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  1. Was almost scammed here once. Was told I'd need to pay a lump sum at the marriage and a set monthly amount thereafter. Anyone else hear about this scam?
  2. Maybe, but that's no need to slap him on the head from behind.
  3. Happy Grumpy

    Arrest warrant issued for Phoenix tourist-boat owner

    Wonder if it was a boat of Burmese tourists..... Or Burmese fishermen. Or Burmese boat slaves.
  4. Happy Grumpy

    An Onslaught of Tourists Is Stressing Out Thailand

    All of which are in my immigration line at arrivals.
  5. Thais would never torture anyone.
  6. Happy Grumpy

    Bonehead for the day. Pic.

    Taken in for working without a work permit. Or being beaten to death by an enraged Thai for going out his way to touch and move his property.
  7. Happy Grumpy

    Bonehead for the day. Pic.

    A little tool? Puh-lease.
  8. Happy Grumpy

    30,000 baht Farang

    You multiply that by twenty, then break the news in the morning that you're not very good at currency exchange rates.
  9. You forgot the 4th one.... Staying/Living here on 'Tourist Visa's and Visa Exempt Entry stamps while doing in-out border/visa runs....
  10. The BTS. German engineering. Thai management and maintenance.
  11. 51 and 14? And he gets sacked? <removed>
  12. If employed remotely by a non-Thai company or company not in Thailand, then doesn't come under the Alien Worker's Act, no WP is needed. Go to the Thai Revenue Department and get your TIN (Thai Tax number) to pay tax on your income, if it is paid into Thailand. Obviously no WP is needed to do this, as not all employment/income falls under the Alien Employment Act. (Stock traders, rental properties, remote employees/online teachers to non-Thais for a non-Thai company or company in Thailand, etc). If looking to meet fellow remote employees, working remotely and fully legally on Tourist Visas etc, go to one of the hundreds of Co-=Working Spaces around Thailand. Enjoy your stay here.
  13. Happy Grumpy

    VIDEO: Cop opens fire on pick up truck in Pattaya

    U.S.A trained?