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  1. Ah yes... Beautiful untouched Koh Lipe...
  2. “Most” is not all... As I stated in my post if you take and have a photo of the completed arrival card on the plane there would be no doubt whatsoever...
  3. Rentals in Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son

    If I were you I would rent a big bike in Chiang Mai (Many places on east side of moat)... for a month and then go live in Pai... You can find nice places for a month on AirBnB... Pai is a nice mix of countryside with close proximity to western resources and nomads such as yourself...
  4. Th OP did not state whether he put anything in the visa number spot?... If he left it blank he would get 30 days as the officer assumes he has no visa... or he did place his visa number and the officer made a mistake... If you did place your visa number on the arrival card you have no proof... The officer in Khon Kaen will say you forgot to place the number on arrival card... I make a point of completing the arrival card on the plane an then laying my passport visa page, completed arrival card and flight ticket stub on my tray table and takin a picture of all three with my cellphone... I also check the dates stamped in my passport right after I pass Immigration...
  5. This is a typical site while walking the streets on Koh Lipe... Sets a great example for visitors...
  6. How strict are AirAsia on cabin bag size?

    The ticket counter is usually where they check... not at the boarding gate... So keep any large bags out of sight - If they see them they may weigh them... have a companion watch them while you show passports to get boarding passes... or get boarding passes from their ATM kiosks for domestic flights..
  7. https://www.facebook.com/groups/cnxre/permalink/1675655349162613/?sale_post_id=1675655349162613
  8. Mall Opening Times

    Hopefully after renovations Elvis will return!
  9. Mall Opening Times

    Also what evenings do they have the food stalls and tables set up in front?
  10. Mall Opening Times

    Is it possible to have a Samsung Experience during the renovations?...
  11. We just did Halong Bay over Xmas... I wish we had a direct flight (Had to connect thru Don Mueang and immigration was a pain upon returning - Luckily I paid for express lane service and walked right past the thousand or so Chinese "queued" up... ;-))... Also there are websites where you can arrange prepay for visas ahead of time - Opt for the deluxe where a guy meets you just before the visa desk and handles the immigration queue & everything while you sit and wait (10 minutes)
  12. Where is this? See photo

    Trip Report: We ventured out there this morning... the photos are below.. . There are 187 steps to the top - Spoiler Alert! Which you don’t need to do as there is a road just beyond the bottom that leads up to the forest Wat and to the Tower Cheri.... After our visit we drove just a bit beyond the Watt to a little reservoir with a little mom & pop resturant and was treated the the most delicious lunch (Squid & chicken in curry, stir fried mushrooms vegis and somtom 230 baht )... ครัวกุ้งเต้น ห้วยมะนาว https://goo.gl/maps/7geJNYSbQCy
  13. Looking for Private Thai Teacher

    ^^^ While renovating a house I was immersed in the language... I originally read that “Prunii” meant tomorrow but quickly learned that it really meant not today...
  14. These are very hard to come by as everyone is in the Hostel business right now... But you can keep an eye out on the following forum as a few failed Hostel businesses come up for sale (not the building)... You can buy them out and take over the rent... To protect yourself have any long term lease (+ 3years) registered with the land department... Facebook search for: เช่า เซ้ง ร้าน ขายบ้านมือสอง เชียงใหม่ Btw... I rented and renovated and lived in a wonderful townhouse behind Wat Suan Dok a while back that was great... Quiet area yet right in the city...