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  1. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    I've just bought a OnePlus 6, managed to get it in the Silk White, awesome. I had to go to BKK to get it, cost 20,900. I wanted something different to the standard Samsungs and this is easily a match for the S9+ for much less. I also like the Huaweis though and would have gone for a P20 Pro but it's too much at the moment. I won't even consider an Apple at 40,000 ha ha.
  2. Most retailers do the same, especially for things like TVs or mobile phones. When they first come out they have a high RRP but that drops over time and is quoted as a big "saving". Lazada prices are still very competitive.
  3. Henryford

    I.O.M TT Races.

    I love the TT races but no coverage here at all. I tried getting ITV but no luck, is blocked here.
  4. Henryford

    Lazada: Good idea, lousy service

    Depends where you buy them from and at what price. If the standard price for a 64gb drive is say 700 baht and you see them advertised for 300 baht then guaranteed they will be copies and defective. Just buy Sandiscs from Lazada itself at the correct price and they will be OK.
  5. Does anyone know what restaurants charge for wine now. It used to be 160-200 baht for a glass (probably Mont Clair). Is it now 350-400?
  6. Post 15 seems to confirm it's a business tax so nothing to do with home ownership. The poster claims it is 12.5% of an annual rental value. Surely the rental value of a house would be at least 300-500,000 pa. So could the tax be as much as 50,000?
  7. Yes it WAS 925 baht, i bought 2 boxes, but it is now up to 1639 baht !!
  8. I think a bigger question is why have bus shelters when there are no buses.
  9. Henryford

    Jompthien Baht Bus Routes

    Yes as a one off it's not too bad but if you had to walk it 2 or 3 times a day especially late at night it would be a pain.
  10. Henryford

    Jompthien Baht Bus Routes

    All those condos on Second road down from the Hanuman are stuffed in terms of public transport. I am surprised anyone buys/rents there. Walking to/from beach Road must get to be a PITA.
  11. 35 baht for water is the standard rate, certainly in my condo. But as i only use 4 or 5 units a month it doesn't really matter what they charge. Electricity is a different matter. As others have said tell the landlord Government rate or i move.
  12. Henryford

    Samsung s8 s8+ s9 s9+ prices

    Just check Lazada on line for the phone you like. You will see a variety of prices quoted usually the lowest around, delivered free to your door, cash on delivery.
  13. Henryford

    Transfer of Funds to Thailand

    I started using Transferwise a few months ago and it's FAR better than my previous method of bank transfers. TW give you accurate quotes on any potential transfer on line using rates very close to prevailing market rates. They charges are clear and fixed 0.05%. The money is in my bank the next day, sometimes even the same day with NO receiving bank fees, and exactly what was indicated on the original quote. When i transferred by bank i never knew when the money would arrive, what rate would be charged or what the receiving bank would charge. Savings are significant on large amounts.
  14. Henryford

    Lazada: Good idea, lousy service

    I must have bought 100 items from Lazada and i have always had good quick service, and very good prices. Only once got sent the wrong item and that was sent back easily via 7/11, with a full refund. I highly recommend them and wouldn't buy from anywhere else now.
  15. That is only because a lot of British firms have earnings from activities abroad so gain from a low currency. Probably not the case in Thailand.