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  1. Agreed, what they need is more immigration officers, i.e. shut down the 90 day extensions, have minimal staff at immigration officers to deal with other stuff, e.g. one or two staff will do it, 12 month extensions can be handled by the 2 staff at each office, send the bloody rest to the airports, problem sorted and a hug saving, but then again no one is going to make any money off land they bought before the proposal become what it is now and no one would be making from the construction companies. Worth a shot anyways
  2. I didn't say anti-snake garden, I said remodelled her front garden to keep snakes out. The garden before was one metre out from the front wall of the house, she put down two bricks high with pots inside of the brick wall which had plants, the snakes would just make there was into the hollow part of the inside of the brick wall and the house wall, so what she did was fill in the two bricks high with blue metal, bringing the level to the height of the two bricks, therefore no snakes can entering her garden.
  3. I dare say might be a good time to be buying some shares in GOLD ?
  4. Assuming he got me and locked onto my skin on my face, as that was the direction he was heading, and applied his venom for a few minutes, then what ?
  5. Pull the other one mate: "Red Necked Keelbacks are now considered quite dangerous and potentially deadly". https://www.thailandsnakes.com/venomous/rear-fanged/snake-bite-red-necked-keelback-rhabdophis-subminiatus/
  6. Also haven't seen a Cobra yet, however on the last day of last year, I bent over to pick up the bucket with all the car wash stuff in it, which was at the front and under a bench on the porch, and on top of the bench were about 3 of those straw mats that the wife puts down on the floor when eating outside on the porch with her sister/cousins etc etc As I bent over to get the bucket something lunged forward at my face, I wasn't really looking, but my boxing days of my younger years came back to me as I pulled back to the side and stood up, then I noticed this long tail of something go into the straw mats, I yelled out snake to Superwoman and the Mrs arrived quicker than Superwoman, must have taken her out on the way. She said lift the straw mats quick, so I did, and he took off through some privacy slates and in to her garden, my Mrs took to it like a dog to a bone, I said just shooo it away across the road to the river, NO this snake is dangerous snake, I said how do you know, the colour she said, the colour !!!, me thinking yeh yeh, but tried to reason with her about not killing it, then she turned to me and said listen, we have 4 kids, you want them to get bitten by a snake, that's when I passed her a shovel and said this should help........I later went on the internet and found out that this snake was actually dangerous and as there is no anti-venom, if bitten, I would have died. Pictures below, a week later and a day after that she found two more snakes in her front garden, so the garden has been remodelled not to allow snakes in. Have never been one to want to kill anything, but snakes on now on the top of the list, as are rats occasionally in the roof, followed by geko's who cost me 2,700 baht for short circuiting one of my air conditioning mains board, and yes I feel guilty ever time, but hey, its us or them 555
  7. 4MyEgo

    "Can you support me?"

    Believe what you will. It's irrelevant to me, I got a good feel of who she is and if she is a liar. She would never say a bad word about me, always says, if you ever leave me, I will follow you, she knows when she's on a good thing 555
  8. This word mafia keeps coming up, please for the love of Christ stop putting these Thai guys up so high, mafia my rear, thugs, gangs ok, but mafia, Italians only, not Russians, not Thai's, Italians only sta copla da minkia
  9. 4MyEgo

    "Can you support me?"

    Ouch, your ex sounds like an absolute fruit-loop, planning to kill your own child for monetary gain, hope she is behind bars or dead. For what its worth, I have an X, she was also hell to live with, we were married for 12 years and have been divorced since April 1999 with one child, my daughter is now 21 and I had her on a 50/50 shared care basis by court orders, and I know how hard it is raising a kid as a single parent, well one week on, one week off, although my late brother had two girls he raised on his one, not easy at all !!! My Thai wife, was a bar girl for 7 months and had twin boys to an abusive Thai partner when I met her, they were 2 and a bit when I met them, at the grandparents house who were looking after them while the wife spread her legs to raise money to support her twin boys and the grandparents, (no shame), its a job, its just sex, can't understand why there are so many TVF guys here who love to put them down, really, they provide a service that everybody uses, no shame, so no need to go low, I now refer to my wife as the village slut. I met her in late December 2006 married her in April 2007 we have 2 daughters, and are very very very happily married, she practically raised my daughter from the time she came into my life as she came back to my home land to stay, the plan was to keep her kids with the grandparents until I retired at 55, the boys had just turned 11 then and have now lived with us for 2.5 years, we are the modern Brady bunch except for my daughter back home who lives with her mum and goes to uni, although visits every 2 years and we the same, and with technology communicating is not hard. What I am trying to say is you will meet someone who you will want to take care of and her you and your daughter, and hopefully have a few more off springs to make you feel alive again....555 Sure I had reservations at first with my Thai wife raising my daughter, but hey, she did a brilliant job and it shows today as they are tight, she can communicate with her when she has problems and I don't even get a look in, fair enough, girly things so why bother, good that she can turn to her mum here in Thailand as she still calls her till this day, as she can;t discuss things with her real mother back home as she is very judgemental and jealous and paranoid and and and, you get my drift. I don't have the answers for you, but you have cleared things up, when Mrs right comes along, you will know, as for supporting someone, it goes both ways, when I met the Mrs and knew this time she was the one (first one was a forced situation), I said in our marriage this is our circle, no one comes in and we don't leave it, so as for supporting her family, sisters, Uncles, Aunties etc etc it has never been an issue, we don't, simple, although in the 8 years she spent abroad I used to send 10,000B every month to her parents as support, that stopped when we moved here, and we used to visit twice a year for 1, 2, 3 months at a time so the wife could spend time with the boys, not easy being away from your kids, but you have to do what you have to do to survive, that said, she now has a 6 bedroom 3 bathroom home, a 2 year old car, about 4 land parcels that she saved up for while she was with me, never having to work a day apart from her relaxed home lifestyle, she took good care of me, and still does, great mum to the 4 kids and knows that her superannuation payout is coming, later than sooner we both hope 555 Hope you find Mrs right in your journey through life and Kudos for raising your kid as a single dad.
  10. If you know of anyone who could provide an approximate cost to provide, and install a generator and the switches you talking about please let me know by either posting it here or by PM, thanks
  11. 4MyEgo

    "Can you support me?"

