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  1. I thought I would just mention my experience with trying to get international health insurance as its referred to, i.e. I am wanting cover here in Thailand and the option to return to Australia for surgery, if ever required. My pre-existing condition, is a stent in one of my artery's which was performed a decade ago, with no issues ever since, and I have been on a couple of medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood thinner so I don't end up with a clot again, as was the case that gave me a mild heart attack back then. Each time I have had my blood pressure done, its spot on, blood tests all good as well, and I am in good health, eat well and exercise, but no one will touch me, so I self insure, because I believe paying 100k baht a year for a international health care policy that is not going to cover my cardiovascular system in any form is just out right robbery in my opinion. Below is a copy and pasted article that I got from an expat site, please read on and see the difference, i.e. in Australia it is compulsory for insurers to cover you with a pre-existing condition, I have also heard this to be the case in the US and UK, but it appears the international insurers can get away with it. I am hoping someone who reads this can prove me wrong and say they have an insurer who has covered them, for either of the points below, i.e. 1 and 2, because 3 has been all I have ever been told. Pre-Existing Illnesses One of the big differences between private health insurance in Australia and international health insurance for Australian Expats is the cover for pre-existing illnesses. Private health insurance in Australia must cover you (subject to waiting periods if applicable) for any pre-existing conditions and at no additional cost to the insured person. However, for International Health Insurance for Australian Expats the situation is quite different. The Insurance Company may offer : 1. Cover for the pre-existing condition with no additional premium; 2. Cover for the pre-existing condition with additional premium; or 3. Cover, but exclude cover relating to the pre-existing condition. I am assuming that international insurers can get away with it because there is a loop hole or no legislation covering international insurers, anyway I am sure there will be some interesting replies.
  2. I have asked before and I will ask again, did anyone do a blood test on the Yank, after he surrendered, or is he just an evil person, not requiring drugs of any kind to kill a person, seriously, rot in a Thai prison and as for your mates, they need some time as well for not intervening and egging you on, guess there back in the states now, with back turned on you, nice mates oy !
  3. If you own a property in Australia, you might find this ATO tool handy: https://www.ato.gov.au/Calculators-and-tools/Capital-gains-tax-property-exemption-tool/ As far as I know the legal age for owning property in Australia is 18, although a minor can also own property, i.e. under 18 years of age, but then there are all sorts of tax implications. Never sell is one option as there is no capital gains tax on death providing the property is disposed of within 24 months and you lived in it, if you rented it out for any period it will attract capital gains tax on the sale of the property for that period. https://www.ato.gov.au/General/Capital-gains-tax/Deceased-estates-and-inheritances/Inherited-dwellings/CGT-exemptions-for-inherited-dwellings/#qu6_3
  4. Agree, it is a good position to be in, but I can assure you it didn't come from any hand outs or inheritance, just year of hard work, further study, investing, marriage breakup, and then the decision to retire 12 years early in a foreign land with my beautiful wife and be able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. I came from a poor background, and by no means did all my years of work make me a millionaire, although here compared to Sydney, I can chill out by not having a huge mortgage around my neck to enslave me in the workforce, having said that, I am now start to enjoy the fruits of my years of hard labour, which I will NEVER go through again in this lifetime, just too bloody difficult and stressful. We all have different levels of savings, incomes, budgets, the thing is, to make them last regardless, and spoil ourselves in small ways, like an ice cream every now and again 555
  5. Same same, more coming in than going out, wife is frugal, but not when it comes to quality food and that suites me. I pay for everything, she gets 300 a day paid weekly to buy local veggies daily and give the kids some school money. She also gets money for what she wants, when she wants, i.e. just has to ask and she receives. She has her own bank account as I do, no joint accounts, together more than a decade, 110% trustworthy, but I hold the key to the funds, because you just don't leave yourself in a situation that could all of a sudden be your undoing as it has been for many many many farangs. Joint finances has nothing to do with trust in my opinion, keeping things separate is about keeping things simple and you being on top of things, i.e. you always have to have a plan B, and you only invest as much as your prepared to lose, in love today, what happens tomorrow ? So why leave yourself wide open if its your $'s, a will is in place, and if I go earlier than expected, i.e. 110 years of age, its hers, if we part separate ways for other reasons, she has a house, a car, a bike and the kids, I walk away with 90%, fair is fair oy 555 Currently everything is and has been the same since day one, so it works for us, and will keep the sails steady as she goes. If two people are both producing then its different, but I like it just the way it is, and it also suites her. Over the decade we have been together she has managed t buy about 4 or 5 land parcels from the pocket money I have given her above the usual weekly allowance, so she has a good fall back position.
  6. I reckon its a Ladyboy, big arms, check out the fingers, and we don't get to see the face, besides ladies don't do that and wouldn't dream of getting caught, which reminds me of the time I put me G-string on back the front, dangling either side until I worked it out 555
  7. Air Quality Red Lining Last 24 Hours

    When I take the kids to school, exiting the house at around 7.10am, I am straight into the car and back home until the smoke clears, usually around 9.30am-10.00am then its windows open until I go and collect them at around 3.30pm, and when I return about 4.30pm its close everything up because by 5 you can start to smell it again. If I am out, its usually after 9.30am-10.00am and I am in a Tesco or Big C store 555, but like I said, it usually clears by that time.
  8. Air Quality Red Lining Last 24 Hours

