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  1. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Let's meet up for a drink!
  2. timberpond

    Start a mixed farm in Isaan

    I heard that these solar panel required PEA in-house contractor to perform installation in order to qualify for feed-in tariff... the price seem to be a ripeoff... any experienced forumer could advise?
  3. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Anyway nice chatting guys, it’s almost 1am. My regency brandy has worked it’s way to knock me off... good night!
  4. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    I believe people doesn’t want to stay for free and by paying a bit more than your share, you secured a partner that’s willing to be your companion. Not a bad deal... she finally doesn’t need to worry for food on the table and get some pretty clothes for herself from the money she gets working in tesco supermarket.
  5. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Sorry, missed some words and corrected.
  6. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Yes! That’s should be the priority rather than deciding if Miss BKK or Rayong should be your life partner. Settle down first then you explore your options.
  7. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Responsibilities I suppose? You don’t want to ride for free neither you want to be responsible for the entire family that you didn’t initiated.
  8. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Personally I’m not involved with these but I have friends here that use this model... they offered to pay the electricity and internet bill and on top of that, 10k on the dining table every 1st of the month. I have polish friend that did this for the past 2 years and things are still great... other than too many bar trips and late nights return that upset the missy, all seem great for him.
  9. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Imagine a Thai lady in her mid 30s having 2 failed marriage working in tesco supermarket living from paycheck to paycheck. You came along and offered 10k every 1st of the month... nothing more. You will be surprised how many takers there will be. Your clothes will be washed and dinner served on time. Many are so tired of uncertainty and wishing for stability in life.
  10. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    Wow... I'm not from the states so I have not idea what's a 9-11 GI bill but a simple search and the result seem promising. https://studyinthailand.org/study-abroad-thailand-university/gi-bill-va-benefits.html One thing you have to consider is 30k budget in BKK is tight. You might want to consider other province.
  11. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    I think you should stop thinking about woman right now and figure out how to stay here without visa runs and financially still doing well. 30k baht is more than enough in Rayong but if factor in 30% medical fee and visa runs, I highly doubt it. You kept thinking of getting a woman that could accept your condition before getting the big step done which is to stay here legally. You can work as a part time nursery English teacher for sh*t wagers which you don't need and in turn received a work permit from the school. I think english teacher in rayong are paid 25~35k a month(I don't know, just guessing). Offer yourself for 10k a month but work as part time like 3 half days a week and offer yourself to bare the tax. After tax you should get almost nothing but no more visa runs and expensive ED visa etc. After securing your stay, get an apartment range from 2.5~4k a month which is really comfortable and avoid those condo with swimming pool which can cost up to 10k. Buy a used scoopyi and you are all set. After lodging and transportation(petrol) you still have 24k a month. Cut down on farang food and bar trips and I don't see why you can't have a happy life in Thailand. Don't rush in on woman, come here and choose your poison. It's a jungle out here. Many woman will kill for 24k a month man. 30k is definitely not a death sentence. 24 hr a day be it that you are sleeping, eating, pooping, this 30k is gonna come in every month for the rest of your life. Make it to your advantage.
  12. I did this once and alight at Maptaphut... being stuck in the last row for 2.5 hours nearly broke my legs.
  13. timberpond

    30,000 baht Farang

    30k per month income and you cannot get a partner in Rayong? You didn't mentioned your estimated monthly medical bills for your disability though.
  14. timberpond

    Legal Requirements for a Thai to Open a Business

    Agreed... unless she need to deal with other companies thus withholding tax is involved. Other than that skip the company registration all together. She will lose out on VAT during advertising but that's still better than maintaining a company and balance book in accordance to revenue dept "standard" (which can be a pain in the ass).