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  1. The airport office is where I do my residence certificate updates. I noticed last week that there were lots of people doing their 90 days as well. Thanks for the help, UJ.
  2. It looks as though that's what happened-visa exemption was given to me. The tourist visa sticker is untouched-normally, it is voided or scribbled over upon entry. I'm in Chiang Mai, so I'll need to take care of it on Monday. Which Immigration office should I use-airport or Promenada?
  3. I've just returned from Vientiane with a new tourist visa and I notice that immigration stamped my passport with only 30 days. I've gotten tourist visas in the past in Vientiane and Seoul and was given 60 days upon entry. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  4. I just received my new US passport from the consulate in Chiang Mai. $110 and was processed in a week. Additional pages are no longer available, but the new passport has more pages. The consulate in CM is fast and friendly. No pictures of the new president-as some people have asked!
  5. I'm planning a quick turnaround trip and considering Myanmar. Leave Bangkok in the morning and return the same day. It appears that a transit visa is available but the details are unclear. Has anyone done this recently? U.S. passport-first time to Myanmar. Thanks.
  6. You can extend your tourist visa at immigration for 1900 Baht. Also, flying to Udon Thani and taking a minivan to the Laos border may save you money. Changing Baht to US Dollars will save as well.
  7. I had been using HideMyAss for years and had great service. However, when Netflix began blocking all their servers, I stopped subscribing to HMA. Best to do some research online and pay for a monthly service only-not a year in advance. Please post if you have success.
  8. Siam TV near the gate has been very good for me.
  9. Does anyone know if this Philips service center in Chiang Mai service Philips shavers?
  10. You might want to build your sound system separately and avoid the home theater in a box option. These packages often include a fair/decent receiver and cheap speakers. Start with a quality A/V receiver that has HDMA/optical/subwoofer connections then go for your speakers. Although there are 6.1 and 7.1 systems available, 5.1 should be sufficient. 2 fronts, 2 rears, center channel, and a subwoofer. A center channel speaker will greatly improve listening to dialog. This approach may cost you more, but is usually a vast improvement over the above mentioned theater-in-a-box, one size fits all method.
  11. Big C near the airport sells Hanes white t-shirts in XL. There are various colors available. 149 Baht per shirt. You may want to try one on first if you're more of an XXL.
  12. I've done two extensions at Promenada recently and have arrived after 2pm as to avoid the potential lines. I was in and out in about 40 minutes each time.
  13. I will need to check. I brought several different sizes, but none were accepted. The background is now blue as well. Not surprisingly, there's a shop next door to immigration that lightened my wallet 200 Baht for 6 photos. We'll see how long these last...
  14. I went to Promenada in CM yesterday. There is a new information form to fill out and yet another new format for photos. Copies: 6 Baht, photos: 200 Baht, extension of visa exempt: 1900 Baht. I arrived at 3pm and was out by 3:40. I've been told that the office near the airport doesn't handle extensions any more. Be sure to have your Thai address as that is an area to be scrutinized.
  15. The visa exemption can be extended at an immigration office for an additional 30 days for 1900 Baht.