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  1. It's amazing how dumb these attendants can be. So many are so dumb they forget to properly reset the pump used by the scooters so the next guy gets double charged.
  2. At least the motosai taxi driver is there to take a photo with his phone.
  3. Happy Grumpy

    Video: Thai man in police station catches snake with his bare hands

    Mine would have eaten it.
  4. I don't think that those raised and educated in SEA are yet culturally or socially developed enough to properly and safely commandeer modern day vehicles. For the large part, they're coming from centuries of oxen and carts, to large, high powered modern day vehicles and road systems in one generation.
  5. Happy Grumpy

    Cost of living 10 years on?

    My monthly expenditure is about 2.5-3 times what it was in 2008 in thb.
  6. Happy Grumpy

    The official Manchester United thread 2019

    I think they'll win the league in 2020, and be sent straight back up to the premier league.
  7. Happy Grumpy

    Bitcoin value in short and longer term

    Oh I'm sure it's just people cashing out to buy Christmas presents. Yeah, that's it. What has it it lost in the last 12 months, 5/6ths of its value?? $19,600 down to $3,400 and still plummeting. Pop Pop burst.
  8. Perhaps a part in an Adam's Family movie come up.