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  1. That's the one, although I couldn't work it so got him to do it for me and remember the name above.
  2. Lol....wouldn't have anything to do with their religion requiring the women to cover from head to toe, body language my arssse
  3. Yes of course I love you long time, but just remember, my money is a my money, and your money is a my money, no have money, I have to go back to work to give money to pappa and mamma, buffalo can get sick many time
  4. That's a pretty smuk statement Peter42, each day I have to drive 4 kids to school, 25 kilometres each way in a pick up, the reason I chose a pickup is because it serves multi purposes as opposed to a sedan. I keep an eye out for bikes, pedestrians, cats, dogs and the like, you have too, the problem here in Thailand is, its pretty much anything goes, just today the school teacher gave me clear instructions to proceed and turn left, I didn't see the little girl on my left waiting at the pedestrians, i.e. she was clearly in my blind spot, she proceeded, I just caught a glance of her and applied the brakes hard with my daughter who was sitting forward in the back (always told not to) but anxious to get out, went face first straight into the back of the head rest. The teacher freaked and looked at the girl to say as if; what are you doing, but his hand gesture could be taken for her to walk, i.e. half the time most Thai's giving traffic instructions are in another world, some, when there is two or three of them, giving conflicting instructions. The bike in my opinion as an experience high performance bike rider of many years, was going to fast, bike riders have a care unto themselves to pay attention, i.e. read what the driver of the vehicle in front of him is doing or face instant death. Just the other day I had a cop come up my inside on his bike, he was travelling, I noticed the sun was on us, as I drive with dark sunglasses, he wasn't and the car in front had slowed, no tail lights, then I see a car turning right in front of the car that was slowing, and I pressed my horn hard getting the cops attention with his bikes nose taking a dive from breaking hard, as he knew something was wrong, then the car turned right into his path, would have sent him smack straight into the side of the car. The driver in this video was slowing, that would tell anyone who is riding a bike that he is up to something and the first thing I learnt when riding a bike on the road was, always, yes ALWAYS ride to the right of the vehicle, make sure the driver has you in his right side mirror, never, yes NEVER go up the inside, my brother did that once, ended up going through a shop fronts window after he hit a parking sign with his leg which spun him around and into it, i.e. the car in front of him decided all of a sudden to pull left to park without a blinker, brother broke his tibia, both arms and fractured two discs, lucky to be a live, but the pain he suffered with the rods in his leg and arms and the disc pain drove him to alcohol as the pain killers didn't work and the alcohol eventually took him. Clearly the bike riders fault here, although I will agree with you that you have to drive differently here in Thailand to accommodate all the loose canons on the motorbikes who have zero training, i.e. have no way of knowing anything else but go go go, and he is lucky he didn't hit his head hard on the ground as wearing no helmet means instant death, besides, the face marks don't detract from his ugly face 555
  5. I only eat when in the bigger places, like the very expensive restaurants in Big C or Lotus, 50, 60, baht, smaller servings but at least the hygiene is a little better and less flies. I also do eat at some good Thai restaurants where you see a lot of Thai families eating, bill for the family (6) can be near the 1,000 baht with a couple of bottles of beer. But eat mostly at home, wife is chef grade material, and I am SICK and tired of ending up on drips, or having the runs for days because most Thai's have never been taught about hygiene, just look at any school, or the back of a school bus, one larger water bottle, and one cup for the masses, <deleted>
  6. I used to order takeaway from the lady up the road, her food was really nice, until I went to collect it earlier than expected one day, I turn up, no one around, my food sitting there with fly's on it, ten she rocks up, just went across the road to the market, closes the cover on the take away container and I collected my take away. The neighbours dog enjoyed the food, now I rarely eat out, wife is happy to cook for me anytime, and I haven't seen Mr Whippy minus the cone for a while
  7. The power to strike with nuclear force should be taken away from one single person and be debated before congress before a 75% vote agrees that a strike is imminent, i.e. the US is under fire
  8. That clears up a lot, good luck with it all, a nice slap in the schools face and perhaps the drivers, but from what I know of Thai's, if you embarrass them, i.e. make them lose face, they will just hid under a rock until you go
  9. Australian Aged Pension

    Are you saying that you can apply for the OAP 13 weeks before the due birthday, i.e. if you are entitled to the OAP at 67, you can apply when your 66 and 39 weeks ?
  10. Taking kids out of schools can be traumatic, i.e. they make friends and are settled where they are, as long as you have covered all basis and your kid is ok with what you are planning, then go for it, and if you get the support of the other parents, you've done bloody well. Another option might be, if your kid only goes to 6th grade at that school and then has to go to another, you might want to bite the bullet, but your rage (rightfully so) might be bigger than you. All things aside, I hope you find what makes yawl happy at the end.
  11. Don't expect any support from the other parents, they will probably look at you as a trouble maker, remember Asians accept what we westerners don't. Seek out the other schools, and then deliver the option to the school, loss of face to lose a student, or solve the problem with the driver, surely the school will see through this and would have control over the driver, i.e. drop the price or we may cancel you next year, i.e. if they have the balls
  12. Totally understand your frustration and being a man of principal, however, the only advice I can provide you with is that Thailand and its people are all for themselves, suffice to say, it is rare that you will find someone in business who doesn't try to rip you, "the farang" off, remember, you are seen as Mr Rich and can afford it, I mean what is 1,000 baht a month to you right, "nothing" you and I both know it, but its the principal, none of us like being ripped off, so we have to be careful and make sure, well at least my wife does and gives anyone a serve who try's to rip us off, its automatic, she will rip any Thai to shreds verbally, in front of others, i.e. anyone who try's to rip us off, and no I do not hide behind my wife, her country, her culture, and she knows how to best handle it, like the air condition guy who turned up and started installing the air conditioner, with me arriving home and looking at the box and saying honey, the btu's are less than what we ordered, not only did he discount the unit to cost price, and not charge for the installation, he swore he didn't know, he ordered what we asked for, it must have been a mix up at the company. I would be telling my wife to talk to the school telling them that you are displeased at what has occurred and are considering pulling your son out of the school, and if you do that, you will go to the media and tell them how the schools contractor/driver has dual prices for farang kids. I don't know about Bangkok, but here in Isaan, most drivers are the school teachers who drive the kids home for extra income, i.e. 700 baht per month per head, I would love for them to take our 4 kids to school, would save me the 50km return trip and two hours everyday, but we do not trust their driving, i.e. speeding and more kids in the minivans than can be accommodated, sardines in a speeding minivan, a reciepe for disaster, I hope not. Having to pay 1,000 baht per month extra per month would do my farken head in, just on principal, so there is another option you can take, i.e. pay 2,000 baht per month, I don't know what arrangement you have when paying, but just pay 2,000 baht per month and if they say you need to pay another 1,000 say, not have today, just keep ducking and weaving and side stepping, they should get the message sooner or later and if they really press you, say, I not have, maybe I have to take my son to another school. Good luck either way, and sometimes its better to let go, i.e. if you can, I can't...
  13. He might be under the bus