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  1. There are actually groups of educated Thai people trying to spread awareness to the public in some National Parks. Specifically Khao Yai, I was able to attend a program that was showing the effects of feeding and disturbing the wildlife and attempting to make people aware of the problems that occur when humans interfere with the natural habitat of the animals. Whilst a number of people were involved and paying attention, and being affiliated with the group granted me a free entrance to the park, I still watched monkeys being fed and even attacking young children who carried food. There were also a number of "safari" groups out at night with large spotlights driving around looking for elephants and animals. So in all reality, attempting to educate the public on wildlife protocol is about as effective as trying to stop the monkeys in Lopburi from stealing your pepsi while your not looking. It just isn't going to happen without proper law enforcement.
  2. I need to get to Koh Chang from Pattaya and it appears the new Sattahip ferry service is no operational, nor will it be any year soon. Burapha https://www.buspattayakohchang.com appears like a decent way, but they don't seem to have their service fully operational and just is a front for the death van operations. If the drivers are not kamikaze, I'm alright with it. I'm more than happy to spend the extra hour on a bigger bus (safer) and get off at Laem Ngop and take the songthaew into the ferry. If the songthaew are still around. It's been a number of years since I've done this sort of trip so I need some up to date info and the online info seems to be futuristic rather than present. Seeking a way from Pattaya to Koh Chang, one way trip, comfortable and safe as can be inexpensive transport.
  3. This has all the factors of going horribly wrong. Scary to say the least.
  4. I'll put in my psychic bit and declare all 365 days of 2018 that Saturn is also weighing in heavily and please be careful of road accidents. Especially at night, but just as much in the day. It's dangerous out there on the roads, be safe.
  5. Seven diseases under watch next year

    I'd agree with the food borne illness stuff. I cook most of my own meals and am highly hygienic with my food handling. It makes me ill to think that someone doesn't wash their hands before handling the food I eat. So I'm quite selective of where I eat and what I eat.
  6. Seven diseases under watch next year

    Don't forget about all the other conditions and diseases that are spreading among society. Please people, stay home! do not go outside under any circumstances. It's a sick world out there. And definitely don't touch anyone or anything. Containment! we must contain and refrain....... Or just go out and have a good time, that is what I'm planning to do.
  7. Seven diseases under watch next year

    Avoid all people at all measures When people sneeze, or cough, run away. Don't touch anything. Don't get near anyone. And definitely don't travel in public transportation. Be sure to spray and wipe down everything your handlers purchase in the store for you. You don't want to go out there to the supermarket or stores, there are diseased people out there. In fact, just make a big bubble and grow your own food, have your own self sustaining world inside that bubble. And do not allow those dirty and diseased people to . your bubble. Enforce your home with mosquito traps and sprays. Don't have any puddles of water surrounding your home within 1 or 2 kilometers. Build a giant wall Trump style to keep all those dirty diseases out. And definitely, wear one of those useless particle masks at all times that don't really stop anything of the harmful categoried airborne illnesses from entering your mouth. They are fashionable and blue is my favorite color.
  8. That is a question I've been asking myself for a a very long time. And part of the reason I'm alone and single. At least I'm not shooting myself when a relationship fails. So the answer would be sadly that I have not found a compatible partner. It's not that I don't believe in love, it's more the fear of devastation in love. Quite a deep subject. It's not always the female that is manipulated. Everyone has their personal scars and past memories to live with. We still have to wake up each day and know that life is better after a bad relationship ends.
  9. Most men celebrate when their girlfriends leave them, this guy shot himself. Sad story.
  10. Yes indeed that I've decided to return to Thailand. 2018 wouldn't be complete without at least 4 healthy (or not so healthy) weeks in Thailand. Looking forward to it.
  11. These "gangs of kids 4-11 years old" are harmless little <deleted> who run away when you scowl at them. The beggars are just beggars, they have nothing, they don't follow or harm anyone, they are just begging. A little more concerned about the criminal factors of the populations, Sure, I've walked around Cebu City at all hours of day and night and only once had an incident of violence. I spent a lot of my youth in crime ridden areas of the US, far more safety concerns there than here. So as for the entire scheme of labeling the Philippines as a sh*thole. That is an opinion. I like it here, do I miss Thailand? Heck yes I miss Thailand. And I am actually planning on returning next month for a 4 week holiday. I'll still come back here to my apartment in the Philippines, it's home. However much of a sh*thole it is, I do like it here.
  12. "Most Hated German in Thailand" ties the knot in the Gambia!

    She looks good Benny hope your kids don't have bloated legs.
  13. Yeah sure, I was just in the midst of brainstorming a 4 week holiday in Thailand and came upon the mental collapse of realizing to heck with it. Too many hassles and problems in Thailand. I'll just stay in the Philippines. I can live here quite comfortably and I can even travel on the roads without worrying about death.
  14. effective immediately based on Thai time, it's ok to be late.