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  1. Absolutely, if you consider someone a virgin after having twins and her 7 month stint of westerners going through her, actually I sometimes refer to her as the village slut, does that count ?
  2. Its very seldom that you find someone on TVF who has something nice to say as you Sir, thank you for your kind words. Always been an upfront kind of guy, suffice to say, when I met my Mrs, she had worked in a bar for 7 months, didn't bother me one bit, because I saw who she was. I have been with a lot of women in my time over the years, suffice to say, none of them cut the mustard, especially the x, but that was a kind of forced marriage, doomed from day one. Because a woman works to survive having sex out of necessity (last straw), call it what you like, doesn't make her an evil person. In my wife's case, she ended her relationship with her partner when the twins were a year old, she had left him twice before, she lived in Bangkok with him, he was very abusive with her, and then started on the kids, her story, and I am a pretty good judge when it comes to liars, suffice to say, the last time she left him, a customer insisted that he drive her from the noodle bar shop that they had, to the bus station, i.e. he saw her hitting her in the shop, one kid under each arm on the bus all the way from Bangkok to Issan, a place most of these arm chair critics haven't been too and only know of the places they frequent, either Phuket, Pattaya, or Bangkok, each to their own. Fortunately for her, her parents this time didn't send her back when he showed up with his mother, sister, and bother-inlaw, the opposite occurred, leave before we call the police, although the parents had concerns as to how they would feed her and the twins, suffice to say a cousin had worked in Phuket and told her to bus it down, this happens everywhere in Thailand. I have found a truly beautiful creature who is madly in love with me, she liked me a lot in the beginning, not really knowing about foreigners, and how she would cope with her kids back in Issan, and her parents, but fell in love with me as time together progressed, it was all new to her, foreign country, no family, relatives, kids, all back in Thailand, and she is being 21 years my junior. She saw how I treat her, i.e. not spoilt her, treated her with respect her, and don't posses her as her previous partner did, and vice-a-versa, we have the same values in life, and she has given me 110% of herself in improving my life and supporting me in the things I want to do, regardless, if its with her or with another woman occasionally, and I can appreciate the arm chair critics out their, not understanding a thing I am talking about, because they are hurt from previous relationships, are insecure, etc etc, i.e. not been able to move forward, bitter, jealous, etc etc, one can only hope they find a fraction of the love I have found in their lifetime, and yes I will throw it in their faces, because what you dish out, you have to take back, and personally I'm not interested in what their criticism is about, "what" I married a bar girl, a whore, who farked guys for 7 months to send money home so her parents could eat, and to feed her twins, give me a break you morons, get a grip of the real world and see how others survive before you have a go, oh that's right, sit back, sip on your Chang's and screw them hard while you boast to your mates how and what you did to them, whatever tickles your fancy, your real men, who are miserable and not found the meaning of life yet, the love that you so crave. Fact on the matter is, I am content with my life and my wife, it couldn't get any better for me, Sin Sot, Smin Sot, whatever, I got ripped, I got fleeced, whatever tickles your fancy, at then of the day, I feel the love, she feels the love, we are one, we are happy and blessed, that's the important part in my life, so do me a favour if you can, see through your negativity and try and find love, because it will be better than you throwing your negative, useless comments at me, and yes I appreciate its a public forum. End of story, kudos to you xylophone, you are someone who understand the Thai women who they really are, and the necessity that they have to spread their legs for the westerners, excluding the non red light districts of course where the majority of these woman come from. Time to get a life and go for a pie and a few beers, done with these "MEN"
  3. Yes, I saw her the other day having coffee with the Red Bull guy in, ooops, can't tell
  4. Trust me, the bonus was all mine, she is worth 50 times the amount 555
