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  1. You can legislate safety if you have enforcement. Seat belt laws and helmet laws are legislated safety. These however are useless without enforcement.
  2. Men have been fighting over women for as long as their have been men and women.
  3. You can see this everyday during hi-season on Patong beach. Russian women in particular seem to be more comfortable topless and I appreciate it
  4. 5633572526

    Defamation/set-up in Thailand concerns

    Unfortunately the ridiculous defamation laws put in place by the military autocracy to protect itself from criticism and use as a weapon against political opponents has been adapted by unscrupulous Thai business and people to use as a weapon against those who give bad reviews or they have a grudge against. You even have to be careful what you “like” on Facebook here.
  5. I was recently hit up by a farang on a motorbike who claimed his money had blown out of the bike and he lost his passport as well. I offered to loan him some money if he gave me the bike to hold and he sped away lol
  6. I have no problem with “big joke” enforcing immigration laws but isn’t seeing pics of this everyday getting old?? How about some pics of him enforcing road safety, or tourist safety to prevent mass drownings. How about some pics of him protecting the environment. he has turned into a 1 trick pony.
  7. Cars hold their value well here due to the high import taxes and near impossibility of importing a car from another country.
  8. I think this is great news. If you want to be a citizen pay your taxes that’s what I do.
  9. Just got my retirement extension in bkk and only needed the letter from the embassy. USA citizen, honestly because 1 person had a problem with 1 immigration official do we really all need to panic.
  10. 5633572526

    An Onslaught of Tourists Is Stressing Out Thailand

    It is not about “tourists” this is about Thailand not taking responsibility for the care and maintenance of its own country. Since the government does nothing but talk about changes whenever there is a catastrophe and is much more concerned about the cash needed to continue the cycle of corruption nothing will change.
  11. 5633572526

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    DMK always seems to be an issue here with various complications and problems and actually this forum is why I only fly out of swampy. other than the occasional long line at immigration I have very few issues with swampy and I travel frequently because I prefer traveling to doing 90 day reports
  12. 5633572526

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    This is good news and I wish all airlines did this.
  13. 2 boats rated at 60 each act the Phoenix was rated at 60 and had 12 crew and 93 passengers on board. Don,t be an apologist.
  14. Boat was rated for 60 and had 105 people on it. Grossly overloaded to increase profit which made it top heavy and as much a cause as the waves and warnings they ignored to cause this tragedy. But thanks for your informed insight mr. apologist.