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  1. What's the point of another vote, the politicians only accept the result if it's the one they want.
  2. Henryford

    First class insurance for older car

    I got a quote from them, only 5,600 baht for 1st class on a 3 year old car. Hard to believe.
  3. Henryford

    motorbike tax renewal at Big C

    I got my tax here yesterday. Very convenient.
  4. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    I would be nervous about buying an expensive item from Aliexpress, which has to be prepaid. Will it arrive? If there is a fault how do you get it replaced? Will you get stung by thai customs? Even 34,000 baht is hardly a bargain.
  5. I got a car quote for my 3 year old Ford Fiesta. Half the price of my current policy with AXA. Seems too good to be true.
  6. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    Yes it looks like the one to get. Weaknesses, price 40,000 baht !! and no headphone jack.
  7. I can't understand why the Thai Government doesn't give the home made wines a tax break to help them grow. They will never develop with a 300% tax added.
  8. Henryford

    Landlord Disputes

    No one ever gets their deposit back.
  9. I thought Transferwise worked by transferring to your thai bank from another thai bank. So you might pay for it with foreign funds but the transfer to your bank is from within Thailand.
  10. You would never get your deposit back anyway, what's the problem.
  11. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    Not sure about these figures. Is you want the 128gb Poco it's 13,000 baht = $393. I just bought a OP6 for 17,000 baht = $515. It's worth an extra $122 for me. Over the life of the phone, say 2 years, that's $1 a week.
  12. No UK Government is going to change that. We are out of the country and out of their priorities. The [email protected] that haven't paid a penny in tax are more important to them.
  13. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    The Pocophone F1 is back down to 9,990 on Lazada. Makes the Pixel 3 look a bit of a joke.
  14. My water bill is @150 baht a month even using the 34 baht a unit. Does it matter what the unit rate is?
  15. Henryford

    High End Mobile Recomendations

    The Pixel 3 looks another very ordinary phone with last year's specs. I can't see anyone buying it with the new 2019 flagships all coming out soon.