  5. Lets just say it equates to 0.01% of my worth, water off a ducks back as we say in Oz. Now as my wife was providing for the parents when I met here, I only saw it the proper thing to do, i.e. having read about Thai's and their culture, suffice to say there is a way around things, and it was my idea and my proposal of the "Sin Sot" to the wife over dinner, i.e. I believe you guys have a similar tradition as we Greek Cypriots do, e.g. a prika, or dowry, and her reply was yes we do, so I baited her and asked how much she thought was a fair "Sin Sot", with her reply being, "up to you", and I then offered her 200,000 baht as the "Sin Sot" for her parents, followed by monthly contribution of 10,000 baht per month which would commence after 18 months living in Oz with me. She agreed to the terms of my contract, i.e. "Sin Sot" of 200,000 baht, followed by monthly payments of 10,000 baht after 18 months, and then I said to her that there was a further 300,000 baht for her, of which it was for her twin boys education, her twin boys were 3 year at the time, now 13 with the strict proviso that the money would stay in her bank account and only withdrawn with my approval. She lived with me in Oz for almost 9 years until I retired here 2 years ago The "Sin Sot" was also offered in as a lump sum payment, or monthly payments, with her advising that monthly would be good, but her parents more than likely would have it as a lump sum to pay the car off, which they did, and I made the payment to the finance company, suffice to say, the "Sin Sot" in my eyes was a little more than an advance payment of contributions so that her parents didn't lose face, and the 300,000 baht that I provided to my wife as mentioned was for her twin boys education. To date, she still has all but 200,000 left in the account, i.e. she purchased a land parcel (fire sale) adjoining one of her other land parcels, which of course is for the boys future and she can sell it tomorrow for an extra 50%, and she also paid for the boys "new school" fees for the year. Like I said,"...no one from the outside will have any say or influence on us or our decisions..." My decisions are my decisions, and the decision I made at the time was the right decision, you could say that I tweaked things in my favour if you like, once you do the math. I see nothing wrong with your friends not paying or contributing any money for a "Sin Sot" or provide monthly payments to the girls parents to live or look after the brides kids, if any, and if she is abroad and the kids are not, that's there decision, but if its going to save her parents face, and make their lives a little more comfortable, then why not, a win/win the way I see it, and the bride is also happy that she hasn't married a cheap Charlie. Besides couldn't have people in the village calling me a cheap Charlie or could I ?
  6. I have to agree with you Deerhunter, that's why we have a very strict upbringing with out kids, and my Thai wife more so than me. Our two 13 year old twin boys do not leave the house after school, they have homework to complete, followed by daily chores in and around the house until they go to bed, and if and only if, they have done their chores and behaved during the week, she will allow them to walk down to the local school in the village to shoot basketball for a couple of hours on the weekend. This all started from a couple of years ago when they were supposed to be shooting basketball at the local school in the village, but were seen as pillion passengers on speeding motorbikes, i.e. they broke the 1st rule, i.e. not to go on any motorbikes or leave the school unless coming home. Their punishment the 1st time was a public beating in front of our house, neighbours and anyone who walked past our front yard at that time watched the beating from my wife, her beating the two of them would make most of us guys cringe, the 2nd time they did it, the beating was even more sever, this was once she let them out a month later after grounding them the 1st time, with me having to step into stop her after she drew blood from both of them with the previous wounds having just healed, now open again after the bamboo caning, one could say, they have learnt from their mistakes, or out of fear of being beaten again by their mother, and the gang will not entertain her, because she has said to all of them, right in their faces, that if they come near our sons again she will do exactly the same to them, with one of them saying some smart remark which was met with an o mighty back hand which sent him to the ground, there was total silence and the so called gang don't go near the boys when she lets them go to the school to shoot basketball, she even went as far as driving to the mothers house of the boy who opened his mouth and told her what she did, with the kids mother more or less accepting what she did because she feared her own son. Lies are also not tolerated in our house, man up, or be shamed and suffer the consequences. Don't get me wrong they are good boys, took a wrong turn, and been beaten back onto the straight and narrow, personally I am not one for physical punishment, but remember been given a few serves from my old man back in the day, right or wrong, it had its impact on me, as for the Mrs, what her old man did to her when she was a kid would warrant jail time, but hey, this is Thailand and no agencies to dictate to you what you can and can't do to your kids, discipline is hard, but in the end, as long as they learn from it for the good, then it pays off for society in the long run, too bad other parents lack discipline themselves.
