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  1. Hypothetical Situation...

    It is only going to get worse. The western countries can only survive by low interest rates and printing trillions of funny money. Their currencies will slowly decline until they are worthless. I suppose i could mange with the Pound at 30 but i would have to cut out all but essential spending. Still better than living in a cold Islamic State like the UK though.
  2. terrible rental experience (ongoing)

    You didn't really expect to get your deposit back did you? Over 2 years it's only 300 baht a month.
  3. PCX 2018 vs Nmax 2018

    Petrol efficiency is a silly reason to choose any bike. At best it saves you a few bahts a day. Compare that to the possible life saving benefit of ABS.
  4. Reversing into Parking Spaces

    Surely it's much easier and safer to drive into a small space and reverse out into a bigger space. I also can not understand why thais reverse into parking spaces.
  5. It's not that the baht is strong it's that the other "funny money" currencies are weak. If the Western countries print trillions of monopoly money and run massive annual deficits it's not surprising their currencies are worthless. Whatever else might be wrong with the Thai economy they haven't resorted to the printing press to fund their development.
  6. I called in today to get another document notorised, the fee is now 1000 baht !! only 100% increase.
  7. UK pensions

    OK you might not be dead but i doubt i will be spending much in the bars or on a go go girls (where most of my money goes now). I suppose i will need the pension for adult diapers. Seriously though your spending should drop considerably after 75.
  8. UK pensions

    With inflation at 1-2% it's not worth telling lies, what does that get you an extra Pound or two. By the time it mounts up you will be dead or too old to care.
  9. Took a drive to Ban Chang beach, what an eyesore!

    I have travelled all over the world but we live in Asia.
  10. Took a drive to Ban Chang beach, what an eyesore!

    Yes see my comment above. That is what Asians think of the environment.
  11. Took a drive to Ban Chang beach, what an eyesore!

    The world is pretty much doomed. With 3 billion Asians who don't give a toss about the environment, they throw rubbish away without a single thought. You will soon be able to walk to Hua Hin across a vast pile of rubbish in the Gulf.
  12. I thought it was clear that all condo maintenance fees had to be paid annually in advance. Most condos give you one month to pay and warnings after that. If not paid after 6 months interest fees are applied. 50 baht sq m is too much. Does the JPM drive a Merc?
  13. Best realtor sites to look for condo in Pattaya?

    I would avoid The Base and Unixx like the plague, if you plan to live there as opposed to a rental unit. They will be full of transient residents, Chinese and AirBnB renters. They are hotels not condos. You are right though make sure it is on a baht bus route. I would suggest going slightly out of town like Chateaudale mentioned above or the Axis, or the VTs (not VT6).
  14. I can just see the Chinese paying their maintenance fees he he. They don't even do that in China.