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  1. He spent too much time blowing on his big toe
  2. Dreaming of brighter futures is never a bad dream.
  3. India suits him well.
  4. Maybe tax children of influential figures for driving incidents based on the destruction they cause. We all know they won't be punished for it.
  5. Yea. It's a very psychological subject. I'd argue with my girlfriend on safe driving and she would get angry and start weaving in and out of lanes trying to get in front of a few vehicles. This topic is much more complex than a simplified technique of training. It probably won't be resolved in our lifetimes.
  6. He should just go to India and declare himself Bigfoot Baba. He'd have a following and food and do some daily yoga. Obviously sympathy has driven his travels.
  7. This topic needs more attention. The drivers education should be increased to a 3 month program and all existing drivers should be subject to reevaluation under the jurisdiction of a strict drivers development program. Human lives are at stake.
  8. Thats a useful past thread on it. Thanks for that.
  9. Jesus toast might sell in America. Could be the next big thing. Just have to figure out how to get his face on the toast.
  10. Is there any issues with obtaining a 60 day THailand tourist visa at the Manila embassy? I've read the staff are rude and it takes some time but what I'm interested in is whether or not they will issue the tourist visa. Is it a waste of time applying there? I'm aware the Cebu Consulate doesn't handle tourist visas and refuses to even talk with a foreign tourist, so I'm curious what the process is in Manila. Also if there are any agents that might handle the procedures without having to go to the embassy in person.
  11. If Buddha stuck his foot on that mountain then it wouldn't be just a print, there would be gold underneath and the greedy side of humanity would be up there digging. This is likely a pitch of some locals trying to cash in on the gullible side of significant places.
  13. A bit ironic that the news says street food vendors will be removed in Bangkok.
  14. Could also be balance in the fall, if she was concious and trying to turn to feet first or to land on her bum she'd instinctively not go head first into the pavement. Most who commit suicide know to get the deed done you dive right in head first. If your falling and want to live you won't smash your head in.
  15. Teenagers should not be allowed to drive motorbikes. Just increase the sawngthaew services and raise the legal driving age to 20. Anyone under 20 should be punished with hefty fines and confiscation of the motorbikes. Crack down on them teens, they are dangerous.