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  1. As much as I am not one for abortions, I think in this case she would have been better off with a miscarriage as the child would have this scumbags DNA and there would be every possibility that the child will remind her of him for the rest of her life and make her life more difficult, sometimes one has to be selfish when considering the long term outcome IMO.
  2. Figure of speech, "outside of Patong" there, happy now, everyone knows its in Phuket, talk about pedantic 555
  3. My favourite spot in Thailand is Nai Harn just outside of Phuket, but then again if you head further south on the way to Songkla there are other beautiful places like Ao Nang just outside of Krabi, or further down at Ko Lanta, although you have to get two barges to get across to it, the roads are great to drive on, however I don't get down that way that often as I enjoy the peace and quite of the village life in our large modern home with all the mod cons, and especially when the kids are at school or asleep, then I go searching for that G spot 555
  4. Very valid and explainable points, thx
  5. Any GPS canbe set to a speed alarm, used to do this back in Aus, i.e. I would set it for say 59kmh, and it would tell me I am speeding once I hit 60, also most GPS's tell you when your approaching a speed camera, a red light camera etc etc. As for your comment: There are very few roads in Thailand where cruise control could be used safely, your wrong, up here in the North-East there are straight stretches with dual and triple and quadruple lanes, never had an issue, but then again, most people like to be in control I suppose, thinking their foot on the peddle is control, while losing out to a luxury feature in my opinion.
  6. I would imagine that it depends on how you as a driver can handle cruise control. Personally driving in the north-east of Thailand between Sakon Nakhon to Udon Thani, or Sakon Nakhon to Khon Kaen, or Nong Kae. I love those straight stretches of the roads, it gives me a break, and I never lose focus on what's going on, the leg gets a breather as does the back because you are free to move around and give the muscles a break, and its so much more enjoyable in my opinion.
  7. A way of life in Isaan 2017
  8. Patong Beach Phuket, twin boys from Isaan 1st taste of the beach
  9. Sunrise in Isaan 21 April 2017
  10. I left for a week on 30 April to Australia and checked with the usual immigration office as my 90 days was up for renewal and was issued just before I left, and they said your 90 days starts again when you re-enter Thailand on the 8th May, no mention about reporting back to them within 24 hours. That is Sakon Nakhon office and I am on an extension of stay based on being married to a Thai, so will be very interesting when I rock up in about 10 days time to do my 90 days again.
  11. Diarrhea on the rocks, not my kind of drink
  12. Don't believe everything you read
  13. Agreed, shortly after they got lost in the mail, or they got him, but he slipped away out the back door.
  14. There is a huge difference, a bit like a luxury car to a standard car, suffice to say its all about the filters (3) and it picking up the smallest molecular air pollutants and allergens that other air purifiers can't, its also hospital grade. Trust me when I say I did a hell of lot of research on this, and if you switch it on at night, you notice the air quality difference in the room.
  15. I thought I mentioned that my did, my bad. She asked them twice, also advising them that it was bad for everyone's health, including their grandsons health who was suffering with Asthma, his wife agreed and told my wife that she and the neighbours have all told him and the guy next door but thy won't listen, my wife even offered them to relocate to any of her land nearby, otherwise she would have to go to the mayor with the guys replying being, "up to you". Going to the mayor was the last resort as Thai try to resolve things on their own in this village, suffice to say the purifier took me months to consider buying, but when I saw we were going around in circles, I had to do something, but then coming home from being out, or going outside when the smoke was at its peak wasn't pleasant to breath, struggling to get the key into the door, not being able to open windows, that's when I said to the Mrs we I will be moving and if she wants to come, "up to her", that is when she went to the mayor and the problem was solved, coincidentally there is no bad blood from the two guys, they just needed someone with authority to be told to move, the land across the road belongs to the temple and is there for everyone to use, i.e. grow veggies etc etc, not burn that crap.