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  1. "Oh don't worry" replied the check-in staff, "We saw they were farang, so charged them triple kaa."
  2. Send them Matt Stonie to eat.
  3. What happened a few decades ago with buffalo, carts, and machetes, now happens on the roads with pick-ups and guns. Don't disrespect their culture.
  4. Mob murders man at Bangkok housing estate

    Well, drinking with Thai guys is one of the seven deadly sins.
  5. Not sold to Malaysian Human Trafficers this time?
  6. Why were you on a Visa Run? What are you doing here? Get yourself an Extension of Stay for a valid reason.
  7. Wouldn't be surprised if mine told me I have to pay 15% more.
  8. What really grates them is that they're being done over on their own turf by non-Thais.
  9. Says quite a lot about Thai women and their parents. Offer them a house and you can add the young daughter to your harem....
  10. What age to send kid to schools

    2-3yrs old in an International kindergarten, nursery, or montessori. If not international, homeschool them.
  11. If moving to another province far, far away. What happens, or what can we do with our 3BB router that's connected to the phone line? Is it pretty much plug and play - plug it out and plug it into the phone line in the new house, and just change the billing address with them? Or do they have to come out, set it all up again, etc etc? work's online so it needs to be as quick and as smooth as possible.
  12. Yup. brown envelops pressed between their palms. "You okay mistah, can go na."
  13. Of course.... the tracks were to blame.