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  1. 4MyEgo

    Aussie Burgers Udon

    I had one there when the previous owner had it, was good, but then he sold it, and have tried the Aussie burger twice and was disappointed, on both occasions I couldn't taste the mince, I suspect they changed the brand, anyways, the old saying, once twice, three times and your out, well it only took two for me.
  2. Although I have been out of the country for 3 years, I have been a JP and still until April 2019 whereby I would need to reapply, which I won't as I haven't signed a doc for years, although am still clearly on the register to date. The above said, you can go across to the Australian Embassy in Laos, I found them extremely helpful via email before I went as I needed documents verified to say who I was, i.e. passport and driver's license. It saved me going to BKK, and the cost was much much cheaper and I was home within 4 hours from the time I left, the drive to Nong Kai was about an hour 20, however your drive will be a little further to Friendship Bridge in Nong Kai, probably 2.30-3.00 hours. You will need a re-entry permit which you can do there at the Thai immigration office, I was advised that the Laos Immigration office only accept USA currency, i.e. $30 to give you a visa in, although others have told me later that you can pay in baht, but I don't know how true that is, then it's a short bus trip 10 baht each way across the bridge and you can get a taxi to the Oz embassy return for 300 baht, the driver waited for us for an hour with no problems. The embassy staff didn't take long and charged $55USA as that was also the only currency they would accept as advised before I went, however if I do recall correctly they did have a card machine there for visa cards. The other option is if your heading to Udon Thani maybe we could meet up at Central and sit down, you buy me a coffee at Starbucks and I sign away, however I don't have a JP stamp as it was and still is not a requirement to have one, all you require is my signature, name clearly written, place it was signed, no doubt we would have to put a place back in Oz, I would think and back date the date, my JP number and Bob's your uncle as the saying goes, but whether that would be enough for the Thais, as I would imagine that they wouldn't know what a JP is and therefore want Notary's to sign docs ? Anyways. there you have it in a nutshell, no need to go to BKK, I almost did until the owner of the local waterhole I frequent said Laos mate, that's where he did his passport renewals, no need for BKK, saved me a few quid as I would have had to pay for return flights, food, and taxi fares to and from the airport. I recently needed some docs signed by a JP for a bank back in AUS of which my mate who is a JP signed, dated and scanned back to me, although that is different as he is in OZ, but has know me for 2 decades, that said, this is Thailand and if they will accept a doc from a JP, your almost done.
  3. You need a new dermatologist. My apologies, your 110% correct.
  4. Googled: Glass effectively blocks UVB, and windshields are specially treated to block UVA as well, but a car's side and rear windows allow UVA to penetrate. UV exposure is cumulative, and research has proven that skin exposed to sun shining through window glass, even in the office, can over time lead to significant skin damage, suffice to say the basal carcinoma on my right side of my face which was removed under the knife being 80cm in length was caused by the sun over time, and me being on the road more than the normal Joe was advised by the Dermatologist who is qualified in her field of profession, that the cause was more than probable due to me being exposed to the sun sitting in the driver's seat through the window over time. Your theory or advice is not backed up from someone who knows what they are talking about, in hindsight you maybe referring to the front windscreen, I wouldn't know, but to say clear windows stops just as much uv without evidence to support it, says you have no idea what your talking about, and telling me to change Dermatologists, says it all again !
  5. By the time you put on tints the damage has already been done, although tinting does reduce future problems, i.e. delay the process, gone way off the topic..........
  6. https://www.everydayhealth.com/skin-cancer/sun-protection-from-windows.aspx
  7. I have had two types of film on, the first was good to drive in at night, but not the day, sun on skin, could feel the burning, it was UV according to the salesperson and 40% The 2nd and current one is 60% and also UV and you can feel the difference in the car, i.e. no burning and cooler, now it could be the 1st salesman did me over, i.e. not UV ? The above said I am happy with the 2nd one and can still see at night with the high beams on, just want to open the light up a bit when in doubt.
  8. 60% you can still see in from the outside, it's a bronze tint, not a dark tint, thought of and researched it long and hard before I went ahead. I have seen vehicles that you cannot see into in the daylight, total blackness, I wonder how they see at night, whereas I can see with my high beams but want to light up the road on occasion in the bush.
  9. That is a concern, the oncoming traffic being blinded, but at the same time I have to see where I am going. The tint was darker up top and lighter throughout, that is until the sun would burn my skin, cancers etc etc so since the darker tint, no issues, as my Dermatologist said, most skin cancers are caused through window exposure with the sun on the skin. The above said, I don't do a lot of night driving, just down the back road with little traffic to get to and from the local waterhole which is a 20 minutes drive each way, and no one on the road on the way home, and once I dip the high beams should be all good, I would imagine ?
  10. 4MyEgo

    Buying an old classic

    But not when you've readlined, otherwise there goes everything....
  11. 4MyEgo

    Buying an old classic

    She is a lot to handle, but know exactly where I want her to go, although I have lost it early on a few occasions when she has backed up when she wasn't supposed too
  12. 4MyEgo

    Buying an old classic

    Lol off the topic we are.
  13. I have a Ford Ranger and with the recent tinting of the windows to about 60% all round (great for knocking out the sun during the day), driving at night, especially in the bush can be a little hard, add to that motorcycles with no tail lights or lights at all. So I am thinking of changing the bulbs on my driving lights (globes) to LED lights and was quoted 3,500 baht from a retailer, who then said he could get Philips LED ones for 2,500 baht when I raised my eyebrows, sounds a bit pricey for a couple of LED's as I know installation would take less than 60 seconds per side. Anyone have any knowledge on this or where I might be able to pick up a couple of LED driving lights to replace the current globes for a Ford Ranger 2016 model, pricing would also help.
  14. 4MyEgo

    Buying an old classic

    Letting her drive is one part, the rest is me thrashing it about to obtain maximum red line performance
  15. I love the idea of the big fan, we also have one outside in our covered area for when our neighbour who is about 20-30 metres away fires up her charcoal to cook or burns some timber, our many windows and doors closed till about 9-10am then we open for some fresh air, then close again 4.30-5pm. The mayor we have is useless, only interested in lining his pockets from gambling, we asked for him to get rubbish bins to get our rubbish collected and that would also stop people burning it, oh I have tried many times but people don't want to pay, suffice to say we are 200 metres short of the adjoining village which has yellow bins and they do not allow burning of anything in the village. My wife has some land about a kilometre away, we take our rubbish there on Saturdays and dump it there, and we burn it once a month at the beginning of every month, but not before separating recyclable material and fresh food scraps before we dump it as a of the fresh food (veggies/fruit scraps) go into the garden. Your right about it being a 3rd world country and our choice to live here, beats back home hands down except for the air quality.