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  1. Happy ending. The pick up driver could have been police, army, or rich, and shot him in the head for damaging his paint job.
  2. Yup, And if you fancy stopping for a game of baseball along the way, you won't need to go home to get your bat.
  3. Philly Cheese Steak

    Try Subway.
  4. Just another moron speeding on his motosai as fast as he can around lots of traffic, parked vehicles and entrances to sois and businesses. Guess the amulets and tattooes don't work after all.
  5. Suspect, 22, caught with 10m ‘yaba’ pills

    My no name, pics and personal info of the perp?
  6. Motorcycle fees are already standardized. Every stand will have a big printed poster with the fee to destination, along with a phone number for customers to call if they are charged more.
  7. Every system in Thailand is set up for one reason. To enrich oneself via scams, bribery, theft or extortion.
  8. Sounds like they're after a job in Fifa.
  9. Feet and Lower Leg Swelling / Pain

    Mate had that, had to have his legs amputated below the knee. Good luck!
  10. That, or pulls out a machete before getting back into the School Bus and driving the kids home.
  11. I had a mistress that wanted me to skype video while I was at work. They are the suspicious type. Luckily enough she didn't try it in the evening or my wife could have found out.
  12. Someone's gonna have the army round to his house.... wonder what they'll plant before calling the cops?
  13. So are they policemen's sons, soldiers, technical college students, or Burmese laborers?
  14. When they lose it, oh man do they lose it. Almost primeval.
  15. South-East Asian version of face, and the Thai version that tethers on the brink of insanity.