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  1. Me too, they give a great shave and cheap. I would never have bought a Gillette product, but certainly won't after this ad.
  2. I think many people will face this situation over the next 10-20 years. Personally i would either :- a) Sell the condo before death, move into rented accommodation and give the wife the money before i die. b) Transfer the condo into my wife's name before i die, assuming she wanted to stay there. There are no restrictions on such transfers.
  3. One of the solutions mentioned before was to transfer the 68,000 to Thailand each month, then if you need some in the UK transfer what is needed back home.
  4. Henryford


    How much was the repair? The last 2 repairs i had from LG cost over 5000 baht each. Unless it's a newish or expensive TV not worth it. I was looking at the TVs in HomePro yesterday, some very good deals, even now for 65in models.
  5. Henryford

    Ford Thailand retail sales increase 18%

    Sad that Ford has ditched their passenger cars in Thailand. My Fiesta has been great for 4 years (sells 100,000 a year in the UK). I know the auto boxes were a problem for some but couldn't that have been fixed?
  6. Henryford

    Updated Honda PCX for 2019?

    Those new colours are terrible, yes losworld like the Yamaha bright yellow and blue mix. It would really turn me off buying one.
  7. Sorry i maybe missed it but question 4. Has it been made clear clear what documents the bank needs to give to immigration? Is it the bank book with a foreign transfer code. Is it a special letter saying 65k was transferred each month from outside Thailand? What form does this letter take. Have the banks agreed to this?
  8. Henryford

    Khao Soy 2019??

    My girlfriend just checked, yes they sell KS there at the North Kitchen 50 baht. Closed Friday.
  9. Henryford

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Some of the best looking ones even have a dick
  10. I recently bought a new Acer Swift 3 via Lazada for 14,400 baht. Came with 8gb Ram and a 245 gb SSD with a 7th gen i3 7100U processor. No W10 but i added Linux Mint 19 for free. A nice machine, ideal for me. I agree SSDs are a must now.
  11. Henryford

    Khao Soy 2019??

    I seem to remeber a place where 3rd road meets Soi Khopai 4, on the slip road. Called North Kitchen i think.
  12. Henryford

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    Agreed a really beautiful western woman probably beats a thai girl but how many of the fat heffers in the UK would you call beautiful. And how many of them would entertain a guy over 50?
  13. Yes i know but i prefer to play safe a) In case the rules change again and the 800k cask alone is not acceptable b) If i have a unexpected large bill near the time of my visa renewal and my cash drops below 800k. BTW i have just done a Transferwise transfer to my Krungsri account. I printed off a summary of the transfer and it clearly shows it as being an amount sent in GBP (which must come from abroad). It also lists all the transfers you have done in the last year which if i did 65k a month would show clearly on one sheet of paper. Is that not sufficient evidence of a foreign transfer?
  14. I am going to open a Bangkok Bank account in Pattaya in the next few days. I will let you know how it goes.
  15. Yes i agree. I have decided to have my 800k in a Krungsri account (to get decent interest rates) and open a Bangkok Bank account to receive my 65k a month (hopefully showing it as from a foreign bank). So if there is any problem with immigration qualifying on either basis i have the other one to show them.