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  1. That's not even an argument. Stop regurgitating some nonsense BS that the NRA fed you. Don't insult our intelligence. We are not idiots
  2. I thought they were people from Pangolia 😂
  3. Been around for decades
  4. And the police watch drivers fly by at 80 and do nothing. Most people don’t pay their fines, even if they are caught. This is a joke
  5. You forgot picking lottery numbers from pigs
  6. 40 long-haired police officers face transfer

    Get rid of the whole force, and start over
  7. Illicit dump reappears on Pattanakarn Road

    Every single empty space is a trash dump 🤗
  8. Blocked drains cause flooding in Nongprue

    Oh yes, that’s what my job is! Well, let’s pump the water 50 meters, and forget about it tomorrow
  9. Just don’t buy them 🙄
  10. Wrong-way driver hits bike taxi, injuring 4

    I see at least 50 per day going the wrong way
  11. It’s in the pamphlet?