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  1. Many orphanages including the one I donate to have a website that lists their needs. I generally print out the list before shopping and never donate cash as I also believe it is too easily diverted.
  2. I guess the “prejudice” comment at the bottom of your comments is a self portrait then.
  3. Feel sorry for those of you living in the North. I have lived in Bangkok for years and in Phuket as well and never bothered with this constant reporting. TM 30 is supposed to be done by hotels via the internet and landlords through immigration I travel a lot in and out of Thailand and this reporting never comes up on my annual extension.
  4. 5633572526


    So many other coffee choices here. Why bother with Starbucks.
  5. Feel bad for those of you dealing with CM immigration. When I was living in Phuket they also required TM30 for annual extension but that was the only difference between them and bkk
  6. In bkk I do 1 90 day report per year just before I apply for my annual extension because here that is their preferred proof of address for the extension. I travel a lot so there is rarely 90 days between trips and the 90 day clock starts when you renter the country. My address is different every year and they do the change when I do the 90 day report so if my landlords are doing the tm30 it is apparently not being processed.
  7. I predict flooding due to poor water management that will definitely be blamed on something else. After all Prayut is in charge of water management and we know he can not be blamed.
  8. Thank you “big joke” for your stupid suggestions
  9. I thought this was one of the best countries for people?? I guess that was “fake news”
  10. Rubbing Buddha’s belly is good luck
  11. 5633572526

    Teen Accidentally Sets His Face on Fire After Trying to Impress His Friends

    I see this fire breathing craziness often when traveling in Cambodia and Vietnam and I am surprised more people aren’t burning their faces.
  12. Deportation would be good though. One less quality tourist to deal with.
  13. Yes it really happens at least with my card from my USA bank. Malaysia airlines is out a considerable amount of cash from misuse of my credit card.