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  1. I thought I mentioned that my did, my bad. She asked them twice, also advising them that it was bad for everyone's health, including their grandsons health who was suffering with Asthma, his wife agreed and told my wife that she and the neighbours have all told him and the guy next door but thy won't listen, my wife even offered them to relocate to any of her land nearby, otherwise she would have to go to the mayor with the guys replying being, "up to you". Going to the mayor was the last resort as Thai try to resolve things on their own in this village, suffice to say the purifier took me months to consider buying, but when I saw we were going around in circles, I had to do something, but then coming home from being out, or going outside when the smoke was at its peak wasn't pleasant to breath, struggling to get the key into the door, not being able to open windows, that's when I said to the Mrs we I will be moving and if she wants to come, "up to her", that is when she went to the mayor and the problem was solved, coincidentally there is no bad blood from the two guys, they just needed someone with authority to be told to move, the land across the road belongs to the temple and is there for everyone to use, i.e. grow veggies etc etc, not burn that crap.
  2. Yes I suppose your right, must try and hang myself with my hands tied behind my back sometime in the future, what's with the bar girl question as that went straight over the top ?
  3. Always use the Thai line at Swampy, never asked, just go through with the wife and family, you will find a Thai tosser every now and again asserting his/her superiority every now and again, you just have to be mindful, that its not his fault he has a small Willy.
  4. Actually I see it differently, for example when I married my Thai wife back in 2007 she signed a prenuptial agreement which stated what I have is mine and what she has is hers, prenuptial agreements in Australia are part of the Family Law Act and stand, however in the United Kingdom I have been told are not worth the paper they are written on, because they were never part of the Family Law Act. Having said that, if I didn't have her sign a prenuptial, now with two kids, she would be entitled to 75% of my worth quite easily, whereas here, I have invested 10% of my worth in a nice large house, new car, scooter, furniture etc etc, so I think the casino I am in that you refer to is providing e with better odds. I understand what you are saying about a lot of farangs hedging their bets and spending more than they can afford, but that my friend is all over the world and guys have to wake up to the fact that they are open targets when it comes to family law, suffice to say if they go in blind and wear their hearts on their sleeves, the snake will eventually take that bite, that is, unless they have their foot on the back of the snakes neck, i.e. if I go, you miss out on the big payout and there is nothing you can do, its insurance against the bitches in my eyes 555
  5. That Financial Review is a pain in the A unless you are a subscriber, i.e. the link keeps going back to the main page and cannot read it unless you subscribe, but I hear what your saying, the way I see it, for 2.5% they can come and ask for it, that is if it is payable, but from my interpretation, tax is not payable if you invest in the ASX if you buy fully franked shares, if they are unfranked you have to pay 32.5c up to $87,000 earned. https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/international-tax-for-individuals/in-detail/australian-income-of-foreign-residents/withholding-from-dividends-paid-to-foreign-residents/
  6. I once had a Thai girlfriend back in Sydney, Australia, she was a very jealous type, I knew we wouldn't be going for much longer as the 2 years of constant who is calling you, who are you texting was driving me insane, although the sex was exceptional, to only find out that a text message was sent to her phone when she was in the shower, me thinking her phone rang, so I went to answer it and saw the message which said" call me when he's out as I need to talk to you, the message was from her X, who she said had a restraining order on and hadn't seen or been in touch with since before my coming along. I told her that her phone made a sound when she was in the shower, and she said it was probably her friend wanting to know if she wanted to go shopping, I said you should check, she said why, I said that's because it is what we normally do, she did, she said, see I told you it was Barbara, she wants to know if I want to go shopping with her, I said, well why don;t you send her a message back, she got all defensive and said what do you think it wasn't her and it is someone else, you make me feel like I am a liar, with my reply being; are you sure it was Barbara, and not your X, maybe that's why you feel you are a liar, she then screamed and through the phone against the wall, and that is when I walked out, never to return or communicate with her again, luckily I wasn't living with her which made it that much easier. No need to kill someone over a text message, move on, the pain will heal in time, and hopefully you will find love again, one without a prison term.
  7. Hard to believe a mother would leave her kid behind in such a way, no matter how desperate a mother is, she will usually die for her child, and not in this way. Has to be more to the story, as someone said, where was the husband, did she fall over the balustrade, or was she thrown over while the child was sleeping ?
