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  1. This is Thailand you didn't really expect your deposit back did you?
  2. 4000 bahts for the top seats, it's more than a west end show. I can't see them filling 1,000 seats a night unless it's to heavily discounted chinese tours.
  3. Thanks for the replies looks like i will have to go with Avis. SunsetT will report back.
  4. Most western men (in Pattaya) seem to have more tattoos than the bar girls.
  5. I have paid taxes all my life and still do from my British pension. Am i not allowed the same access as other Britons or refugees? many who don't pay taxes.
  6. Thai baht gives you a better rate but then they hit you with a currency conversion charge. I doubt there is much net difference.
  7. I need to rent a car in Loei next month. Checking on the net there only seems to be Avis that offer rentals and they are quite expensive. Anyone know of other rental options.
  8. I thought the price of the base model was 63,900 about 65,000 on the road.
  9. You didn't do your due diligence, and should never have bought off plan. Never buy a condo with a "theme park" pool. Never buy one facing the pool. Pretty obvious really.
  10. Are they still doing this at Big C on Saturday, i heard somewhere it had stopped.
  11. Yes unlike you like to drink coke
  12. The very reason i didn't buy a condo facing the pool, you are bound to get noise. Legal action ha ha ha.
  13. I never bother with screen locks just asking for trouble. If i lose it then it's my fault.
  14. Just pour a few gallons of jet fuel on it, guaranteed to bring it down in 2 hours, even if it's steel frame.