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  1. Another Happy Ending. Don't Know why she couldn't use the stairs though.
  2. Wow powerful stuff. shame the Thais probably won't see this.
  3. Just booking riders with no helmets would be a full time job on it's own. where would you start? Schools? Every Soi? Replies on a Postcard.
  4. Glad that Aussie <deleted> got what he deserved later. silly old fool.
  5. Yes get a couple of girls you could call it a bar. Just like many other bars in Pattaya where you can smoke and drink to your hearts content.
  6. Still it's better to hit a truck rather then get wet in a rain shower as the Thais will tell you.
  7. Try sorting out that insurance claim. Ha ha, I know, only joking, what insurance.
  8. Most of the Thai nurses I see look like that. so what's the problem. Makes going to hospital a pleasure.
  9. Ho Won H. Lee, nice Australian name. Perhaps his forefathers were convicts from England.
  10. Think I will have to be more careful with my 300 bar PCP air rifle filling bottle. (PCP = pre-charged pneumatic)
  11. Rich man dies in birthday tryst

    What's wrong with my Thaivisa I can't find the "like" button on any of the posted comments. it has disappeared, I can't find anything on settings, is it not an option any more? i wanted to like a few of those amusing comments about that poor guy. Perhaps he should have used Uber and only got one ride.
  12. Yes cash is king. If it's not a stupid question will showing a few thousand pound of UK sterling in cash pass the vagrancy test or are they so dogmatic it has to be in Thai baht. i normally bring in similar amounts when on a 60 or 90 visa and draw more when needed at those very expensive 180-220 baht charge ATM's
  13. And not forgetting their crowning glory, beautiful black shining hair. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app