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  1. I take your point, however most builds are on a 30% mark up and a reputable builder will have suplier credit so it shouldnt be problem.
  2. For the building, obtain 3 quotes and insist on seeing previous workmanship. Have a detailed contract specifying EXACTLY what is included. Sensible tiered payment plan with at least 30% due on completion after snagging. Deviate from this and problems will arise.
  3. Taxes of buy and sell play a huge part.
  4. But in the US you wouldn't give every member of staff in the barbers a tip while trying to impress talking bar girl Thai.
  5. The article just proves the agriculture industry treat their employees like slaves. Seasonal, no benfit, employment is only suited to certain workers which they exploit. Employment regulations gauaranteeing workers rights regardless if costs needed to rise slightly should be mandatory. Its akin to transporting slaves from Africa to work the cotton fields in the 19th Century. They should be ashamed of themselves yet blatantly moan about the disposition they will be in.
  6. She will need either her yellow book if she has one or a letter of residence from immigration which owning a house should be straightforward. Visa is irrelevent. Thats for Pattaya.
  7. Tourists only have X amount of spending money. Still get the millionaire 2 week tourist as i saw in the barbers giving every girl 100 Baht tip. In reality peoole are spending less than previously due to XE and others have just saught cheaper drinking and eating places. Lets face it, Thailand is very expensive if you wish to enjoy fine dining etc. Still offers relatively cheap street food but families dont really want that.
  8. The easiest and long term solution for these companies, is to pay a decent salary with attached benefits such as pension scheme, sick pay, holiday pay. Scrap zero hour contracts and abolish what is nothing more than slave labour.... We live in the 21st century. Of course profits would have to take a hit or more likely the old BS of must psss the extra cost onto the consumer. Greed written all over this article.
  9. Sterling has risen against THB and PHP
  10. If a lawyer or company was used to obtain the WP, they should surely correct their mistake for free.
  11. I travel on a regular basis from Pattaya_Hua Hin via Bang Na and Rama two. I would say almost every time at one of the toll ways police are stopping vehicles.
  12. Road tax...thats paid for building and upkeep of highways. Petkasem is never a problem anyway,
  13. More toll booths, its almost impossible now to travel without paying. And the constant pull over by police at these places.
  14. Its one reason i decided not to live there, has so much to offer but read stories of having to arrive at 5am. Jomtien for all its woes is run quite efficiently.