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  1. 5633572526

    Plastic bags, you've been warned.

    My local 7/11 has taken to asking everyone if they want a bag or not to which I normally refuse the bag. I thought this was a nationwide thing for them but maybe not in your area. I think it would be great if everyone charged for plastic bags and the proceeds were used to clean up the plastic mess but I think that’s just wishful thinking.
  2. Bangkok bank does not accept foreign checks for deposit until your account has been open for at least 6 months.
  3. 5633572526

    £ = 41.55 Superrich!

    The strength of the baht continues to baffle me but on the whole when I came here 5 years ago the dollar was bouncing between 30 and 31 so for me a little better over the years.
  4. Many people in many countries live paycheck to paycheck and in raising and providing for children and all of life’s other expenses especially healthcare in my country retire solely on their government pension. Your “pittance” is more than my mother ever made in an entire year of working. It must be nice to have led such a privileged life that you never had to worry about money but that is no excuse for belittling those less fortunate your arrogance is disgusting.
  5. Maybe but without a visa (extension) you can’t live here
  6. 5633572526

    Hundreds of Runners Caught Cheating During Marathon in China

    Makes me very proud that you had to go back 38 years to find 1 cheater in a USA marathon.
  7. 5633572526

    Mixed feelings about living in LOS.

    I think getting involved in the “political / bureaucratic” things is a bad idea in any country that is not yours and probably the turning point for you. having said that Thailand is not for everyone you have to have a lot of tolerance for things that would be unacceptable in your own country.
  8. 5633572526

    Riding in right lane

    Other than providing an opportunity for many of you to vent your frustrations a debate about traffic law in Thailand seems a total waste of time as written law and reality often have little similarities. In my experience the law is as follows 1. My car is bigger than yours so I have the right of way. 2. my car is more expensive than yours so I have the right of way. 3. I am on a motorbike so I can go wherever I want including sidewalks. 4. You are farang so it is always your fault and you must pay. remembering these rules I have had no accidents and no problems in 5 years of driving here.