    Just trying to look through this at all angles, and all I come up with is: I don't know any bloke who has been single for 10 years, and there possibly lays the answer, i.e. is this by choice, I mean are you wanting to remain single?, are you disabled, not the best looking bloke when comparing like for like, or have you not found "miss perfect"? You say 99% of the chats turns after a few words into "can you support me"? ALL women, and I say ALL woman want to have a man that will provide for them, support them, as for the ones the TVF members refer to as mid-hi so women don't want to be supported, well, I don't class them as women, so I will refer to women as low class as some TVF members are insinuating the mid-hi so don't want to be supported, just to clear that up. Strange that they are asking you this after a few words, could it be that you are meeting girls from a dating website, attracting women who are looking for their sugar daddy? Bars girls don't ask that question unless you have been seeing them for a while, and would be saying I don't like this work, I won't out, hence the words "can you support" me. Naturally women from the low society class have limited opportunities to find work as their is no such thing here in Thailand as an Anti-Discrimination Board as I see in the paper Lotus and the likes, advertising for female staff and must be under 30 years of age for example, what the fark is that? As for supporting her family, it would depend on how much you dig her and like her family, that said, whether they have hands and feet and can work as opposed to sponging off Mr Farang, do they live in a big house or a dump, and of course the size of your bank account. I don't support my wife's family, they have a two storey house, a car, and grow rice, when it comes to support the Mrs throws them a bone so to speak every now and again, also they are not the type to ask, unless its necessary, so its up to her, her parents, not mine, as I married her and we have our own family, that said if they required medical emergency attention, I would dig in as I am not totally heartless. Another poster made a very relevant point, only invest as much as your prepared to lose, and my calculations have always been 10%
  12. 4MyEgo

    Living in an oven

    Just an update, spoke to the wife about the 3,000 baht a month and she said no, that was when we had the builder working here for two months, i.e. using his drill, compressor etc etc, and we just received our monthly electricity bill less the week we went to Pattaya, it came in at a staggering 1,467 baht, so I would average that out to say about 2,000 baht a month in the summer months when we use the air conditioners, as opposed to 3,000 baht a month. She also Gave me the last 4 electricity bills and I have no idea of the months, but would say last months was 2,230B then down as we used the air conditioners less or not at all. 1,297.51B, 1,014.96B & 980.16B, so looks like I was gloating as usual 555
  13. 4MyEgo

    Living in an oven

    Have enough air conditioner (6) one which isn't working and will not have it fixed as its in my study and we use fans until the heat becomes unbearable, so why suffer ? All air conditioners (3) (4) at the most on at one time are set at 26 degrees and are inverters so they idol when the rooms are cool enough, all appliances are high rated (energy savers) if you can believe that, all lights are LED. Apart from that would you like me to continue sweating as I type this reply because I don't have the fan on ? Sorry to disappoint house has warmed up enough to warrant the fan, and as it gets hotter the A/C will come on, probably in 45 minutes. No point in being uncomfortable is you can afford it, we do our bit, so take a look around and ask some Thais what lights they are running, and the ones without air conditioners don't have them because they can't afford the electricity bill IMO Regardless if I am concerned about the environment or not, take a look at the big companies, not little miss missy...hiss hiss
  14. 4MyEgo

    Waterbill explosion - what shall we do?

    I used to manage 400 properties as a manager years ago and used to pay some overseas Landlords bills, one of which was off the rickture scale. Got a plumber in to check for leaking pipes and the lot, and to also test the metre, nothing found, did some detective work and found the property was vacant for 1/3 of the period, then went back to the property and looked over the fence, found a neighbour with a swimming pool, then I started talking to neighbours, was told the house was behind with the swimming pool was a leased property, suffice to say one neighbour was king enough to tell me that the hose from that tenants property was hooked up to my Landlords property and put straight through the fence to the pool. I asked him if was prepared to make a statement to the police about it, he said no problem as he couldn't stand the tenant, so I sent a letter to the tenant with a copy of the water rate bill advising that I had a witness who saw him filling up the pool from my Landlords property and that I would press charges with the police unless a cheque was paid to our Landlord in the name of XYZ within 7 days. You wouldn't believe it, a cheque arrived in my Landlords name for the full amount which we banked and credited our Landlord. Have you looked over your neighbours fence of late, do any of them have pools ? Just asking 555
  15. 4MyEgo

    Living in an oven

    You got me on that one, goo d luck to yah. We have a lot of LD lighting in the house i.e. down lights, we also leave 3 censor lights on at night, two lights on at the gate are on all night, the 3 air cons, a large fridge, an oven, 2 x washing machines, 10 fans, water pump with 2 x 1,000 litre tanks that draw water from the main to refill every time the water is on 6 x showers, dishes, and the wife has a thirsty veggie patch which gets watered every day, laptop on from the minute I am up till I sleep, and 3 TV's. Now 3,000 baht is not a lot as I mentioned, and we are home all day, except for the kids when they go to school x 4. I would say your household is probably half the people and appliances we have ?