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  1. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or Washington-DC..... From your experiences, which of these Thai consulates in the US is most efficient in processing O - A (retirement) visas. The smaller honorary consulates like Houston, Portland, etc. are no long authorized to issue them.
  2. Groongthep

    Mexican restaurants Bangkok

    Let's be honest. There is no good Mexican food in Bangkok. Some places are better than others but even the better ones must be qualified by the statement "not bad for Thailand". None of them would still be open after a month in the West.
  3. You know whats funny to me? i actually treat such people just the opposite of you...I treat them with courtesy, because I've walked in their shoes here in Thailand and know it can be tough. Youre that new breed of American...the bitter and angry American. The one that appeared under Bush Jr...reminds me of an old Russian peasant saying: "My neighbor has a cow and I don't have one. I want my neighbors cow to die." To me, being an American means brotherhood, it means helping each other out, it means working hard for a dream and helping others with theirs. Thanks to guys like you, now saying that doesn't sound American. It sounds Australian or Canadian ;-) You think this change occurred under Bush Jr? You can't be serious. Obama, his administration and his sycophants are the one's who are ruling America with vindictiveness and encouraging and breeding "class envy" . They are also encouraging and increasing racial hatred in America. If you are white and/or Christian what every you have you got because of "White Privilege". The Obama administration is preaching this claptrap. The Obama administration is hell bent of taking away whatever white middle class, American's have and making them pay and punishing them for their success. In fact Obama and his followers think America itself is illegitimate. America to the Obama lemmings is just an extension of British colonialism. This man, Obama and his followers are destroying what was once the greatest country in the world. Only the mid term elections will tell if there is a chance to save America. So SanSaiExPat, you are buying the whole line of BS that Fox "News" is selling huh? Your incredible ingnorance and gullibility embarrasses the rest of us.
  4. I couldn't agree with you more. I lived in Austin years ago and it was a great town. Unfortunately, it has become quite expensive for that very reason. Why NeverSure cannot accept any place other than the north central part of Texas as having any characteristics making it worth living in is beyond me. Someone who has experienced the international diversity of travelling and living in Thailand would be bored to death there.
  5. Exactly! Veterinary surgeons use Nembutal (Pentobarbital) and the result is a peaceful and relatively quick death for the animal. I have never understood the need to administer this cocktail of drugs in prisons during the death penalty. Pentobarbital is the lethal drug they use for executions. They administer tranquilizers first. I learned this from a friend who used to be a prison guard.
  6. The AEON ATMs now charge 150 baht too. There is a another long thread on this same subject.
  7. Indeed his name was not Sitting Bull or Gernonimo or any other real American who were exterminated by the whites stealing their land. Quite hypocritical to call an other who has not one of your white names not a real American. I was always told America was a melting pot of cultures and people. Guess I was misinformed. Neither Sitting Bull or Geronimo were killed by white men and the 3 million Native Americans (American Indians) living in the US today would be surprised to learn that they have been exterminated.
  8. Groongthep

    Abhisit to skip next poll if proposal accepted

    Just1Voice has a point. Mark is already stinking rich. Why not get out of politics altogether, take a position on the Board of some large company, earn a salary far higher than he's worth and live the good life out of the limelight.
  9. If you can afford it hire a tutor. Speak all you want and he or she can help correct your pronunciation or select the correct word(s) to be used in spoken Thai. Make sure you hire someone with teaching experience and a degree. You will get much better results from someone trained in teaching Thai to foreigners. Lots of people have tried learning from their spouses with little success.
  10. Groongthep

    Abhisit to skip next poll if proposal accepted

    Why doesn't he just reveal the details of his proposal now? What's the point of the political wait and see drama?
  11. Really? This from a guy who says Portland, Oregon gets "tons of snow and ice"? FYI, some winters Portland gets not snow at all. Winter temperatures, on average fall below freezing only about 33 days a year, that's only 7 more days a year than Dallas. The summers in Portland are much more comfortable than in the DFW area too. Perhaps you should travel around the US and spend some time in the places you comment on before giving out inaccurate information too. You are correct however, about the housing prices in Portland being much more expensive than in North Central Texas though, and Oregon has a hefty state tax whereas Texas has none. One of the things Jingthing mentioned he was interested in was public transportation and Portland has some of the best in the country. Dallas/Forth Worth? Everybody there drives a full size pick-up.
  12. Are you still sure about Citibank at Asoke? Last September when I used the ATM there it was indeed free but upon my next return in February a screen popped up informing me there would be a 150 baht charge.
  13. If you live in Thailand either retired or working the obvious solution to the ATM fee problem is to open an account at a Thai bank. If you are like me however and simply come to Thailand often (I am a merchant seaman and work a 60 day at sea 58 days off schedule.) opening an account at a Thai bank is very difficult at best.There is another thread on this subject of non-resident foreigners opening accounts at Thai banks where some claim they have done it, but I spent a whole day in Bangkok once going from Thai bank to bank and was rejected at all of them so I have given up on that idea. What I have done my last two stays was go back to the old method of just bringing lots of cash. Where I stay has a secure safe deposit box so I have no fear of theft. In Bangkok anyway, (I cannot speak for outside the capitol) the Super Rich Money Exchange off Rachdamri and the Vasu Exchange on Sukhumvit give better rates on cash than you'll get at any ATM and there is of course no bank fees. I can exchange as much as I want then simply take the thai currecy out of my safe box as necessary.
  14. I certainly share everyone's dislike of bank service fees but think it should be noted that fees are now the primary method in which banks generate revenue. In other words, that's the primary way they make their money. In the "old" days banks made their money through the difference between the higher interest rates they charged for loans compared to the lower interest rates paid on deposits. In recent years however interest rates have been so low many banks struggled to stay afloat using just this method. Then they dicovered the cash cow of charging fees for everything which more than made up the difference. As interest rates are now rising do you think that they will lower their fees? I wouldn't bet on it. They are pirates. This profit through fees system is particularly angering since, according to The Economist, banks make a considerably higher percentage of profit on each dollar spent than even the big oil companies. This is also reflected in share price. Click on over to any finance site on your browser and display the chart over the last 2 years comparing BoA share price to that of Exxonmobil. You'll see that the bank shares have doubled which is about 5 times more than the appreciation of the XOM shares. If you are an American and have any connection to the military whatsoever, even if through a relative, open an account at USAA and get their debit card. As mentioned by many others, their card reimburses ATM fees charged by other banks and their FTF are lower than most. if you have some extra money to invest, BoA stock has been doing well. I do have an account with them because of the abundance of BoA ATMs in the US and their online banking website is unsurpassed for ease of use and versatility but I would never use one of their cards overseas.
  15. Well, Pib can back me up on this, as we both had the same experience. USAA would NOT reimburse us for our international ATM transactions -- until we pinged them, and sent them a copy of our ATM receipts. Then, yes, we were reimbursed (maybe they've improved since then....). But, that really doesn't matter, because you'll be better off ACHing dollars thru Bangkok Bank NY to your Bangkok Bank account in Thailand. And then using your Be1st Debit/Atm card to get your cash. Why? Because USAA charges 1% for foreign ATM transactions So, yeah, 1% isn't too bad, in comparison with other banks. Sorry to truncate your post but I just wanted to agree with you that USAA does ideed reimburse my Thai ATM fees but they still charge an International Transaction fee, although it is less than what most the major banks charge.