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  1. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    I bought it on eBay for just under 1,300 Baht.
  2. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    I bought an AQI reader a couple of weeks ago and replaced the filters on my air filter. These readings are from early March, but all taken within 5 minutes. First reading was bedroom with air con and air filter on. Second reading was kitchen, windows closed all night. third reading was in the garden. This convinced me to keep the air filter on !
  3. Virgin Active opens fitness club in Chiang Mai

    easy access and parking.
  4. The TDA announcement is hardly a legal statement, just advise to their members. Do we need a license for home dart boards?
  5. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    But even back in November PM 2.5 levels were frequently over 100.
  6. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    The 2.5 level has dropped significantly this week. How much of that drop is down to nearly every Thai school being on holiday? That must reduce car journeys by at least 40,000 daily in Chiang Mai. Does a drop in the AQI level coincide with school holidays historically?
  7. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2018 Chiang Mai

    Here is the AQI from two years ago today...quite a difference! http://www.chiangmaicitylife.com/news/us-consulate-sharing-real-aqi-levels-based-on-pm2-5-on-their-facebook/
  8. Peter Vella -House White - 5 litre Box

    I know, but run out of my own picked, and thought I could get a jar. Though my point being it seems some shortages are occurring.
  9. Peter Vella -House White - 5 litre Box

    Not just wine, seems to be a lot of things missing off the shelves. For example Jalapenos in jars out of stock everywhere, and Nachos removed from the menu at Wine Connection for lack of Jalapenos. Personally enjoy Peter Vella! been a struggle to find it though!
  10. Varee - International school

    Are you saying Varee only has a Thai Kinder? If so, this is incorrect. Varee has an International Kinder starting at 2 years old, and a Thai Kinder starting at 2 years old.
  11. I thought the age was 20 in Thailand?
  12. Second Chiang Mai airport endorsed

    Article in the paper we cant copy on here seems to have more detail. They mention Saraphi as a possible location, and that the government already owns a lot of the land. Anyone know where that land is?
  13. Debit card upgrade

    Put your card in your banks ATM. Go to other services. Choose increase daily limit. Confirm your identity number, usually your passport number. This works on SCB and Bangkok Bank.
  14. Chiang mai liquor laws 2-5PM

    It is not a new law, but is being enforced more 'enthusiastically' in Chiang Mai. The 'is food being served' has no relevance in Thailand. That was a loophole under UK drink rules. There are sometimes exemptions for tourist areas, but this just seems to be Pattaya and Phuket. More and more Chiang Mai restaurants, both Western and Thai, that used to serve alcohol between 2pm and 5pm are not doing so now. Here is a useful link from 2011, http://www.thailawforum.com/tourst-guide-laws-Thailand.html Since then the exclusion zone around education establishments and temples has been brought in. Cant recall if its 250m or 500m. The measuring tapes have been out, and some establishments have been 'Grandfathered', allowed to continue trading if they fall in the zone. But new applications may not be treated the same way.
  15. Where to buy Lime Pickle? Anyone make it?

    Makro Hang Dong road