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  1. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    And with Catalonia.....we can see what kind of democracy it really is
  2. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    Helpful idiots...........the majority want to remain???....Ill have some of what you are smokin.
  3. Help us to clean Koh Samui beaches

    Advertise in Thai publications and in Thai script as it is Thais that make the mess.
  4. Lots of THAI families on the beach again today discarding rubbish after their picnics with Hong Thong....unbeliveable
  5. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    This ridiculous argument has been debated a thousand times and you really need to understand how democracy works. Bit like Tony Blair getting rid of double jeopardy, if its the not outcome you like lets try try and try again till we get what we want.....thats facism buddy, maybe now you will understand why people voted to leave
  6. Rollerblading

    Apart from Ka Tring at Naklua, any ideas on good places for kids to practice. Not Harbour Mall, have own skates etc.
  7. The weekend was jam packed with THAI families on the beach with their food, the mess that was left behind was discusting, no fine yet 100,000 for a Foreigner dropping a cigarette butt. Seems priorities are wrong somewhere.
  8. Volatile, price drop from 5,000-3000 USD and then back to 5,800 in a matter of weeks. No tax on profits, how long will any Government allow the unregulated trading that goes on, not to mention the scam companies that are already profiteering and are no better than the boiler rooms of BKK etc,,its only a matter of time that the price will be back down to 10 bucks a coin
  9. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    If people put aside short term worries about XE and mortgage rates they would see there are so many benefits of leaving the EU and the unelected idiots that run it. Every passing day becomes clearer what the EU is really about. Brainwashed lefties that think its racist for people to show a passport when entering a country really need to get a grip on reality
  10. Meanwhile her Aussie Kik is in even more trouble then her
  11. Hundreds of share-bikes taken home by renters

    Its only because they were told it was subsidised by Foreigners
  12. My doubts about these offshore Ozzie drillers with tats and Harleys has now been confirmed....I knew it all along
  13. Is this what the perfect home looks like?

    Are you a builder.....you havnt missed anything. Perfect