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  1. great thanks.
  2. Little one loved it on Thai Expat TV. That has gone. Content not really available on Youtube. How can we now get it here in Thailand?
  3. I have a Non Immigrant type O multi entry visa, and usually go to Mae Sai or Mae Sot to enter and return on the same day to activate my 90 days. For a change of scenery, I wondered what other border crossings I could try, and whether I would need any additional information or visas to use them. For example, If I go to Nong Khai, can I just walk over, have a look round and then return to Thailand as I would at Mae Sai? Thanks for any Help.
  4. I have tried to set up Pulse TV, but cant seem to make a subscription. How do you pay them?
  5. Just two days after all that rain, the PM 2.5 is back over 100 and the AQI unhealthy. I cant think burning is to blame, everything is either to green or wet to burn! I think it has to be cars and industry causing it.
  6. Just occurred to me that it is probably sand bags to protect a water pipe that is pumping water from flooded area into the Ping.
  7. Last night the north side of Mahidol Road was sandbagged by the authorities. Not sure if that is to keep a flood in or out! But for the water to get that high it would need a rain fall of biblical proportions, or the river to flood. Checking the Hydro website, there are very few updates, and no indication of a large body of water coming down stream. Anyone know whats going on? http://hydro-1.net/
  8. certainly comes as a surprise to me. Are you sure your friends kid is in the International section? Maybe he is paying the International fees and she has the kid in EP? Not heard of any kids going to Lanna, in fact the opposite seems to be the case. Also, have personally found the English language skills at Lanna to be questionable.
  9. Varee International is more aligned with an English curriculum and Cambridge Exams. Excepting Lanna, the rest are more American. Varee has cricket and rugby as sports.
  10. Its a bore hole, 2 inch pipe I think. we would have stopped shallower if there was water.
  11. 80m. according to the letter. May be a bit over. It was a very sandy area and took 3 months to complete. I am out at the moment, and will try and scan the letter later.
  12. We have recently drilled a water well on our land. The drilling company got the relevant permission, and we now have water. We have now received an official looking letter saying that the well will need a meter attached, at a cost of 15k Baht, and then a water usage charge will apply. We have four days to comply. Has anyone else heard of this requirement? Experienced this? We are on the borders of Sankampaeng and Lamphun. Thanks Iain
  13. We have used Columbus Direct for a few years, and they have always been very quick to renew. Today I thought it had been a while, so on checking found out that our cover expires today. No email or mention from them. Looks like they have dropped Thai Residents from their acceptable list. Who still offers? Very disappointed by the lack of notification from them.
  14. I think I have seen them in Decathlon.
  15. Friday morning farmer market located between the Porn Ping Hotel and Night Bazaar usually has a couple of stalls selling them. Makro is good as well.