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  1. I'm not sue he will get it. He may be calling his friend
  2. Both figures just happen to end in .6 What a bunch of crap. It literally changed exactly 3 billion over night. If you're going to lie, you must be able to think! You can see the dude is thinking how he's going to spend his share
  3. I don't know how it broke, it looks rock solid Possibly the home made variety
  4. Only 10,000 pieces?
  5. Urge! Something so serious and no article 44? Now that tells everyone something
  6. Coming soon: phi pob crackdown by 99 RTP and 999 uniformed military personnel. Begins at 9:59 PM, bring your amulets
  7. Why was she saying "all of you losers" under her breath?
  8. No, some of the girls did though
  9. So, the buildings just appeared? They can pay them, or arrest them for something and take eminent domain. It seems that works well
  10. Until they come back, and then they will ban them next year, until they come back...nothing will be accomplished
  11. Sounds like some coordination is in order. Do they know who is growing what so they can make recommendations? It seems like that may one benefit of having an overbearing central govt
  12. Nope, religious corruption was the beginning of religion
  13. If you are not cynical of the police situation, then you.... I'll let other people add because the list is incredibly long My wife and her whole family think the same as Baerboxer. Maybe you should move things along...a little coaching and inspiration...that should work