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  1. Visa Exemption Cancelled at border

    I arrived at Thai Immigration with several days remaining on my then Visa Exemption, stamped out, crossed the bridge, then processed through Laos Immigration. An hour later, I found a taxi, stamped out of Laos via the driver, crossed back over the bridge and to Thailand Immigration. It's there where it appears I received an entry stamp only to have it cancelled at the same time. The officer suggested leaving by air or applying for a proper visa outside the country. The embassy was closed due to a holiday and my options seem to include getting a flight out of the country and or applying for a visa, as I was told.
  2. Visa Exemption Cancelled at border

    I'm in Thailand. The new stamp with today's date and valid for 30 days has 'CANCELLED' within the stamp. Above the stamp is marked 'W-30' in black ink.
  3. I've just crossed the Laos/Thai border and was informed that I had used the allowed number of visa exemption entries and would need to obtain a proper visa outside the country. As it's a holiday weekend the embassies are closed. The I/O was polite but firm. My passport has the stamp showing the date with an exit date for next month with 'CANCELLED' stamped in blue over it. The same for the TM6. As I apparently don't have a visa, what is my status? Am I on overstay? Is a cancelled stamp a red flag in the future? Note: I have all but used up my visa pages. Maybe it's time for a new passport.
  4. Tourist visa from Vientiane only 30 days?

    The airport office is where I do my residence certificate updates. I noticed last week that there were lots of people doing their 90 days as well. Thanks for the help, UJ.
  5. Tourist visa from Vientiane only 30 days?

    It looks as though that's what happened-visa exemption was given to me. The tourist visa sticker is untouched-normally, it is voided or scribbled over upon entry. I'm in Chiang Mai, so I'll need to take care of it on Monday. Which Immigration office should I use-airport or Promenada?
  6. I've just returned from Vientiane with a new tourist visa and I notice that immigration stamped my passport with only 30 days. I've gotten tourist visas in the past in Vientiane and Seoul and was given 60 days upon entry. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  7. Passport pages used up

    I just received my new US passport from the consulate in Chiang Mai. $110 and was processed in a week. Additional pages are no longer available, but the new passport has more pages. The consulate in CM is fast and friendly. No pictures of the new president-as some people have asked!
  8. I'm planning a quick turnaround trip and considering Myanmar. Leave Bangkok in the morning and return the same day. It appears that a transit visa is available but the details are unclear. Has anyone done this recently? U.S. passport-first time to Myanmar. Thanks.