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  1. Immigration denies helping “Boss” escape arrest

    They don't have to be 'rich', just 20K and/or White Opponent.
  2. Just one impact of sea levels from personal experience and backed up in this scientific PDF, if you've the patience to read it. http://www.mccip.org.uk/media/1256/2013arc_sciencereview_09_ce_final.pdf As to Trump, I've no feelings about him one way or another, he's simply yet another puppet, albeit a colourful one who changes policy on the hoof.
  3. This case appears to have shown up just how shoddy Thai 'journalism' is, and there are those lamenting proposed further curbs on it. For years this couple were reported as being the poster children for Thailand's iniquitous 'justice' system, it only now transpires they were caught up in a logging raid and still no one is aware of the facts of this case. Surely it cannot be beyond the wit () of some Thai reporter to go check out whether this couple did indeed have teak logs on their land/in a lock up, or not?
  4. Yes they have broken a specific Thai law. Aiding and Abetting - Somcop. However, being Thailand, this law is rarely enforced much alike the, haha, 'paying a bribe' one.
  5. The 'Far Right' appears to be the new 'Far Left' now. What a topsy turvy world we live in. Where those who claim to be liberal are actually the oppressors. Your condescension is telling.
  6. I don't know what your understanding of fascism is but the hurling of Molotov cocktails/beating at those who disagree with anything they say, as is ongoing in the US and marred yesterday's May Day in France comes close, in my book.
  7. What's this? Pick and mix? This is another human being you're talking about, a woman (50 years old is certainly NOT a 'girl' and is demeaning), the OP met and seems to have spent more time with her (6 weeks 24/7) than most of you Soi 6 trawlers. Yes of course there are prostitutes, apparent and not so much, here everywhere. But your post is extremely condescending. It's not a slave market you know, albeit it's difficult to tell the difference sometimes judging by the number of old men here getting a cook/housekeeper/old age care assistant and giving them a miserly stipend from their meagre pensions. Notwithstanding many of these Thai women are left destitute when her sponsor snuffs it and discovers no provision has been made for her in a Will and everything's been left to the kids 'back home'. I've noted a few of those from personal experience. Some of you having been 'stitched up' by some tart you met in a bar have deserved everything you got. Dear Lord ..
  8. Bit early isn't it?
  9. Better boxing gloves on than knickers off. Good for her.
  10. If Hollande is backing this slimy Blair Mk II, better to vote Le Pen.
  11. Merkel warns Britons - don't delude yourself over Brexit

    The fact that all mainstream media were pushing, cajoling, fear mongering (Alf Garnet in response to the UK being left 'a tiny offshore island' - 'Offshore? Off what bloody shore?') should give no pause for doubt entering the undemocratic unaccountable billionaire boys club was a big mistake, as I'd warned at the time, and the UK is better off out of it. Merkel was simply the last straw, she should now keep her mouth firmly and hopefully permanently SHUT.
  12. Well on the other hand, at least they don't open brothels in the guise of restaurants and massage parlours everywhere.
  13. Graft court gets off to productive start

    They'd be run off their feet ..
  14. Well five whole pages in and I've yet to see whether this driving school accredited, whether it be 5 hours or 15 has even been implemented yet. Maybe it will turn out to have been a 'misunderstanding' like most other things here. For the record, I really don't see how many hours are put in, the problems will still remain, to wit, national character traits among the majority and total lack of enforcement. And then even if 'licenses were taken away' they wouldn't care less. A Thai friend went to pick up confiscated licence (wouldn't pay up) from a local nick and was presented with an entire box full and asked to pick out the right one. The other licence holders hadn't bothered. Pointless.
  15. These titles they give themselves 'Supreme Commander' Where do they think this is, Starship Enterprise. Oh wait ..