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  1. Yup!.. 20 baht for Thai... 100 baht for farrang... 30 baht for car... But but worth it as it is usually deserted... bring a picnic lunch ;-)
  2. Rather than having a pinned thread on "Dying in Thailand"... we need a sub forum
  3. You said you sat for an evaluation... What did you think?
  4. ^^^ The website seems to only have one option "Introduction to 1-Year Thai"... You mention "Level 2"... and now a new level 3?... Is it possible to get a description of these three levels somewhere?... i am interested in joining but not sure where I would fit in?... level 2 or 3? Is the price still 35k if you don't want the visa?
  5. The web link give no info about an intermediate program?... Also so I note on the beginner one year program it states that they will not accept applicants over 55 years of age... This seems to be visa connected?... Can a 55yo+ Who don't need a visa enroll without visa support?
  6. There seems to be quite a few houses for rent in the mubaan - try renting for 6 months to really get a feel for the place
  7. I have Sinet Fiber... just the basic 30/8... If you pay for a whole year they give you two months extra free... so my monthly cost is about ~500 baht... Install and router included for free I'm sure there will be someone along shortly to trash Sinet... but any provider has issues...
  8. There is a road that goes up around the back to Mon Cham that is much more scenic and deserted... check out the waterfall on the way ;-)
  9. Check out lazada... COD and free delivery http://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=Logitech speaker&searchclickposition=prod4
  10. You might look into just attaching a Apple TV or Google Chromecast to one of your HDMI... theses are customizable and easy to use and update... http://www.lazada.co.th/google-chromecast-digital-hdmi-media-streamer-10692038.html?ff=1
  11. Deleting or destroying any tapes would be a violation of the 1978 Presidential Records Act - An impeachable offense
  12. For such a n important item you might consider a pilgrimage to a place like this... https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g303918-d1182409-Reviews-Buddha_Casting_Factory-Phitsanulok_Phitsanulok_Province.html
  13. Everybody time my partner suggest that we go and buy food for diner at the market it ends up costing me more than a salad and pizza at The Duke's... and the refrigerator reeks of klong kritters and durian for days...
  14. Here is a pretty good summary...
  15. But very few are full - And an empty one can be a downright menace on the road...