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  1. scottiejohn

    Dairy Free Cheese

    My cheesy comment for what it is worth is I prefer to eat toffee while you chew over this problem and milk it to death!
  2. scottiejohn

    Worst Joke Ever

    Sir: As one of the most prominent gulls on the North-West coast, may I say how distressed I was that your previous correspondent (the prickly Mr/Mrs/Miss/Mz or gender less whatever H Hogg is or maybe) made no mention of recent grossly offensive remarks against the bird community? Like most gulls, I am known for my great sense of humour. I can often be heard screeching with laughter at the antics of my fellow gulls, as they wittily snatch chips from holiday makers, tease old folk by swooping down on them, or drop their 'doings' on people's heads! BTW we gulls never realised that pooping on TOTs was such a waste of time, we will zero in on the hairier members of your species from now on. Anyway I digress. All these are good-natured japes. But surely, in this day and age, it defies belief that anyone could find a callous remark about the violent death of a bird in any way 'amusing'? Sadly, this is just one example among many: 'What happens when a bird flies into a fan?' 'You get shredded tweet.' I hereby call on the World’s Politicians to stamp out birdist and gullist prejudice by enrolling those who continue to propagate these vile jokes on a course of re-education within the wider bird community. C. Gull (Mr). From the Pen of SJ Dear Mr C Gull; As someone who is always up in the air and over the top of us humans I feel I need to point out to your kind that I am not a fan of your family and think you need to come back down to earth d and harbour your thoughts in a less “feather” brained way! I, and many of my flock consider some of your responses to our presence near the sea shore to be a load of cr*p and that your response to an oft re tweeted joke shows just how gullible you and your kind are!
  3. Suggest you have a look at this link https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1053494-is-there-a-time-limit-of-stay-for-whose-who-have-stayed-in-thailand-for-above-100-days-consecutively/?page=4
  4. scottiejohn

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Do you mean the cigarette?
  5. Actually the quote from the "Bard" is; "The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men Gang aft agley," "To a Mouse, on Turning Her Up in Her Nest With the Plough, November, 1785" is a Scots-language poem written by Robert Burns.
  6. Why the attack on me with that post. You are NOT claiming to be a member of the "Beam me up/down Scottie" Club who do things at Prom in 60-90Mins. Your timescale seems to be the norm for PROM but not a timescale I will ever accept! I was MOST definitely NOT getting at you in that post. The others, however, who I am getting at, know who they are! PS; I have just reread my earlier post and the "quote" I thought I had imbedded/responded to seems to be missing so we appear to be attacking each other for the wrong reasons. Sorry
  7. Correct. Just count your own and spend and use wisely. PS; I was also told not to accept B/S!
  8. I could not agree more and so I have "given in" and have used "agents etc" since 2000. PS; Wait for the "I get beamed down and up in 90 Minutes EVERY TIME AT PROM" retorts! - Even the Star Trek "Scottie" could not write their scripts and find them believable! OOPS I forgot that Programme is also science fiction!
  9. Welcome to the "dubious claims club". Somehow a handful of people claim they can do things that the vast majority of rest of us cannot do as they assert. Interestingly, despite numerous requests (on two different topics in the CM Forum) as to how these miraculous miniscule visits successfully happen (multi visits/connections/dreams perhaps!), we of the mere mortal members of this Forum wait with totally unabated breath for their next claim of near instant processing! These claims will of course be posted without any foundation based on the reality of life at PROM.
  10. scottiejohn

    Worst Joke Ever

    At a wedding reception I recently attended The Father of the bride said, "All the married men please stand next to the person who has made your life worth living. The three barmaids were nearly crushed to death!
  11. scottiejohn

    Worst Joke Ever

    My wife went with her friends to see 50 Shades of Grey. I went to bed at 11pm. She came home walked into the bedroom with a leather strap in one hand and a chain in the other. I thought, this looks interesting. She said, "Here, you forgot to walk the frickin’ dogs!”