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  1. hi, have sent you a mail few days a go, can you reply please?


  2. rono

    For The Dutch And Belgians Under Us

    The belgian restaurant Patrick has the frikandel speciaal on the menu. His restaurant is in the walking street on second road, opposite the parking of Mike department store. Curry sauce can be made by yourself although the one they sell in Belgium is much better. I am still working on that curry sauce.
  3. rono


    Hi, I have bought hundreds of dvd's from ebay and didn't pay tax, they were sent by ems. You need a bit of luck but describing as gift or used cd and low valued will help. Rono
  4. rono

    Need A Project Manager

    Hi two roads, I may be able to help you. I bought a guest house earlier this year and found some good contractors. I live in the area and could supervise it you want. PM me if you like. Rono
  5. I think this forum is not the place to discuss this topic although this is a topic close to my heart. No I am not an American, only very interested in the native american history and culture. I like to find a forum where we can discuss this topic. cheers, rono
  6. rono

    Where To Buy A Reindeer

    There is a deer farm near pakchong khao yai. Rono
  7. rono

    New Year Countdown 2008

    Our guest house is nearly fully booked for the countdown because nearby is the yearly cowboy-indian festival with countdown. Guess I will be busy and hope to have a few free hours to join the count down. rono
  8. rono

    Thai Election Forces 2-weekend Booze Ban

    This morning the local cop gave us a letter and told us not to sell alcohol in our guest house. I thought to bypass it and ask my customers to take the drinks in their rooms but a cop just rented a room...hope he will like a drink in his room.. rono
  9. rono

    Buying A Harley

    HD, are all those on your list for sale here second hand? Where? There is a sportster 883 for sale here, 2004 and costs 270,000 baht, maybe with some bargaining down to 250,000 however they say its a girls bike rono
  10. rono

    Buying A Harley

    Thanks Dave and HD, I live in Khao Yai but it is possible I will move close to pattaya next year, anyway I am looking at some sites and ads and have to time, in the meantime my phantom will do. A friend of mine living nearby is also looking to buy one, he is considering to buy a bike in parts and assemble it here..don't know about taxes however.. rono
  11. rono

    Buying A Harley

    Hi Dave, I expected you to be one of the first to reply, thanks. I have been talking with some harley riders and they all said they didn't have unusual problems with their bikes. Thebarnes and noble book "the harley-davidson century" confirmed the old storey in my homeland that HD had major quality problems during and shortly after their AMF period. The book also stated that with the evo and twin cams harley had engineered good engines and that HD is now one of the best managed companies is the USA and is one of the best bike manufacturers in the world. I do trust the quality of the bikes but we are here in LOS where things are a bit different so my questions were mostly about service and repairs. rono
  12. rono

    Buying A Harley

    I am looking for a response from the harley owners or riders who used to have a harley in LOS. For those among you who wont go public with answers or comment you can pm me. I have always been a fan of Harley and always wanted to own one but it just never happened. Before investing the equivalent of a new car in a bike I like to know the cons of riding a Harley so my questions are: are they reliable, are spares readily available, are spares more expensive compared a japanese big bike, are there repair shops or good mechanics outside the big cities like bkk, phuket, pattaya. I have the book 100 year history of harley and assume that the evolution and big twin engines are good but still want to know the experiences of the riders over here. rono
  13. rono

    Western Union

    hi rono, would you care to elaborate on those other payment options? thanks. milesm sorry being late, I use a kasikorn webcard which is a virtual debit card, easy to get when you open an account with them rono
  14. rono


    My wife told me there are a lotus and big c now in supanburi, ubc would be to way to go for tv, phone lines should be no problem. If your wife is from there and has friends/relatives you can give it a go. I myself would not consider to live there, there are more beautiful places to retire than supanburi. Building or buying a house: I have bought several houses and build one ( I designed it and hired a contractor) and would rather build a house than buy unless you can buy a new to build house from a land developer and you can specify the colors of the walls, the floor/wall tiles, the power outlets.... good luck, rono
  15. rono

    7/8 December Ttt Problem

    Yes , see some true users also having problems accessing international sites and getting emails...tit rono