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  1. From personal experience I have seen first hand how these BUFFALOES manipulate kids, brainwash them and as stated use them. Its a sad state of affairs especially when they view the kids as a commodity for financial gain.
  2. In no way am I angry, I'm reasonably happy in Thailand although probably would move on if I didn't have commitments here. I'm just interested as in why some people feel it's OK for Thais to say something that almost anywhere else in the world would be regarded as offensive. We are all livig in the same world and are all the same people, that isn't an excuse.
  3. Is Farang Dam OK when Thais are referring to black people as I'm sure if in the UK I said, oh, there is that black foreigner again, it would be viewed as distasteful
  4. baansgr

    Charging Thai Citizens to cross into Cambodia

    If Lotus, Big C etc charged a few hundred baht extra for the hell of it, is that worth bothering about. It's the principle that counts, not the amount.
  5. 14Years or working with Thais, I decided to retire early before I went totally loopy. Within 1 month every one commented on how young and healthy I looked. Treading on hot Coles every day in case I upset someone at work isn't my idea of a good working environment. Prams and dummies come to mind
  6. It could be the recruitment process and criteria. If they allowed older expats that do not have degree's but do have ties to Thailand and the community plus common sense with life long experiences, these people would probably stay year after year.. Seems stupid that there is ample untapped teacher material that is just cast aside because of age or doesn't have Bachelor's degree.
  7. Will check that. Lotus today it's already gone up again to 209 baht
  8. baansgr

    Chin Ups

    You may like to try 2 tie-down straps about 1.5 metre long hanging from the cross over frame, with rings or grips. Do push ups or pull ups. As the straps are not static it's difficult to begin with but gets definition on musle you don't normally use.
  9. baansgr

    Top Ten movies made in Thailand and Phuket

    What about The Butterfly Man filmed on Samui, I still have a pirate copy on CD.
  10. That's correct, there is land with condo buildings on it of which I own one.
  11. That was about 6 or 7 years ago.....still havnt seen any changes.
  12. Australian Cheese seems to have increased by almost 20% in one hit. Was 174 Baht now 202/4
  13. Ive had to wait upto 6 weeks befor at HH immigration taking me a few weeks over my date but no overstay incurred.
  14. Confirmation of marriage (Kor Ror 2 ) i always had to provide. 20 Baht and 20 minutes from the tessabhan. Every year. Just show original marrigae cert, I.Ds and I think also house book also
  15. My name is on the Chanote of my condo but I guess you mean land