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  1. 4MyEgo

    Nonsense English exam answers

    Thanks for that, it's just that I want my daughter to do things the correct way, I know how bent they are here, that's the system and if people want to pay judges to let their kids win, well that just goes to show the desperation that they have and will perhaps come back to bite their kids one day. I never push our kids, but will do everything to show them the right way, I see this competition as a good confidence booster for my daughter as she will be speaking in front of a crowd of people, I never had that opportunity when I went to school, and trust me, it could have come in handy at a few uni presentations and work meetings after that.
  2. 4MyEgo

    Nonsense English exam answers

    My daughter is 9 ( grade 3) and has been going to school here since year 1. She was born in Sydney, Australia and went to Kindergarden, anyways her English speaking had always been good, she new little Thai but has done extremely well, much to my surprise she has been pulling in perfect 4's on everything, (a little later on that), but is now sort of talking broken English to me and I have told her to speak to me in proper English or not to talk to me at all, when I say the above, it's as if she is a trying to talk to me as if a Thai was trying to talk English to me. Long of the short, her English teacher gave her a written document and has told her to practice it as she has been selected to go into a competition and will be speaking in front of kids, teachers and parents of other schools in the competition. Now her English teacher speaks as if she is a Filipino and I gather from her marking my daughter's English papers from time to time she has no idea, (remember my daughter getting perfect 4's in everything), anyway I took one look at the document and said this is all incorrect, you cannot read this in front of people let alone read it at all, so I corrected the document and gave it to my daughter and said; just read it this way and you will be fine, well helleluyah the document came back recorrected by her teacher, enough is enough, so I went to the school and took a copy of my university degree (with honours) and graduate diploma and went and saw her English teaching teacher, and literally said, with the recorrected document (again), that if she wanted to take my daughter into an English speaking competition, then she could only do so by using proper grammar and words that are spelt correctly so that she could pronounce them correctly. She accepted my way, but not before providing my daughter with another document which was as bad as the first one that she gave her, so I corrected it and sent her a letter with it recorrected again stating the I would pull my daughter out of the competition and advise the principal of what had transpired if she wanted to pursue this her way. Well it's been three weeks and it appears that the tall poppy syndrome has gone.
  3. I forgot to ask, is there an over the counter limit per day at Krungsri, I am going in tomorrow so just want to make sure I know what I am talking about, i.e. 200 baht charge for over the counter and at the visa rate for the day.
  4. There are the exceptions, or the 0.01% that pay them off at the end of the month or cycle and use the cards to their advantage, unfortunately black sheep are far and few between to the rest of the flock around the world. Australians owe a total of $45 billion in credit card debt, according to a new study by the corporate regulator. And about half of us make repeated low repayments and remain in debt month after month, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission research finds. When it comes to ones financial health, minimum payments on your credit cards are poison. A $2,000 credit balance with an 18% annual rate, with a minimum payment of 2% of the balance, or $10, whichever is greater, would take one 370 months or just over 30 years to pay off. Like I said earlier, they are a trap, perhaps I should rephrase that, they are a trap for the masses and you are one of the rare ones that I refer to as a black sheep, it's a good term in the meaning. I suppose you could also refer to me as one as well, as I don't have one, and when I did have 4 back in the old days, they were used exactly how you are using yours, the reason I had 4, is because I owned investment properties and would buy things on credit when renovating them one at a time, unfortunately back then they didn't have frequent flyer points or anything like that, and even though they do today, you have to be one who uses them a lot.
