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  1. The deck is stacked, and only one player is allowed to cheat
  2. Yes he Chinese do this all over the USA as well. These companies also create fake lives, transcripts, letters of recommendation...
  3. More vote buying-give them gold chains-that will guarantee 4 million votes
  4. Redline

    Democrats up in arms over Prayut proposal

    What a farce-this guy
  5. About time Xi is being tested for real
  6. Looks like someone should be going to prison? Or, is this allowed by those white rule by force, and not by elected officials? Who is monitoring all the transactions of this government?
  7. Redline

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    I can't wait until we hear the excuses...you must have a lot now, but I would begin to make a flow chart and a list now, before it becomes impossible. Maybe Fox will come out with a "list of denials, alternative facts for the defense of our supreme leader, and They did so...." "Golly gee, get the guns, there is an abortion ring at pizza shop"
  8. Redline

    Trump calls Tillerson 'dumb as a rock' and 'lazy'

    What grade is he in?
  9. Let's see someone step up and start enforcing the laws
  10. Hell yah, everybody has heard of that! It's well known near around over there
  11. Bring it on! Let's see it! Please keep us up to date!
  12. Redline

    PM declares stance against corruption

    Make every civil servant give info on all of their assets, check against all sources for accuracy, then check again when they leave their positions. Most cannot fill out forms in a foreign language, or open accounts in other countries, so it's not difficult to catch. Fill up the jails with deterrent sentencing. That will put a damper on it
  13. Sounds like fun! It may be a good idea as a tourist adventure. They can charge tourists to be cops in Thailand~just 2 hour training session, and you can do what the RTP won't. A BB gun, some pepper spray, and a taser, and you can enforce the lawless, streets, bars, higways... If accompanied by an officer, real weapons are allowed