    I purchased the IQAir HealthPro 250 set me back around 60,000 baht, and I know a lot of people will say I am crazy, but having had experienced its affects for a week when a friend of mine lent me his, I had no hesitation in buying one, except for the outlay, but once I got it, I knew if I even smelled one bit of smoke, of any kind, it would take it out within seconds. It does our bedroom 48 square metres on level 3 with ease, it has 6 levels, obviously the higher the level the louder it will be, but on 3 you sleep without an issue. Like I said before it the best on the market, and is hospital grade, some have said they have used smaller air purifiers at a fraction of the price, but I know the filters this thing has, has all the ratings, were others don't, so it boils down to your budget, and choice, no regrets here, just out of pocket 60,000 baht....lol, but the way I see it, its a lifetime investment 555
  9. Everything in moderation as the saying goes, and naturally one love 555
  10. Not one to boast, been there a couple of times and my response to that question is: Happy chappy One wife One set of kids Wouldn't want another wife, happy with the current model Have my strays when I need to have them, once twice a year, if that Don't believe the heart would keep up with two on a permanent basis, flat out as it is 555
  11. Air Quality Red Lining Last 24 Hours

    I have always heard that CM has had a smoke issue. Me personally, if the smoke is bad, it affects me, I am in Sakon Nakhon, and looked into what I can do to avoid the smoke when the dipsticks are burning, which is most of the bloody year, any type of burning banned in my old country, wonder why...der So my research led me to an IQAir purifier, best product available on the market, but hey, I am not here to sell it or any other products, but if your interested, research it, and if you want to purchase one, you can PM me and I will provide you with the place I purchased mine from in Bangkok, they deliver and I got insurance included as it not a cheap item, but I value my health and am not prepared to move from where I am living. This is one of the best decisions I made when it came to outlaying the $'s for what I get in return, air, now you cannot put a price on that, and who ever says air is free, well, depends on what you want to intake with the air you breath.
  12. 90 Day Reporting - Online

    OMG, nearly fell out of my chair, this is great news, thanks guys, will wait for my next 90 days, i.e. have to go to immigration on the 1st to get my 12 month extension stamped, so it will be another 80 days after that. Things are starting to improve, village roads are getting relaid too, by by pot holes, hello 90 day on line reporting 555 Cheers
  13. 1st came here in 2006 and travelled far south, fell in love with the place back then, returned in late 2007 fell in love with a gal, married her shortly thereafter, now have two kids, and am retired here. Cost of living is cheap as we live in rural Thailand, apart from the smoke, I love it, summer can be HOT and annoying, but hey, it is what it is and that's what fans and A/C's are for. Mix it up with farangs at local waterholes couple of times a week which is a little bit of a drive but worth it. As my Mrs is not possessive or jealous, she is woman enough to accept that I travel to Phuket or Pattaya and meet up with the boys when they come over, and to have my cake and eat it too, some rules apply, and I follow some of them 555 Would I return back to Australia, maybe as I get closer to retirement age, i.e. if I qualify for the pension through the assets test, but as soon as I get it, I would be back here, because life in the slow lane here for me suites me down to the ground, no traffic, simple people, no speak Inguish, and me no speak Thai, wife happy to be in her garden, no stress, perfect !
  14. Australian Aged Pension

    Yep, however the blame the dads for not paying is wrong, because a lot of mums use the kids as pawns. I had a court orders that we have the kid on a shared care basis and that incomes would be adjusted to reflect shared care, i.e. if I made 100k and she made 60k they would then deduct the threshold of about 20k on each and then calculate what each had to pay the other. In the 16 odd years after our split, I received sweet FA, because she could show that she earned less than the threshold, drove a new car and acquired 250k in NAB shares, do you think they ever wanted to hear about it, like I said the system is wrong, all they care about is getting the money off good old dad, because he is perceived as the C..t, they don't look at how much it also costs dad to look after the kid when in his care, but no point in crying over split milk, had an agreement two years prior to retiring to Thailand, i.e. leave me alone and I will pay half for the kids uni fees, she agreed, only to have me assessed again, I had to pay another $9,000, cool I said, paid it in full, and told her her maths has finally caught up with her, because while she got them to extract another $9,000 out of me, and she paid me nothing for all of those 16 years, she can pay the uni fees....lol No, the kid will not suffer, the family is rich and she is the only grandchild, and like I keep telling her, calling a spade a spade, all you have to do kid is wait, because its all coming to yah. The kid has no problem with me not paying half uni fees, she knows how vindictive her mother was towards me, and her mother is paying the uni fees, she can't touch me as the kid is an adult now, and we have a great relationship, no poising from my end, just stating the facts, no lies, and as far as child support goes, they are all inexperienced typical government employees who have no idea and don't give a rats, moving forward 555
  15. Australian Aged Pension

    Wow, now they deduct the money, back then, it was pay the months outstanding child support and we will notify the ATO to provide you with your cheque. The whole system is so so so wrong, but hey my daughter is an adult now, I paid my dues, and my x can go and f herself 555