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  1. It likely wouldn’t happen because it’s a waste of resources. I’m still waiting for the parade that the military doesn’t want to do
  2. Turkey and US intelligence has pretty solid proof. Maybe he’s under the building chilling or something
  3. They still do I often ask for things I probably won’t get, and it works sometimes
  4. Redline

    Tourism chiefs tap Big Data to boost arrivals

    I wonder how long it took someone to write this mumbo jumbo. A waste of time
  5. Between this and the Hitachi article, I’m minutely encouraged
  6. Most under water soon-cash in now!
  7. Redline

    Hitachi elevates Thailand to hub role

    At least someone is doing something
  8. Hit the Trump voters where it hurts-suckers
  9. Obama started the upward trend~Trump put the already rising economy into overdrive by giving the rich and corporations over 1 trillion dollars. Wages have risen very little, and the boom is subsiding. Why do you think he is blaming the Federal Reserve? Most of his base have seen no benefit~I love it
  10. Do what we say, and you will be invisible
  11. “Thailand is a forward looking nation, with a highly skilled workforce." Since all media and statistics refute this, I would like to see concrete evidence of this statement.
  12. There is US and Turkish intelligence that disputes this statement~just as with Russia~which told him the same thing. Yep, they both did favors for him in the past, and probably told him how smart he is, and they would send more checks later
  13. These flags are red, white and blue. The failed education system in full force again on this one Australia Chile Cuba Czech Republic Democratic People's Republic of Korea (a/k/a North Korea) France Iceland Lao People's Democratic Republic (aka Laos) Luxembourg Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Russian Federation Samoa Slovakia Thailand United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Island United States of America