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  1. sfokevin

    Need call forwarding from USA

    Yes I also have a Skype number with the Skype app on my phone it just rings when anyone in the US calls... And with this you have no cost to your local Thai number...
  2. No problem... Just when you do a search choose "Fulfilled by Lazada" its an option right below COD to show you the ones sold by them... Also try a search on the following website... They can give you a price comparison from different seller... https://www.priceza.com
  3. sfokevin

    Something To Do

    If were going off topic I'm interested in where NancyL's new digs are?... I assume someone has died?...
  4. With AirAsia all assigned seating is at a cost... Premium seats cost more than regular seats... The best seat in my opinion is the front row bulkhead seat.... I would recommend booking the seats in advance... If you try to upgrade later the good seats may be taken... We do monthly weekend getaways... And my travel habit is to do have flights booked 3-4 months out so the plane is usually empty when I book
  5. With Air Asia you can select premium seats at the time of purchase... Also If you book thru their App you can go in at any time after purchase and request upgrades such as seat assignments... Also the App allows you to have boarding passes on your phone for domestic flights... The App is great - We usually just do weekend trips to the beach in the south (Krabi) with small backpack (no checked baggage)... With the App and premium seats it's a very pleasant trip... No need to arrive early to wait in counter lines - the boarding pass is on the phone... with premium seat you get boarding priority so no waiting is gate line - and with front row seat you get gobs of legroom and exit the plane first... The hardest thing becomes trying to find a coffee shop in the CM Airport! Tip: An excellent weekend beach getaway is AirAsia CM to Koh Lipe!... Air Asia includes and takes care of the van and boat arrangements!.... I recommend staying at 10 Moons! and make sure you tuk tuk over to Sunset beach for the sunset!...
  6. We fly Air Asia a lot to Krabi and do the NancyL trick... Upgrade to the first row bulkhead row and pick the window & aisle seats... Well worth the extra 400 baht... only once did someone book th middle seat and then we gave them the aisle seat...
  7. I don’t think that would be sturdy enough for a romance novel...
  8. sfokevin

    Something To Do

    So what was the subject of the very first post to Chiang Mai Forum?... 90 Day Reporting?... Long lines to get into Kad Suen Khew?... Baht bus raises price to 5 baht?...
  9. https://www.nespresso.com/th/en/order/machines/essenza-mini-ruby-red
  10. Curious if you have a UPS that has a small 12v battery could you wire up (I know it would not fit into the enclosure) a large deep cycle 12v battery instead of the battery that came with it? Something like this: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/battery-12v-50ah-solar-gel-deep-cycle-cg12-50-i10702121-s13392756.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.14.2a696b17rbR4xb&search=1
  11. I did not suggest buying thru Kayak.com... just compare prices...
  12. Check out Kayak.com to see a comparison of pricing... I prefer VietAir as they fly into Swampy which has the airport link and you avoid Don Mueang which can be a zoo at times..... and they are cheap... Also I have found that the airline apps ( Especially AirAsia) have cheaper promotional prices than thier website.
  13. I took it as the OP wanting cheap...
  14. If you want anything changed or updated at BK Bank Invariably they hand you a blank document that is a form that is fill in the blanks and boxes to check... Which they want you to sign... It is totally in Thai and they fill in the blanks at thier lesure after you have singed your life away...