  7. You nailed it, suffice to say I would imagine things will go the same way as the did in Phuket, i.e. move the ladyboys out as they have done. Bad for business for some.
  8. She respects you and loves you, as for the rest, well, whatever, and good to hear you stand your ground with her supporting you, and like you said, if she don't, you walk and remember the memories.
  9. Fortunately for me, I frequent the same bar I have been going to for 10 years on each trip to Phuket, and one of the guys behind the bar knows me well, and when I smile at a new girl each trip, the guy working behind the bar, either smiles at me to give the all clear, or opens his eyes real wide, as if to say, stay clear and look out for that one because you will end up chewing off more than you came for 555
  10. I'm with you now, thanks for clearing that up, but some have had the cut, so much for the tap test 555
  11. I would say that's bad reporting, probably a miscarriage with the fetus being between 4-5 months old, how could someone stuff a child down a toilet at that age on a bus. Horrific either way, rest in peace little one.
  12. Australian Aged Pension

    I dare say, that's GOLD !!! Good luck with it, hope your plan works to the max for you, because without a plan, you don't have a plan 555
  13. I think there is more too it than what we are being fed, i.e. someone has either paid or asked these clowns to take it to these two attendants, callus gutless morons, who couldn't fight on their own if they needed too. So glad I wasn't there, because I know I couldn't watch this go on and I would have probably taken two or three out with my crowbar, before being shot or set upon by the rest, but it just ain't right.
  14. I simply cannot understand any cultural differences in any country, as it doesn't affect my marriage. The simple fact of the matter is how you want your marriage to be, having first hand experience from a previous marriage to a Greek wanna be Princes who's parents were still changing her nappies for her and the mother still breast feeding her and being involved in every decision she made, suffice to say the marriage ended for the better. Marriage number 2 to a Thai and going 10 years strong with no involvement from the inlaw/outlaws, depending on your definition, i.e. I spelt it out to the girls before we wed, i.e. when we marry, I will be marrying you, not your family, our circle of "love" will be exclusive to us, and us alone, until we have children, when they will join our circle, no one from the outside will have any say or influence on us or our decisions, if you agree with that, then we move forward, nothing has changed in 10 years, she keeps the blood hounds at bay, they have tied and tired and tried to blow the house down several times, to no avail, they learnt to keep at bay, we see each other at birthdays etc etc, or if the mother in law has a gripe with the father in law and needs to release some stress to the daughter, which is seldom and suits me fine, the other sister had a farang who was throwing the money around like he had it, bit I saw through him, and they lapped it up, the sister had him build a 3 million baht house, 1 million was the overpricing which she got back from the hardware, and the family pissed it up the wall showing off to everyone, even wanted to borrow 500,000 baht from us to show off as the sin sot, but I wasn't having a bar of it, and my wife was fine with that. Sure is a farang marries a Thai girl who has been supporting her family and he takes her with him overseas, sure send the family 10,000 baht a month, more if he wants, but should be based on what her earning were before she went overseas, personally I can't stand soft C..k farangs who want to spend it up big to show their new inlaws how stupid they are, the marriage is between the Thai girl and the farang guy, and inlaws/outlaws want to show off, then they should do it out of their pocket. I am known as the rich farang who built the daughter a big house and bought her a new car, but gave nothing to the parents, except for a 200,000 sin sot 10 years ago, she looks after me, and I look after her, she has 4 land parcels in the village that she never had before, a big new house, a 2 year old car, money in the bank which they have tried to get their hands on several times, but the same amount of 300,000 baht remains untouched from 10 years ago, that was the deal, 200,000 sin sot for mum and dad, 300,000 in your account not to be touched unless its an emergency for you. There are good ones around and there are rotten ones around, suffice to say, no point in spoiling them, by all means be fair, not a cheap Charlie, but not a sucker either, when I am good and buried, she has her lottery and hasn't had to work in the 10 years she has been with me, works for us, as for the culture, I couldn't give a rats a..
  15. Australian Aged Pension

    I like your thinking, thanks for the heads up, that may just be a possibility, beats leaving it the safe or her bank account in Thailand for 5 years. Thanks old son 555