  8. While I applaud the sentencing of this monster, I would love to read a headline in the not too distant future on the lines of: Convicted Paedophile found in cell with throat slashed, cause of death, drowned in his own blood, now some may say that is too harsh, if that's the case, then we could read another headline saying: Convicted Paedophile found in cell head down, arse up in toilet bowl, cause of death, drowned in human feces 555
  9. Had a plan many years ago to move to Thailand in 2015 and bring Mum with us, Dad passed in 2000. Mum is fiercely independent and stubborn and she can still dish it out at 81, she didn't want to come after countless requests., She entered the shores of Sydney, Australia in 1956 by ship for a better life, she had 4 sons, lost one to alcohol, she has never been on a plane or out of Sydney. We were due to return to Sydney in May 2017, mum had a fall a couple of months earlier, around March while out shopping at the local, ambulance took her to the local hospital, younger brother came to the aid and sorted things out, i.e. made sure she was being cared for and for when she returned home, organised someone to come and cook for her twice a week, and someone to come and clean twice a week, that didn't last long, I did day she was fiercely independent and stubborn, so they were shown the door. My brother from Melbourne (a loser) said he was coming to stay with her to take care of her and have her assessed, I was suspicious and advised my younger brother to keep an eye on him and not to give him her debit card for groceries or he would chew it up, suffice to say he came up and stayed with her for 2 months, unbeknown to me, the truth came out later, he fleeced her $20,000 AUS, how, from her debit card, how, from my younger brother thinking it convenient to give to him as it would save him going over once a week to do the shopping, the brother from Melbourne was being evicted from his place in Melbourne so needed a place to stay and eat and sponge of someone, yes Mum, she would never refuse any of her sons or grand children who would rock up once a week to get money for petrol or smokes or food, but this low life just helped himself. The brother from Melbourne has done a runner, typical C sponging off a pensioner and fleecing her. Mum had another fall a week before we flew to Sydney on 1 May, our scheduled flight, younger brother took over again and mum didn't leave the hospital this time until she was put into respite care and nursing facility due to her Dementia having gotten worse, and hearing going and being blind in one eye, her sugar level (Diabetic) was at 22 which is very dangerous, we also found out later that her Granddaughter (my late brother's child) visited her in hospital and took her debit card unbeknown to mum, because when mum couldn't find it, my younger brother went to bank to cancel it and requested a statement which showed it had been used at petrol stations and supermarkets in the suburb where the granddaughter lives, yep, $6,000 worth, you have got to love family. Neither my brother from Melbourne or the granddaughter have visited mum in the facility, and apparently both know she is there. We saw mum frequently when she was in hospital and then transferred to the facility when we were in Sydney, its been two months now, she is doing really well and is happy to have company, is eating regular and has her diabetic shot daily, sugar down to 9, although the facility doesn't allow her to have a land line or mobile, I do call her once a week, as she has to go down a floor to the office to take the call and isn't much of a chatter box. My younger brother has let me down bug time, becoming defensive when I ask questions about things I have asked him to do for mum, like get her a pair of reading glasses as she lost hers when she was in the hospital, it only took two months for her to get them, I cannot rely on him as he is very busy with his work and family life, he tells me, only for me to tell him that when his late brother was in hospital dying, I would go and feed him in the morning and evening after work because there were times the nurses wouldn't, for whatever reasons, I was there for him everyday, even returning to feed him after being in hospital for 4 days after having a heart attack, and he can only manage a visit to mum once a week if she is lucky. When we lived in Sydney, we made sure Mum would come over every Saturday to see the kids i.e. get her out of the unit and have lunch with us, my wife would prepare 3 separate meals for her to take home for the week, putting them in 14 plastic take away containers for mum to put in the freezer an have for lunch and dinner once microwaved, I would call her 3 times a week and was very sad when the time would come to leave, because I knew she would have a better quality of life here, we even designed the house to have a separate wing for her with a large living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, all she had to do if she wanted to join us, is open a door to the house as opposed to where she was living. When I visited her place prior to leaving to try and find her reading glasses, I almost vomited, how on earth could family allow an old lady, "their Mother" to live in such conditions, at least the facility is like a resort, although a small room, she has enough things to give her the comfort she requires, and plenty of areas to join others and a large yard to sit in the sun which she enjoys. I could go on, but I won't, I do miss her dearly, but had planned my move a long time ago with my family and kids that go to school here, to be away from a too fast pace of life and cost of living to have stayed. I do not miss my brothers, nieces or nephew as they never made an effort to mix in, I suppose the affluent life of the youngest one living in the eastern suburbs meant we are beneath him and his disillusioned ball breaking Princes wife, who forget we all grew up in the same suburb of working class people. Mums place is on the market at the moment and part of the proceeds will pay for the facilities bond, and as power of attorney and executor of her estate, life is going to be very interesting down the track with me living in Thailand, I will leave it at that. Apologies for the bore.
  10. My wife has that 250 + exhilarating horse power and will get you there in no time, but she's not for sale, giddy up !!!
  11. Knowing my luck, I wold probably end up dry reaching 555
  12. Only eat the burgers at KFC once in a blue moon, Grants would wash it down just nicely 555
  13. I have to say, these Thai cops are really starting to step up to the plate, i.e. these clowns arrested, Krabi murderers arrested, X-monk on his way back, all they have to do now is get the Red Bull heir extradited back here and a lot of faith will be installed back in the public, but I won't hold my breath on the last one.
  14. Either way its crap food and bottom of the line whiskey, I would prefer KFC washed down with a bottle of 8 year old Grants, tis a lot smoother than that Hong Thong that will start your car if its out of petrol
  15. Change is always going to be hard when you are dealing with the uneducated, but its a start in the right direction. I had to go and buy an IQAir purifier, the best on the market at a cost of 60,000 baht to assist me while in my own house (wife's house) because of the smoke from our village, that is until I lost it one day and told my Mrs that if we cannot live in our house with windows and doors open like normal human beings because two clowns up the road want to make that charcoal stuff in those big bee hive looking things, we are moving. I said to her there is no way on earth anyone would be aloud to burn that crap in a residential area as its toxic, suffice to say Thai's won't to do anything, even if the guys grandchild was in and out of hospital with breathing problems, (wonder why), suffice to say the Mrs's family are close to the mayor, and one of the guys burning the crap is a relative to the mayor, so one would think we had Buckley's, hence the reason for my threat, i.e. we will be moving, anyway, long of the short, the mayor rocked up and told them too many people had complained to him and when he drove through last night he could see the thick cloud of dormant smoke, they packed up and moved to burn the crap on the land about 2 kilometres away, a happy ending, but I am left with a 60,000 baht air purifier that I no longer use....lol, oh well, at least the smoke has stopped and I am happy, doors and windows open 555