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  1. He loves only himself
  2. Gee, I hope your family doesn't get smashed in a storm and lose everything. If they do, I promise to make some fancy drinks with cheap alcohol and plenty of mini umbrellas (plastic) for the whole bunch
  3. Six sub-committees to draft strategy

    Oh brother. Just deal with what is most screwed up now, and than try for a 5 year plan. Law enforcement, corruption, education, transportation...if you can't fix these, the other stuff won't work!!!
  4. Nearly impossible to believe. They probably thought the govt was just talking as usual, and that it would never really happen
  5. Or, nearly anywhere you go. They make like 300-600 percent. Much cheaper to use your own or walk a bit
  6. Here we go again...all the hype and the pictures about something that happens EVERY year. I wonder if they get all hyped up in Canada every year because of the snow?
  7. There is obviously no deterrent because it happens almost every day over and over
  8. Close from 4 AM to 10AM
  9. I don't see much difference, well...
  10. Phuket Governor rewards 10 cleanest areas

    Next: Police get bonuses and rewards for doing what they are supposed to do
  11. Use the cheapest materials, get paid, run...repeat
  12. Yingluck cleared over 2011 flooding

    I suppose that was the backup plan~next we will see her Benz at his birthday party