  5. People with credit cards should find out how many interest free days they had and how that worked with their monthly statement cycle. “Say you have a 55-day interest free card. On day one of your statement cycle you’ll get 55 days but on day 30 you’ll only get 25”, this in my opinion is a trap, because when you make a 2nd purchase in that cycle its not 55 days interest free, its 25 days interest free, and there are not many people aware of this. “The most common mistake people make is misunderstanding the words ‘up to’, they see it as 55 days interest free. Most credit card payments are due at the end of a cycle, usually in line with a statement, so it’s not always the same number of days interest free for every transaction — it depends on when you made the purchase as to how many interest free days you will receive for that transaction.” As long as you're getting back more in equivalent rewards than you're paying to earn the points, you may eventually earn enough for a free flight. But beware of credit card fees or buying more expensive plane tickets in order to earn points. With stiff competition for passengers, you may save more than the points are worth simply by buying the cheapest ticket. Unless you fly often and are prepared to get your head around a very complicated (and ever-changing) system, don't let the pursuit of frequent flyer points dictate your itinerary. And before you think about spending any extra money in order to earn points, weigh up the reward benefit by multiplying the points, for example by 0.01 – the result will be the approximate dollar value of your points. Absolutely, but its always good to make others aware of what they may not be aware of, then its up to them.
  6. Credit cards were and still are designed as traps from my opinion, as are debit cards, now I know a few keyboard warriors will try to convince us otherwise. Do you remember when they first talked us into getting an ATM card for free so we wouldn't have to go into the bank and see the teller, i.e. less waiting time while they culled the poor tellers, everything was for free right, and then it all changed, charges started coming and being added, I don't know of any other contract in the world they can constantly change between a client and the provider, its automatic, now that's powerful. Ok ok, so lets ask ourselves why we have a debit card, its an extension of our savings account, right, and most of us would pay a fee to the bank to have a savings account, a fee to have our money in their bank so they can lend it to others such as those that want a credit card, and the banks will charge them a very high interest rate while they pay us pretty much nothing, and on top of that, wait for it, they will charge us afee to use our debit card on purchaser's, i.e. using our own money, and if we use our debit card in another ATM they will charge us a fee, if we deposit money in another branch of theirs in another province, they will charge us a fee, all these fees because we want to put our money in their bank. As for wanting to have the privilege of obtaining a credit card for say 4,000 baht plus 2,000 baht annually to pay them very high interest rate charges while they give me peanuts on my debit card and also charge me an annual fee for having my money in that savings account, plus charge me for all the other things as I mentioned on the debit card, do you see where I am going wit this. Like I said, credit cards are a trap, now let's not even talk about exchange rates with foreign debit or credit cards and the rorts that they have come up with to charge you if you use their ATM's and also get trapped into getting a lower exchange rate over the visa rate. I think I am done, credit cards with frequent flyer deals etc etc are for those who are broke IMO, cash is best, and if you think I am going to allow an airline to charge me an admin fee for using my debit card, your are kidding, paying for the ticket at Big C is saves me 95% of the admin fee, as the fee is 5 baht, not one to throw money away, only when I am having a blast of a time, but then again, it is my choice and I am getting what I want, not being dictated too or rorted, call me the black sheep if you like....lol
  7. I was just about to ask the same thing, he probably did his math as some do back at soon, der...uhm...117,000 baht x .20 = 23,400 baht
  8. Now hang on a second mate, that would mean that they would have to give them a ride home, too much trouble, and don't even try raising the matter about issuing him a with an infringement notice as that would be more work for them, dumb just getting dumber. On a more serious note these cops have zero respect from me, just the other day I was speeding on the main road, this cop was standing near a pedestrian crossing, he saw me and started to waive his hand at waist level slightly up and down as if to say slow down and I did, with him smiling as I passed, back in Sydney I would be under 60kmh, 40khm in school zones, I would have been toast as you cannot take your eye off your speedometer in fear of heavy fines and loss of points on your licence. Thailand is a long way off raising the bar, no fear here.
  9. Sings on multilingual languages spelling it out should be all over the place, along with some CCTV cameras for facial recognition. The sign should have heavy fines and imprisonment might help, however they would have to apply either or both and I somehow don't believe they are capable of it, because everytime something like this happens, its a 50 baht fine and a wai. 1,000,000 baht fine or imprisonment or both should be on the sign, no payment of fine means remaining in prison until fine is paid, simple really.
  10. 4MyEgo

