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  1. Is America interested in criminals with fake American passports?
  2. Arrest made in bloody row between Bangkok rescue crews

    Genius. Supply and demand being an issue, create your own supply. Brilliant business plan.
  3. Online Teaching

    And that's what it's all about. Physically employed in Thailand, comes under the Employment Act. Remotely employed doesn't. You will need to: Pay the tax in Thailand, if the income comes to Thailand directly. No WP is needed to get a Thai Tax number and to pay the tax here, as those with incomes that are not employed here - condo owners, traders, those employed remotely, don't fall under that act where a WP is required. And a visa that does not prohibit remote employment (a non-imm visa). Cheers.
  4. Three girls wounded by stray bullets in Nakhon Nayok

    Bit harsh. They're 10 yrs old and younger and just stopped to look.
  5. Online Teaching

    Absolutely. The Employment act covers Aliens employed here. Not those employed remotely that are here. Non-Imm visa. Tax number if paid into Thailand. Cheers.
  6. Online Teaching

    Yup. It covers those working or doing business with Thai companies/companies in Thailand. Those employed remotely by non-Thai companies with no connection to anything Thai are not under the Thai employment Act. Have a visa that doesn't exhibit work - a Non-Imm visa. Get a Thai tax number and pay tax if the money is coming into Thailand. No need for a WP for that, as those whose source of income doesn't come from anything under the Thai Employment Act doesn't need a WP, but will need to pay tax if the money is coming directly into Thailand. Done. Cheers.
  7. Online Teaching

    Nope. Nothing wrong with paying tax here without a WP. Those with rental income from condos, those making money from stock trading, those working remotely for non-Thai companies that have no connection to Thailand (ie, those employed remotely by non-Thai companies as online teachers to non-Thais) just get a Tax number, pay the tax. Fully legal. That's if they are being paid into Thai bank accounts. If paid into an account in their home country, pay tax there. Cheers.
  8. Online Teaching

    Of course not. Working remotely (and privately) for a non-Thai company that doesn't have any connection to any Thais or Thailand, while paid and taxed into a home nation account, and which money never enters Thailand, doesn't fall under the Thai Alien Employment Act. Obviously. If it did they would have the process set up to get one. As it doesn't fall under the Thai Alien Employment Act, they don't. Cheers.
  9. Online Teaching

    You've already shown that you don't know the law. "If YOU are in Thailand working in any capacity, (and that can mean virtually anything according to the law), then you must have a work permit." The Alien Employment Act lists out a number of exceptions. You're wrong and don't know what you'r talking about. Cheers.
  10. Online Teaching

    Actually, that's not true at all. It's what you are doing, how you are doing it and who you are doing it for. For example, the alien employment act... for aliens that are employed here (not remotely for non-Thai companies that have nothing to do with Thailand and paid into and taxed in home country accounts) lists numbers of exemptions where no WP is required. Cheers.
  11. Online Teaching

    Of course not. Same as online tutoring. Pay the taxes if the money is coming into Thailand - just get your Tax number etc to pay - of course you don't need a WP to make money here and pay the tax on it. Cheers. Non-Imm visa. Tax number. Done. :)
  12. Online Teaching

    You sure do when employed by a company that's in Thailand. Don't forget to pay the taxes too. Cheers.
  13. Sell and cash out. Easy. Bought last week. Sold yesterday and made around 30%. Play money. Cheers.
  14. Online Teaching

    Nothing wrong with working on a Non-Imm visa (O, for example) No Thai company/business. No business or company in Thailand. No Thais involved at any level. No money coming into Thailand - Paid into a home country account with tax paid, and staying in a saving's account there. Doing it alone in your own property, while here. WP not needed. As already stated by the WP company earlier in the thread. Cheers.
  15. Online Teaching

    An Embassy?? Outside of Thailand? What did the Ministry of Labor and Dept. of Immigration say when you arrived here and took this information to them? Did you not go, or did they laugh at you when you did?