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  1. I think the term high speed is being used to make it sound like Thailand is entering the 4.0 zone, but it can't be with freight right?
  2. Laotian man falls to death from Bangkok condo

    Falling bodies is almost up there with brake failure
  3. I would like to see German, but I know they wouldn't pay the price, and it seems the Japanese give better financing terms
  4. I'm sure when they entered it was stressed not to leave the path. They understood basic English. Should they put a beautiful 10 foot fence around it so idiots like you, that didn't listen or read the literature that was given to you, or look at the signs telling you not to leave the path, or wonder why nobody else is over there, so maybe look for a sign while you step over the barrier. I'm sure the park that has millions of visitors didn't tell them what they could not do duh. I'm pretty sure that's not the main site at the park, but it gives us a clue about you, if you think so
  5. Greater Bangkok buses get English characters

    There will be a backlash, laws past, protests... Not Thainess
  6. Many Thai companies simply cannot compete in the real world. They have saturated their market, and now they are lost. Innovation outside of Thailand is breakneck
  7. Slow down and write coherently. You are negating yourself
  8. America First will make sure they suffer. Maybe her will send them some Trump suits made in Bangladesh that didn't sell~or at least discounted
  9. GHB tests new hardware system

    I think it's mainly software they are talking about? Hardware AND software are needed. They must have had hardware before?
  10. I hope they make sure they don't wear bathing suits, tights, short shorts, drink too much alcohol, look or smile too much...this could lead to an assault, which will be blamed on them after it occurs.
  11. Let Japan do it. I certainly trust their equipment and expertise more
  12. US Thai groups to demand bodies’ retrieval

    Let them kill themselves doing it. I bet they would just disappear and go looking for work~overstaying their visas
  13. Probably all the cops at inactive posts, whatever that means. There should be thousands by now because they apparently can't be fired
  14. This is one issue I can agree on~although I don't believe he can do it right. The Chinese are making all of the rules, and stealing intellectual property and info in the process. The subsides from the government need to be addressed as well. Everyone is terrified that the government will lock them out, so they concede everything for relatively short term gains. There are many issues on this subject, but it should be addressed