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  1. One would thing that an Elite Card member would include girl friend upon arrival...
  2. http://www.lazada.co.th/viofo-a119-1440p-160-degree-wide-angle-car-dvr-black-intl-19420521.html?spm=a2o4l.search.0.0.tnXg3n&ff=1
  3. http://www.lazada.co.th/shop-rice-cookers/?searchredirect=Rice+cooker
  4. Just remember that when you move to a different county to turn off the previous countries data roaming or you could be in for a huge bill when you return... Also make sure your True sim has been Activated by True to roam in other countries and has funds enough to work while you are out of the country http://truemoveh.truecorp.co.th/international_service/travelling_abroad?ln=en http://www3.truecorp.co.th/truemoveh/international_services/roaming_services/entry/652?ln=en
  5. If you believe that... I have some rice to sell you...
  6. Enter a designated crosswalk...
  7. Given the OP description of intermittent flow issues and the pump not coming on all the time... I would guess that the OP's tank and pump is a retrofit... when the house was originally built it did not have a pump & tank and was just serviced by city water... but the previous owners realized that the city water was not reliable or does not provide enough pressure to the house and had the tank and pump added as a secondary water pressure supply.... so the city water and the pump can both provide water to the house... when the city water pressure is low the pump kicks on to add pressure to the system... A way to confirm this is to turn off the electric power to the pump and then run a tap... if the water continues to run you can see that the city water is also providing pressure to the house...
  8. Just because something is rated at a certain wattage... say a 1,000 heater... That is most likely just an estimate... you would need to confirm the wattage with a watt meter before using in a test of you electric meter...
  9. I work out at O2 Gym on Mahadol Rd... there is a farrang guy that trains others there most morning at 9-10am... he seems to be very engaged with his clients... I have never once seen him using his cellphone while training someone ;-)
  10. ^^^ Jobin... the OP stated he lives in Chiang Mai Land area... so a bike ride to the 700 Stadium would be a rather unhealthy endeavor...
  11. I like a gym that sells brownies!
  12. Mon Cham has a number of new little hotel/home stay places nice motorbike ride from CM... (go up the back road) try to go on a weekday as this place is very popular for the Thais on weekends ;-) We've stayed here overnight (they have a coffee shop on site which is great in the morning)... Better to have someone who speaks Thai call and reserve;-) http://www.vayahouse.com/
  13. My vote goes for crushed stone...
  14. Filtrete is serious business in Chiang Mai...
  15. ^^^ Yes that's a great day trip... there is a beautiful coffee shop there called Ted Du... I think they also have a room you can stay... https://www.facebook.com/Tedducoffee/