    Eleven months smoke free!

    I stopped in 2000 on the spot where I was standing on the balcony of my unit/condo, when my daughter opened the sliding door, (me on the phone had about 4 cigs), never smoked near my kid, and she said with a cross face; daddy !!! stop smoking or you WILL DIE, she was 3 at the time, now 21 so its about 18 years ago. I will give this advice to all who have smoked for a while and are over 40, while we all feel better, the damage is there, not wanting to sound negative, but get a check up on your cholesterol levels. I started going to a gym soon after for few years, cardio and weight work outs, starting looking good too, then I met this beautiful Thai filly, now my wife of 11 years, and on the "4th" of the golf course "so to speak", I suffered a heart attack at age 47, "4th" in one day, the last time I did that I was 24, half that age, and was lucky to do 2 at 47, moving right along, I overexerted myself, and am here to tell the tale I would suggest for ALL to speak to your doctor about taking an aspirin a day, preferably a coated one so that it is mild on your stomach, this is to thin your blood so that a clot doesn't form and lodge in one of your narrowed arteries, yes your arteries would have allowed the tar or whatever else you want to call it, to stick there, it doesn't stop there. You MUST also get you annual flu shot, regardless if you are in Thailand or not, I skipped mine back in Australia last year because my doctor said I wouldn't need it in Thailand as the weather is warm, WRONG advice doc. The Influenza Vaccination and Pneumococcal Vaccination will assist because if you get a bad flu which turns into Chronic Bronchitis it's not pleasant as it is worse for you if you were a smoker, I just went through something similar, thought it was the end for me, although I am over it now and better after 2 months of experiencing shortness of breath, we still haven't nailed the cause, i.e. what it was, Chronic Bronchitis or COPD ?, but I see the chest specialist again on Monday for a lung test, that said COPD, I don't believe goes away, whereas Chronic Bronchitis does and comes back after a year or two, so please start researching because no one tells you these things, and exercise (cardio), as this assist the lungs, and eat well as it does help your immune system build up a resistance. Back on the treadmill as of yesterday and feel better for it after a two month absence. Enough said, enjoy the free air, avoid smokers like a plague and LIVE what time we you have left on this planet, smoke free, and do try to avoid the 4th as we aren't as young as we think we are. Edit: Also if you do go on Aspirin try to avoid cutting yourself as you may bleed to death
  11. Thx good to know, I just sent them an email asking a variety of questions as discussed here, if they don't reply, as we will be in a big rural City tomorrow, we will visit a branch and ask the questions and see what they come up with and I will then update, as I will, if and when I get a reply from my email, which I doubt will happen due to reading interpretations from the other end
  12. I would assume that they applied the visa exchange rate as opposed to their own ?
  13. Also thanks for the information on Krungsri Banks policy regarding charges, but we don't have one in the local town, Bangkok, SCB, Kasikorn and a government savings bank only, that I know of, and if we went to the big City which is an hour out, I am sure they would charge us if we took money out of another banks ATM with their card at our town on each occasion.
  14. Below is an extract from an email I received from ING Bank yesterday from my enquiry regarding their debit card fees, of which I have been a holder for over a decade and have really enjoyed their superior banking service then any other bank I have dealt with in Australia, we won't even talk about bank staff in Thailand ! What they have said in a nutshell, is that if I qualify, which I do as I have deposited $1,000 from an external account into my account and made 5 transaction for the month, but Powerball still haven't notified me as the winner of last nights $100,000,000 AUS winner...lol Now that I have found a way around this debacle, I won't flick SCB yet, but they are on my list of things to do down the line, in the interim I will be checking out banks policies that suit me before I make a switch, having SCB for about a decade has been convenient as I am familiar with using their card and internet for mobile top ups, however I am sure that wouldn't be any different to using a new banks system. I have enough to keep me going to the 1st of next month and as ING Bank have advised me that there is also no limit as to the amount of withdrawals I can make, I might just keep withdrawing so as not to keep carrying a lot of money back from Australia, providing the visa rate is given to me and reasonable. Before going hell for leather, I will check my statement after the 1st transaction on that day and see what the rate applied is, e.g. visa or bank, if the latter I will take out what I require and stop and wait till I go to Australia the following month. Provided the below conditions are met the month prior, there is no limit to the number of times you can use the ATM or card for purchases and you will be rebated each time. If you meet the following criteria, you will be eligible for Domestic and Global ATM fee rebates, as well as ING International transaction fee and foreign currency conversion fee rebates on card purchases: make a deposit from an external account of $1,000 or more each month into any of your personal ING accounts (excluding Living Super and Orange One) and also make 5 or more settled card purchases using your ING debit or credit card each month – you’ll be eligible the following calendar month. Card purchases exclude ATM withdrawals, balance enquiries, cash advances and EFTPOS cash out only transactions.
  15. The Mrs is legal at 37 and why not, better than it collecting mothball smells, too bad she didn't go to uni oi