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  1. And paid for by British taxpayers, no doubt through the monstrous .7% of GDP aid programme
  2. Not surprising, was obvious, typical Thai bs when it comes to money
  3. So very true but having an active life that doesnt revolve around bars makes all the difference.
  4. I have been calculatin'

    Why convert, wait till a better rate
  5. When you can buy a San Mig for 28 Baht rather than 120 in other countries and get a smile and conversation with it rather than a grunt and a return to looking at their smart phone.......any wonder people dont come here. Reap what you sow, made their bed etc....
  6. For me and many others a upmarket clinic crys out..... Expensive, its more about the quality of work provided than a flashy reception.... I now get all my work done in Phillipines as the work is superior and a fraction of the cost. I found all you get here is extract and implant when a root canal or crown is sufficient
  7. So if Thais have such a heart of gold, why do the majority lie and thieve at every opportunity, the untold heartache that many cause can not be covered over by giving monks a few bananas
  8. Every weekend in late 2007 the bars were shut,
  9. Its a small bottle placed in a larger bottle with the top cut off......hardly rocket science or well thought out. A 2 year old could see the difference.
  10. It seems you already have your heart set on a Thai girl, good luck, buckle up expect a Rollercoaster ride with deceit and lies at every corner. The reference to Phils laides was merely the cultural differences are not the same as Thais.
  11. Although may peev some off, fact is no. Language and cultural differences. If your ok paying for a relationship go ahead, it works for many but simply its not love and never will be. Its only money..... Have kids together, 'bangkok' girl, take her to your home country its still about money. Phil is better choice at least better value and some love involved. Anyone tells you different is either kying or plain stupid.
  12. Gradually being bred out, with all the luk krungs and foreigners here, the same will happen to Thailand as what happened in the west
  13. What name condo, may have a general idea if its genuine.