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  1. Could possibly be amusing to someone aged 4 or under.
  2. Suzuki GSX-R 150

    The CBR150 hasn't been updated since 2010.... Eight years. Which is just crazy.
  3. Suzuki GSX-R 150

    Looks like a cross between a CB300 and a scooter. Does the Thai market really need another 150? A light 400cc twin to fit between the CBR/Ninja300/R3 and the CBR500 and 650's could be nice.
  4. Wow, could you envisage any more of a Thai Visa stereotype.
  5. Beer Lao

    Nothing to do with Beer Lao. Everything to do with Thai monopolies and their 'influence'.
  6. Was doing a fair rate of knots, judging by the pieces. And a single yellow line? Speed and inexperience, and a Thai driving a truck. Not a good combinations.
  7. The brake safe system was probably removed for good luck.
  8. 2 much of a <deleted> to go down to the next u-turn and and do it properly, so cuts across three lanes at an angle that is against their flow. Common road behavior in Thailand. If there's a short-cut to be taken, no matter how much it endangers lives, you bet most of the Thai are gonna be taking it.
  9. Disgraceful little-man behavior from the minivan driver. Any van driver worth their salt has at least a samurai sword.
  10. Is there a correlation between circumcision and such violent massacres? A deep seated psychological pain and anger, combined with the little-man syndrome of never being able to be a full and proper male. What % of global public shooters like this are circumcised?
  11. Wouldn't have happened if everyone is armed with automatic RPGs from the age of 10.
  12. Get a proper visa for the real purpose of your stay. If there are none, go to a place where the purpose of your stay meets the visa requirements.
  13. Motorbike accident advice...please help

    You obviously only rent a vehicle that has full 1st class insurance included in the package.... right?