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  1. It’s time to rein them in worldwide. It’s become a security issue.
  2. What a ignorant thing to say. If they start bombing again, that’s different
  3. IF So, if they don’t leave, they stay, and no more streets cleared-crackdown over
  4. Like you know me. I guess you haven’t figured out how the world operates. Maybe you will get it next lifetime
  5. Suck it up authoritarian fan
  6. Yes, please forget you have ever read this
  7. Redline

    10,000 Illegal Signs Removed: Bangkok Governor

    Ther are literally millions of signs that need to be cleaned out. Sign trash visual pollution. It’s mostly hanging trash
  8. He should get rid of himself first
  9. No money to common people period!
  10. Another nail in the coffin
  11. Redline

    THAI bets big on maintenance hub

    There are only 2 major airplane manufacturers, and I doubt either are going along with this, especially because the military is running it