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  1. I would be going to the media, and setting them up with a hidden camera, done and dusted, now there is a story, or would that be a storm in a teacup. Big Joke would have egg on his face and would have to act some more, or would he to put the fire out, or hang the IO out to dry, others to follow, wait for Corrupt IO's at Jomtien 2 to come out soon at the movies, free pop corn and coke
  2. 4MyEgo

    Replacing car tyres

    After reading other forums as well as taking TVF members bits and pieces into account, I ended up going with UD-MAX Group on the corner of the big intersection on the same road as HomePro on the opposite side. The place a few doors up from Macro tried to offer us Bridestones made in Indonesia, an inferior brand as the Bridgestones made in Thailand which can be exported to Europe as they comply to their standards, i.e. they take loads, whereas the Indonesian Bridgestone tyres don't and as Transam pointed out, look for the E on the tyre, this place just past Macro also has a bad reputation so I am told by the other forum with all sorts of problems from farangs a few months later and an aggressive farang owner who also owns the same store in Nong Kai, only hear say, no personal experience so don't shoot the 3rd party messenger, make your own enquiries. There also was one other just past AEK hospital which a lot of farangs suggested, and I was going to go to that one, but when I was told they would charge my debit card 5% it was lost business for them, because 5% for using my own money meant an extra 960 baht on the price. A week earlier UD-MAX Group said they wouldn't charge me on my debit card, so when I went there after the one past AEK said they would charge 5%, the same guy who I saw a week earlier said yes have 5% charge, but didn't charge me the 5% on my ING Bank debit card (my cash), as I had to stand my ground and explain to him/them, it's a Visa debit card, confused as usual, scratching heads as they do, they went away with my card and came back and confirmed 19,200 baht no charge to debit card. Happy chappy drove off with 4 new Bridgestone tyres after almost 3 years of use on the previous ones that I managed to get 96,000m kilometres out of and could of kept going but to what point, safety first and going a few more thousand klicks wouldn't be worth the hassle IMO.
  3. We shall test how good he is then
  4. I suppose having lots of money doesn't get me a Smart Visa, best I go out back and have a cry while I keep counting my loot, not smart enough ''''''
  5. Thx, that's plain English for me to understand, will get him to have a look at that as a starter and see how that pans out.
  6. I should have been a little more clearer, the same guy who installed the heaters is the same guy that wired the entire house and knows his stuff, although not in the qualified sense of the word, i.e. a piece of paper. That said I used to inspect builders works in progress on site at stages to sign off on the work, before further funds could be released for the project, and if it wasn't up to scratch they wouldn't be getting additional funds until the works were rectified, that said, his work is 110% in whatever he applies his skill too and is the only bloke between here and cooee that I will allow to work on our place, in other words I have had a couple of qualified guys in early in the peace and have showed them the door quick smart, qualified my a$$, maybe in Thai standards but back in AUS we have a high standard when it comes to tradesmen who are qualified and I adhere to that here.
  7. Sometime 2 heaters might be going, but mainly one at a time, we don't use the a/c's until bedtime for half an hour then let the fans take over. Not sure what 25/75 service means
  8. He doesn't have one, hence the reason I am going to get one. Symptoms are anytime one takes a shower 24/7
  9. Thx the circuit breakers are not tripping. I will go out tomorrow and grab me a volt meter and see where we are at, all new to me
  10. I couldn't really tell you, although I know two of the heaters are 3500w and one 6000w The guy who installed them is coming over tomorrow so we can go over a few things
  11. Are you suggesting upping the amps on the circuit breakers, currently 3 heaters one is 32 amps, the other 2 are 16 amps and the pump is 32 amps, or could it be a wiring problem ? It definitely appears to be a power reduction, the heaters being directly hooked up to their own circuit breakers is what gets me, although I suppose if they are sucking big amounts of power with the pump, that will have an overall effect on the light circuits as it is in the kitchen/dining area only. If one went higher in the amps for the heaters and pump, would that solve the problem, again have no idea what I am talking about as I am not electrically minded.
  12. Not electrically minded, although I had a look at the circuit breakers and the pump is 32 amps as is the heater, although the other 2 heaters are running on 16 amps, that said, the light still flickers from the heater which has the highest amp, suffice to say I don't think its an amp problem, but a wiring problem ?
  13. Thanks Crossy, could you have a look at my reply to Bankruatsteve and let me know your thoughts please. Meter
  14. You might be onto something. I turned the water on from the heater, but left the dial off and no flickering * I then turned the dial on to heat and left the water on from the heater and the flickering started I then turned the water off while the dial was on heat and no flickering I then turned the dial to off and left the water on and no flickering The above said as confusing as it is, it appears the pump which is in use when the water is turned on is reducing the voltage somehow ?