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  1. sfokevin

    Northem part visit

    In Pai go have diner here... Silhouette By Reverie Siam https://goo.gl/maps/JAe16czpFmA2 Make a point to drive out to here (it’s also on your way to Mae Hong Son)... https://www.aboutpai.com/lod-cave-pangmapha/
  2. sfokevin

    Northem part visit

    Right now the drive thru the mountain stretch is a mess with about 10km of muddy road construction...
  3. When they wash ashore TAT gets to count them as a return visit...
  4. sfokevin

    Laminated copy of passport

    You might consider having an emergency number tattooed on your left rear cheek...
  5. sfokevin

    Northem part visit

    If I had a car I would do the following places... Chang Dao Pai Lod Cave Mae Hong Son Doi Inthanon Personally I think Mae Rim is too touristy... If you stay there I would stay up in Mon Cham... We’ve stayed here in the past... http://www.monviewngarm.com/ม่อนวิวงาม-ราคา.html
  6. sfokevin

    Cheese, Anyone?

    Not to hijack the tasty red cheese thread... but does anyone know where to buy some tasty buffalo mozzarella cheese?... The round kind usually in water... Rimping has one option option but it not really soft once opened...
  7. sfokevin

    Dashcam recommendations?

    I have had this one for over two years... Works great!!! Extra wide angle HD quality... I really like the WiFi/App (Which os all in English) that allows you to easily check and see recorded video... Whatever model you decide on go to YouTube and look for a video quality review before you buy... https://www.lazada.co.th/products/xiaomi-yi-car-dash-cam-1080p-camera-wifi-dvr-gray-action-cam-i160836195-s193956582.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.48.31374f452alxig&search=1
  8. sfokevin

    EDU visa -- actually want to learn Thai

    This subject was done to death here a couple months ago...
  9. Google Maps as a dedicated GPS has a couple pitfalls... If you are driving in an area with no cell coverage the app can not download the maps needed... While it has an option of saving an area to the phone it doesn’t always work for rural areas... And even if you have cell coverage it can be slow to pinpoint you... I would suggest you get a App like Garmin which has the maps built into the phone app
  10. Get a smartphone and one of these to mount it... https://www.lazada.co.th/products/gps-intl-i100610406-s100695436.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.61.3d7b1bc2Ncs0Zh&search=1
  11. Wear flop flops to prevent grounding yourself when walking in any of the public areas...
  12. sfokevin

    Apple iPhone X series

    Curious?..: Can this switch to an eSim be made for both pre & post paid accounts?
  13. If it’s not your thing or in your league why bother yourself and us to post hate?...
  14. Apple will be opening its fist store in Thailand there... Curious will they have a courtesy boat from the Thaksin pier?..: What will be the easiest way to get there from BTS stop?...
  15. sfokevin

    Visa Agents Days Are Numbered?

    David, would this be bank statements from a Thai or home country bank? So the 9,200 fee included the 1,900 extension fee and 3,800 multiple entry would make the agent fee 3,500 baht... Correct?