awesome. An ex-girlfriend ended up on the board of a Fortune 500 company. It was rules and stress. "You can claim gas, but your car's sh*t. Your housing allowance means renting this in downtown Houston, but "this" could be bought for $400,000". As soon as the stock options vested she left, and walked away with $1.5m. But that's a senior job, Fortune 500. Most of what you think is true is just nonsense. But honestly, seriously, hand on heart, I hope it all works out for you. It doesn't grease my primary sexual characteristics either way.
  8. Until you learn to think about what money is, and can refer to it without your tin-foil-in-hat-it's-all-just-fiat scare marks, you'll understand nothing about currencies, crypto or otherwise. Contemplate this: every idiot who was flat wrong and is flat broke has a CV just like yours. Did you read the FT piece?
  9. Here's an interesting piece. https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2018/05/02/1525253799000/Blockchain-insiders-tell-us-why-we-don-t-need-blockchain/
  10. Okay mate, you win. I'm quite busy and I've a limited amount of time to deal with retards. You post links to prove that blockchain has uses for companies and then infer that this tells us something about the value of currencies which use blockchain. You've never been through a decent university - or even a school - that forced you to read closely and think. This is wrestling with a pig. It wastes my time, but the pig enjoys it.
  11. Of course the market can remain irrational. That's why Buffett, with all his wealth, didn't want to bet against the continuation of stupidity. Paulson made $4.5bn being right about US housing - read "The Greatest trade Ever" - but he nearly had to give up because with a big enough tidal wave of stupidity it's hard to keep the positions open. That doesn't mean you aren't looking at stupidity. But that's all too slippery for you, isn't it? Too many mental moves. Too much thought.
  12. No, as a group they were destroyed. But you - identifying the carpetbaggers who weren't, imagining they had characteristics different from their peers (rather than just being lucky), and imagining that you have them - see yourself buying at the bottom. The person who made serious money was Warren Buffett. He was buying brick and carpet manufacturers when the herd was going mad.
  13. No. What lies behind a currency is that it is legal tender in some territory, government demands taxes in that currency and (therefore) government will act to maintain its value. The pound is backed by the productive activity of the UK economy and the counter-inflationary interest rates set by the Bank of England, plus its management of the commercial banks. You and your wee pals have avoided thinking about this for seventeen pages, and - doubtless - will continue.
  14. You're so stupid that if I bank used blockchain in its normal banking function - dealing with dollars and euro - you'd think (you do think) that this tells us something about Bitcoin. F-F-S. You think either, 1) banks use blockchain technology 2) Bitcoin uses blockchain technology 3) ergo banks accept Bitcoin OR 1) banks use blockchain technology and are successful 2) Bitcoin uses blockchain technology 3) ergo Bitcoin will be successful. Your head is like a ball of wool that the cat has been playing with.
  15. Christ. And you won't even distinguish between trade and own. When they make a market and hold 10 million as market makers I'll be impressed. When they hold two, or efficiently facilitate matched orders for a slice of the action, I won't be surprised. If two idiots want to fight I wouldn't join in, but I might sell tickets.