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  1. Van crash leaves driver dead, hotel staff injured

    Police don’t exist
  2. He looks like he just got off the set of a horror movie
  3. Although they completely disappear at night
  4. It sounds serious. Maybe he will go back for that🤔
  5. Burn Baby burn! Maybe they will use big fans to blow it away?
  6. I remember that. I questioned it then, now we know
  7. Thai govt pledges great effort on road safety

    Fantastic, amazing, special
  8. He’s an idiot, if you haven’t gotten that by now. It’s ok, I have slow people in my family 🙄
  9. Or, just sing the national anthem
  10. Sorry, that’s retarded and a bad idea. Again, no deterrent, and most of road deaths are because of motorbike riders. Not teaching kids responsibility-fire the cop and fine the kids