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  1. Funny how the experts are debating that, but you know the answer You should be president! Everything is a trap when you lie everyday
  2. More than a decade behind. What’s next, a Thai invented computer in every squad car?
  3. I say the same thing many times a week. Number 2 is law enforcement/justice system
  4. Redline

    PM says science important to national development

    Always the country and never the world or humanity-more proof of what ails the country. If they are really good at something, they will probably leave Thailand. There is an intellectual vacuum.
  5. Rotate driving according to plate number. Oh wait, if the solution comes down to enforcement-no luck here
  6. Expensive helmets save only your head. Common sense
  7. You know Trump will be convicted of something no matter what. There is already plenty of evidence. Your Fox News lines don’t hold up. Prosecutors work from outside in, and there is a list of others being prosecuted. This is normal for special councils. This will last 2-4 more years. Trump will also be prosecuted by New York State, which he can’t be pardoned for
  8. Redline

    100 Electric Taxis Coming To Suvarnabhumi

    Finally sensible good news
  9. Redline

    Tourists complain of Pattaya beach rubble

    They want the big money tourists, but are too lazy and cheap to make things nice, and keep them that way. Whoever does better gets the cash. The place I stayed in Bali was cheap, well run and pristine. This country doesn’t have what it takes to be a world class visitors destination, but t it sure could
  10. Redline

    Fraud chief hails Bt13bn in seizures

    I wonder if the skimmers have figured out that it’s better to get the money out of the country instead of having tens of millions in their and their families names?
  11. I think they are waiting until the suspects commit “suicide”.
  12. Yes, it would probably make more sense if it were changed. They still have to work within the scope of federal and constitutional laws, if they even know how the navigate them