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  1. Groongthep

    Singapore Hotel Recommendations?

    The Le Meridien Hotel fits your requirements perfectly. It is right on Orchard Road and a very short walk to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT Staion which is at the intersection of both the North South Line and the North East line. The following link quotes a starting price of $270.00 Singapore dollars but I have stayed there several times at sometimes less than half that price. Call the hotel direct and negotiate. Le Meridien Singapore
  2. Groongthep

    Another Bar Question - Sorry!

    Not at all. Way over-rated. Interesting decor, but it's outdoors, no air-con, no protection from heat/rain, laughable "tables" smaller than what most people call stools, no table service (queuing at a bar for a drink in Thailand <deleted>), way too popular with people who can just afford to be there and/or have just read about it in their Lonely Planet, and a name that would make most people cringe. I'd imagine the owners of Tapas, Charlie Browns, etc love having freeloaders use their toilets too. I can tolerate the place for a beer or two if forced, but it wouldn't make my top 1000. The things people do to save 10B.... The fact it makes it into so many travel guides makes me wonder how many travel guide authors have ever even been there. Buying booze from the supermarket, and sitting pretty much anywhere is at least one step up IMHO. I'm not a bar snob (far from it), but you need to draw a line somewhere, and Cheap Charlies falls far short of it. I used to go to Cheap Charlies back in the late 80's and early 90's when the clientele there and the Sukhumvit Soi 11 area in general were much different than they are today. In those days the patrons were made up mostly of oilfield workers, merchant seamen, military men on leave, workers on holiday from contract jobs in the Middle East or Africa, one of the few resident expats or maybe even a backpackers or two. There were many fewer retired old-farts in Thailand in those days. The bar and in fact Bangkok in general seemed rather exotic to me at that time. Cheap Charlies was usually just a place people went to for a few drinks before heading out to somewhere else. It was a much more boisterous place and was not a destination in it's own right like it is now. It was written up in Lonely Planet back then (I think by Joe Cummings) when that publication actually contained a lot of useful information and well before it became the focus of contempt by many of my contemporaries as it has become now. Over the years, the bar itself has pretty much remained unchanged but the neighborhood around it and the customers have definitely been yuppified. I think it remains in the guidebooks just because it has been there so long. They just never bothered to document the transformation that occurred around the place.
  3. Groongthep

    Ais 1-2 Call Can It Be Recharged From Overseas

    You cannot top up from the 12Call website. It's useless.
  4. Oh come on PB. You mean you didn't find the topics of Smegma or Tata Young's nationality Tata Young intellectually stimulating? This is like a paradise for mensa members.
  5. Groongthep

    Thailand 1800

    On December 21, 1941 the Thai government under prime minister Plaek Phibunsonkhram entered into a formal military alliance with Japan allowing them to launch attacks on Burma and Maylaysia ( then Malaya). On January 25, 1942 the Phibun government formally declared war on both Great Britain and the United States.
  6. Groongthep

    Auntie Malaysia

    I happened upon a Malaysian Restaurant by accident last fall while looking for the temporary Thai Airways office in the Bangkok Union Insurance building on Soi Anumanrajchathon off Surawong Road near Silom. The restaurant, the name of which I never got, is on the east side of Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road between Surawong and Silom Roads. It has a large Malaysian Flag in the window so it's easy to find. From the Chong Nongsi BTS station walk back across Silom and it will be on the far right across the road divider. There was not a lot of patrons inside when I went in and knowing how quickly businesses close in Bangkok I can't garantee that it's still open. The food was good though. Another option that I just went to a few days ago was recommended to me by another poster here on TV. It's called Kopi Tiam (a very ubiquitous name in Singapore and Malaysia) and is just around the corner on Sukhumvit Soi 26 from the Phrom Phong BTS station on the right side. I had the laksa there which was very good but kind of pricey (for Bangkok) at 120฿.
  7. Groongthep

    Meaning Of ศรัทธา

    The Thai Wat I sometimes visit in the US Wat Atammayatarama uses the term อุบาสก in it's printed "hymnals" when referring to laypeople. I would guess (but am not sure) that it may be synonymous with ศรัทธา
  8. Groongthep


    I believe the mods should move this topic to the "Cheese Prices in Thailand" thread under the sub-topic "fromunda".
  9. Groongthep

    100 Things You Didn't Know About Thailand

    For the most part true but not exactly correct. If you ask the average Thai-Chinese you'll find that most of their ancestors (and maybe even some living relatives still) speak the Teochew (Chaozhou) dialect. Teochew is particularly prevalent in Yaowarat. You are correct that there are still many original Hokkien and Hakka speakers and that these two dialects are very common in Singapore even though the Singapore government has instituted a policy of teaching Mandarin in schools these days to standardize the chinese language there.
  10. Groongthep

    Economic Stimulus Check

    Not the case - I paid $60k in taxes and didn't receive a penny. The only thing that disqualifies tax payers is too much income. You're right too siamamerican. The payments begin to phase out for those who make over so much money (Based on Adjusted Gross Income or AGI). Here's the formula:Stimulus Check Phase Out
  11. Groongthep

    Economic Stimulus Check

    Interesting, according to your link, we do not qualify. Could the IRS have made a mistake? Hmmm??? After reading the link more closely I believe you're right. I'm single and so I didn't read the the part about the ITIN and maried people filing jointly at first. Maybe you might want to contact them. I know the US Counsulate at the Embassy in Bangkok answers tax questions. You might want to give them a call. US Consulate BKK Link
  12. Groongthep

    Economic Stimulus Check

    I got mine way back in May. Basically, Anyone who filed a US tax return and paid taxes qualifies for a rebate check. The details are here: Stimulus Check Details from IRS Site
  13. Groongthep

    Do You Use Deoderant Or Aftershave?

    I often smear Tinactin on my testicles. Doesn't make me smell any better but it keeps my balls from itching.
  14. The already miserable state of air travel is about to get even worse with passengers jabbering away on their mobile phones the entire duration.
  15. Groongthep

    Democrat Party May Face Dissolution

    The title of this thread is "Democratic Party May Face Dissolution". Therefore it implies the question: What would happen if they were dissolved? The simple answer is that they would simply re-organize under a different name just as the Thai Rak Thai reorganized as the People's Power Party (PPP). In other words, nothing would change.