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  1. effective immediately based on Thai time, it's ok to be late.
  2. I watched a corrupt police officer on the walkway to MBK accosting foreigners for passports in March 2016,. I walked by and he ignored me. They tend to go after those who either appear weak with Asian girlfriend or those who appear lost and confused. If he had come at me I'd have told him to f off. But he ignored me altogether.
  3. Great way to increase the value of black market trade and stuff from Laos and Cambodia flooding in through the borders and on fishing boats.
  4. Interesting how we can fly into Malaysia, fill out no forms, just go through a line and get 90 days without questions. Yet nowadays in Thailand we are scrutinized for wanting to stay longer than 30 days. Signs of the times.. I'll longstay in the Philippines and holiday in Malaysia.
  5. Thats not just trash.....lots of other poo and pee in there too
  6. Not again - Pattaya "Environmental Disaster Zone II"

    Nothing to see here, Pattaya is a "Nature Resort" for families and sports.
  7. I like his "Winner" tshirt. It's very fashionable for a guy like him.
  8. I won't recommend visiting there to any young caucasian people.
  9. I'd suggest dash cams be required for documentation of license plates and the drivers who are causing unsafe road conditions must all have their license revoked and vehicles impounded.
  10. These incidents seem to be increasing and more widespread. That or more reported and caught on camera. As a foreigner, it makes me concerned about the future of Thailand. There seems to be no efforts to prosecute and criminalize violence. Instead the authorities are harassing food vendors, tourists, and peaceful poor people.
  11. Somtam slowly killing many Thais, cancer center says

    Papaya papaya, som tum love you pok pok
  12. Beer yoga is illegal warn Thai health officials

    Sign me up for the class in the video
  13. This happens all the time, these tourists sadly deserve to be snatched of their bling bling. Just on the pure stupidity that they wear it in the first place.
  14. If there is a hell, this boy surely will be heading there.
  15. The tree across the road told me 14, 27, 42, 51, and 55 are lucky numbers in the next lottery.