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  1. I'd suggest dash cams be required for documentation of license plates and the drivers who are causing unsafe road conditions must all have their license revoked and vehicles impounded.
  2. These incidents seem to be increasing and more widespread. That or more reported and caught on camera. As a foreigner, it makes me concerned about the future of Thailand. There seems to be no efforts to prosecute and criminalize violence. Instead the authorities are harassing food vendors, tourists, and peaceful poor people.
  3. Papaya papaya, som tum love you pok pok
  4. Sign me up for the class in the video
  5. This happens all the time, these tourists sadly deserve to be snatched of their bling bling. Just on the pure stupidity that they wear it in the first place.
  6. If there is a hell, this boy surely will be heading there.
  7. The tree across the road told me 14, 27, 42, 51, and 55 are lucky numbers in the next lottery.
  8. In my interactions, most people who have never visited view Thailand as a very friendly and nice country. Some might inquire about the nightlife, but that is a positive inquiry as there is a lot of people who like to party on holiday. The majority of people that ask me about Thailand are mostly interested in Chiang Mai and the north, and just adventure travel in general. Sex has never been part of a single discussion with random people inquiring about travel in Thailand.
  9. Obviously the polls are made by people intending to influence other people and create discontent and anger in society. Which in response is directed towards the tourists.
  10. so basically 600 Thai people decided to point the "sex tourist" finger at foreigners and a big alarm goes off and now foreigners are all sex tourists thinking about sex. Great job on reporting this garbage.
  11. He spent too much time blowing on his big toe
  12. Dreaming of brighter futures is never a bad dream.
  13. India suits him well.
  14. Maybe tax children of influential figures for driving incidents based on the destruction they cause. We all know they won't be punished for it.
  15. Yea. It's a very psychological subject. I'd argue with my girlfriend on safe driving and she would get angry and start weaving in and out of lanes trying to get in front of a few vehicles. This topic is much more complex than a simplified technique of training. It probably won't be resolved in our lifetimes.