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  1. 4 cops sitting around doing their duty, photos a no no, wouldn't want that shown on the media. Oh well I suppose the transfer is a kind of demotion being in air conditioned comfort.
  2. Hey Joe, slightly off the topic, but am leaving Thailand on Sunday for a week and am on an extension of stay based on marriage to a Thai, therefore I will be seeking a single re-entry visa. My question is, do you know if I can lodge the TM 8 form with the two 4 x 6 photos, photocopy of relevant passport pages, and the 1,000 baht fee at the international, or would I have to drive to an immigration office. I searched the websites, even the international airports website, but that doesn't actually provide the actual wording as such, and previous posts have said the service was once there and then taken down, and then put back on via an agency for a 200 baht fee, so a little confused and don't want to get caught with my pants down so to speak before flying out. If the service is there fine and I understand its about 200 baht Vs the 2 and a half hour round trip to immigration to get it a couple of days before I fly out. Thanks in advance
  3. A time to reflect, when words cannot express, RIP little Angel
  4. He looks to have come out of it ok, still standing, no bruises or blood, hmmm, sure it wasn't a hissy ?
  5. I was just trying to make it sound happier than it was 555
  6. Can't believe this, just read another TVF post of a 16 year old girl being stabbed to death by 4 guys. Some good news for a change would be welcome, like no one dead today, but a chicken crossed the road and almost didn't make it to the other side, when ask by a reporter, why the chicken crossed the road, the chicken just looked at the reporter and said; because I can 555
  7. Unintentionally, yes he was just going to spread butter on them like we do to bread, what an idiot. Lack of education, little employment opportunities, etc, etc, etc and we end up with the trash while some pocket what should be going to into programmes for these drop outs to get them to contribute to society as opposed to letting them run wild, drinking, and causing death. So sorry for the girl exiting life so young, but one has to ask what the <deleted> was she doing out, call me old fashion, but 16 years young, yes I know its Thailand, all the more reason to keep them in at night. RIP little one.
  8. If you don't watch too much TV, its a one off payment, has about 6 English movie channels: Google IPM Thailand
  9. Mine was good for 12 months until I changed over to a Thai driving licence, as for insurance, well, I didn't have any after so many months, I think 3 or 6 was the max because you then become a foreign resident and the ball game changes......
  10. Air conditioners hands down any day of the week, your electricity bill will go up depending on the setting and usage, we leave ours on over night at 26 degrees, which is nice and comfortable, although I know a few people who like them set at 16, now that's freezing !!!
  11. Life in Thailand is not worth much, especially if your of the poorer species. Money has always been the powerful tool, you would get away with this in the western countries, because people would be protesting, but in Thailand, its heads back down, rice to pick, life goes on. Sad for the families, life will never bring them back, but proper compensation and jail time would serve as a kind of justice one would expect for richer or poorer.
  12. Let me ask you this, have you ever heard the term that use of roids makes you aggressive ? To clarify my meaning from my post, roids, drugs, alcohol make you aggressive, I made the judgement, right or wrong that he is a roids, drug, alcohol user, and from that use, probably sent her on her way over the balcony. I know how many years it takes to beef up without the use of roids. There is no logic in my post, just an assumption, like most, right or wrong 555
  13. Not at all, small guy complex, I doubt it, 183 height, 91kg weight and know a little bit about steroids having trained at the gym for a decade, many years ago, without personally using roids, although seeing and talking to guys who were on it. I never stated that he was muscular, and you are entitled your opinion as much as I am, as I said I have seen many guys use roids, and know when I see one who has is on or has been on roids, again, I am entitled to my opinion as you are entitled to your, no need to question my masculinity or size, as I stack up quite nicely. I did mention in my post that those were my observations, roid user, drugs, or alcohol, oh and I didn't have a dig at anyone, and I won't ask who has the small guy complex or how muscular you are, not interested. As for "sign" language, I wouldn't know, as I am not deaf, but you did observe something, there you go !
  14. A very sad ending for an already down and out girl, in a down and out country that a lot, "NOT ALL" farangs take advantage of, "just speaking out". RIP Looking at his stance and arms out wide, i.e. his position, to me implies attitude, possible steroid junkie, drugs, alcohol and that rule from that manual would only apply to farangs. I dare say, justice will be served Thai style.