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  1. Moto GP to debut in Thailand next year

    As soon as i saw the date i tried to book a room in Buriram but all booked already !! Managed to get one 40k down the road so not too bad. Should be awesome.
  2. Meanwhile Mrs Maybe lets in 300,000 criminals and rapists every year
  3. I paid 4000 for a will. Forget the name of the firm but its about 400 yards down from Tesco north Naklua on the same side.
  4. Ladies in Thailand.

    Dating sites try Badoo and Thai Friendly, plenty on there
  5. A purple hotel on Soi Buakhao, i think we can all guess where that was.
  6. The blue/red Grand Filanos already have go faster stripes on the side, should be enough for most boy racers.
  7. My tgf has a Grand Filano and it's fine in terms of performance for a 125cc scooter. If you want something faster you need a different bike, a 155cc Aerox or NMAX etc.
  8. The key is not just a good management company but a good Committee who will issue clear instructions and follow up action, check accounts monthly etc. But that means 2 or 3 farangs on the Committee need to spend a fair amount of time checking everything the management company does.
  9. Replacing the battery on an Iphone 4S

    Ha ha the whole Apple business model is to get you to buy a new $1000 phone when the $10 battery in your old one expires.
  10. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    When dealing with Lazada ONLY order cash on delivery. No delivery no payment simple. Plus you can check you have the right goods before you hand over the cash.
  11. Baht Bus drivers asking for more than 10 baht

    From Jomtien i always pay 10 baht up to Mikes (Soi Diana) then 20 baht beyond that. Still good value.
  12. I always thought that all wine was made from fruit
  13. Ford Scheduled Service Costs

    I paid 617k for my top of the range Titanium Fiesta and i still think that was a good buy (maintenance costs notwithstanding). Far better car for that money than anything else around at the time.
  14. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    I had a similar experience crossing Beach Road on a zebra crossing a few months ago. A motorbike missed me by inches. Now i think zebra crossings are dangerous and i never use them. They should all be removed until thai drivers know what they are for.
  15. Do the figures in post #17 include 2 year theft insurance. Without that i guess it would be @ 2,300 less.